These are the Thanksgiving Table Decor Trends for 2023

It’s that time of year to gather with loved ones around the Thanksgiving table, sharing a delightful meal and reflecting on gratitude. Beyond the cuisine and menu, the table decor plays a key role in infusing a festive vibe and enhancing the space’s aesthetic appeal. After all, the real essence of Thanksgiving dinner lies in creating a warm and inviting environment that fosters connections and meaningful conversations across the table.

Designer: Linda Schuster Vartanian

What is the importance of a Beautiful Tablescape?

Designer: Aukolass

Although a beautiful tablescape may not enhance the flavor of your feast it surely helps in crafting the desired ambiance for your entire Thanksgiving dinner. A well-designed tablescape helps in making guests feel valued and special while showcasing attention to detail.

How to create an interesting Thanksgiving Tablescape?

• The first step is to choose a traditional, modern, rustic, or any unique theme for the tablescape and achieve a cohesive look. The color palette, decor choices, and overall design of the tablescape shall revolve around the desired theme.

Designer: Holly Jolley

• Rich autumnal hues of deep red, orange, and brown are perfect for a traditional tablescape.
• If you desire a contemporary and sophisticated look, consider a monochromatic color scheme in shades of white, cream, and gold.
• Don’t be afraid to explore unconventional color pairings to craft a distinctive and visually striking tablescape. Consider shades of pink, purple, and green for a modern twist.

Designer: Diana (The Tiny Fairy)

Design Trends for Thanksgiving Tablescape

Here is a curated selection of the latest trends that can elevate your Thanksgiving tablescape and take the décor to a whole new level.

1. Decorate with Dried Flowers

Designer: Chloe (Porch and Peony)

Dried flowers and branches are perfect for holiday table settings as they are budget-friendly. The best part is that one can continue using dried flowers for years instead of buying fresh blooms every year.

2. Invest in Handmade Ceramics

Designer: Open The Door

Handmade dinnerware and accessories never go out of style and are perfect for a traditional and rustic table setting.

3. Use Nature as Décor

Designer: Shalini Misra

One of the most popular trends is to take inspiration from the natural world and create a beautiful table setting using fruits, pumpkins, vegetables, acorns, pine cones, and so on.

4. Bring out your Tableware

Thanksgiving dinner provides an excellent opportunity to elevate your table setting with elegant china, exquisite stemware, and beautiful linens that you’ve collected over the years or have inherited as heirlooms.

Designer: The Invisible Collection

A warm and festive ambiance is created with a snug woolen checkered tablecloth, complemented by orange linen napkins and midcentury hand-painted large earthenware plates. The addition of a sizable pumpkin soup tureen enhances the homey atmosphere, completing the inviting feel of a feast.

Designer: Lotus Arts de Vivre

An elegant mother-of-pearl plate from Lotus Arts de Vivre is adorned with a sterling silver turtle. Crafted from the finest Southeast Asian mother of pearl, it possesses a shimmering iridescent quality. The silver turtle with a mother-of-pearl shell symbolizes harmony with the earth, water, and other elements, making it a versatile item suitable for use as a statement serving platter for hors d’oeuvres or as a formal dining plate.

5. Add Woven Placemats

Designer: Table Terrain

Woven placemat mats in materials like rattan provide a textured, earthy backdrop for a neutral table arrangement.

6. Introduce Textural Layers

Designer: Beth G. Wilson

Explore a palette of organic earth tones for Thanksgiving as they effortlessly embrace the hues of fall leaves and autumn colors. Abundant textures can be introduced to create a warm and layered ambiance.

7. Create a Woodsy Vibe

Designer: Butch & Pam

Embrace the rustic and natural ambiance with wood as a central element in your table setting. Integrate wooden serving plates for a wholesome, earthy feel. This setting celebrates the imperfections and unique textures of wood, adding character to your table.

Designer: Arteriors

An ideal centerpiece for gatherings, the Wakefield features opulent antique brass hardware crafted into organic forms that beautifully contrast with the luxurious walnut wood. Radiating undeniable warmth, this bucket adds both panache and personality to the tablescape.

