Halloween-themed Designs to add the ultimate spooky vibe to your home!

Halloween season is right around the corner, and it’s time to get spooky! Halloween is by far my favorite time of the year, and it always gets me super charged up, before it even arrives! From dressing up as my favorite TV show character to munching on candies galore, everything about this spooky holiday gets me excited! And, if you aren’t already in the Halloween mood, then this collection of Halloween-themed product designs will surely do the deed for you. From a tiny little dinosaur that hides in a lamp to a steampunk table lit up by Nixie Tubes – these Halloween-themed designs are sure to add the ultimate spooky theme to your home! Trick or treat? You pick!

For people who still don’t feel tech is dystopian enough, here’s the Eyecam… a webcam that creepily stares right into your soul. In a world where tech spies on you (sometimes blatantly), the Eyecam adds a layer of realism to it. Designed by researcher Marc Teyssier, the Eyecam is more of a social project that aims at turning the humble camera into something more relatable – for better or for worse. The resulting device is eerily similar to an eye. Sure, it comes covered with faux flesh and has eyebrows and eyelashes, but the Eyecam doesn’t just look like an eye. It behaves like one too. The eyeball can independently pivot inside the eye socket, looking around the room. A facial recognition software runs in the background, allowing the Eyecam to detect humans and look them directly in the eye. If that wasn’t creepy enough, the eyeball even has a tendency to move and jitter around like a human eye. It doesn’t stay absolutely still… instead, it looks and scans you, parts of your face, and intermittently shifts its gaze between your left and right eye.

What starts out as a simple white silhouette, on lighting up, it shows Brachio illuminated underneath the sheet. The form has a removable cylinder underneath that can be easily removed to help you switch the bulb. The attention to detail can be seen in the little tail sticking out from underneath the sheet. Bringing to mind all the sheet-covered ghosts we are sure to see this Halloween, the Mood Lamp Brachio creates a cozy little corner of your home that is sure to bring a smile to your face. Bringing this ghostly lamp into your home is sure to alleviate some gloom. If you have ever found yourself alone in a crowd, this mood lamp will surely ‘feel’ you and add some Halloween spirit to your bedside!

This steampunk-ish coffee table by Minnesota-based Machine Age Lamps is dope! The picture-perfect combination of retro-futurism with the contemporary Barnwood lends this furniture piece a sublime charm, without a doubt! Alright, coming onto the make – the coffee table has a rare, 100 years old Barnwood “salvaged from a Minessota USA barn” acting as the base section. On top, there is the half-inch thick glass top which gives an eye-popping look inside the steam pressure gauges and valves that urge you to own it right away. For the idealistic ambiance in the evenings or even while throwing a Halloween-themed party, you just have to turn up the nixie tubes underneath. There are six of them with dimmer switches hidden under the wood lip.

Available in 60mm and 80mm variants, this perfect sphere made from K9 crystal completely flips your world upside down, both literally and figuratively. The Lensball adds a real-life photo filter (and an absolutely beautiful one at that) to your photos. Perfect for almost any photo, be it in a natural or urban setting, be it of a product or a person, the Lensball draws attention to your composition by flipping things 180° and giving them a rather nifty fish-eye effect. It even comes with a convenient carrying case so that it doesn’t get damaged, whereas the K9 crystal gives it scratch-resisting properties (K9 is one of the most commonly used materials in lenses and optics).

The Orb, created as a creative collaboration between MB&F and L’Epée, can be placed in closed or open orientations to display the time and the complex physical movement that powers the clock. The clock comes with an orb-shaped design comprising a circular face on the front and four petals (or elytra, given the Orb pulls inspiration from beetles) that give it its spherical eyeball-esque shape. When closed, the orb looks like, well, an orb that sits on a dock (to prevent it from rolling over). You can manually open out the Orb’s elytra, making it look like a beetle in flight, and even have it stand vertically, with the clock facing upwards. In this open orientation, the Orb also showcases its mesmerizing 1839 movement, designed and manufactured in-house by L’Epée.

