More ‘Power’ to you! Stanley Black & Decker is looking for an Industrial Design Intern

Probably one of the most well-known names in power tools and hardware, Stanley Black & Decker operate under the three brands, Black & Decker, DeWALT, and Stanley. From making some of the finest industrial tools to even the most indispensable household hardware and security products, Stanley Black & Decker are known for a very distinct design language, unique to each of their brands. Stanley Black & Decker is looking for an Industrial Design Intern for their Summer 2019 internship program in Towson, Maryland.


Stanley Black & Decker is currently looking for an Industrial Design Intern in the Global Tools & Storage division to join its summer internship program. Our internship program allows students the opportunity to obtain valuable, applicable work experience in a fast-paced, and challenging environment.

This Position Will Provide You With:
• A utility role interacting with key members of a fortune 500 company
• A flexible schedule featuring a max of 40 hours
• Opportunity for career advancement upon graduation
• Competitive Compensation


Specific duties include, but are not limited to:
• Contribute in product development in a team format via ideation/sketching/rendering of new product concepts
• Proficiency in Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro, or a similar software
• Comfortable prototyping concepts out of foam or other materials
• Online and in field research
• Product graphic development.
• Painting, mock-ups, color studies, brand development and some office tasks


• Junior or Senior level academic progress through an accredited university Industrial Design Program.
• Solid hand and digital sketch skills
• Ability to present and communicate design concepts to the team
• Working knowledge of CAD modeling in either full parametric or surfacing software
• Solid command of Adobe Creative Suite Software – Primarily Photoshop and Illustrator

Leadership Qualities
• Courage & Innovation – Bravely innovate without boundaries. Generate and embrace new ideas. Drive cutting-edge digital solutions. Foster creativity for exponential growth
• Agility & Performance – Simplify to accelerate business results. Anticipate, adapt to and lead changes. Focus on the right things and act. Perform in ways that exceed expectations.
• Inclusivity & Collaboration – Respect and leverage all aspects of diversity. Make decisions with an inclusive, global view. Collaborate to amplify customer value. Communicate to drive meaningful outcomes.
• Integrity & Accountability – Operate with highest ethical standards. Be who you are, build trusted relationships. Act with transparency and positive intent. Live up to commitments and own the results.


Towson (Maryland), USA.


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Muji’s serene looking power-drill


Close your eyes and think of an electric drill. Chances are, it’s rugged. Chances also are that it’s very colorful. Black and red, or olive green, or taxi-colored. Right? That’s because that is the product category code for a power tool. The category code defines what a product with a certain function must broadly look like, and power tools are supposed to be rugged/powerful looking and almost always carry the brand colors, which are usually vibrant.

Rugged and vibrant are however not the keywords of Muji’s brand philosophy. So what would a Muji power tool look like? It would look like it meant business but still retain an aura of serenity. The Muji power drill concept by Changho Lee takes two contrasting things and wonderfully combines them. The drill’s aesthetic couldn’t embody Muji’s style any more than it already is. The white color scheme and the simple cuboid meets cylinder design brilliantly represents what the Japanese design house stands for. Absolute, unquestioned simplicity!

Designer: Changho Lee









The JawSaw Cuts Through Branches In The Safest Way Possible


There are a number of reasons why you’d need to get a chainsaw and cut stuff up in your yard. You felled a large tree and want to gather its branches for heat? Or you just want to do a little landscaping? A storm knocked your trees down? Whatever the reason, playing with a chainsaw can be dangerous. It can kickback, twist in your hands and severely injure you. The JawSaw however features an entirely different design that minimizes this danger. Looking like a shark’s mouth, the device will automatically scissor the blade across anything you place in the opening, up to 4 inches across. The blade is entirely enclosed, making it almost impossible to get cut. This also makes it possible to cut things that are already on the ground without even having to bend down. The handle is extensible so you can reach high up without using a potentially unstable ladder. An automatic chain tensioner as well as an oiler keep the JawSaw’s maintenance levels to a minimum. And the $106 price tag make it interesting even for those with tighter budgets.










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That Cork Ain’t Got Nothin On The SKIL iXO Vivo Power Corkscrew


You’re not impressing anyone with your cork removing skills, manually inserting your corkscrew in there like a Neanderthal. Better get with the times and put some power behind it. The SKIL iXO Vivo is a small 4V powered screwdriver with a corkscrew attachment that will have your wine breathing in seconds. It even comes with a wine stopper, and a foil cutter. And when you’re not popping corks, the things will of course do its job as a screwdriver. It’s pretty neat and at $49, totally worth the expense.

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Power Up Your Gadgets With Your Power Tool’s Batteries


Ever find yourself on a job site with a low battery in your phone, and no working outlet anywhere? If you have the PoweriSite in your pocket, there’s still hope for you. Plug it into the batteries that power your cordless tools, and plug a USB charger right into it. Just like that, you’ll be ready to make calls again in no time. It’s $18 on pre-order with delivery later this year.

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Amazon Black Friday Sale offers Gift Deals for Her and Him

Amazon Black Friday 2013 Deals for TodayThe Amazon Black Friday Deals Week 2013 has launched just after midnight PST on Sunday. Amazon has announced their Black Friday 2013 deals that...

Chainsaw Key Cover

chainsaw key cover Chainsaw Key Cover
Cut that door right open, lumber jack style. Not really, but with the Chainsaw Key Cover you can pretend to cut it down without having to build a new door every single time Ron Swanson style. Keep your love of power tools on hand with this light-up, sound producing key cover. It looks and sounds like a (very small) chainsaw. Timber ho!!!!

Chainsaw Key Cover