8. Add Color with Fresh Flowers

Designer: Shalini Misra

Elevate your Thanksgiving dinner by incorporating an abundance of flowers, extending from your salad plates to captivating centerpiece arrangements. Choose locally grown, in-season blooms.

9. Go for a Pumpkin Centerpiece

Designer: Home is Where the Boat Is

Opting for pumpkins as Thanksgiving centerpieces is a timeless choice. Elevate their appeal by carving out the tops and transforming them into miniature planters, adorned with either real or artificial succulents for an extra touch of uniqueness.

10. Chic Minimalism

Designer: Elisha Trujillo

Embrace simplicity by adhering to a neutral color palette and arranging the table with glass dinnerware. One of the simplest centerpieces for this theme is a clear glass vase filled with elegant flower stems.

11. Play with Patterns

Designer: Table Terrain

This Thanksgiving, layer on various eye-catching patterns to adorn the dining table. Maintaining a unified color palette ensures that the arrangement remains whimsical without becoming overwhelming.

12. Light the Table

Instead of flowers, opt for stylish decor alternatives that provide beauty and warmth, such as tapered candles. For a cozy yet non-utilitarian table appearance, use candleholders of different heights, ensuring the candles are staggered across the table for a varied and inviting display.

Designer: Abid Javed

Ceramic artist Abid Javed applies his craft to sculptural forms influenced by microbiology. Augmin, a five-part candela, harmonizes artistry and functionality, drawing inspiration from the dynamic molecule Augmin. It serves as a statement sculpture and a practical candleholder for the Thanksgiving tablescape.

Designer: Todd Nelson

Spiral Light Candles feature a unique wraparound wick that burns for 3 hours, depleting ‘around’ the candle due to its spiral design. Its hollow design collects melted wax and creates a new candle with a wood wick that burns for 40 hours.

Designer: James Kaoru Bury

Click Here to Buy Now: Japanese Lantern Candle ($69)

Crafted with a dual wax composition, the Chouchin features a standard wax interior for familiar candle burning. Its distinctive outer layer is made of patented, non-melting wax, creating a translucent shell that diffuses light like a lantern. As the candle burns, light permeates through this outer wax, providing gentle, warm illumination, with a 60-hour burn time and replaceable refills, minimizing waste.

13. Embrace Maximalism

Designer: Interior Design Info

Embrace a bold, maximalist aesthetic with striking glassware, an oversized floral arrangement, succulents, and crystal candleholders for a truly impactful statement.

Designer: ABASK

Enhance your festive table with Ben Bodman’s exclusive ABASK carving set, expanding his hand-forged blade collection from his Wiltshire family farm. The two-tone amboyna burl wood handles, symbolizing durability, are sourced from the resilient Narra tree in the Philippines. Crafted with Damasteel, these blades boast intricate patterns, adding functional elegance to your table.

14. Napkin Folding Art

Designer: Phuong

Infuse texture into each place setting by creatively folding cloth napkins. Experiment with various techniques such as the classic fan fold or use innovative folding techniques to create an interesting design. Enhance the presentation with elegant napkin rings, elevating the overall tactile experience.

Designer: TALLO de OLIVO

TALLO de OLIVO turns ordinary spaces into distinctive ones with handmade pieces crafted by Colombian artisans, utilizing local materials to enhance their inherent beauty.

Designer: West Elm

The botanical-inspired napkin ring adds a biophilic vibe to the table décor.

15. Beautify with Gold Accents

Designer: Linda

Infuse a touch of glamour into your Thanksgiving table with a decor theme that revolves around hues of gold. Envision gold-rimmed plates, shimmering candle holders, and metallic accents creating a dazzling setting for your festive meal.

With a skillful combination of colors, textures, and decorative elements, one can transform the dining table into a captivating showcase of autumn-inspired beauty that sets the ideal ambiance for your Thanksgiving feast.

