The iconic Adidas Ultraboost DNA can now be customised with LEGO bricks!

Last year Adidas and LEGO collaborated, and successfully released the LEGO x Adidas ZX8000! They were a pair of colorful and quirky shoes that were well-received and loved. Continuing this tradition, Adidas and LEGO teamed up to create another brilliant shoe that has LEGO lovers and sneakerheads all geared up! They recently announced the launch of the Adidas Ultraboost DNA x LEGO Plates. It’s definitely more toned down and subtle as compared to the ZX8000, but the Ultraboost really don’t need much to boost them up. Almost everyone swears by these iconic sneakers since they were released in 2015….including me (I wear them on all my runs)! The foot-hugging and comfy kicks have been elevated by the addition of LEGO to their design.

Priced at $200, the sneakers feature transparent plastic slots on each side instead of Adidas’s famous stripes! These slots have been shaped after two-by-six LEGO plates, which basically means you can slide in three two-by-two LEGO bricks into the slots! The shoes do come along with a collection of bricks in classic primary colors, which you can fit into the slots. However, you can also add in any bricks that you may already have at home! Honestly, it feels like playtime with shoes, and I’m loving the idea of it. The sneaker also displays a white Primeknit (Adidas’ high-performance recycled material) upper and midsole foam. The foams boast a metallic silver toe guard, side strips, and heel counter. The toebox and the sole of the shoe also feature a brick-style pattern on them. The sole comes in a cheerful LEGO yellow, as does the interior lining. In fact, there’s a LEGO logo on the tongue of the shoe as well. All these delightful little features accentuate the LEGO feel further!

The customizable Adidas Ultraboost DNA x LEGO Plates are a pair of amusing and interactive kicks that you can actually engage with. Sliding LEGO bricks into your shoes is an experience that will definitely take you back to your childhood! In an age where fashion and sportswear are taken so seriously, it’s heartwarming to see Adidas adding a bit of fun and frolic to our footwear, and that too in the form of LEGO…I mean who can resist that? Although I do despise stepping on LEGO with my foot, I wouldn’t mind it on my footwear!

Designer: Adidas x LEGO


Adidas’s Futurenatural shoe was forged like metal – no sewing, no glue, no threads!

Lately the sneaker world has seen new tech and styles with every season – from bringing back the chunky 80s style in all whites to the sock-style fitted sneakers, the brands are constantly pushing the boundaries. We’ve also seen new foams, fabrics, and production processes that have not only upped the performance level for athletes but also drawn more people in with the universal aesthetics and functionality that works even if you just workout at home. The latest pair to dominate the arena is Adidas Futurenatural which steps in the field with a technological breakthrough – it is a shoe without any seams! Yes, the Futurenatural’s top is molded not sewn – it is forged like metal rather than stitched together like fabric.

Futurenatural was designed to make a shoe that fits people better than any current pairs on the market. The upper portion is fused to the bottom with high pressure and heat and Adidas calls it “forging” even though it is mostly polymer and not metal – it is still absolutely new in the mainstream market. This process gives the wearer a feeling of “lock down” meaning the shoe pulls the top of a person’s foot down tightly and thus offers more stability. Adidas is the second-largest global sportswear manufacturer and they spent two years doing research and getting 3D scans to make a fit that was not generic but could be replicated at a massive scale. This helped them find that sweet spot between wide feet, narrow feet, if you play a lot of basketball etc. because the brand wanted to accommodate all of these edge cases better than it had in the past.

While shape is a crucial part of shoe design, how it is actually built is equally important as it defines the purpose for the wearer. So with the new shape and manufacturing process giving us a better fit, the process is also more eco-friendly than the traditional manufacturing methods as it reduces the need for glue and threads. Since it is formed with heat and pressure, design details and elements are added later on. Futurenatural is made to be compatible with Adidas’s existing technologies like its energy-return Boost foam and Lightstrike cushioning, while it is currently a basketball shoe (endorsed by James Harden himself!) Adidas is looking to mix different technologies to make more superior products for more segments of its consumer base. As Futurenatural steps into the future, the company plans to include more material experimentation and broaden its approach to design – not for the sake of being cool but to build a foundational technology that they can continue to push. They really stand by their motto “Adidas is all in!”