The Shaped 3D Skull Ice Tray Silicone Ice Mould produces four large ice cubes shaped like skulls! These interesting ice cubes are the perfect way to add a hint of spookiness and fun to your upcoming Halloween parties! The silicone-ice mold uses BPA-free materials that aren’t toxic. The flexible design ensures that the ice cubes can be released instantly and easily, and it is safe to store in your refrigerator and freezers!

The Number Cruncher watch has hands, but they aren’t for telling time! The watch face features an adorable cartoon monster that uses its hands to munch on numbers in a way that tells the time while also telling a story of sorts. This blue monster (stomping its way through Central London) comes with a window at its stomach and within its left hand. The hour of the day appears as the number in the monster’s hand, and as it munches on it, the minutes appear within the monster’s digestive system. It’s a good thing there’s no seconds dial on this watch because I honestly don’t know where one could possibly put it!

Hidden inside this pitch-black bulbous shape is an entire chandelier. The King Edison Ghost Pendant Lamp is a single large-ish bulb that comes with a black exterior but switches the light inside on, and you get this dimmed view of a rather magnificent miniature chandelier, almost as if you’re staring into a crystal ball at a ghostly image. Designed with a rather unique blend of modern and antique, the King Edison switches between the two. All you see is the hand-blown black glass exterior when it’s switched off, giving it a contemporary touch, however, switch it on and you travel back in time with a miniature real brass hanging candelabra on the inside. The overall design combines the simplicity of Edison bulbs with the majestic mystery of the King chandelier hiding within.

The Luna Mirror will pull you towards it like the moon pulls the ocean! This mirror is the most minimal way to bring a little bit of celestial aesthetic to your interiors. “The Crescent moon design is made of sand and pure pigments, on a mirror measuring 60 cm in diameter. Each piece is unique and different from the others because it is made in the same phase in which the moon is passing. It is exposed to the night, the serene and the next day to the sun to seal the agreement” says Granila. The entire process follows the moon and the handcrafted design makes each crater, every inch of that surface as unique as your home is.

There’s a particular short film in the Netflix anthology Love Death and Robots that’s about yogurt taking over the world. Scientists somehow managed to make yogurt sentient and gave it incredible problem-solving abilities. A jar of yogurt began solving complex problems humans couldn’t, and eventually became president of the USA. Jaro Kose’s Invader whisk has little to do with the story above, but I often wonder how our world would look if another sentient being (not necessarily milk-based) looked at our lifestyle, our products, and our ways of problem-solving and came up to us and said: “You’re clearly bad at this, let me handle it”. The Invader whisk looks almost as if it was designed with a similar outlook. More organic and less complicated than your regular hand-cranked whisk, Kose’s Invader whisk doesn’t look particularly man-made. With a weird alien-octopus-ish form and a radically different hemispherical radial gear, the Invader whisk looks great and probably performs better than its dull, metal, man-made counterpart. I wonder what this alien species will re-design next…

This wooden chess board inspired by ‘Queen’s Gambit’ features pieces modeled after the architecture of Bangkok!

Dubbed (Archi)TECT’S GAMBIT, the chess pieces from Carpenter boast a conceptual take on the high-rises and suspension bridges that make up the bulk of Bangkok’s cityscape.

‘Queen’s Gambit’ turned the world into chess players. Soon after bingeing the hit Netflix series, we were buying the coolest chessboard we could find and maybe a couple of guidebooks too. Whether you’re new to the original board game or you’ve been playing it as long as Beth Harmon, the game of chess has a beloved board design that’s been host to an endless array of stylistic variations throughout the game’s rich history. Carpenter Design, a carpentry company devoted to repurposing wood waste, went further than only learning how to play chess after finishing ‘Queen’s Gambit,’ designing and carving their own chess board modeled after the architecture of Bangkok, the company’s home city.

Dubbed (Archi)TECT’S GAMBIT, the chess pieces from Carpenter boast a conceptual take on the high-rises and suspension bridges that make up the bulk of Bangkok’s cityscape. Starting out as a chess player in secondary school, Carpenter designer Vrada Siripong felt inspired to take up the game once more after finishing ‘Queen’s Gambit.’ (Archi)TECT’S GAMBIT was created by Siripong and her fellow Carpenter co-designer, Sirincha Sathume who both played in the same chess club. Speaking on the board’s conception, Siripong notes, “It was fun and purely out of my personal fascination. As soon as I finished the series, my brain immediately started working on ideas for the project.”