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Elegant, gold accent tableware designs can transform your Thanksgiving meal into a luxurious experience

The traditional Thanksgiving festival revolves around food, company, and mandatory dishes like roast turkey, delectable food, and wine. As the dining table forms the focal point of the festival, a well-thought out tablescape will help family and loved ones create beautiful memories around it. Thanksgiving celebrates the harvest and the beginning of the holiday season. So bring in festive times by introducing metal accents to make the space feel rich and abundant. The lustre of gold provides warm hues to create a table spread that looks as gorgeous as the food.

Here are 14 ideas that will inspire you to introduce the warm glow of this golden metal to your Thanksgiving table decor. Golden hues create a rich yet cohesive colour palette that keeps the table setting coordinated with a warm and intimate atmosphere for family fun and yummy treats.

1. Candleholders

The ethereal warmth of the candlelight can transform the festive spread and breathe life into the tablescape. These elegant candle holders provide ambient lighting and cast a warm glow. Featuring an angular form and minimalist silhouette, the sleek geometric shape of the candle holder, surrounds the flickering flame and enhances the overall dining experience. Placed on a dining table, the varying heights of these pieces infuse a timeless aesthetic that feels cosy and inviting.

Check it out here!

2. Coasters

These luxurious Linear brass Coasters from WestElm add a tasteful touch to your Thanksgiving party. The gold surface is textured with horizontal and linear stripes that add gorgeous glamour to the overall look and feel of the dining space. These functional coasters protect table surfaces from water rings, add richness, and look stunning in their own right.

Check it out here!

3. Condiments

These Marble Dip Bowls with brass base add a hint of glamour to the dining table and are carefully crafted from different types of marble. Perfect for pre-dinner appetisers and a variety of snacks like guacamole, salsa, hummus and olives, these bowls create a visual feast and can even be used as a pinch pot.

Check it out here!

4. Salt and Pepper shaker

Take the gold theme a step further with the marble and brass finish salt and pepper shaker set. It is highly functional and the warm glow of metal infuses opulence and is perfect for hosting the dinner devoted to gratitude.

Check it out here!

5. Dinnerware

This Gold Inlay Solid White matte Porcelain Dinnerware set from Dodo’s Trends & More layers your table decor with luxury and grandeur. It’s a gorgeous collection of plates that makes for a standout dinner display. Steeped in elegance, each piece is adorned with gold detailing around the rim. The white and matt gold cutlery spells subtle luxury and provides an elevated dining experience.

Check it out here!

6. Marble and Brass Cake Stand

Clean and contemporary, this marble and brass-finished pedestal cake stand is a stylish way to display cakes, macarons and other desserts. The glitz of metallic gold contrasts the white marble top and imbues a sense of beauty. Its elevated height adds depth and dimension to the tablescape, while its conical base juxtaposes the circular top to create a beautifully proportioned piece that steals the limelight.

Check it out here!

7. Barware

No Thanksgiving feast is complete without champagne or sparkling wine. Add shine to your bar counter with the brass finish Chelsea Barware collection that features a rounded and feminine look and ensures that your wine choices make the celebration more special. There is such richness in gold colour that it easily catches the light and reflects a lovely warm glow.

Check it out here!

8. Napkin Rings

The Nomi K luxury tableware is a supremely ritzy floral napkin ring that imparts a regal look and infuses feminine energy into the Thanksgiving dinner table. Inspired by beautiful flowers, these metal accessories bring fashion and add a discerning and delicate beauty to the festive table spread. Meticulously designed to perfection, these pieces look glamorous and pair beautifully with any tasteful table linen.

Check it out here!

9. Serving Set

Bring a touch of luxurious style to your dining table with the Hawser serving set. The serving spoons feature a long and twisted rope handle which makes it easy to hold. Crafted in brass and stainless steel, this serving set adds an instant dose of luxury and is a resplendent addition to any feast or soiree. It is perfect for serving gravy, salads or desserts and complements the gold-rimmed serving plates.

Check it out here!

10. Wine Glasses

Raise a toast in style as wine is guaranteed to taste better in these exotic wine glasses by Dish It Out New York. This finely stemmed piece incorporates a gold base to add shimmer and makes a chic accent on the festive tablescape without overpowering it. Forming a part of a family of pieces, this design is also available in water glasses.

Check it out here!

