Resin and wood transform classic products to give them an otherworldly appeal!

Imagine if our world combined with Pandora (the world from Avatar, not the Box!) and humans and Na’vi got together to create some masterpieces – that is exactly what this collection of ice blue resin and warm wood product designs bring to my mind. Every product’s aesthetics in this collection go for a complete overhaul, with some blue pixie dust added for an almost otherworldly, or even magical upgrade to the traditional designs! Russia based Valutkin Studio has been developing these designs and has gathered a dedicated following of these products on their Instagram Page @barocco, so take a dive through this beautiful and mystical collection of product designs that are sure to add some wonder and awe to your homes!

Radio designs are more nostalgic these days with these iconic products now almost missing from people’s homes. But when you have a radio like this, you will create a space to show it off! Set in blue epoxy resin and balanced with a warm wooden body, this radio is worthy of passing down the generations.

Oakwood and resin combine to create this light! The use of material’s natural color is balanced by the delicate features of this light. A centerpiece when on or off, this light will be an attention grabber. Beware of the shark though and maybe not use it while binge-watching JAWS!

Your EDC should reflect your personality – this blue resin and wood-inspired handle will stand out from the crowd of metal and leather handles. And not to forget, casting resin gives you the perfect opportunity to mold the design ergonomically with ease.

I’m not sure how I would use them but look at how adorable these miniature planes are! Now if only we could have an enlarged version of these to fly around Pandora!

Your gorgeous flowers deserve a beautiful setting. The wooden base offset by the resin gives a translucency to the entire design, reducing the bulkiness of the overall vase design.

Get some northern lights inspired magic to your home with these pillar night lights.

A box used to store your treasures should be like a treasure itself. Using multiple layers of resin to create a depth effect, mimicking the ocean, this box’s artwork is a conversation starter in its own right.

Your car is your prized possession and what better way to personalize it than a resin gear knob? Add this to your car to complement your interiors and let your aesthetics shine!

Your favorite bike design, a walnut wood pedestal, and lights, this lamp design is as personalized as it gets! Even better, you can use any figurine in place of the bike and showcase it.

This resin and wood shaving kit creates the symmetry and highlight in your bathroom. Perfect for gifting, this bespoke shaving kit will be the jewel in your kit.

As a bonus, this synergetic wood and resin whale design will elevate any mantelpiece it is placed on!

A modern terrarium with a little bit of easter and a lot of zen!

Happy Easter! Yes, I know it was on Sunday but we are all still at home and I am pretty sure we all still have our chocolate bunnies so might as well extend the holiday celebrations while we can (it’s the little joys!). Most of us are under lockdowns and spending Easter in quarantine means doing egg hunt at home. If you have a backyard, count yourself lucky but if you don’t then this zen egg garden will make up for it!

This beautiful glass terrarium is almost as perfect as the egg that broke Instagram – remember that? And you can still host your egg hunt in it by hiding Maltesers instead of real eggs – at least you can eat your reward which is better than holding on to painted eggs that can actually be breakfast before people start hoarding those too. This glass egg garden radiates zen energy and brings a sense of calm to the room it is placed in. The minimal terrarium matches the Easter theme but will work all year round too because of its evergreen (literally) visual aesthetics. Switch up the rabbit for holiday-appropriate decor and maybe even add a string light to create an attractive centerpiece. Having plants in your house purifies the air and adds to the aesthetic but the color green is also associated with soothing energies and we all could use that right now.

Easter may feel different but who knows, maybe this pandemic will help us to find our own metaphorical Easter eggs in life. Let’s just pray they are well-designed like this modern terrarium!

Designer: Jerzy Galus

Razer’s limited edition Pikachu earbuds come with a Pokéball charging case!!

I recommend wearing the earbuds upside down so you look like you’ve got Pikachu ears…

Razer’s limited edition Pikachu earbuds are awesome for all the right reasons. Not only are they an absolutely delightful looking pair of familiar yellow earbuds, they even push the limit by coming in a Pokéball shaped charging case – which is even more exceptional because it’s a ‘charging’ case and Pikachu’s an electric type Pokémon!

The adorable earbuds are essentially a limited variant of Razer’s Hammerhead earphones, but in yellow, and with a Pikachu graphic replacing the Razer triple-snake logo. The truly wireless earbuds dock magnetically into a Pokéball-shaped charging case, which may not be tiny enough to fit into your pocket, but which noob carries Pokéballs in their pockets? The earbud case has a tiny lanyard that’s perfect for strapping around your hand as you walk around and get jealous looks from fellow Pokémon lovers.

The earbuds provide 3 hours of playback time, and the spherical case supplies them with an additional 15 hours… you could say that your earphones are ‘resting’ within their Pokéball. The only bit of disappointing news is that the earbuds will be available only in China, via the Tmall e-commerce store starting 16th April.

Designer: Razer

Stationery addicts now have a ‘concrete’ reason to buy another pen!

Good stationery can really change my productivity quotient for the day and I am sure I am not alone. Writing with a new pen brings out the calligraphy artist inside me and looking at the concrete pen, I am so tempted to start journaling again! The studio that designed this beautiful pen, 22Studio, is proud of their contribution to keeping the tradition of writing on paper alive by sparking inspiration through their products.