Designer: Adidas

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This Adidas X Mr. Bailey Sneaker Dives Deep For Its Oceanic Inspiration

Imagine a sneaker that was completely different from what you’ve seen in athletic footwear. Imagine creating an entirely new shape for this standardized product. What would it look like? Pulling inspiration from the marine mollusks, Mr. Bailey, a renowned foot/streetwear designer showcases a shoe unlike anything we’ve seen with his project, the Ammonite Superstar: Evolution of the Shell Toe.

At first glance, the Ammonite Superstar looks like a relic in a museum. When I first found this piece, I didn’t even recognize it as a sneaker. Several design cues help reinforce the parallels between the Ammonite shoe and its marine roots. The faded coloring gives the impression that the piece is a fossil, or at the very least, a piece of bone. Additionally, the shoe’s rubber sole – its most distinct feature – mimics the splayed segments of an octopus’s tentacles. Viewing the Ammonite Superstar from above, the warped sole looks like it was cut into stubby, fringe-like pieces. Flip the shoe over, and you’ll see that these rubber “fringes” connect, forming a circular chamber underneath the main body. It’s a unique visual and a memorable walking experience. (After all, what is a sneaker that can’t be worn?)

I, for one, would not have imagined that a deep-dive into footwear design would lead me to bookmark several ocean life documentaries to watch later. Even though I can’t integrate this unique piece into my wardrobe, I can appreciate it as a work of art. Visually, the Ammonite Superstar is a captivating, unconventional tribute to the mollusk species. It is a piece that appropriately honors its real-life inspiration and sparks curiosity in marine life.

Designer: Mr. Bailey and Adidas


This Adidas x Prada sailing-inspired shoe pushes the boundaries of innovation and sustainability!

I am not going to beat around the bush, this Adidas x Prada sailing shoe is a blueprint for a successful collaboration – a perfect balance between luxury and casual style! Designed for the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team, the A+P LUNA ROSSA 21 is a sustainable shoe that celebrates the sport of sailing while paying tribute to the new AC75 Luna Rossa boat and the iconic previous collaborations between the two brands.

The environmentally-conscious sneaker’s upper portion is made with 50% or more recycled and renewed technical materials thanks to the incorporation of Primegreen design which is a series of high-performance recycled materials complimented by a hydrophobic E-TPU outer shell to prevent water from penetrating the shoe. The innovative pair also has the Adidas trademark 360° ergonomic sockliner-free construction to reduce weight and maximizes flexibility. The details include the EVA tongue and suede interior saddle that showcase it’s sailing inspiration while a perforated BOOST midsole along with the wraparound outsole ensures complete freedom of movement and grip. The semi-transparent layer on the white colorway binds the shoe in water-resistant material with Prada’s famous red stripe on the heel with three subtle Adidas stripes on the side. An interesting detail were the laces – they are narrower at the bottom to help with speed lacing but wider at the top to help prevent tied knots from coming loose!

The A+P LUNA ROSSA 21 is minimal, sleek and performance-oriented, it is crafted to feel as comfortable as you would be barefoot while still being protective – it is a true blend of the brands’ technical prowess and design skills. The shoe drops on December 9 on Prada’s website, Adidas’ website, and Adidas flagship stores worldwide for $695 USD.

Designer: Adidas and Prada

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Attention sneakerheads – Adidas Originals and LEGO have linked up!

Sneakerhead or not, the Adidas x LEGO collaboration will certainly tug at your heartstrings (or maybe shoelaces?) with its playful vibe. The upcoming ZX 8000 sneaker collaboration was announced by Adidas Originals as a part of its ongoing A-ZX series. Stepping on LEGO blocks but now they can’t hurt you because you have made allies with the enemy HA!

Adidas usually has the classic monochromatic shoes with a few bold limited-edition drop and this sneaker design certainly incorporates elements from both brands in a way that none are overpowered – so you can recognize those Adidas curves but you can also relate to the LEGO colors! Digital sneaker god, Sean Wotherspoon, received a pair ahead of the official release and shared images that unveiled more details like LEGO’s iconic logo on the tongue tag and a miniature LEGO man modeled after him! The detailing on the shoes with grooves and ridges brings in the element of the connecting blocks and the shape of the shoe itself has a very 90’s Adidas aesthetic. It is refreshing to see a bright red sole on a shoe other than Louboutins. One of the most thoughtful details is the green LEGO block that seems to hold the laces in places and I am assuming this shoe will come with versatile lace options as well.

