The TIMIO is a child-friendly tech-toy that introduces learning without the tech addiction

I heard something extremely interesting the other day. Children in homes with smart speakers had gotten so used to talking to the AI that they would often begin projecting human-like behavior on these voice assistants. Saying please, saying thank you, etc. While at first, I thought about how lovely that sounded, my second reaction was quite the opposite. These are artificial lines of code! They aren’t humans! They shouldn’t be humanized, and more so, children shouldn’t have to live in a world so dystopian that they stop telling the difference between humans and robots! Smart speakers have essentially begun raising an entire generation of kids who have, from birth, begun failing the Turing test… and that’s just horribly wrong. Children shouldn’t be exposed to advanced technology at such a young age, and that’s perhaps my biggest fear as far as smart tech is concerned.

The TIMIO’s philosophy is quite similar in that regard. It’s essentially a screen-free, A.I. free, data-harvesting-free toy that aims at building a child’s knowledge base with a sufficient amount of tech. It promotes learning without using distracting screens, and focuses primarily on the development of cognitive thinking and understanding.

The TIMIO was built by Basile Fattal, an entrepreneur, but first and foremost, a dad. Worried that his children were getting too distracted by and used to technology to develop a certain independence from it, he created the TIMIO, an audio-based toy that served as a speaker of sorts, using magnetic discs that sat on a base, much like a vinyl record sits on a turntable. This disc, with images on it, became keypads once mounted on the base, allowing children to press specific images to play audio cues, and helping them build relations between what they see and what they hear… and finally what they speak.

TIMIO packs a wide library of magnetic discs, teaching children everything about shapes, colors, alphabets, numbers, animals, vegetables, fruits, body parts, etc. Just swap the magnetic discs to access the various libraries. When the TIMIO isn’t being used as an audio-based learning toy, it serves as the child’s very own music library, allowing them to play nursery rhymes, lullabies, fairy tales, and even instruments off specialized magnetic discs, which are all a part of TIMIO’s box set, which comes in 5 different languages.

Think of TIMIO as a learning toy that provides a measured exposure to technology, without the concerns of children getting too addicted to screens, or being exposed to AI. It provides children with all the image-to-speech based learning they need, in a toy that literally becomes their own smart-speaker. It lets them learn in a fun way, play fun word association games, and even explore different types of music, or even play music of their own! The TIMIO comes with a robust build and can take a little manhandling (after all, it is a child’s toy), and it even packs a headphone jack for a more private audio-learning experience, allowing children to play with and learn from the TIMIO whenever and wherever they want!

Designer: Peter Gal

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TIMIO is an educational audio toy and music player for children. It is a screen-free audio and music player with a fun, educational and interactive content library that kids can unlock using magnetic discs.

How we teach children affects how they learn. That is why TIMIO offers quality sound interactivity and carefully curated content to help develop your child’s vocabulary, intellect and imagination.

TIMIO uses magnetic discs to unlock a library of curated content, from nursery rhymes and lullabies to fairy tales and vocabulary, all in 5 different languages: ENGLISH, SPANISH, FRENCH, GERMAN and DUTCH. It consists of two parts: the Portable Digital Audio Player and the Interactive Content Discs that activate the content on the Digital Audio Player.

The discs magnetically attach to the player so even the little ones can easily do it all by themselves.

TIMIO comes with up to 20 different discs with a broad range of fun and engaging content for multiple ages, on various subjects, and in 5 different languages.

The discs can be neatly stacked on top of one another making it easy to store them in the TIMIO textile storage bag.

Unlike other kids’ audio players on the market, TIMIO is interactive. Not only does it allow children to select the content they’d like to play, but with the vocabulary discs, TIMIO will also quiz the child to find an item. Children are more engaged and this interactivity reinforces the learning process.

How to change the language and the volume:

Because of TIMIO’s wide range of disc topics, it can serve as their companion for years to come. TIMIO can be used from birth to grade-school. The lullabies disc will soothe your baby to sleep from day one.

As babies grow, parents can play their favorite nursery rhymes to them, and later, as they start developing their motor skills around 18-24 months, they’ll be able to easily place the disc of their choice and tap an image to play their favorite songs or start learning vocabulary.

