Grim Reaper Chair Invites You to Have a Seat

If you’re ready to meet your maker, please have a seat, take a number and wait your turn. The Grim Reaper will see you shortly. Actually, you’re already sitting on his lap. Surprise! It’s time to die. If you want the craziest and creepiest chair in the neighborhood, look no further than this Grim Reaper Throne from Design Toscano.

Whether you have a goth theme going in your living room, or just want to get a really early start on Halloween festivities, this insane looking chair will definitely help set the mood. While it looks like it’s been sculpted from the bones of at least three lost souls, Design Toscano assures us the throne is made from handpainted resin and fiberglass and not actual skeletons. Then again, these are the guys who make a statue of Bigfoot frolicking with garden gnomes, so I’m not sure their judgment can be trusted.

In other news, the Grim Reaper Throne will hold a person weighing up to 375 pounds, so it’s happy to put an end to you, even if it’s an endless pile of fried chicken and sugary soda that did you in. It’s not the cheapest way to go though, with a price tag of $1199. Then again, you won’t need your money anymore after he’s done with you.

[via Geekologie]

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