Samsung’s two-part case for the Galaxy Z Flip is reasonably effective… and pretty cool

While we’re still figuring out how to have flexible screen protectors on folding phones, Samsung’s solved the case of how to build a protective cover for its flexible Galaxy Z Flip. A vast majority of smartphone owners use a cover with their smartphone (I’m one of them), and the catch with the flexible smartphone has mostly been whether it’s possible to build a good case that flexes with the phone too.

It’s a good thing that the Galaxy Z Flip has an inward screen, giving you enough real estate on the outside for a protective cover. The Galaxy Z Flip smartphone case comes in a two-part design that respectively snaps onto the upper and lower halves. This leaves an empty band around the hinge, which is both good because you don’t want anything interfering with the hinge mechanism, and bad because the hinge is sort of the thing worth protecting!

In any case, the two-piece case (can we officially call it the Bikini Case) comes with a hard plastic sub-surface for strength and a svelte faux-leather upper for class. The case should work reasonably well fending off scratches or dents, but don’t really expect it to protect your folding phone from anything rather extreme. Might I suggest a regular smartphone with a thick bumper case…

Designer: Samsung

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The 2019 Moto Razr looks even better in gold!

Take a second, like me to absorb exactly how beautiful the Razr 2019 looks in its new paint-job. Courtesy leaked images by Evan Blass, we’re getting an idea of what the Moto Razr’s variants would look like. In its prime, the original Razr was available in noir-black, silver, gold, as well as a hot metallic pink (which became a favorite with the ladies).

Currently, the Moto Razr 2019 is only available in Noir Black on Verizon’s website, and for a price of $1499. The leak of the gold variant comes at a time when Samsung is getting ready to debut the $1499 Galaxy Z Flip, which is directed at competing with the Razr. Unlike with past Razr phones that came with a radial brush pattern against a metallic body, the 2019 Razr comes with a slight texture that helps it stand out from the common gloss-finishes found in most phones today. Could we possibly see one in hot-pink or rose gold sometime in the future??

Designer: Motorola

Pablo Escobar’s new smartphone aims at taking on the Samsung Galaxy Fold

No, this is nothing like those cheap Airpods knockoffs you find on Aliexpress. The Escobar Fold 2 is a ‘legit’ folding phone with an eerie similarity to the Samsung Galaxy Fold… and with a $399 price tag. Launched by Roberto Escobar’s ‘tech company’ which debuted with a Flexpai-mimicking smartphone last year, the Escobar Fold 2 is a direct dig at Samsung, promising to ‘ruin the big brand’ as Roberto believes these brands steal from the common folk. Pot and kettle, am I right? Although seriously, maybe I should dial the cynicism down in the interest of personal safety.

The Pablo Escobar Fold 2, according to a press briefing, was designed in USA and assembled in Hong Kong, with parts from China. It comes with a virtually identical design when compared to the Galaxy Fold, and even has the same specs including processor and screen quality, and from the images, even the same number of cameras… although Escobar’s website only lists 5 of them, whereas the Galaxy Fold has 6. In true Escobar fashion, the phone comes with a golden backplate with the Pablo Escobar logo emblazoned on it. It even celebrates the famous Mexican kingpin with his mugshot pre-loaded as the device wallpaper.

Pablo’s brother, Roberto Escobar famously locked horns with large companies like Apple and even with carriers after launching the Escobar Fold 1. His idea was to build a strong, secure, and surprisingly cheap phone that was designed to empower its user with high tech, without the caveats. Escobar claims that his phones run securely, with the promise to never share user data with any government. He even filed a $30 billion class-action lawsuit against Apple for scamming its users by taking their money and data. The Fold 2 seems to put Samsung in its crosshairs, especially with that enticing price-tag. Plus, the phone’s description on the website literally reads “REST IN PEACE SAMSUNG, PABLO ALWAYS WINS.”

Designer: Roberto Escobar

Weird Design News: Pablo Escobar’s brother designed a ‘secure’ folding smartphone

Everything about this product is just bizarre but completely true. Escobar’s legacy now spans beyond just being arguably the world’s most famous drug lord….it also includes futuristic smartphones. Meet the Pablo Escobar Fold 1, a surreal folding smartphone with an outward screen created on the lines of the Huawei Mate X. It’s designed to be more durable and more secure than traditional smartphones, with an internal memory of up to 512Gb, and a price tag starting at just $349. Created by Robert Escobar, the brother of Pablo Escobar, the PE Fold 1 may just be the strangest smartphone you could own and the most absurd ecosystem you could be a part of.

The Pablo Escobar Fold 1 comes with a golden-colored body, not surprising given Escobar’s opulent history. It runs on Android, features a single folding AMOLED display, comes with a 4,000 mAh and sports a dual-camera on its inner bezel, near the screen with 16MP and 20MP shooters. The phone comes with a Dual-SIM setup, and features a fingerprint sensor (although I’m not entirely sure where). Designed to be a robust, durable folding phone, the PE Fold 1 ditches the glass front for a specialized plastic that Roberto Escobar says is very difficult to break. This makes the PE Fold 1 much stronger than the other folding phones out there, especially the Galaxy Fold, which has had its share of bad press. The phone runs securely, assures Escobar, with absolutely no data being sold to any government. Makes sense, for someone who lives on the fringes of conventional society, and outside the realm of the law.

The PE Fold 1, believe it or not, is Escobar’s answer to Apple, who he believes steals from common users by selling highly-priced phones with massive profit margins. Aside from launching the PE Fold 1, an affordable and secure alternative to most smartphones, Escobar’s also filing a $30 billion class-action lawsuit against the company for scamming its users by taking their money and data. Well, I guess it’s good to see billionaire who’s concerned about the welfare of us common-folk. The Pablo Escobar Fold 1 is limited to an initial run of 100,000 phones and comes unlocked with support for all carriers across the world… and free international shipping.

Designer: Roberto Escobar

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