While TIMIO will be certified for ages 3+, there are no small parts that can cause choking hazards, and parents can help them play with TIMIO as early as they wish.

Tech Specs:

TIMIO is designed to be an easy-to-use magical audio player that allows children to choose their own music and stories without a distracting screen. Children dance freely to music and the stories fire their imagination.

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The world’s first Technical Leather Backpack with 12-in-1 versatility

I write a lot about bags. It’s the nature of my job. It’s also the nature of my job to find the best in each bag and highlight it, making sure the reader who’s looking for that exact feature finds a bag that they’ll end up owning and loving. Every now and then I come across a bag with a nice feature. It’s either anti-theft, or it’s modular, or trackable, or just darn stylish, but the Wings bag by Wool & Oak is different.

Around 15 seconds into the video above, I knew I was looking at something simply different. The guys behind the Wings bag stumbled upon a model that just clicks. The bag’s a cross between a backpack and a duffle, and that makes it ambidextrous. This means the bag can easily be accessed by you from either side without you needing to take your backpack off just to unzip and access your belongings. Slide it off one arm and the backpack becomes almost like a duffle or a handbag, allowing you to access your belongings through zips on either side. The bag also has a vertical flap like traditional bags, letting you access your belongings the old-fashioned way too. This layout gives the Wings bag its appeal and also its name (because the bag’s side flaps open to form wings)

The Wings backpack comes with an incredibly lightweight design (it weighs less than a kilo) and sports an Italian leather construction all around, with a breathable fabric at the back that lets your skin breathe as you carry the bag around the city with you. The bag’s lined on the insides with a water-resistant and stain-resistant PU coated fabric and is spacious enough to carry all your gear, including but not limited to photography equipment. In fact it’s actually perfect for photography equipment, given how the side-access zips make it so easy to whip out your camera while on the go. The bag also comes with magnetic side pockets and a secret front pocket for your necessary belongings, and if all of that wasn’t enough, it also flattens out to make it easy to store and carry around with you.

Wool & Oak’s Wings backpack is refreshingly different just for the way it’s designed to be used. I’ve owned backpacks for decades now and each one has the same problem. You want a pen, you need to take the bag off your back, open the zip or the flap, and dig your head in as you search for a pen. The Wings backpack’s UX is much more elegant. Designed to be a backpack that can be used as a duffle when you need to instantly access your belongings, the Wings alters the unquestioned, virtually canonical blueprint of bag design… for the better.

Designers: Gizem Mut-Webster & Johnathan Webster of Wool & Oak

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Wings is ‘The World’s First Technical Leather Backpack’ with 12-in-1 versatility: Providing the functionality of a technical outdoor backpack and the premium style of a classic leather backpack. The bag can easily be accessed by you from either side without you needing to take your backpack off just to unzip and access your belongings.

Sling the bag to the side, open and access the contents.

Securely carry your drinks and other things, in the side-pockets that hold together magnetically.

Features of The Wings Bag:

Wings is the only everyday bag you need: It is super light, weighing only 0.9kg (that’s less than 2lbs and considered the lightest leather backpack in the market), versatile, accessible, and super comfortable.

The Wings features two full zip side panels, which allow you to access any of your items within seconds. It has 2 external magnetic pockets and 1 zippered front pocket that can safely hold your water bottle or phone and wallet. Inside, there are 4 dedicated pockets for meticulous organization.

The 20l capacity can generously hold an extra sweater, pair of sneaker or whatever you fancy throughout your day. The Climate Control Mesh on the back panel lets your back breath for those extra long days. The 3D Nylon Weave shoulder straps add comfort.

Colors Options:

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The Twist Pen is all about creating an unforgettably satisfying user-experience

“What we experience, and what we remember about what we’ve experienced are two totally different things.” – Jeremy Finch.

That’s what the Twist Pen is all about. Creating a UX that’s so good it instantly gets etched in one’s memory. Whether it’s the pen’s satisfying twist-and-click actuation, or the textures around the grip and the twisting knobs, or even the pen’s weighted, cool metallic feel. The Twist is a modern classic. It isn’t edgy, it doesn’t over-innovate, and it isn’t disposable. It’s the kind of pen you’ll use for years, only because it’s the kind of pen your hands will love to hold and your brain will undeniably get used to.