The special pair also comes in an equally unique shoebox crafted with interlocking plastic bricks – while most will find this to be a cute branding touch, it is important to remember the global plastic problem and hold huge brands like Adidas and LEGO accountable. Good sneaker design is cool, but waste-free packaging is cooler and since sneakers are a part of streetwear it would be wise to keep the streets clean. The ZX 8000 is going to be priced at $130 and is set to be released on September 25th, 2020.

Designer: Adidas and LEGO

What if the Adidas / Michael Jordan ‘Air Jordans’ sneaker deal worked out?

Imagine a world where the Adidas Air Jordan deal actually fell into place. The basketball legend was furiously loyal to the Adidas brand, and even approached the company to negotiate before signing the deal with Nike. What if the executives at Adidas jumped at the opportunity and gave Jordan his deal? What would Adidas Air Jordans look like? Would Nike then collaborate with Kanye to make Nike Yeezys?? These are questions that really can’t be answered considering life’s taken its course, but designer Thomas Le decided to take a stab at creating conceptual Adidas Air Jordans.

The Adidas Air Jordans sport a very contemporary space-inspired aesthetic, tipping their hat not only at the progress we’ve made with space travel over the past few years, but also sort of giving a nod to Jordan’s 1996 film Space Jam. Built with the classic Boost outsoles and their bubbly texture, the Adidas Air Jordans outsoles extend all the way to the back of the heel. The lifestyle sneaker also opts for a laceless design, with elastic fasteners on each side, along with an outer body that’s been knit to hug your feet for a secure fit. They’ve been rendered in three colors, for now… an astronaut-ish white, a space-gray, and a coral-white-black combination that feels like a contemporary take on the original Air Jordans color scheme.

While the sneakers are purely conceptual (and definitely exist within the realm of fan-art), they answer a pretty big ‘What-if’. The Adidas-Jordan deal felt like the most natural collaboration, but circumstances shifted the path of reality. Thomas Le’s conceptual sneakers are a great window into what the Air Jordans could have been, had Adidas and Michael Jordan forged a deal!

Designer: Thomas Le

(This is only a concept and is in no way affiliated with Adidas or Jordan.)

Adidas and Allbirds team up to make environmentally friendly shoes

Sneaker brands collaborate all the time, but they usually do so with companies outside of the footwear industry. Adidas’ latest joint effort, though, involves sustainable shoe maker Allbirds, and the two hope to create a high performance sneaker whil...

Iconic Logo’s come to life in these architectural designs!

Meet Karina Wiciak of Wamhouse, a Polish designer who has been designing structures based on iconic logos known all over the world! Instantly recognizable because of their inspiration, Karina’s designs utilize negative spacing in the logo to add character and help us imagine how it would be to live in one of these. Looking at them, we can’t wait to see what Karina comes up with more of such brand-worthy designs!

Named as the Trihouse, this conceptual house takes direct inspiration from the Adidas Logo. Now, while this would be an obvious choice for the brand loyalists, the house does hold appeal from a purely aesthetic and architectural point of view. This design is sure to create some interesting corner spaces for the user to work with!

The Ringshouse automatically brings to mind the four companies that combined together to form Audi as we know it today. From afar though they may look like tunnels, the designer, Karina, envisions a pool in the backyard with a view of rolling hills and straw-filled fields in the front of the driveway.

For the love of Chevrolet, meet the bowtie-shaped house named Crosshouse! Imagined as an island, this house stands two-stories tall to be accessed only by a boat, this boat is perfect for the loner who would love to cut off from the surroundings!

Mitsubishi’s three-diamond logo comes to life in this ‘A-shaped’ Pyrahouse! With the glass-fronted windows offering a peek into the interior of the house, the functioning space is visually divided into three individual bits that allow the user to rearrange and match each section to their need.

Rhombhouse encompasses Renault’s diamond-shaped logo! Though the narrow base of the render does make us question the stability of the structure, this house is sure to stand out among the sea of homes we see.

Adidas’ smart insoles use Google tech to improve your ‘FIFA Mobile’ scores

Just a few days ago Google and Adidas teased a smart insole designed to work with FIFA Mobile -- now we know exactly what it looks like. The Adidas GMR slips into your sneakers to monitor your performance during real-world soccer play, measuring your...