First There Was TriceraTACO… Then There Was NACHOsaurus

A while back, we checked out a silly triceratops that doubled as a taco holder. The same company would go on to create TACOsaurus Rex, and now we have the NACHOsaurus. Inspired by the spiny-backed herbivore known as the stegosaurus.

Instead of bony plates along its back, the NACHOsaurus has a spot there for you to fill with snacks. Ideally, you’d use tortilla chips for the proper effect, though this guy is happy to hold crackers, pretzels, nuts, or even french fries on his back. The food-safe plastic snack set also comes with a two-compartment dip bowl which looks like something Dino would have eaten out of The Flintstones.

The NACHOsaurs snack and dip set is just $14.99 over on Amazon, where you can also find TACOsaurus Rex and TriceraTACO for the same price.

A Plush Volcano and Squeaky Dinosaur Plush Toys for Your Dog

Does your dog love plush chew toys? Then let your pooch get prehistoric with this adorably silly set of squeaky dinosaurs which poke their heads out of a plush volcano.

Available from Chewy, the $15.99 set includes an 8.5″ tall volcano, along with six squeezy dinos for your pup to chew on. Extra dinosaurs are sold in sets of three for just $4.99, in case your dog likes to rip out the guts of every squeaky toy like mine does. Why not buy a hundred, and shower your dog with T-Rexes?

While your best friend gnaws on these toys, imagine a Jurassic Dog movie, in which Dr. Hammond genetically engineers a new species of giant canine to take out all the dinosaurs, because what could possibly go wrong with that?

Water Your Lawn with a Giant Dinosaur Sprinkler

Do you imagine a world where humans and dinosaurs live in peace and harmony? I love that idea, but the Jurassic Park movies have taught me not to get my hopes up too much for friendly raptors and and brontosauri roaming the streets anytime soon. I’m afraid the closest we’re going to get for now is dinosaurs of the inflatable variety.

This isn’t any ordinary blow-up T.Rex, though. This 6-foot-tall prehistoric creature has a water sprinkler in its nose, so you can run under it to keep cool on hot summer days, without risk of being stomped or clawed. And even if it does manage to grab you with its stubby arms, they’re squeezy and won’t do any damage. And that zig-zag of a mouth isn’t chomping anyone.

I’m assuming there’s no reason you couldn’t let T.Rex water your lawn as well, though your neighbors might look at you strangely. Screw ’em, I say. Everyone should have a dinosaur sprinkler on their lawn, and you can grab yours over at Firebox today for just $60.99.

‘Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled’ gets a dinosaur-themed grand prix

If you've already mastered Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, the game has another challenge for you. When Activision and Beenox revealed their revival of the Naughty Dog classic last month, they kicked off the Nitro Grand Prix. With that first race com...

Someone made an actual toy-diorama of Google’s offline browser game!

Now isn’t this the coolest thing ever! Designed to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of Google Chrome, New York-based artist Andrew Bell created this absolutely adorable box-set of Chrome’s most amazing Easter egg… the offline browser game.

For the people who don’t know what this game is about (basically Safari users), the game starts as a webpage that tells you that your browser is offline. Press any key, and the game initiates, and you’re tasked with getting the dinosaur to jump over cacti, and under flying pterodactyls. Your high score gets recorded on the top corner.

Bell’s toy set captures the key elements of the game. While there are no pterodactyls in the box set (also because they make their appearance later on in the game), the set actually stays incredibly true to its inspiration. You’ve got the dinosaur, four different cacti, and the box is designed to serve as the backdrop too! The box comes with a reversible design, with the starting message on the face, and the game-over message on the back… and the jumping Dino is reversible too! Turn it over and the Dino comes with the familiar wide-eyed expression its digital avatar has when it lands on a cactus, triggering the end of the game!

Designer: Andrew Bell for Dead Zebra Inc.

Destroy ‘N Devour Indominus Rex Will Eat Your Action Figures

If you got excited at the idea of that sweet Jurassic World raptor toy that was on sale back in December, Mattel’s latest dino might also float your boat. At the 2018 New York Toy Fair last month, it unveiled an awesome toy called the Destroy ‘N Devour Indominus Rex from Jurassic World.

Image via WD Toys

This isn’t as high tech as that robot raptor by any means, but it’s perfectly-sized to tower over any 3.75-inch action figures and gulp them up. It even has a light in the mouth that glows so you can watch the action figure go down its gullet.

[via Comicbook]

Save $100 on The Coolest Dinosaur Robot Ever

It seems like it has been a very long time since Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was in theaters. If you have kids that are fans of dinosaurs and the movie, they will love this Alpha Training Blue RC robot. It looks like the raptor called Blue in the film, and it’s one of the coolest robots you can buy. Best of all, it’s $100 off just in time for a last minute holiday gift.

The robot dino is truly impressive with articulated legs, arms, head, and tail, and it has 7 motors which provide animations for its head, including a moving head, eyes, and mouth. It’s fully-interactive too, and responds to your movements and touch. The video below shows just how amazing this thing is:

The dinosaur is 2-feet long and suitable for ages 8 and up. It was originally priced at $249.99 when it came out last year, but you can grab the Jurassic World Alpha Training Blue robot for just $149.97 over on Amazon.

Jurassic Block Puts a Natural History Museum on Your Desk

Kids love dinosaurs, which is why they collect all of the Jurassic Park toys. Adults also love dinosaurs, and they also buy the toys. But if you’re looking for a collectible that is a bit more adult than some action figures and dino statues, check out this Jurassic Block fossil collection.

Jurassic Blocks are 5 by 5-inch blocks made with high-quality, super clear acrylic, and have real dinosaur fossils embedded inside. Owning actual pieces of dinosaur sounds pretty damn cool. I don’t know anyone else who owns any dino-bits, so I could be the only one on my block to have this. Awesome.

Serious dino buffs are going to love this. IWT Designs has curated these fossils excavated from all over the world, and they include fossilized remains from the late Cretaceous period, like a dinosaur eggshell, T.rex bone and raptor, and it also has fossils of creatures from the late Jurassic era like the stegosaurus, triceratops, and pterosaur.

It will cost you $175 to $199 on Kickstarter. The campaign has already passed its set funding goal, and they should start arriving in your mailbox around January 2019. This is really a great idea for dino lovers and will impress your geek friends.

[via Mike Shouts]