Neon’s ‘artificial human’ avatars could not live up to the CES hype

Neon and its "artificial human" avatars were the first viral hit of CES. It had everything to get the internet excited: A corporate giant (the company is from Samsung's STAR Labs), buzzwords (Avatars! Realistic AI assistants!) and confusion. Redditor...

Samsung sheds light on its ‘artificial human’ project

Samsung has been drumming up hype for its Neon 'artificial human' project, and now it's clearer as to what that initiative entails. Project lead Pranav Mistry has posted a teaser effectively confirming that Neon is nothing less than an effort to cre...

NEOPixel RGB LED Tubing Brings the Color

Love the look of neon lighting, but don’t want to deal with the fragility of glass and high voltage transformers? This tubular, flexible lighting can be bent into any shape you want without risk of damage, and a lights up in any color too.

There are lots of LED tube lights out there these days, but what makes the NeoPixel RGB light strip so nifty is the translucent silicone rubber exterior, which acts as a light diffuser. The result is smooth light instead of ugly dots. The strip is filled with 20 each of red, green, and blue LEDs, each clustered together to produce a variety of colors. Each strip measures 1-meter long and requires a 9v to 12v power source, along with NeoPixel WS281x data to tell the LEDs what color and brightness to display.

You can grab the NeoPixel RGB flex light strip from AdaFruit Industries for $34.95. You’ll need some kind of controller board to put it to use, like the FadeCandy

Why cover your walls with posters when you could cover them with cyberpunk streetlights?

With a vibe that I can only describe as straight out of a Love Sex and Robots episode (check them out on Netflix if you haven’t), Neon adds a distinctly different flavor to the spaces it’s introduced in. It isn’t like your run of the mill Kurt Cobain poster, or Manchester United banner. It’s refreshingly dynamic, and adds a punky oriental touch to your room, straight from the heart Hong Kong’s street culture.

With an eclectic mix of modernity and authentic traditionalism, brought about by Hong Kong’s culturally diverse past association with the Chinese and the British, Neon captures the city’s busy, in-your-face lifestyle, with its neon street-signs that add more razzmatazz to your room than an action figure or an A2 poster would.

The Neon signs come made electroluminescent wire that mimics the effect of neon tubes, strapped to a base with a controller unit at the back that lets you either have the lights on constantly, or have them flicker, just like neon signs tend to do in their signature way! Capturing the unique authenticity of Hong Kong, Neon come in multiple variants, including signs for local Pawn Shops, Mahjong Halls, Cafes, Jewelry Stores, and even local McDonalds with their own, kitschy, local style. In fact, there’s even a Chinese Dragon Neon sign waiting to be unlocked as soon as its funding goal is reached!

Backers can choose from the existing local punkish signs, or can even have their own custom signs made if they choose! Adding a Neon light to the room livens it up, giving it a distinctly contemporary oriental flavor that’s known and loved, and has even found its way into pop culture with films like Rush Hour, Pacific Rim, and Big Hero Six!

Designer: Hui Wing Sze

Click Here to Buy Now: $32. Hurry, only 6 days left!

Mini Neon Signs from Hong Kong, turn homes and offices into a little cyberpunk city. Neon signboards have always been a part of city lifestyle for generations. They delivered a Hong Kong street cyberpunk culture that is now fading away due to modernization.

Rayland Industrial Company is trying to revive neon signs, not on streets, but in every home with the launch of a new Kickstarter campaign for their Mini Neon Signboard for home decoration.

There are six different traditional styles to choose from, including Pawnshop, McDonald, Mahjong Hall, Coffee Shop, Dragon, and Earl Jewelry. Backers can also choose from three modes, including no blink, slow flicker, and fast flicker.

Customization is also available for five light board positions. Each of the signs represents an aspect of the public lifestyle of the people. The signs can be used for decoration in the house, office, or even inside the car. Smaller than A4 size, the signs look great on walls, tables, and other positions depending on decoration style.



Mahjong Hall

Coffee Shop

Earl Jewelry

Click Here to Buy Now: $32. Hurry, only 6 days left!