The Twist Pen is precisely machined from an aerospace-grade metal stock, and is then given a DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) coating to enhance its strength and resistance to scuffs, scratches, or abrasions. Available in Brass, Stainless Steel, and Black DLC, the pen feels well-weighted with a balanced center of mass, and was made to be extremely durable and resistant to abrasions. It features a simple, easy to use design, with a textured metal grip that your fingers instantly get used to, and a twist-to-open mechanism on the top that turns with a satisfying click to expose or withdraw the pen’s tip. The Twist comes included with an Itoya Aqua Roller gel refill, and is designed to be compatible with all Parker-style or G2 refills. It even includes the classic pocket clip (with a recessed clip locator) allowing you to easily whip out and holster your pen whenever needed.

Every aspect of the Twist was designed to be the best version of itself. The pen’s build is robust and durable yet comfortable, and features a balanced center of mass that makes writing with it truly comfortable. The metal body also packs a neat patterned grip that makes the pen easy to write with, and a refill that provides a buttery smooth writing experience. Lastly, the pen’s twist-action-mechanism is engineered and machined to perfection. With absolutely tight tolerances and a smooth tactile experience that ends with a simple, satisfying click, the Twist’s user experience isn’t something you can possibly ignore (even visually, with that anodized orange pop!). Its design is simple yet impactful and memorable, and it clearly isn’t designed to be a product only for your eyes. Even in your hands, the Twist is designed to have a memorable UX… and who’s to say that twist-to-open mechanism won’t become a fidget toy in your hands?!

Designer: Machine Era

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The Field Pen Line: The Twist. It’s the first design by Machine Era that incorporates Parker size refills. The fully machined body is integrated with tactile details, smooth ‘lock in’ action, and an effortless gel writer from Itoya.

Design Features: Fits Parker size refills, Tactile Grip Detail, Balanced Center of Mass, Fully machined from solid stock, Anodized aluminum Twist Button, Black versions coated with DLC, Solid in hand feel, No play tight tolerance tip, Recessed clip locator pocket

Colors Available:

Clip: Manufactured in New England from proper spring steel. This important part is chrome plated and DLC coated in models with black detail. Made in USA

Mechanism: For motion control, the designers have gone with the Schmidt Easy Glide for super clean, satisfying twist motion engagement. Machined from stainless steel and thermoplastic, it has a ‘lock in’ feature. Once the cartridge is extended to its full length it will lock in place, preventing retraction until turned back in the other direction. Made in Germany

Ink: After running through many different Parker size ink cartridges, the team has settled on the Itoya Aquaroller as the best choice for this writing tool. The 0.7mm acid free gel ink flows onto your writing surface like no other. It’s very reliable, and starts flowing as soon as it hits the paper. No scribbling to get it going. Made in Japan.

What Is DLC – Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) is a type of PVD coating, it’s impact resistant, and almost impossible to scratch. DLC coatings are used in sectors that require highly precise and extremely durable components – it’s commonly used in performance racing, aircraft, firearm, and fine watch industries.

By using Swiss-type turning techniques, Adam & Ryan are able to deliver parts that are extremely accurate – tolerances usually reserved for medical and aerospace industries.

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Millclock company plans to mass-produce Nixie Tubes for designers and hobbyists

This year is, for all intents and purposes, the year of the retro wave. The Moto Razr is relaunching, Disney is practically remaking all their glorious movies, and nixie tubes may just be making a full comeback too!

The use of Nixie tubes dates back to the 50s, being used as light-up numeric indicators in various technical equipments. These tubes were hand-crafted, and required a great deal of technical expertise to manufacture. Needless to say, the tubes were soon replaced by flipboard displays, and then eventually pixels. The Nixie Tube still remains a lovable piece of technology that is reminiscent of a time when things were made by hand, and adored for its steampunk aesthetic.

The ZIN18 Reborn Clock is a modern-day throwback to that time. Designed by the designers and craftsmen at Millclock Company, the ZIN18 Reborn is a six-tube clock that features Millclock Company’s ZIN18 nixie tubes. These tubes are crafted entirely by hand, and use better materials and manufacturing processes than the tubes made half a century ago. They also run on incredibly low energy.