11. Cheese and Serving Platter

It’s time to say cheese – and your party will be incomplete without a cheese plate! The design of the cheese platter features a honeycomb pattern that creates a textured surface with a pair of gold bees in inlaid brass. An interesting mix of materials makes a perfect addition to the Thanksgiving soiree. Select 3-5 kinds of cheese variations for an attractive and delectable composition.

Check it out here!

12. Table Runner

Dress up your dinner table with the Home N Style earthy gold placement mats that provide the tablescape with layered depth and elegant uplift. The embroidered motifs add texture and heighten the luxurious style quotient of the festive spread. However, it’s important to strike the right balance so that the golden hues of the tablescape look elegant and not gaudy.

Check it out here!

13. Serving Bowl

Truly tasteful, the Rajsi brass dessert bowl makes an enchanting addition to the Thanksgiving table and elevates the ambience. Exquisitely crafted in brass and amethyst, the dessert bowl enlivens the space with colour, injects visual interest and crosses between a functional dessert bowl and a sculptural centrepiece. Since Thanksgiving marks the harvest season, fill the bowl with some fresh produce and seasonal accents like pumpkins, apples, fruits you love and create a beautiful autumnal table that steals the spotlight. Additionally, fruits and vegetables add colour and contrast to the table setting.

Check it out here!

14. Flower Vase

Flowers form an important part of the tablescape and decorating with seasonal blooming flowers is always fun. This flower vase makes a statement piece, brings oodles of sparkle and imparts a more lighter and joyous feel. Make sure that the scale and height of floral decoration doesn’t hinder the flow of conversations or block the line of vision.

Check it out here!

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Exciting Products designed to inspire your Thanksgiving & steal the thunder from your turkey!

It’s Thanksgiving Day, and this basically means that the holiday season has officially begun! My favorite time of the year has started! It’s the day to give thanks, and truly feel grateful for all the amazing people and things we have in our lives. As we show gratitude and appreciation for the rollercoaster that was the past year (the good parts and the bad parts both), we’ve curated a collection of unique product designs to help you get through this mega holiday. From Game of Thrones-themed cutlery to shakers inspired by the four seasons – these exciting products are all you need to take your Thanksgiving dinner to the next level. We hope you are able to amp up this special holiday with these special designs. Enjoy!

1. The Four Season Shakers

The Four Seasons shakers are quite literally perfection. Capturing four different types of seasoning, and embodying them in snow-globe-esque containers, Qualy Design’s Four Seasons shakers are just simply clever and adorable at the same time. Not only are they well designed, but the absolutely witty wordplay also makes the product even more lovable! You’ve got four shakers that embody four different seasons and hold four different seasonings. Designed for salt, pepper, dried herbs, and chili flakes, the shakers come with plants on the inside that pair well with the seasoning.

2. Curved Flatware

Our team is having a debate and we need your help – is this oddly satisfying or does it disturb your OCD? Designed by Object Rights, this curved flatware will perfectly complement the circular plates on your dinner table this Thanksgiving. I, for one, am quite intrigued by this experimental design!

3. Transformer Table

The Transformer Table comes with two expanding sides and a central leg piece that sits anywhere in the middle to support the weight at the center. Once the table’s sides are pulled apart, wooden planks are placed on the top to give the table its long surface. The Transformer Table 3.0’s wooden panels stack to turn into a separate coffee table that you can use as a secondary piece of furniture, giving you two tables in one! The Transformer Table 3.0 pairs with the Transformer Bench, which has its wooden panels stored inside its hollow center. The bench’s height allows it to fit under the table too, giving you furniture that is both expandable and stackable for ultimate control over your space. For people who like dining on higher surfaces, there’s the Transformer Counter height table, a raised dining table to suit your home’s decor.

4. Golden-Accent Marble Dinner Plates

The Golden-Accent Marble Dinner Plates are probably the most gorgeous collection of plates I’ve ever laid my eyes upon! Each plate features an exquisite marble design, which almost look like little galaxies on tableware! The plates come in four interesting color options – white, black, grey, and blue. Each one is adorned with golden accents and marbled designs of different colors. There is also a hint of gold along the rim of the plates. The Golden-Accent Marble Dinner Plates would be an exciting addition to your otherwise traditional Thanksgiving dinner table!