When set against the backdrop of Bangkok’s skyline, players can recognize all of the city structures that inspired Siripong’s and Sathume chess boards and pieces. For example, the board’s King and Queen pieces resemble the form and general framework of high-rise buildings in Bangkok’s city proper, whereas the Rook mimics a simpler micro-model of both ends of a suspension bridge in Bangkok. The board’s black wood gives the game a mature, refined finish and stenciled embroidery adornments fill each square. The delicate stencil work was initially programmed using AutoCAD, a software familiar to most architects.

Designer: Carpenter

Intricate stencil work remains unpainted to give the board a natural and elegant black-and-gold feel.

Pull-out drawers fill out both ends of (Archi)TECT’S GAMBIT, where players can store their pieces after gameplay.

Brass handles offer a refined touch to the chessboard.

Each piece of (Archi)TECT’S GAMBIT was modeled after the form of significant buildings and structures through Bangkok.

The pull-out drawer dislodges from the chessboard to reveal storage space.

(Archi)TECT’S GAMBIT looks right at home in the modern living room.

Adorable Tape Measure designed to look like a chameleon with an extending tongue is a great example of nature-inspired design

Animated movies have been my escapism since childhood – and Johnny Depp’s masterpiece Rango is the reason I am referring to this chameleon-inspired measuring tape as adorable right now! The chameleon’s camouflaging capability is in focus here too, as this EDC hides the measuring tape in plain sight.

Look at those details!  The huge, bulby eyes, detailed scale texture, the ridges in the back, and the proportion of the overall design makes this a perfect fit for stationery enthusiasts the world over. Adding to the quirkiness of the design, the tongue of the chameleon is a measuring tape that extends up to 2 meters in length. The body of the chameleon measures a tiny 1.9 inches, making it perfect to hang onto your keychain for daily use. The body is made from brass and manganese steel, giving it a nice weight and a solid overall feel to the design.

Speaking of the inspiration, the designer says, “The chameleon is one of the most charming creatures in the animal kingdom. It has survived for hundreds of millions of years under the law of the jungle with two unique techniques, which are color changing and tongue swiping. The chameleon is one of the most controversial characters in human society. The chameleon’s tongue punch is a powerful punch that pushes the limits of known vertebrate muscle capacity. In ancient Greek civilization, it was known as the “Khamaileon” lion of the earth.” Fun facts to impress anyone who questions your choice of stationery!

With nature-inspired design fast becoming a trend, the brass chameleon measuring tape is a collectible you want to get your hands on. And you know, this little lizard will not blend into your surrounding clutter. It is an EDC designed to stand out!

Designer: Coppertist.Wu

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LEGO designs by master builders that showcase why it is more than a kid’s toy

LEGO building is no more child’s play! Today, master builders and artists build impressive and intricate LEGO creations that will leave you stunned. They are no less than works of art, with immense efforts, time, and energy is dedicated to them. I love scrolling through these creations, admiring them, and feeling an intense surge of satisfaction at their perfection. So, here’s a list of some extraordinary builds that I hope will give you that same feeling of satisfaction. Enjoy!

Using over 100,000 LEGO pieces, designer Ekow Nimako imagines the Kumbi Saleh 3020 CE a Ghanaian metropolis 1000 years in the future. This artwork is the centerpiece for his exhibition titled Building Black Civilizations and showcases details like nothing you have ever seen before, almost reminiscent of the Game of Thrones title sequence!

