Hellgirl Stained Glass Window Is a Hell of a Piece of Art

I was a big fan of the original Hellboy movies with Ron Perlman as our cigar-chomping red hero. But as much as I enjoyed that series, I’ve never delved deep into the comics, so I’m not too familiar with Hellgirl. That said, now that I’ve seen this stained glass image of her, I’m intrigued.

This amazing work of stained glass art was handmade by Art Brothers Glass, in the classic Tiffany style. And no, they’re not talking about the 1980s Mall-pop singer. This intricate piece measures a whopping 41.3″ x 38.6″, and was made using 1470 individual pieces of glass.

This piece was created as a commission work for a Hellgirl fan in Poland, but Art Brothers would be happy to make you a custom piece like it. Something this big and intricate will set you back as much as $10,000, but there are lots of smaller and less complex stained glass portraits in their Etsy shop, with prices starting as low as $240. They also make stained glass pins in a wide variety of designs, including a number of pop culture characters.

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Stained Glass TIE Fighter Lamp: The Empire Lights Up

One of the more satisfying sights in the original Star Wars trilogy was watching Imperial TIE fighters get blown to smithereens by the Rebellion. But this awesome stained glass TIE fighter lamp is one that I’d never want to see in pieces.

This beautiful work of Star Wars fan art was handmade by Russian glass studio V&G Fantasy. It looks just like the TIE fighters flown by the empire, with those iconic flat wings, and round cockpit at its center. The pendant-style ceiling lamp is made from glass steel, and copper, and looks like it’s ready to do battle with some X-Wing lamps if they existed. I particularly love the blue glow that emanates from its interior. All it needs is some kind of laser cannons and it would be perfect. Maybe you could rig some laser pointers up to it for added effect.

The finished piece measures about 18.8″ x 10″ x 8.8″, and is designed to run on a 220-volt power source, so you might need to buy a converter if you plan on using it here in the States. All this awesomeness doesn’t come cheap though, with this one-of-a-kind TIE fighter lamp selling for $750 over on Etsy. Of course, if you work for the Empire, you probably have a pretty good sized expense account for this kind of thing.

Yoshi & Toad Stained Glass Mosaic: The Church of the Mushroom Kingdom

I don’t spend much time in church, but if they had videogames there, I might show up more often. I like to think that if religious institutions had an arcade, we’d all be spending more time bending the knee to the gods of gaming. And if there were a videogame church, it would feature stained glass images like this one surrounding the house of worship.


This fun and artful 12″ x 6″ stained glass mosaic features a scene of Yoshi going for a ride in his Super Mario Kart racer, with Toad hanging out in the back. They’d better watch out though, because somebody has tossed one of those spiny Koopa shells onto the road to pop their tires and spin their kart.

This neat piece of original fan art was created by Wildnine Studios, who makes all kinds of cool and geeky stained glass mosaics, like this awesome Mario Power-up tissue box. The Yoshi and Toad scene is going for $295 over on Etsy.


Vault Boy Stained Glass Levels up Your Window

Before you enter the great wasteland to do battle, you’ll want to check in with Vault Boy and your Pip-Boy 3000 to make sure your stats are up to snuff. This Vault Boy stained glass window is there to offer an additional affirmation.

This handmade window is the ultimate bit of home decor for any serious Fallout fan, and features a bold and bright image of the Vault-Tec Corporation’s overwhelmingly positive mascot. Here, he’s giving you a big thumbs up before you head out and get your face eaten off by deathclaw.

So put on your power armor and head over to RubyRetroGlass’ Etsy shop, where you can grab the Vault Boy stained glass window for $247 – and before you get any funny ideas, they only accept dollars, not bottle caps.

Legend of Zelda Stained Glass Light: All Are Welcome in the Church of Nintendo

This cool Legend of Zelda stained glass light is the perfect way to light up your game room or any room in your house. Just fire up your Nintendo console, turn the other lights out, light a candle or two and play by the light of this simulated stained glass window inspired by The Wind Waker.

The USB-powered lamp is illuminated from the base and powered by USB cable or AA batteries. You will feel like you are in a holy place for gamers by the light of this lamp. Pray to the almighty Miyamoto while you play and pay honor to Link.

The cost of admission to the Church of Nintendo is just $29.99(USD) over at ThinkGeek.

Stained Glass Chess Set: Classy and Glassy

Chess is a thinking man’s game. It means that to play it well, you’ve got to be all intellectual and smart and stuff. Even kings play it – with real people on their lawn. You have to have a classy chess set if you want to keep up appearances. Well, this Stained Glass Chess Set is ohhhh so pretty and expensive looking. Classy as hell. And glassy as hell.