The KitchenAid Smart Oven+ Connected Wall Oven is the sidekick you need while preparing a lavish Thanksgiving dinner! The smart oven is compatible with a variety of attachments, allowing you to effortlessly engage in different styles and techniques of cooking. The wall oven attachments include a steamer, grill, and a baking stone. The KitchenAid Smart Oven harmoniously combines all these attachments to create one wholesome cooking experience. Preparing a Thanksgiving spread has never been this simple and easy!

6. Game of Spoons

Oh, Game of Thrones, whatever our take on the faults of the final season, one thing remains, we can’t ignore the series or the impact it had on our lives with hours of discussions, theories and lets not even get started on the number of inspired souvenirs I own! But all that is pushed aside with just one look at these elaborately crafted spoons, designed in collaboration between HBO and Magnum as a part of their limited-edition collection, with each design representing the houses that played a part in the show in an iconic manner. From the gleaming red and gold Lannister-worthy engraving to the stark fierceness of the northerners, each of these spoons completely defines the characteristics that made this series such an epic exercise in storytelling.


ODNY.BOX is a food storage concept with an intuitive control dial and a minimal aesthetic for users to store any type of leftover, from hot baked cookies to cold Greek yogurt. Inspired by the bulbous shape that water makes when it drops on flat surfaces, the glass lid of ODNY.BOX comes together as half of a globe and almost curls under the platform where food is kept to ensure sealed storage. The seasons have an effect not only on the food we eat but also on how that food is kept for tomorrow. During the winter months, the hot food we order or cook at home is subject to cold temperatures, while during the warmer months, perishables like produce are the first to go bad. It’s perfect for storing your Thanksgiving leftovers!

8. The Cakedozer Cake Server

The Cakedozer Cake Server makes serving those Thanksgiving pies a piece of cake! The server is quite a nifty kitchen appliance that adds a smart mechanism to an otherwise traditional serving utensil. The smart mechanism pushes the slice of cake or pie off the server, and onto your plate. The server is available in gray and yellow. It can also be used to serve pizza as well!

9. The Lékué Vegetable Ricer

The Lékué Vegetable Ricer turns florets of cauliflower or broccoli into tiny grains that can either be used as a garnish, substituted for rice, or mixed with other ingredients to form healthy, low-carb, plant-based dishes. Yes, it surely is a niche product, as much as an avocado peeler is, or a soup spoon, or a honey stick, but it does what it intends to exceptionally well, with ease, and without electricity. Just chuck chunks of cauliflower or broccoli into the ricer, close it shut, and twist the lid a couple of times, and spokes within the inner container help break the chunks down into smaller grain-like particles, which you can then steam to use as a rice substitute, or turn into a wonderful gluten-free pizza crust! You can switch to a healthier diet with this product once your Thanksgiving binge is over!

10. The Slow Dance

Designed to be an art installation you can hang on a wall or place on a mantelpiece and stare at for hours, the Slow Dance lets you mount a variety of things within its magical frame, from feathers to flowers, to even interesting looking leaves. Switch it on, and the object within the frame begins fluttering in slow motion, without any external stimulus (you should really check out the video above). The illusion relies on two core components – a precisely engineered system within the Slow Dance’s frame, and your eye’s ability to see in 24 frames per second. The engineering lies in an electromagnet that causes the feather/flower/leaf to flutter away, and LED lighting built into the frame’s inner edge that strobes/flickers at a precisely calculated rate to make that chaotic flutter seem like slow-motion choreography. It could be a perfect decor piece for your Thanksgiving dinner party!

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Turkey Dinner Candy Corn Is Like Willy Wonka’s 3-Course Dinner Gum

Remember that scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when Violet Beauregard chomps down on the 3-course dinner chewing gum? Well, this is kind of like that, though it’s not going to turn you blue when you get to dessert. Honestly, when I first saw that Brach’s had come out with Turkey Dinner, Apple Pie, and Coffee Candy Corn, I had to double-check that it wasn’t April 1st. But nope, It’s October 3rd, and this stuff is real.

