This smart assistant with a microphone is here to be an assistant content creator while you multitask!

A personal assistant is one gadget that has the potential to change life on an everyday scale. Right from giving you the information you asked for, playing music when you’re feeling blue, turning on the lights to a specific hue in your living room, or doing some 50 random tasks you have in a day! Meet Miko, the portable smart assistant that does more than its intended function. Created by industrial designer Vandana Bhanushali, the smart device doubles as a microphone for content creation!

Miko has cardioid microphones to pick up the voice in real-time and amplifies the sound. This means we can use the cheeky little gadget for anything from small rallies, office meetings, live performances to even karaoke nights with buddies. Don’t mistake Miko for any ordinary mic, as it can address a room filled with 60 people in crystal clear vocals or audio. Even better, the gadget can be used in one of the two modes – either as a handheld mic or as a detachable lavalier clip mic. There’s a pin on the base mic that keeps it charged, and this base mic is further amped via the main dock. So as soon as we pick up the mic from the dock, it sets into action the voice amplification. This function makes the little gadget perfect for podcast creators or video content makers. Plus, the attractive design is well thought out to appeal to the next-gen crowd.

When you don’t require the mic or amplification, the cute little speaker turns to the task of being a smart assistant. For sure, this gadget is something unique amongst the very predictable products out there. However, Miko has the potential to get past the concept stage, and content creators will already be eying this gadget with keenness.

Designer: Vandana Bhanushali

This Logitech StreamCam inspired podcast mic is every influencer’s desk setup essential!

If you’re planning on taking the advantage of live streaming platforms or the growing fad for podcasting; you need a decent microphone that offers top-notch audio and looks incredible on the desktop. Logitech already has a StreamCam to let you take your content and passion to the next level – thanks to its blissful appearance, pristine image quality and versatile mounting options. Now a designer has conceptualized a microphone that would complement the Logitech StreamCam not just in appearance but in quality and connectivity as well.

Take your live streaming and podcasting to a new high with Logitech StreamMic Concept, which is conceived specifically for gamers, podcasters, and streamers in search of a professional-quality desktop microphone that Logitech would approve of. As the appearance gives out, the StreamMic is truly inspired by the aesthetics of the Logitech StreamCam and fits its design language through form, material, and simplicity. The microphone here is dressed in a similar monochrome theme with inviting fabric covering the sensitive innards. Fascinatingly, the conceptual design, in addition to sounding great would provide versatility so you can concentrate more on your content or gameplay, and leave the rest for the StreamMic to handle. For enhanced freedom, the microphone comes on a tripod-like base with pivoting legs. The mic itself can rock back and forth to ensure more than one user – sitting across from each other – can use it simultaneously.

The aesthetics and versatility are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to performance. The StreamMic must check the other boxes of audio quality and StreamCam-like USB for connectivity if it must make it to the mainstream someday. Hence, it also comes with USB-C jack for computer input as well as a 3.5 mm jack for real-time listening. With the smooth plastic and woven fabric design, this is visually one accessory you would want on your desk when broadcasting live!

Designer: Akshay Bhurke

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