Razer Cthulhu gaming chair is something you might wish wasn’t just a joke

Forget about those invisible and impersonal AIs that are supposed to help you at work by composing e-mails, generating images, or even drafting a whole document for you. What you really need is an AI that will take care of your bodily needs while using the computer, whether it’s for crunch time in the office or, more likely, grinding experience points in games. At least that’s the foundation of Razer’s latest genius gaming accessory, a chair that knows your needs and literally gives you a hand, or a claw rather, so you don’t have to stand up for a bite or a drink or even a shave. Yes, this mythical chair is obviously an April Fool’s joke, but it’s an idea that could very well foreshadow the future that is both exciting and terrifying as its name suggests.

Designer: Razer

Named after the eldritch god but looking more like a Doctor Octopus arsenal, the Razer Cthulhu is a gaming chair that literally has a mind of its own, in addition to its six flexible tentacle-like arms each with a three-finger claw for the hand. The idea is pretty simple, really, and is exactly what it looks like. Just like the robotic appendages of the comic book villain, these arms act as an extension of the user’s own arms, performing extra work that frees up the person to do what they enjoy and do best: play a game.

What this “work” entails really depends on what the chair’s AI would learn from your habits and needs. It could be as simple as holding your drink or assisting you with eating, or it could be as complicated as giving you a massage or even shaving your facial hair. At some point, it could even start playing your game for you, allowing you to play a second game on a different device, like a phone or handheld console, without missing a beat.

Of course, it’s literally impossible to accomplish all these today even with the most advanced AI, especially actions that require precision and dexterity. You could even say it’s a tongue-in-cheek commentary on how we’re becoming too dependent on AI, putting our eggs, and our livelihood, all in one basket. That’s not to say it’s not a tempting idea for the future, at least within moderation. With human life and work becoming more complex, it’s not surprising that people will start wanting to offload some of the more mundane tasks to robots and AI.

Computer chairs are becoming more sophisticated, offering features that span ergonomics and convenience from different angles. There are even some that are like a whole encapsulated space for gaming and entertainment, so a chair with AI features won’t be that far from reality. We can only hope that designs will be more on the conservative and reasonable side rather than outfitting the chair with everything, including a kitchen sink, that would make use feel less human and more like cogs in a machine instead.

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Razer’s $299.99 professional-grade fight stick for PC and PS5 releases on Halloween

The competitive fighting game community can be awfully particular about its controller preferences. This is because fighting games are so brutally intense that professional fighting game champions — those who play in tournaments like EVO Japan — often vie in favor of controllers called fight sticks that emulate the OG arcade cabinet design.

Almost completely out of left field, Razer smashed its way into the fighting game fight stick arena like Street Fighter’s Zangief going in for the finishing blow. The hitbox-like Razer Kitsune All-Button Arcade Controller, which launches on October 31 for $299.99, is compatible with both PlayStation 5 and PC via USB-C. And good lord, does it look fun to play fighting games with.

Designer: Razer

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The Kitsune’s Razer Chroma RGB backlit, all-black aluminum design looks sort of like a keyboard rather than a joystick — this is thanks to the fact every stick and trigger function is relegated to a set of 12 round buttons on the front panel. Gamers who’ve gotten their hands on it are already singing its praises, with GameSpot’s Michael Higham calling it “the best fighting game controller, period.”

The Razer Kitsune’s design is actually way more modular than it first appears. Not only can you remove the aluminum top plate to refit the exterior with special vinyl wraps (like the Chun-Li Edition vinyl wrap), it looks like the low-profile linear optical switches underneath the buttons allow you to customize the buttons themselves… in theory. The real draw is their smoothness and quick response time, which, combined with their convenient layout and the Kitsune’s accompanying tournament lock switch — which turns off certain buttons and secures the cable in place when activated — makes them arguably more precise than any standard gaming controller.

Even if you aren’t a fighting game fan — though if you are, it sounds like the Razer Kitsune is a no-brainer purchase, especially if you play a lot of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, or Melty Blood — the arcade-style layout looks like a delightful way to play action-heavy 2D games like bullet hell shooters. You could probably even justify the purchase if you’re using it to play older SNES-era games (like older JRPGs, for instance) that are less action-heavy, like Chrono Trigger.

The $299.99 price tag is a bit much for most gamers outside of the fighting game community who may not need as much additional performance, but it’s definitely one of the coolest-looking controllers we’ve seen go into full production. If only it was compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

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Razer Aether Lights brighten up your gaming den with RGB lights that sync with your mood

Gamers, especially PC gamers, are stereotyped to be creatures that dwell in the dark. That’s true to some extent, but not because of anti-social behavior. Lights and colors shine brighter in the dark, just like in cinemas, and gaming rigs are full of these effects, both on the monitor as well as gaming accessories. Razer, one of the world’s biggest gaming product manufacturers, has been capitalizing on that gamer aesthetic for years. Now it is bringing that fondness for colorful lights from your desk to the rest of your room, bathing the entire area with hues that can dance to your tunes, pulse to your games, or just match the mood you want to have for work and relaxation.

