Batwing Desk Light Is Perfect for Your Batcave

You’re Batman. You work long hours in the Batcave solving the Riddler’s riddles and trying to thwart the Joker’s next attack on Gotham. But it’s not like you’re Catman, you can’t see in the dark. What do you need? Light. And what better way to toot your own horn than a $49 posable Batwing desk light inspired by your own plane?

Standing almost 24″ tall, the lamp is USB powered and bright enough to intimidate a criminal when you’re shining it right in their face during an interrogation. Where did you plant the bomb, Two-Face?! Answer me!

At first glance, you might not think Batman and I have a lot in common, but believe it or not, I actually spend a lot of time in a dark cave as well. Well technically mine is just a basement and I don’t fight crime there I only play video games, but still. Plus we both have secrets. Sure his is a secret identity and mine is I ate the last of my wife’s favorite cookies then tore up the packaging and littered it around the house and blamed the dogs, but my point is we’d probably both be killed if the truth were known.

Spider-Man Dangling from a Street Lamp: Swingin’ in the Rain

As far as novelty desk lamps go, this is one of the better ones I’ve seen. The officially licensed Marvel Spider Man Streetlight LED Desk Lamp stands approximately 16-inches tall and features Spider-Man dangling from a miniature street light, which doubles as a desk lamp. Is your mind blown? Because there are pieces of mine everywhere, and my wife is NOT going to be happy when she gets home and I’m playing video games and still haven’t cleaned them up yet.

Available from online toy and collectible retailer Toynk, the desk lamp costs $60, which I actually found rather reasonable, considering a lot of these sorts of superhero collectibles require Bruce Wayne levels of money to purchase, and I’m operating on more of a Swamp Thing budget.

Spider-Man: there’s a little bit of him in all of us. And not just because we all descended from spiders, but we did and I’m writing the scientific paper to prove it. It’s called ‘We’re All Just a Bunch of Spider-People’, and it’s going to change the way humanity views our place in the world. Or get me locked up in the nut-house. Either way, I better get to make a cameo in the next Spider-Man movie.

[Toynk via Geeksaresexy]

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10 Cool Dad T-Shirts For Father’s Day 2017

It’s that time of year again! Time for Father’s Day, and time to find your dad a gift! What will you get him though? No need to panic, I have a list of ten cool t-shirts to get your dad this Father’s Day. You’ll be sure to put a smile on his face with these awesome t-shirts.

The Mightiest Dad Thor T-Shirt

Thor, the Norse god, the beefiest Avenger, (besides Hulk) and now the picture on your dad’s t-shirt. Is your dad the mightiest dad around? Honor him with this awesome t-shirt! It’s the next best thing since you can’t give him Thor’s Hammer.

Number One Dad Captain America T-Shirt

Captain America, the hero with the biggest heart, the man who only wants to do what’s right. He’s the perfect hero to be featured on your dad’s t-shirt because he represents everything a father does, all those good old fashioned family values. Plus, Captain America is just the best superhero. Period.

Incredible Dad T-Shirt

Who’s incredible? Your dad is incredible! He’s Mr. Incredible! Tell your dad how incredible he is by giving him this incredible t-shirt! I know I said incredibly a few too many times…sorry. Not sorry.

Number 1 Dad in the Galaxy Darth Vader T-Shirt

So maybe Darth Vader isn’t the number one dad in the galaxy. He made a few mistakes. You know, he just tried to kill his son and all…Yeah…he’s really not the greatest dad, but your dad is! Your dad is not only the number one dad in the galaxy, but he’s number one in the universe! And he’ll love this t-shirt! And if he’s a Star Wars fan, he’ll extra love it!

Spider-Man Dad T-Shirt

Is your dad the most amazing dad ever? If so, he’ll love this amazing Spider-Man t-shirt! The famous crime fighting web-slinger looks good on a t-shirt and this t-shirt will look great on your dad. He’ll want to show everyone how amazing he is.

Video Game Dad T-Shirt

I love retro things, including the original Nintendo. This retro video game dad t-shirt is the perfect gift for the dad who loves video games. He’ll probably feel super nostalgic for the good old NES days…and then he’ll feel super old. Whoops, don’t want him to feel old, oh well, he’ll love the t-shirt anyway.

Number 1 Dad Darth Vader T-Shirt

We’ve been over this already, I know, but for some reason, Darth Vader is a popular choice for father’s day t-shirts. If your dad is a big Star Wars fan, he’ll probably drool over this t-shirt. Or his dad sense of humor will think it’s hilarious that Darth Vader is being called number one dad. Either way, it won’t hurt to buy your dad this t-shirt!

Star Wars Father’s Day T-Shirt

Another Star Wars t-shirt. This one is actually my favorite of the Star Wars t-shirts on the list. I love all the Star Wars references, and I like that it’s not just a number one dad t-shirt, but it has a bunch of sweet, adorable things to say to your dad. Gosh, I can’t get over how cute it is.

Super Man Dad T-Shirt

Super Man, or Super Dad? I say, super dad! Tell your dad how super he is with this super t-shirt. Yes, I know I’m saying super too much. It’s the incredible thing all over again. I love the super blue color, and I love the Superman logo. Okay, I’ll stop saying that word now…super.

Best Father in the Galaxy T-Shirt

The last of the Star Wars t-shirts on the list, and one that is especially great. There aren’t any Star Wars characters on this awesome t-shirt, just the classic Star Wars scroll that you see at the beginning of every Star Wars film. Your dad is definitely the best father in the galaxy and he deserves to know that! So what are you waiting for, buy him this t-shirt!

Did you find the t-shirt of your dad’s dreams? Did you find the perfect t-shirt gift to give him for Father’s Day? Do you secretly want one of these tees for yourself? Whatever the answer may be, I hope you found what you were looking for! Have a happy Father’s Day!

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