Apparently, they also worked in the flavors of green beans, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. I’m assuming that each candy is a different flavor, and they didn’t manage to cram them all into a single piece of candy corn. I think that would result in the same sort of grey mush that you get when you mix all the paint colors together, only with flavors instead of colors.

I know lots of people hate candy corn, so I’m doubtful that changing them to taste like a complete Thanksgiving meal will change their minds. On the other hand, if candy corn is a guilty pleasure for you this time of year, then maybe you’ll want to try a bag of these. They’re available for $2.49 a bag from Walgreens. I wonder if these make you sleepy after you eat them too.

[via The Green Head]

Innovative tableware designs that turn Thanksgiving meal into an experience

Thanksgiving is about food and family. While turkey remains our standard throughout the year, what can amp up our eating experience are the accessories we use to gobble up that tummy bursting meal! friends thanksgiving quotes. Now, you could wear a turkey on your head a-la-Joey to entertain your guests, we have some unique tableware designs that can be a more preferable mode of starting a conversation! Thinking of that meal is already giving me hunger cramps but as long as you don’t have to eat Racheal’s feet-like tasting trifle, we are sure our tableware designs will lend elegance to your affair and your Thanksgiving is sure to be an experience no one will soon forget!

Have you ever felt that your meals required just a little more suspense? If yes, then Flyde by Felix Marx is for you! The name Flyde, meaning ‘To flow’ in Danish hints towards the unique selling point of this rather beautiful cutlery set, as it introduces an element of drama to the tabletop by precariously balancing on its sculpture-like handle.



The Four Seasons shakers are quite literally perfection. Capturing four different types of seasoning, and embodying them in snow-globe-esque containers, Qualy Design’s Four Seasons shakers are just simply clever and adorable at the same time. Not only are they well designed, but the absolutely witty wordplay also makes the product even more lovable! You’ve got four shakers that embody four different seasons and hold four different seasonings. Designed for salt, pepper, dried herbs, and chili flakes, the shakers come with plants on the inside that pair well with the seasoning.

Oh, Game of Thrones, whatever our take on the faults of the final season, one thing remains, we can’t ignore the series or the impact it had on our lives with hours of discussions, theories and lets not even get started on the number of inspired souvenirs I own! But all that is pushed aside with just one look at these elaborately crafted spoons, designed in collaboration between HBO and Magnum as a part of their limited-edition collection, with each design representing the houses that played a part in the show in an iconic manner. From the gleaming red and gold Lannister-worthy engraving to the stark fierceness of the northerners, each of these spoons completely defines the characteristics that made this series such an epic exercise in storytelling.

Lifetime Partner’ mug by Johnson Tsang is a play on whimsy and ceramic design that defies traditional behavior. The lifetime partners here are not just a couple but also everyday objects like a cup and saucer – the pair is incomplete without the other and isn’t that the sweetest pair ever!

Green is the new orange this Thanksgiving! DOIY’s Saguaro collection comes as a set of cups, mugs, and tumblers with fluted bodies and cactus-branch shaped handles. Colored in a remarkably eye-catching green, the glassware stack up on each other when not in use, turning your kitchen-counter into the backdrop of a Western movie. When you do need them for sipping something like Orange Juice, or something more appropriate like ‘Green’ Tea, the branch-shaped handles serve as a nifty functional detail, being decorative when you want, and useful when you need them. Don’t worry though, this adorable set of cactoid-crockery doesn’t come with spikes and definitely don’t need watering. Moreover, they’re freezer and dishwasher-safe too. Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote sold separately!

The Conchiglie is a neat, conch-shaped device inspired directly by the conchiglie pasta. Colored in yellow and molded out of food-grade silicone, the Conchiglie comes with a hollow inner that’s perfectly sized for a lemon-half. Slip the lemon in and squeeze it from the outside and the Conchiglie does a wonderful job of juicing the lemon without getting your hands all sticky and messy. The silicone construction gives you the friction and grip you need, and a tiny strainer at the end of the conch helps catch the lemon seeds as you juice away.