Designer: Razer

Gamer aesthetics have always been associated with RGB lighting against dark backgrounds or spaces, a signature design that has been making its way from gaming devices to smartphones to TVs to even apparel. There’s just something enchanting seeing a rainbow of colors glowing in the dark, especially when they sync with and complement whatever content you have running, whether it’s a game or a film. In fact, there are products that are now trying to bring this kind of experience to more “normal” use cases with light strips, lamps, and even curtain lights.

The new Razer Aether line of RGB lighting is the brand’s own attempt at cornering this growing market, enticing gamers to level up not just their PCs but their entire battle stations with a selection of products that can brighten up the whole room the way they want to. You have the usual culprits, like now popular LED strips in the form of the Razer Aether Light Strip, as well as a color-changing Razer Aether Light Bulb that can be screwed inside any standard E26 or E27 fixture.

Somewhat new to the eyes are two identical-looking but very different table lamps, both taking on a cylindrical form not unlike typical smart speakers. The Razer Aether Lamp glows with a single color at a time, creating pleasing omnidirectional lighting for any space and occasion. The Razer Aether Lamp Pro, on the other hand, takes this to the next level with multi-zone RGB lighting that can display different colors all at the same time, creating a unique visual experience you might have never seen in any lamp before.

Like any Razer product with the company’s Chroma RGB lighting technology, these lamps can be controlled through a PC or, coming soon, mobile apps. This will allow owners not only to customize the lights’ colors and brightness but also their schedules and syncing with games, music, and videos. And while these products are primarily targeted at gamers and for entertainment scenarios, they can definitely be used like regular lamps and lights, extending their usefulness to every part of a gamer’s life.

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Razer Blade 16 x Automobili Lamborghini Edition doubles down on the gaming laptop’s speed

Although they started out making gaming mice and other PC accessories, Razer has been making gaming laptops for over a decade now. Although there are plenty of powerful laptops, gaming laptops have always been considered to be the race cars of the market. Given that association, it was probably only a matter of time before Razer decided to put that spin on one of its laptops. That day is today with a limited edition of the Razer Blade 16 dressed in the iconic Lamborghini design language to send a clear message that this gaming laptop is more than just fast, it’s a speed demon when it comes to delivering performance and versatility. Presuming, of course, that you can get your hands on one.

Designer: Razer

The Razer Blade 16 isn’t exactly a new model, having been launched earlier this year. It is, however, still the brand’s poster child, bearing the best of the best it has to offer for a smooth gaming experience. In addition to the latest specs, such as an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 and a 13th-gen Intel Core i9 HX processor, the laptop also boasts the world’s first and so far only dual-mode Mini LED display that supports both UHD+ 120Hz and FHD+ 240Hz resolutions. Such features benefit not only gamers but also content creators, especially those that rely heavily on graphics performance.

With the Automobili Lamborghini branding for this limited run of the Blade 16, Razer wants to really drive home the comparison with a supercar. Of course, neither company would be satisfied with simply slapping on the Lamborghini logo and calling it a day, so they went all out on the details and even the construction of a laptop that tries to put you in the driver’s seat of a race car turned computing speedster.

The chassis, for example, is made from a single custom CNC-milled aluminum block to provide the optimum strength-to-weight ratio. The resulting housing is then finished with an anodized coating of Lamborghini’s signature Arancio Apodis orange set against a matte black surface. The Lamborghini branding doesn’t stop there, of course, and almost every nook and cranny bears the automobile maker’s marque. USB ports, for example, are accented in the same color, and both the backlight color and the custom boot-up animation also bear this hue. The laptop even comes with a free copy of the GT World Race Challenge video game just to really drive home that image.

With such luxurious detailing and a partnership with a luxury car brand, you can probably guess that this won’t be an easy product to get your hands on. Never mind the astounding $4.999.99 price tag and exclusivity in the US, the Razer Blade 16 x Automobili Lamborghini Edition will only be available in a very limited run of 150 units, so it will be a race, pardon the pun, to get one.

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Razersuperfuture photochromic sunglasses is for fashion-conscious gamers

Razer is always open to new collaborations and experimental gear for gamers, marking the American-Singaporean company high up on the radar of tech and gaming community. While their last venture into fashion wearable accessories in the form of Razer Ansu Smart Glasses didn’t fair as well as they hoped, they aren’t giving up yet.

The gaming accessories maker has got in collaboration with Italian eyewear brand Retrosuperfuture to design a pair of fashion eyewear for Gen-Z gamers who like to show off their personality. Perhaps, a perfect confluence of gaming and fashion culture that isn’t going to fade away anytime soon.

Designer: Razer and Retrosuperfuture

According to Addie Tan, Associate Director of Business Development at Razer, they’ve collaborated with renowned fashion and lifestyle brands in the past and launched their own lines of apparel too. He said that the first-ever eyewear equips gamers right from their gaming sessions to their everyday activities in the “quest to outfit every aspect of the gamers’ world.”

The glasses by the two big brands are curated by D-CAVE, a renowned community trending for its reference lifestyle space for Web 3.0 users. Thus, reaffirming the fusion of the gaming world in “contemporary fashion, further positioning it at the center of contemporary pop culture.”