The stationery created by 22Studio is no less than art, these are made to last lifelong and passed down as family collectibles through generations. Concrete is used to make this pen because it adds the rich look without making it a shiny or fancy – it is simple but makes a bold statement. The solid pen starts as a liquid mixture of different elements and then it allowed to set like stone. The concrete pen is carefully designed and crafted by hand in the studio which gives it its unique personality. Books are considered as best friends, but this concrete stationery is a rock (literally!) we can lean on.

Designer: 22Studio

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These guitar-shaped kitchen cutting boards are made for a different kind of ‘shredding’!

Pretend to knock out some blues solos while you’re chopping up your greens (I spent a considerable amount of time on puns) because Etsy seller CuttingBoredom’s created some really cool looking wooden chopping boards inspired by two of rock music’s most iconic guitars, the Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul. Available in Cherry, Mahogany, and Walnut, these cutting boards come made to perfection with wooden inlays that make them look just like the real deal. Perfect for classic rock lovers and healthy culinary aficionados. Air-guitar skills not included.

Now if only there were some piano-inspired cutting boards so I could say something clever about practicing your Chopin and your chopping… right?

Designer: Dave Stencil (CuttingBoredom)

Elago’s case gives your AirPods Pro a protective leather robe

Designed to ensconce your $249 AirPods Pro in a rather dapper looking encasement, elago’s leather case for the AirPods Pro wraps your portable earphones in 100% veggie-tanned natural cowhide leather. Stamped out of a single leather sheet, the case comes together to protect as well as differentiate your case from the bunch. Available in black, brown, burgundy, and blue, the case comes with a brass fastener and a slim brass carabiner that you can use to hang the case from your bag, belt-loop, or anywhere else. Each case even comes with a conveniently placed cutout on its base to let you plug a lightning cable in while charging. Neat!

Designer: elago

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This snowflake-shaped multitool makes the best stocking-stuffer for EDC lovers!

With only 10 days to Christmas Eve, if you’re still thinking about what to buy for your DIY enthusiast friend or for Secret Santa at work, the HexFlex multitool is the perfect combination of functional and festive-themed. It fits 14 incredibly useful tools into its small frame and comes with a keyring attachment so you’ve always got it on you. Made from stainless steel, this incredibly season-appropriate multitool comes with two Phillips screwdrivers, a flathead screwdriver, three hex drivers, a box-cutter, a bottle opener, and six different wrenches cleverly integrated into its snowflake-shaped design. Originally designed to be a snowboard tool (hence the snowflake theme), the HexFlex actually lends itself to a lot of regular daily use too. It fastens right to your keychain, allowing you to carry it around wherever you go, and gives you the power to open stuff from bottles to boxes and tighten or loosen screws, and bolts. Now that’s quite chill isn’t it?!

Designer: HexFlex

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i-Blason’s Marble-inspired cases give your AirPods some serious bling

Designed to resemble a fancy lighter or a case for your cigar-cutter, i-Blason’s Cosmo Airpods cover looks pretty goddamn fantastic. With its interplay of marble-inlay and gold, each case has the appearance of a literal jewel. The cases (available in black, green, and pink) are relatively easy to install, as they slip on with a pretty snug fit. They even come with a patterned PU leather strap, the ability to charge wirelessly if you’re using the 2nd generation AirPods, and a cutout for plugging in a lightning cable, making it compatible with both generations of AirPods.

It’s worth noting though that the cases don’t literally come made with marble (or gold), which would unnecessarily increase the weight and affect its ability to be wirelessly charged. The graphics on the cases do look absolutely convincing though, and with a shock-absorbing TPU bumper running around the edges, your AirPods remain protected from accidental drops too!

Designer: i-Blason

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The creators of the Moka Pot have a cute stove-top espresso dispenser too!

Perfect for quick indoor espresso brewing, Bialetti’s Mini Express is just adorable, the way it sits on a stovetop, mimicking a big fat coffee machine. It comes with a base that’s similar to the Moka Pot, but with a direct dispenser on top that pipes the freshly brewed (it doesn’t get fresher than this) espresso right into a tiny espresso cup.

With its retro-Italian design (complete with the Vespa-inspired colored variants and cups), the Mini Express is perfect for the lover of the rich black beverage that forms the bedrock of all good Italian coffees. The base is rather small and may require a stove-top-reducer to sit squarely on. Load the coffee grounds and water in and screw the top on (throw in a stick of cinnamon for that Christmassy flavor), before lighting the gas underneath. The coffee brews, bubbling up to the surface and out the two spouts on the top, right into the cups that rest on the Mini Express’s adorable platform! There’s a variant with a single-pipe dispenser too, if you’re the kind to savor your coffee alone!

Designer: Bialetti

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The iDream 5 relaxes your eyes and head with massages, vibrations, and hot-compresses

Perhaps the best headset to wear after an hour or so of wearing a VR headset (or spending too much time in front of a screen), the iDream 5 gives you a relaxing head and eye massage to help you calm down after all that stressful work and blue-light exposure. The VR Headset-esque device sits cleanly on your head like a helmet, with three modules on the front, top, and back, respectively. With a wide variety of settings, you can select between routines, choosing to knead your scalp for better blood circulation, massage your eyes for relaxation and better sleep, or use a series of vibration and heat-pad routines for stress and pain relief. The iDream 5 packs a week’s worth of usage on a full charge and even comes with in-built speakers to play relaxing music for the full experience and can be entirely controlled via a panel on its side, or by a smartphone app… besides, if you’d like to use the iDream 5 while working, watching TV, or reading, the goggles unit is completely detachable, freeing up your eyes while giving you a full head massage.

Designer: Breo

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