Designed by LEGO fanatic Steve Guinness, the LEGO set is called 21327 Typewriter – styled to bring back the memories of 50s typewriters. It doesn’t surprise that the LEGO typewriter is actually inspired by the original typewriter used by LEGO Group founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen. According to Federico Begher, VP of Global Marketing at LEGO Group, the vintage typewriter has an enchanting appeal and, “Steve’s incredible replica is a thoroughly worthy LEGO Ideas success story.” It’ll be something that mingles the two worlds seamlessly – a thing that LEGO fans will take pride in displaying in their living room. Steve wanted to create something intricate and new for LEGO, so he bought a vintage typewriter. He then set out to figure out how he could arrange the bricks and replicate a typewriter’s complex mechanism to achieve the final design. In the end, he managed to create a LEGO set that doesn’t look like a LEGO creation when viewed from a distance.

Speaking of Game of Thrones-esque magnanimous scenes, Rocco Buttliere, a Chicago-based architect has displayed his detailed skill and love of architecture with this Purple Forbidden City! Borrowing from the historic ages of the Chinese royalty, the design features a Hall of Supreme Harmony. Speaking of building this design, the designer says, “Finally, and probably most instructive to myself and perhaps others during this time of uncertainty, are a particular few words of a famous proverb by Laozi which kept me looking forward during this four-month undertaking: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

This Illegal LEGO collection may be the piece a master builder needs to unleash their creativity. Each piece is a statement in contradictions, with half a raised side and the other a receiver/negative half, making it almost impossible to join your pieces. Or is it? As far as master builders go, they are always looking for complicated pieces that can help them build the next big impossible structure.

It would be an unfair characterization to call LEGO a child’s toy. Clearly, the product’s an incredibly engaging and interactive DIY system for adults too, and has been used for everything from scale-down models to art projects, to even the rare full-size LEGO supercar… but rarely has LEGO been used as an actual material to build a real, working product.  Burls Art details how LEGO is a pretty great choice to make the guitar in the first place. The interlocking pieces are pretty robust and the fact that you’ve got LEGO bricks in different colors makes it pretty easy to design your own pattern on the guitar. To assemble the piece, Burls plugs the LEGO pieces together in sheets, before layering them one above another and pouring epoxy resin to really seal them in place (the last thing you want is to have a guitar falling apart when you play an exceptionally funky slapping bassline).

This laptop riser/ monitor stand is the perfect addition to your work from home desk! Bored of the usual laptop stands? Build your own using LEGO! The nifty little design even accommodates little storage drawers to keep your pens, pencils, notepads, and other miscellaneous stationery. It even manages to incorporate cable management in its structure.

Designed over a period of 8,660 hours with more than 400,000 bricks, this Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 is the closest thing to the real deal! Earlier last year, Lamborghini and LEGO co-created a 1:8 replica of the Sian car… This year, they pushed the limits to build this incredibly realistic beast that looks stunningly like the original (in both shape and size) and weighs a mind-numbing 2.2 metric tonnes! This breath-takingly realistic car was created by a team of 15 people who put over 8000 hours of work into recreating the automotive beauty. The car was built meticulously out of LEGO Technic pieces, and barring the wheels and the logo on front, practically the entire vehicle is made solely from LEGO bricks. In fact, even the headlights, taillights, and the light-strips running along the side are LEGO pieces!

LEGO just approved of turning the Starry Night into a production-ready set. The idea for the product came from LEGO Ideas, a playground where LEGO enthusiasts upload their creations, and LEGO fans vote on designs that they want to see willed into existence. The Starry Night rendition comes from Truman Cheng, a Master Builder who goes by the username legotruman. Cheng’s rendition of the post-impressionist masterpiece uses a total of 1,552 pieces, and gathered a stunning 10 thousand votes on the LEGO Ideas platform!

Looking every bit like the real deal, the Ship In A Bottle is the latest from the clever master-builders at LEGO Ideas who churn out magical numbers such as the LEGO Typewriter we saw. Made using 962 pieces of LEGO (although a majority of them are just the water under the ship), the Ship In A Bottle comes with everything you’d expect, including a ship with 3 sails, a transparent bottle, a stand, a nameplate (the ship’s called the Leviathan), and even a cork-stopper made from LEGO bricks!

