Weird Design News: Pablo Escobar’s brother designed a ‘secure’ folding smartphone

Everything about this product is just bizarre but completely true. Escobar’s legacy now spans beyond just being arguably the world’s most famous drug lord….it also includes futuristic smartphones. Meet the Pablo Escobar Fold 1, a surreal folding smartphone with an outward screen created on the lines of the Huawei Mate X. It’s designed to be more durable and more secure than traditional smartphones, with an internal memory of up to 512Gb, and a price tag starting at just $349. Created by Robert Escobar, the brother of Pablo Escobar, the PE Fold 1 may just be the strangest smartphone you could own and the most absurd ecosystem you could be a part of.

The Pablo Escobar Fold 1 comes with a golden-colored body, not surprising given Escobar’s opulent history. It runs on Android, features a single folding AMOLED display, comes with a 4,000 mAh and sports a dual-camera on its inner bezel, near the screen with 16MP and 20MP shooters. The phone comes with a Dual-SIM setup, and features a fingerprint sensor (although I’m not entirely sure where). Designed to be a robust, durable folding phone, the PE Fold 1 ditches the glass front for a specialized plastic that Roberto Escobar says is very difficult to break. This makes the PE Fold 1 much stronger than the other folding phones out there, especially the Galaxy Fold, which has had its share of bad press. The phone runs securely, assures Escobar, with absolutely no data being sold to any government. Makes sense, for someone who lives on the fringes of conventional society, and outside the realm of the law.

The PE Fold 1, believe it or not, is Escobar’s answer to Apple, who he believes steals from common users by selling highly-priced phones with massive profit margins. Aside from launching the PE Fold 1, an affordable and secure alternative to most smartphones, Escobar’s also filing a $30 billion class-action lawsuit against the company for scamming its users by taking their money and data. Well, I guess it’s good to see billionaire who’s concerned about the welfare of us common-folk. The Pablo Escobar Fold 1 is limited to an initial run of 100,000 phones and comes unlocked with support for all carriers across the world… and free international shipping.

Designer: Roberto Escobar

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A folding iPhone that has the potential of being a phone, tablet, and even a laptop

I often ask myself that if Apple did decide to make a folding phone, what would it look like? Would it follow the design of the iPad Pro? With a flat edge design? Would it look like a MacBook? With a machined aluminum body and a wedge-design at the edge? Or would Apple just make it look like the iPhone X with a hinge on the side? Semin Jun believes it to be the latter.

Designed as a conceptual direction for a conceptual phone (I highly doubt Apple wants to build a folding phone right now, especially when the technology is so nascent and problematic), Semin Jun’s iPhone Fold looks exactly like a regular iPhone when closed, except without a notch. When folded, the iPhone Fold isn’t radically different to look at, aside from some much needed changes. For starters, in Jun’s future, even folding phones don’t have bezels and notches. The iPhone Fold conveniently fits a camera BEHIND its outer screen, and even turns the 6.5 inch Super Retina display into a speaker/receiver using piezoelectric technology. Obviously there’s no TouchID, so the two cameras on the outside perform facial tracking tasks, unlocking the phone. However, that’s just half the experience, because the iPhone Fold, as its name suggests, opens to reveal a bigger, better, glorious flexible display on the inside. (And the outer screen instantly displays an illuminated Apple logo in what might be one of the most delightful tech Easter eggs ever!)

Open the iPhone Fold and you get access to the smartphone’s hottest feature, its full-sized 8.3 inch display, that can be used either flat, like a tablet, or folded at an angle, turning your smartphone into a miniature laptop. The iPhone Fold has a few other surprising tricks up its sleeve, including a 3-lens camera that can capture incredibly detailed 4K videos while rendering the background blur in real time, as well as, wait for it… Apple Pencil support! With a hinge that not only allows you to bend the phone in half, but also lets you magnetically snap an charge an Apple Pencil, the iPhone Fold has the body of an iPhone, the aspiration of being a MacBook, and the functionality and soul of an iPad Pro… and truth be told, who wouldn’t want to live to see that day?!

Oh, and don’t @ me to ask what a folding iPhone would cost. I’m honestly not going there.

Designer: Semin Jun

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