Amnesty International: Facebook and Google are a threat to human rights

Amnesty International, the premiere human rights organization, says Facebook and Google pose an unprecedented systematic threat to human rights. Specifically, Amnesty is concerned with the companies' "pervasive surveillance." In a new report, the org...

Microsoft: Lots of Drama But A Steady Stock

Microsoft Corp. can’t seem to avoid drama, and this past week had plenty of it. There was an executive shuffle, an appearance by former CEO Steve Baller where he conceded he missed the mobile telecom...

Move Over Hollow-Points, This R.I.P. 9mm Ammo Means Business


What’s the use in shooting your assailant if he can still keep coming at you? If you’re gonna stop him, stop him for good. The above 9mm R.I.P. bullet, from G2Research in Georgia, claims to be “The Last Round You’ll Ever Need”, and looking at its construction, we’re tempted to believe them. It’s a CNC machined projectile made from copper, which has 8 separating “Trocar-shaped bits that are designed specifically to damage your internal organs. They’ll split apart as the bullet rips through your tissue, and create a 6″ diameter spread of destruction inside of you. The remainder of the bullet continues in a straight path, penetrating up to 16″.

There’s all kinds of fancy talk of features on the website, but really that’s all you need to know. It’s a bullet with 8 metal bits that separate into a cone of death upon impact. We don’t know how much they cost, but production is underway. Hit the jump for links and video.

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‘Crazy Ants’ Pose a Danger to the South

Tawny crazy ants, also known as Rasberry crazy ants, have the potential to wreak havoc with the delicate balance of the region they invade. Originating from South America, these voracious creatures...

Asteroid 2032 Danger may be Minimal yet it Exists

A large-sized asteroid came close to the orbit of planet earth last month. It is called the asteroid 2013 TV135. It will be returning in 2032. Till then the danger has been delayed. Yet due to the...

Fisker completes investigation of latest Karma hybrid EV fire, issues vehicle-wide cooling fan recall

Recall Fisker's latest fiery episode last week that left the front left quarter panel of a Karma hybrid EV burnt to a crisp in a Woodside, California parking lot? As promised, the company has completed its investigation with Pacific Rim Investigative Services Group into the scene, reporting that it's "located the ignition source to the left front of the Karma, forward of the wheel, where the low temperature cooling fan is located." As such, Fisker has decided to issue a full-on recall of the unit, although it's currently unclear if this and it affects all Karmas on the road. That said, Fisker is also stressing "that the incident was not caused by the Lithium-ion battery pack, new technology components, engine component packaging or unique exhaust routing of the Fisker Karma" -- naturally, the usual suspects for these types of accidents that keep plaguing the fledgling automaker. At least its new CEO Tony Posawatz is extremely qualified to handle the task at hand -- after all, a few weeks ago he was Volt-maker, GM's, Vehicle Line Director. Hit up the press release after the break for details about the investigation and its findings.

Update: When asked about whether the recall affects all Karma models currently on the road, a representative simply (and promptly) replied to us stating, "yes" -- well then.

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