The latest LEGO sets include the Moff Gideon’s Imperial Light Cruiser (which I’m surely going to add to the collection), Imperial Armored Marauder, and the bounty hunter Boba Fett’s Starship. The highlight of them all is the Imperial Light Cruiser (75315) which comes with a bridge (doubles as a handle for flying action), large spring-loaded shooters, and dual mini TIE Fighters. How could the LEGO set not have the main leads – that’s why it also comes with The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda minifigures along with the infamous villain Moff Gideon, Fennec Shand, Cara Dune, and the Dark Tropper too.



These fidget-friendly strips stick to your gadgets for discreetly relieving stress

Each of us has a different way of reacting during stress and anxiety or when under pressure or in a conversation. While most people are overly composed, some of us tend to fidget around – biting on a pen cap, shaking the legs, moving around in the chair, or doing what not! Though it is customary to fidget, your constant movement can be distracting and annoying to people everywhere. Enter Fidget Strips; designed primarily to provide the fidgeting hands a light rubbing, scratching the surface; these strips are essentially unnoticeable to others.

There are many types of sensory toys, fidget spinners on the market that have been helpful to people – children and adults – in coping with their fidgeting habit. However, suppose you typically fidget with your fingers. In that case, these colorful and different textured Fidget Strips will provide you satisfying feeling without distracting those around you in a board meeting, office cubicle, classroom, or even when traveling back home.

Unlike the other sensory toys that are noticeable and make noise, Fidget Strips offer a quiet way for you to satiate your urge to fidget. Made from durable material and employing strong adhesive on the back, the strips can stick fittingly to a smooth surface. Once stuck in place, you can gently touch, rub, or scratch them with your fingertips whenever you feel fidgety.

The Fidget Strips can stick to smartphones, laptops, tablets, notebooks, tables, armchairs, or any other smooth surface for your convenience. These are offered in two textures – satin and rough – to meet different requirement sets. The rough textured strips have a rubbery feel that one can scratch or rub on, whereas the satin finish is more like a snuggly blanket you can touch and feel for relaxation.

Measuring an inch wide and about 4-inches in length, these non-intrusive strips allow you to manage and control fidgeting without leaving a mark on the surface it is adhered to. Interestingly, the strips are reusable, so you can easily remove one from the laptop and stick it to the phone’s back if needed. The Fidget Strips are offered in black, blue-green, and yellow-red colors and patterns for visual stimulation in addition to their tactile simulation.

The easy-to-maintain strips can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, and they come in a pack of five, priced at $9.99. So when you need to focus under stress, come up on top in anxiety, just touch or scratch over the Fidget Strips and instantly restore the feeling of calm without worrying about being judged while fidgeting. No one’s going to notice that constant movement anymore!

Designer: Fidget Strips

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From Apple to Android, these framed disassembled smartphones make for a worthy designer gift!

When you buy a new phone, all that’s worth appreciating is the design engineering of this little gadget that rules our lives. Disassembling your phone and then preserving it in a picture frame is not an everyday affair, but some creatives have made a skillful enterprise from this. Not a long while ago, we saw Indie art studio GRID amaze us with the iPhone 5 Framed Edition. And now we have a featured artist with a massive collection of teardown smartphones and tablets well preserved in photo frames for generations to appreciate – because why should iPhone users have all the fun!

Computer engineer Kevin, inspired by Todd McLellan’s Things Come Apart series, went on to dissemble popular phone models right from the nostalgic Android Blackberry and Nokia models to the much modern ones like the Apple iPhone 8 and Honor 6 Plus. It all started with his first iPhone that was taken apart and then framed in his living room. Then he couldn’t stop himself from dismantling his old gadgets, including iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and Sony rx100m2. On posting the setup on social media, the pictures attracted fans who also wanted their gadgets to be framed for cherished memories on their living room wall or bedroom desk. This fueled his passion, and Kevin ultimately opened his own Etsy shop that goes by the name FEIPPO. The idea is to keep your keepsakes safe – maybe it was the first gadget you bought with your own salary, a gift from your spouse, or just because you love watching the individuals that make up these complicated gadgets. This is a great way to memorialize your device instead of having it collect dust in the corner of your desk.