A delightful combination of old and new, the ZIN18 Reborn Clock does a hat-tip to the 70-year-old nixie technology while remaining a pretty sophisticated clock in its own right. It can be controlled via a smartphone app, and even features a touch-sensitive control panel to set the time. The clock has the ability to synchronize its timekeeping via the internet, and even features an alarm! The ZIN18 Reborn clock comes with a polished metal base and 6 individual nixie tubes that can be fitted into their individual housings. To protect these tubes from dislodging, or any accidental nudging, the clock comes with a glass hood that encases all six tubes, giving you a clear view of the time while also indicating the precious quality of these expertly handcrafted tubes.

Nixie tubes today are hard to find, given that nobody mass-produces them anymore, especially since they’re incredibly difficult to manufacture and require a skilled hand. Determined to bring this heartwarming piece of technology back, Millclock Company is working to evolve the craft, resulting in tubes that are stronger, safer, and have a lifespan of as long as 20 years of continuous usage. The ZIN18 tubes boast of the craftsmanship one would expect from a jeweler or a watchmaker, and the company also plans to make these tubes readily available to hobbyists and designers who want to use these tubes for their own projects in the future.

Designer: Millclock Company

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ZIN18 is a modernized and most compact Nixie tube that has been produced. These tubes are crafted entirely by hand, and use better materials and manufacturing processes than the tubes made half a century ago. They also run on incredibly low energy. The Reborn ZIN18 Nixie clock works for about 20 years or 200.000 hours of uninterrupted time-telling, 24/7.

Determined to bring this heartwarming piece of technology back, Millclock Company is working to evolve the craft, resulting in tubes that are stronger, safer, and have a lifespan of as long as 20 years of continuous usage.


Conceptually, the name ZIN is a blend of the Z class and IN class Nixie tubes. The design of transformation of two classes into one new variety took us profound research and hard work.


The Millclock team modernized a beautiful base that is used in the Z class lamps. Then, they elongated a small IN18 Nixie tube, by only 44mm and mount it on the base.


The team manually assembles 47 best quality components of the envelope. Then, they create the glass tube and the thread in special machines and put the whole piece in the “ovens” with temperatures more than 600 degrees Celsius. Next, the team anneal’s it and infuses the mixture of pure gasses, and finally test it on the stand. This process results in a highly strengthened glass of the tube and leak-free seal at the bottom part of the lamp. And those are the two main check points of the tube’s long service time.


Reborn ZIN18 tubes are available with three varieties of bases to meet your aesthetic vision in projects making: polished aluminum, black anodized and sand blasted aluminum.


In ZIN18, the cathode digits can be easily programmed to show exact time and other valuable data. The digits can run diverse visual effects. They can slowly slide or quickly switch with adjustable speed that looks phantasmagorical, especially in the dark premises.


To create a mood-light effect at home, you can switch on the under lighting. The software allows for a vast range of colors and visual effects of under lighting that can create any mood in your home – party, romantic or relaxing.

ZIN18 Nixie clock works via Android and Apple iOS, it also supports censor communication through the embedded touch pad.

The manufacturing of this beautiful nixie equals to art-making, as making mechanical clocks, perfume, or gem jewelry. The process is quite intricate but mesmerizing and has the following milestones.



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Double your capacity and compress travel items 4x faster!

The Pacum literally saves more space than it occupies. The tiny handheld vacuum allegedly packs more punch than a Dyson, allowing you to seal and store your clothes in air-tight bags, eliminating any pockets of air that may take up space in your suitcase. The Pacum comes with an attachment that lets you vacuum-pack your clothes, storing more inventory in the same space, making packing more efficient and economical. Clothes that are vacuum-packed stay wrinkle-free and fresh for longer too.

