This Pac-Man “Neon” Light Is Pretty A-Maze-ing

We know that Pac-Man has a thing for dots and ghosts. And while the yellow dot-gobbler and his ghostly enemies look pretty great as pixel art, I think they’re even better all lit up in neon. This awesomely geeky Pac-Man light comes from Neon World Custom, which makes all kinds of amazing and vibrant lights using silicone tubing filled with LEDs, resulting in an impressively accurate neon effect, and without any of the downsides like broken glass tubes, slowly-leaking gas, or high voltage electrocution.

Each one is handmade and would look amazing in any game room. For that matter, you could put it in your dining room or master bedroom if your significant other is into retro gaming too. The Pac-Man LED Neon Light is available on Etsy. It comes in sizes ranging from 23″ x 6″ to a massive 55″ x 14″, with prices from $225 to $400. Neon World Custom has lots of other cool lights in their shop, like this LED neon cheeseburger and light-up astronaut. They can also make custom designs to your specs, so be sure to check them out.

Now can I have a neon maze to go with my neon Pac-Man?

Pac-Man and Ghost Planters Gobble Up Dirt and Power Pills

If you’re trying to grow plants, you’ll need seeds, dirt, water, and sunlight if you hope to keep them alive. But did you know that plants grow extra strong when you feed them power pills? At least that’s what Pac-Man told me. Or maybe I’m just starting to hear things after being quarantined at home too long. Either way, this Pac-Man and Ghost planter set looks like a fun way to grow house plants.

Manchester, UK outfit RetroGamingCentre makes these colorful 3D-printed plastic planters inspired by Namco’s classic 8-bit arcade game. The set includes a Pac-Man planter, along with Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde pots. Apparently, Inky is as bashful as they said he was on the title screen of the game, and didn’t show up for the garden party. The set comes with a matching blue tray, decorated with white pellets around its edge. Clearly, Pac-Man hasn’t found any power pills yet, because none of the ghosts have turned blue.

The set is available over on Etsy, with prices ranging from about $50 up to $118, depending on the size you go with (6cm or 10cm) and if you want the tray. If Pac-Man isn’t your thing, they also make a Super Mario planter set, a couple of Pokémon planter sets, and also individual planters so you can mix and match.

Pac-Man Goes for the Gold with This Connect-and-Play Special Edition

Pac-Man, Galaga, and Dig Dug are three of my all-time favorite 8-bit arcade games. There are lots of ways to play Namco’s classic game at home these days, but how many of them are shiny and gold? Well before now, none of them. Now, thanks to the guys at Bandai, there’s a special gold edition of the Pac-Man Connect and Play game system.

The plug-and-play style system plays those classics on your TV using its built-in joystick and arcade buttons. It comes loaded with a dozen games, including those I already mentioned, plus Galaxian, Bosconian, New Rally-X, Super Pac-Man, Xevious, Mappy, Pac-Man Plus, and the glitchy 256th-level of the original Pac-Man. Of course what makes it special is its case, which is shaped like a pixel art Pac-Man, and done up in a glistening golden finish.

The Pac-Man Connect and Play: Gold Edition is available for pre-order from Premium Bandai for $60, and is expected to ship starting in March 2021. That’s quite a bit more expensive than the plain yellow version, but the way I figure it, if you played the original games 240 times, which I’m sure many of you did, you would have pumped in the same amount in quarters and not gotten to take the games home with you after you left the arcade.

Celebrate Your Pixel Art Love with These Colorful Plexiglass Sprites

Those of us who grew up playing video games back in the 1980s have a special place in our hearts for the pixel art characters from the 8-bit arcade and home console world. From Pac-Man to Dig Dug to Donkey Kong to Galaga, game artists had to really stretch their creativity and imagination to give us memorable and identifiable characters using the most primitive of blocks and limited color schemes.

If you love old school pixel art as much as I do, then you need to check out this collection I found over on Etsy.

Idaho-based artist Thunktronix makes all kinds of nifty collectible trinkets based on classic video game characters and items, including all of the aforementioned games, along with Robotron 2049, Wizard of Wor, Frogger, Space Invaders, and more. Each of the sprites is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, so you can put a whole bunch of these on your shelf without taking up too much space.

Each one is precision cut from 1/4″-thick plexiglass, with some characters getting colorful backprinting, and others left to stand on their own as see-through shapes. In addition to video game characters, they’ve got a few other great designs, like Ignignokt and Err, the iconic, antagonistic, bird-flipping Mooninites from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which I just had to buy for myself.

Some pieces are sold individually, while many of them come in complete sprite sets. Prices start at just $5 for a single keychain-sized figure, while full game sprite sets range from $25 to $32. You can check out all of their designs over on the Thunktronix Etsy shop.

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Pac-Man Inspired Coasters: Drinka Drinka Drinka

Running around a maze with ghosts on your ass and gobbling dots all day works up quite the thirst. It’s important for a Pac-Man to keep hydrated. While Pac-Man Energy Drink is hard to come by these days, there are plenty of other thirst quenchers to choose from. Just be sure not to put it down directly on your coffee table or Ms. Pac-Man is gonna be pissed. What you need are some Pac-Man themed coasters.

The guys at SPSNOLA make these fun video game inspired coasters, also known as “Ghosters.” They come in two different versions – a colorful acrylic set that replicates the colors from the classic arcade game, and a solid hardwood version that looks a bit more substantial and classy. You can’t go wrong with either style.

Either 5-piece set will look great sitting on a table in your game room. The acrylic set sells for $24, while the hardwood set goes for $48. Just wakka wakka wakka your way over to Etsy to order your coasters now.

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