The taken apart mobile devices are meticulously preserved in glass frames with the optional frame choice in chestnut, tan, black or white. These decorative art pieces for any desk setup are absolutely hypnotic, especially how all of the disassembled parts are explained in detail with accompanying text descriptions. Since Kevin’s collection is enormous, we have handpicked our favorite Android and Apple devices for you to enjoy. If you are also thinking of framing your old gadgets in this manner, you deserve a hi-five from me!

Designer: Kevin

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A SpaceX Travel Card sure to shock and awe every space enthusiast on Earth!

Move away Mars, we have set sights for Jupiter. Or at least graphics designer Arun Raj has! Bringing all our nerdy space-themed love to life, Arun has created a TravelCard that can be used to book a travel plan and double up as a ticket to a visit to the moon, Mars, Saturn, and even Jupiter! You may call that ambitious, but hey, what are we without the power to dream?

While I am guilty of watching every live stream that SpaceX does (and I literally cheered when the Dragon 2 latched onto the ISS successfully) I would love to get my hands on this card whether or not I can afford the $100K ticket price! Posting to the r/SpaceXLounge on Reddit, the SpaceX Travel card shows the easy and fun interactions in the process of booking a ticket to Mars. Visually the card is similar in size to a credit card and fits in one hand, making it easy to access all the touchpoints on the card. While this is a paper mock-up, we can imagine a slim enough e-ink screen that will allow for the technology to carry this. Launch the booking process with fingerprint identification and specify your current location as well as destination – we have to sometimes return from the moon as well. The rest of it is like every ticket booking process – choose your travel date, the number of people traveling and the card auto-updates your arrival date. Arun audaciously doesn’t show the payment interface where we make this $1500K payment – although given how you’re booking a ticket to Jupiter, I presume your SpaceX currency would be pre-loaded or maybe they have a PayPal integration! Hit book now, and you have a nostalgic, movie ticket-like stub that shows your travel details.


Designer: Arun Raj of armedialabs

These playing cards also act as instruction guides to help you brew better coffee!

Now THIS is an idea that seems like it was created by someone who had their cup of coffee in the morning! Designed as probably the world’s most fun user-manual, Sip-To-Suit Coffee Information Cards are a set of coffee-brewing guides disguised as actual playing-cards! You see, brewing coffee can be an incredibly elaborate affair, with different brewing machines and techniques requiring different water quantities, brewing times, and even coffee-ground sizes. Sip-To-Suit helps simplify that in an incredibly fun way by creating a set of flash-cards that help give you critical information on how to brew the best coffee. Moreover, the cards double up as playing cards too, allowing you to start your day with a nice hot brew, and end your day with Texas Hold’em!

Each deck of cards comes beautifully illustrated on the back as well as the front, with an easy-to-read guide that’s ideal for every type of coffee-enthusiast from the pour-over pupil to the espresso expert. The deck includes a standard set of 52 cards, divided cleverly into categories. The aces highlight roast levels, while the black court cards (king, queen, jack) cover the brew basics and the red court cards provide helpful brewing tips. The black number cards cover all brewing techniques from your basic chemex to your more complicated espresso machine (there are 18 of them to choose from); and the red number cards act more like menu-cards, showcasing 18 different coffee recipes, complete with detailed instructions. There are even 2 Joker cards included in the pack, which comes immaculately designed and manufactured in USA.

Here’s the icing on the cake, though… or the crema on the coffee, if you will. There’s even a waterproof edition of the Sip-To-Suit cards that are manufactured from PVC, so even if you do accidentally spill coffee on them, you can simply run them under tap water, wipe them down with a dry cloth, and pretend as if nothing happened!

Designers: Michelle and Vincent Lam (Art of Caffeination)

Trendy Apple accessories that serve as the ultimate gift guide for Apple lovers!

I’m sure we all know an Apple fanatic or two (I’m one of them!), someone who swears by all things Apple and basically owns almost every Apple product. You can’t convert or turn them away from Apple no matter what. There is simply no point! The best thing would be to embrace and accept their love for it. Although gifting something to these people is never an issue! All you have to do is gift them anything…Apple! And fortunately for us, there is a whole range of exciting accessories and designs that function as the perfect sidekicks to Apple products. From a case that transforms an iPad Pro into a MacBook to a vegan Apple Watch strap, we’ve curated a collection of unique and super cool product designs that serve as the perfect gift for Apple fans! This is the ultimate gift guide for anyone who loves all things Apple!