Game designer KnowNothing_JonSnoo received it as a birthday gift from his father, who is a stained glass artist. I would be too afraid that I would break it if I played a game on it’s lovely surface. Sure enough, he keeps it on a high shelf when he’s not playing with it for now, but one day it will have its own dedicated table when his sons grow up enough not to trash it.

That is one beautiful chess set.

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Artist Makes Geeky Stained Glass Creations for Video Game Fans


Stained glass art has been with us for centuries, most people associated it with churches and historical buildings. The basic idea of stained glass is simply to color glass and by that form a decorative design and if you have a great idea you can truly take it to the next level and create some really awesome stuff. In this case Arjan Jelle Boeve thought to combine his artistic skills with his love for video games.

After exploring his work I’m impressed, there’s no doubt that Arjan Jelle Boeve is a very talented guy. He created these super geeky video games inspired Stained Glass pieces, and on his Facebook/instagram account you can actually see the working process, from the general idea on the computer all the way through the final piece.

Arjan creates some really neat geek inspired stained glass pieces and panels, most of his work focuses on video games inspired stained glass art, especially Pokemon. His mission is to create all of the Pokemon characters. If you’d like to support his mission find out more details hereAll of the designs shown here including some more awesome stuff can be found and purchased on his Etsy Store.

so without further ado, checkout this brilliant work!

Pokemon Themed Stained Glass

Super Mario Stained Glass Question Block Lamp

Super Mario fans will love this one. It’s pretty cool to see the whole process on how this question box lamp was made, super cool.

But this one is for sure one of my favorites, “In Case of An Emergency Break Glass”, I’ll gladly hang this one at my home office!

The Legend of Zelda

Zelda fans are also taken care of just look at these stunning Zelda themed stained Glass art.

Star Wars Stained Glass Inspired Art

Star wars fans are also getting some attention here, as always it’s hard to be a full committed geek without some Star Wars reference. Although most of his creations are taken from the video games world, for us, a true geek always have a weak spot for Star Wars also.

Be social! Follow Walyou on Facebook and Twitter. For more awesome Stained Glass art check out our 19 Stained Glass Window Designs for the Perfect Geek Mansion.

This Stained Glass R2-D2 Lamp Shade Is a Major Award

This R2-D2 dome lampshade is beautifully done in stained glass. Turn it on and there will no longer be a Dark Side. Only Light. This is the droid lamp shade that you are looking for.

r2_d2_lampshade_1zoom in

It was made by Dickie of Master Glasster (I see what you did there.) Sadly, it is not available in their shop anymore, but who knows, maybe they will make you one if you ask nicely. Or you might have to just settle for a stained glass TARDIS.

This thing looks awesome. Now I just want to see more droids as stained glass lamp shades. Like R5-D4 and BB-8.

[via Geek Crafts]

Terminator T-800 Stained Glass: Church of Skynetology

…and on the second movie he rose again. Stained Glass Co.’s large T-800 stained glass portrait is a wonderful homage to the one who sacrificed himself to save us all. Or is this the dude who tried to doom humanity?

terminator_t_800_stained_glass_by_stained_glass_co_1zoom in

terminator_t_800_stained_glass_by_stained_glass_co_2zoom in

terminator_t_800_stained_glass_by_stained_glass_co_3zoom in

The portrait measures about 4’x 3′ and is made of 500 opal glass pieces. Order it from Stained Glass Co. for $4,000 (USD). The shop also has a large Iron Man stained glass portrait for worshipers of the Holy Quaternity.

DIY Legend of Zelda Nightlight: Fauxntom Stained Glass

Redditor BigBadBobBitchin made this beautiful The Legend of Zelda-themed nightlight as a Valentine’s Day for his girlfriend. The nightlight looks like an armory, with some of Link’s swords and shields displayed in front of a fake stained glass of the Hylian crest.

legend_of_zelda_sword_display_nightlight_by_BigBadBobBitchin_1zoom in

BigBadBobBitchin bought the miniature weapons at a comic convention, but he made the fake stained glass himself using plexiglass and translucent paint. He didn’t think of documenting his labor of love but as he said, you can find lots of tutorials on making fake stained glass online.

legend_of_zelda_sword_display_nightlight_by_BigBadBobBitchin_2zoom in

legend_of_zelda_sword_display_nightlight_by_BigBadBobBitchin_3zoom in

BigBadBobBitchin isn’t planning on posting instructions for making the nightlight, though he’s considering making more of it to sell. You can contact him or keep an eye on his thread on Reddit for updates.