The Ortwo models itself on the hand-grippers that we use to increase our gripping strength, giving you a new, single-handed way to crush pepper, salt, or other spices. It can be literally worked with one hand if your other hand is occupied or messy (all pepper mills require two hands), and if you’re looking for speed and quantity, the Ortwo can be run with two hands too, giving you more crushed pepper in less time! Its unusual build makes it easier to use (not to mention it works your hand muscles too!), and a spring within the Ortwo returns it to its opened position after you press down on it.

Titled the Pebble, these gorgeously vivid and funky cutlery tools are a collaboration between Pentatonic and i am OTHER, a creative collective assembled by Pharrell, and are made mostly from recycled materials. The unusually vibrant cutlery set is named after the pebble-shaped container it comes in. The colored container is made using plastic recycled from music CDs, and perfectly houses a spoon, knife, fork, a pair of chopsticks, and even a collapsible drinking straw. Plastic handles for the cutlery are crafted from recycled food packaging, while the cutlery themselves are crafted from steel, with a highly durable anodized titanium coating for strength as well as to give the cutlery their unmistakable vibrant purple hue. Talk about having a conversation starter!

The art of Magemono has been around and flourishing for as long as 400 years, but with the commercialization and modernization (and even westernization) across the world in the past half-century, the heritage artisans began seeing a gradual-yet-unavoidable decline in appreciation for their craftsmanship and eventually, their trade. Nasuda decided to continue the Haori cup line, with the Magemono tumbler and the Magemono bread tray, two classic everyday products that add a touch of Japanese minimalism, craftsmanship, and perfection to homes and lives.

It isn’t often that something as mundane as an ice-mold wins a design award, but it seems like the Icy Galaxy by Ladan Zadfar and Mohammad Farshad deserves recognition. Designed to look like a beautiful wavy orb of ice, the Icy Galaxy sphere does two things – It creates an interesting interaction with the liquid it’s immersed in, especially when the liquid slides into the orb’s multiple crevasses, but at the same time, it also helps rapidly cool drinks down by increasing the icy orb’s surface area (similar to how motorcycle engines come with fins that increase their surface area allowing wind to cool them more effectively). The orbs are crafted using silicone+plastic molds that create two spheres at

There’s nothing better than a cup of joe to chase down that Thanksgiving meal! The compact capsule shape of this coffemaker by Roee Ben Yehuda makes it look like a moon lander for your counter and is obviously powered by caffeine which is only the second most powerful fuel after rocket fuel! The designer’s main focus was to retain some of the rawness and the mechanical steampunk look of the traditional Italian espresso makes while maintaining a clean shape that adds character to the product. There is a tubular water/steam container at the back which I feel can be extended down for added support for the appliance. There is also another container for your beans which I assume leads to a small grinder mechanism inside so you only get the freshest cup of joe each time. Overall, the shape is very unique and combines the nostalgic steampunk elements with clean, smooth curves for a balanced modern machine.

Security fails we’re kinda thankful for

As we gather 'round the fire warming our facepalm-weary hands, the blaze burning bright with the shreds of our privacy and security, it's important to reflect on what we're grateful for. Companies that did the infosec version of stepping on a rake,...

This R/C Turkey Has Four-wheel Drive

It’s Thanksgiving day, and there’s no better way to celebrate the holiday than with some delicious, stuffed turkey. And while you might yours stuffed with cornbread and celery, I like mine stuffed with lithium-ion batteries, motors, and wires. Yep, what you’re looking at is an off-road-ready turkey on wheels.

This crazy turkey on wheels was built by Wayne Stang back in 2012 as a decoy to attract a real turkey that he and his family could enjoy at the dinner table. The Robo Turkey rides atop the drivetrain and suspension of a Mad Torque Rock Crawler truck, making it capable of handling some seriously rugged terrain too. Apparently, the wheeled bird has been quite successful at luring in real birds, too.

If you don’t feel like building your own R/C turkey, it turns out that Boeckmann Decoys actually makes one you can buy right off the shelf, called the Mobo Gobbler:

[via Farm Show]