The Snapods by Scendo are a pair of TWS Earbuds that come with a flat case that snaps right to the back of your phone. Building wonderfully on the capabilities of the MagSafe feature introduced in the latest iPhones, the Snapods make carrying earphones convenient. Just snap them to the back of your phone and you’ve got yourself a pair of earphones that are easy to store, quick to access, and hard to lose. The case’s design is inspired directly by where it’s located. Made to sit against the back of your phone, the Snapods case comes with a flat, wedge-shaped profile, making it easy to slip your phone into your pocket. The slim case doesn’t just dock the earphones, it charges them too, giving you an impressive 45 hours of playtime.

Click Here to Buy Now: $69

Designed to give iPad Pro users the laptop experience, doqo’s case design transforms your tablet into a full-fledged MacBook. Slip the iPad Pro into the doqo and there’s little difference between this setup and any of Apple’s laptops. The case comes with a gorgeous aluminum design, a full-sized keyboard, a functioning trackpad, and enough ports to make a MacBook Pro jealous! Integrated into its slim profile is an SD card reader (remember those?) and even an HDMI port that lets you connect your setup to a larger display! You’ve also got 2 USB-C ports for charging your iPad or diverting power to an iPhone and 2 USB 3.0 ports for pen drives, hard drives, or any dongles you may need to go about your day-to-day activities.

Click Here to Buy Now: $139

The AW3 from elago pays tribute to Apple’s original hero product from its heyday. The 1984 Macintosh-inspired silicone sleeve for the Airpods case really gives it less of a dental-floss vibe and more of a cute relic appeal. The white silicone sleeve guards your Airpods case, cushioning it from accidental bumps and scratches, while an outlet at its base allows you to charge it too. In fact, the entire sleeve is compatible with wireless chargers too, letting you use even the new generation Airpods 2 with it. AW3’s design comes with the iconic Hello engraved into its form, which also lets you see the green charging light when the case is plugged in.

Click Here to Buy Now: $12.99

In two lines, this is a Vegan Watch strap for your super cool Apple Watch. In elaborate terms, we are discussing how there are more uses for Piñatex – a natural leather alternative that is made from pineapple leaves. Many of you may be aware that all the parts of a  coconut tree are used in some form or the other. For example, the leaves are woven into baskets, the husk of the coconut is used in the coir industry, whereas the fruit is consumed in totality – water, milk, pulp, and oil! Another such fruit is the pineapple. Piñatex is a natural leather alternative made from cellulose fibers extracted from pineapple leaves. Crafting an Apple Watch Strap – perhaps the World’s First pineapple strap! The material is very ethical and sustainable and makes for a great workaround for leather straps.

Click Here to Buy Now: $77

The Airbox by MOMAX is a portable power bank that can wirelessly charge multiple Apple products, along with being able to wire-charge the iPad. It builds on the idea of the AirPower mat but does a FAR better job. No larger than a spectacle case, the Airbox is a slick white device made from the same glossy plastic as the AirPods case. Open it up and the magic inside reveals itself to you. Armed with dedicated areas to charge all your Apple devices (along with an MFi-certification), the Airbox has a neat zone for your AirPods case (compatible with both the AirPods 2 and the AirPods Pro), a fold-out charger for the Apple Watch, even a dedicated slot to store your Apple Pencil, and a large anti-slip zone just to charge your iPhone (or any other Qi-enabled smartphone).

Click Here to Buy Now: $99

At nearly 1/4th the price of Apple’s own Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro, the Mokibo Folio provides the same set of features in a portable, accessible, and universally compatible format. Designed to work with multiple devices, and with a foldable stand that lets you prop those devices up as you type, the Mokibo Folio is a QWERTY keyboard that also doubles up as an iPad case. Designed, however, with a touch-sensitive surface that sits under the entire right-half the keyboard’s key-surface, the Mokibo goes from keyboard to touch-board just simply by running your hand over the right-hand side of the keyboard’s surface, allowing you to swipe, pinch, and perform a wide variety of gestures.