Unlike the Ansu Smart glasses, there’s no fancy tech fitted inside the eyewear, and it’s a mere fashion accessory to go with your other Razer gaming setup and merchandise. Christened Razersuperfuture, these sunglasses are fitted with photochromatic lenses, making them ideal for indoor gaming frenzy as well as outdoor use. They also feature blue light protection to keep your eyes from harm’s way while gaming in a dark setup with the screen brightness turned to the maximum.

The lack of any geeky features in this fashion eyewear by Razer is made up by the visual design. They have a mask-like silhouette drawing inspiration from the sportswear styling and the hip urban streetwear vibe. Those chunky acetate rims and uniquely serialized temples are complemented by the tagline,” For Gamers. By Gamers,” inscribed on the lenses in the iconic green branding.

Razersuperfuture is going to be available starting this week from 5 May at select Retrosuperfuture stores and Razer’s online portal. For a price tag of $239, it is far more expensive than the Anzu Smart Glasses which are available for as low as $59.99. But then, here we are talking of perceived value rather than the actual value-for-money proposition of a product.


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Razer’s full-size mechanical keyboard aligns macro keys and installs programable Command Dial alongside

All desktop setups are a battle station in their own right, but for a more towering appeal – if your desk permits space for a full-size keyboard with wrist rest – the Razer’s BlackWidow V4 Pro is petty mean peripheral to include.

The latest addition to Razer’s line-up of premium mechanical keyboards; the BlackWidow V4 Pro is a feature-packed option with a plethora of customization possibilities to make the keyboard unique to gaming and productivity needs.

Designer: Razer

The BlackWidow V4 Pro touts a plastic chassis topped with matte black aluminum alloy for an impressive finish. It’s comparatively beefier than most full-size keyboards and accommodates a row of dedicated macro keys – labeled M1 – M5 – on the left side. A programmable Razer Command Dial sits just above it, while there are three additional macro buttons and four media keys on the other side.

The customary assortment of RGB lighting offered by Razer, Command Dial, and eight dedicated macro keys are going to be the biggest selling point of the new keyboard enabling you to assign a variety of daily tasks to the keys. However, other aspects will make a luring bet as well. For instance, the keyboard comes with a premium, textured black leatherette wrist rest, which can clip onto the keyboard body magnetically and align with its RGB underglow.

The BlackWidow V4 Pro has rubberized anti-slip pads and an option of two flip-out feet for better grip and desirable working ergonomics. It offers you the option to pick between clicky green or silent yellow switches. Regardless of your key click choice, the keyboard is provided with doubleshot ABS keycaps that are tested for utmost durability in-house.

Unlike the other mechanical keyboards these days BlackWidow V4 Pro comes with a pair of braided Type C cables for standard keyboard connection and USB passthrough. With all the dedicated macro keys and customization, Razer’s new keyboard will take a little getting used to, but if you don’t mind a few days of toil for a fascinating keyboard; you can take home this new peripheral for $230.

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Ultra-Lightweight Razer Viper Mini Signature Edition gaming mouse impresses with a see-through exoskeleton shell

Razer kick-started 2023 with a slew of announcements at CES 2023 that got us excited. Yet, again they are amping up the buzz with a gaming mouse as a follow-up to the Viper V2 Pro wireless mouse which is the lightest mouse ever by the gaming brand.

Now a skeletonized gaming mouse beats it fair and square for pure looks and functionality. The innards of the mouse are clearly visible and they are also made out of premium material, keeping inline with the USP.

Designer: Razer

Razer Viper Mini Signature Edition wireless mouse made out of magnesium alloy using injection molding technology, claims to be the lightest performance gaming mouse weighting in at just 49 grams. The industry-leading features of the peripheral come at a steep price of $279.99 which will keep gamers on a budget longing for more.

The excellent strength-to-weight ratio courtesy of the unique honeycomb design, makes sure this gaming accessory doesn’t crumble or crack during intense in-game action. The fact is reassured by Razer who claim that each one of the limited-edition mouse is perfect when it comes out of the factory. Viper Mini Signature Edition employs the company’s Focus Pro 30K Optical Sensor (max DPI of 30,000), HyperSpeed Wireless tech, and the Gen-3 mouse switches for satisfactory performance even for digital content editors.

Gamers will like the 70 G acceleration, 99.8% resolution accuracy, and 750 inches per second IPS for in-game advantage while in the middle of video game chaos. It comes with a HyperPolling Wireless dongle tweaked at 4000Hz polling rates and 2C charge rating for juicing up the wireless peripheral in just 90 minutes. One single charge is good enough for 60 hours of work promising an enhanced user experience sans any wire clutter.

Given the mouse is on the premium end of the spectrum, Razer provides an extra set of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 mouse feet for use on a soft mat. There are a couple of sets of adhesive mouse grips, an alternate set of PTFE feet and two alcohol prep pads whenever you need to make the swap for those adhesive feet and grips. To top it all Razer Viper Mini Signature Edition gets a 3-year warranty to cover all the shenanigans while gameplay or carefree usage.

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