The Pacum’s small size gives it the advantage of portability too. Barely the size of a power bank, the Pacum works on a battery and charges via USB Type-C. It can be stashed in any bag, backpack, drawer, or even placed on a desktop, looking unsuspectingly like a power-bank or a Bluetooth speaker. Plug the adapter (or the Padaptor, as they call it), and the Pacum becomes an air-guzzling machine. It compresses bags 25% more than most branded vacuums, and does the job at 4 times the speed. It can be used to pack clothes efficiently for travel, for long-term storage (to prevent them from developing mold, mildew, or moths), and can even be used with food to either preserve them, or to prepare them for processes like sous-vide cooking. The Pacum works in two pump modes. The Eco-mode saves energy, while the Super-mode saves time. Once it’s pulled all the air out, the Pacum stops automatically too, saving energy and also letting you know when you’re done.

While this hand-held device works great at sucking air out, the Pacum can even work as an inflater-pump. A simple switch in air-direction lets you use the Pacum to inflate various things like sporting equipment, inflatable furniture, and even toys. Clearly designed to be more than just a one-hit wonder, the Pacum isn’t just made for efficient clothes packing. It allows you to vacuum pack food, as well as inflate toys, sporting equipment, and even furniture… Plus, with a little bit of practice and a Mayku FormBox, you can use the Pacum as a vacuum-forming machine to make molds and prototypes too!

Designer: Me Wei of Master Space

Click Here To Buy Now: $44 $80 (46% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left and only 29/1250 left!

Get the most powerful, multi-functional, handheld vacuum in the world. Double your capacity and compress travel items 4x faster! Pacum ends the struggle with space in your travel luggage.

Pacum is the most powerful, multi-functional, handheld vacuum and air pumping device in the world.

For its size, it packs a mighty punch with capabilities of compressing items 25% more than the leading Dyson, and 4x faster than any device in its class. Pacum will compress a vac bag full of clothes in just over a minute!


About half the size of an iPhone X, you can bring Pacum ANYWHERE, in ANYTHING, making it your new essential travel tool.



The most versatile multi-functional device on the market, the Pacum can not take the air out, but it can PUMP AIR IN! Pacum can blow up inflatables.


Pacum comes with branded vacuum bags and accessories, but you will also be equipped with the “Padaptor”, making any existing vacuum bags you own compatible with Pacum!


Vacuum pack household things.



Use Pacum with other brand vacuum bags.


Pacum Features.


Pacum is available in three colors: white, red and black.

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Let’s forget about folding displays for a bit and admire Insta360’s folding camera!

The idea behind the Evo’s design is a simple, but unique one. 3D cameras and 360° cameras have one thing in common… the presence of at least two lenses. Where those lenses face in relation with each other, and the type of lens determines the kind of media you capture. Lenses that sit side by side (with a rough distance of 2.5 inches between them) can capture two different channels corresponding to the left and right eye, creating a sense of depth, and therefore a 3-dimensional video or image. Lenses (usually at least 180° fisheye) that face in opposite directions can capture an entire scene in 360 degrees, allowing you to create videos or images you can look around in and immerse yourself into. The Insta360 Evo simply creates a mechanism in which these two lenses can fold to either face in the same direction or the opposite, allowing the camera to alternate between shooting in 3D and in 360°.

The Evo can record 3D 5K/30fps video (or 18-megapixel stills) with a 180-degree field of view, viewable using a VR headset that comes in the box, or an innovative HoloFrame case that sits on your phone, turning your phone’s screen into a 3D display. Fold the cameras to face opposite each other and the camera captures 360° videos and stills that you can view in your VR headset, even looking around to see things behind, beside, above or below you.

What’s even more remarkable about the Evo is its ability to not just record, but also stabilize video. Using its 6-axis gyroscopic stabilization system, Evo’s videos are immersive, crisp, and jitter free. The FlowState stabilization system even allows the Evo to capture time-lapses that are incredibly smooth. Whether you’re walking on the footpath or on a bumpy trail, the Evo can capture videos without needing an external gimbal or stabilizer (the gimbal would end up getting captured in 360° videos too). A simple flip/fold mechanism allows you to transition between shooting in 3D and shooting in VR, allowing you to create fully immersive video content, and the Evo even packs kits, headsets, and cases that let you and your audience properly view the content you’ve created!

Designer: Insta360

Click Here to Buy Now

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Image Credits: TuttoAndroid

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