Click Here to Buy Now: $89

Designed as a pretty nifty throwback to Apple’s golden era of the iPod, Elago’s W6 stand is a perfect tribute to one of Apple’s most ground-breaking products ever! The W6 is a part of Elago’s rather remarkable throwback series of stands for the watch, ranging from stands that resemble the Macintosh Computer to the gloriously colorful iMac G3, to even the Nintendo GameBoy. The W6 takes on a more recent ancestor of the Watch, the iPod Classic, which made its debut in 2001, nearly twenty years ago! A modern reinterpretation of the old plastic-and-metal device, the W6 stand is tiny and comes made from silicon, allowing it to flex as you slide your Watch in, and preventing it from accidental bumps or scratches with its shock-absorbing exterior.

Click Here to Buy Now: $14.99

For people who appreciate quality, lifestyle brand VogDUO has come up with an iPhone 12 series stand and AirPods Pro case made from Genuine Italian leather. Both these accessories can be used in conjunction for a hitch-free late-night binge-watching session when you don’t want to wake up your grumpy mate with loud audio on the speakers. The Airpods Pro earbuds can be positioned right behind the iPhone 12 (in a standing position) which is great for organizing your favorite Apple accessory. The brand gives you reason enough to invest in functional accessories made from high-quality materials that not only protect your beloved gadgets from damage or scratches but also add to your style quotient in an unparalleled way.

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At the time of their release, the Airpods were criticized for being too ‘easy to lose’. This spawned a wide variety of products like the Elago Airpods strap that helped you secure your expensive earpieces in place, eliminating the danger of losing them. The Wristfit is another such ‘sensible’ product that simply gives you the ability to dock your Airpods on your Apple Watch. Keeping them in a place that’s easy to access, the Wristfit secures the Watch around your wrist, and the Airpods right on the strap like a sort of holster for your earphones. Push them right in when you’re not using them and you won’t have to worry about them at all. It also means you don’t have to carry around their dental-floss-box-shaped carrying case either!

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With Apple launching its latest 16 inches MacBook Pro, it was fairly obvious that accessories for it would follow ensuite. One such intriguing product is the DGRule. The designers of DGRule describe it as an “invisible hub” and I guess we can see why. The DGRule promises to be a convenient alternative to the limited Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports since they aren’t always compatible with all devices. Subtle, discreet, and far from bulky, DGRule snaps onto both sides of the MacBook Pro. The cushion pad ensures it stays glued onto the laptop, no matter which position you work in.

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This Nixie clock and radio with a Hi-Fi speaker is for audiophiles who savor pure vintage!

In times when we all are so accustomed to platter-served music on our cloud streaming services like Spotify or Tidal, the good old radio is the nostalgic detour we need to refresh our mind, body, and soul. Combine that with a steampunk flavor of vintage Nixie tubes + brass trims, and you’ve got a beautiful little box ready to take you on a melodic journey.

The Retio brings the antique 90’s essence of eye-catchy Nixie tubes and the golden appeal of radio listening for people who value retro things in their modern form. Handcrafted in San Francisco Bay Area with profound attention to detail, the radio clock is crafted from American black walnut. It’s embellished with 360 brass dials and corner trims to give it that cool steampunk appeal. The IN-12 Nixie tubes used in each one of these units are sourced from genuine vintage stock collected in the 90s. That single bit makes the Retio unique in its own rights. For audiophiles who appreciate sublime quality, Retio is the one to have in your living room or bedroom. That’s because it comes with support for AUX and Bluetooth connectivity with a Hi-Fi speaker module that is pure bliss for the ears.

Add to that the clock functionality and you are all prepared to get rid of your desk clock, vintage AM/FM radio, and portable speaker for this beautiful piece of vintage accessory. The light from the glowing Nixie tubes will suffice your need to warmly illuminate the corner of your room, so it’s another added advantage of sporting this in your home interiors. I already can’t get enough of this timeless radio clock, can you?

Designer: Retio

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