Lyft will ‘more than triple’ Citi Bike’s size in $100 million deal

Lyft has just completed its acquisition of the company behind Citi Bike, and it's not wasting any time ensuring it's a force to be reckoned with in the bike sharing world. The company has struck a deal with New York City to expand Citi Bike through...

The Last Mile Commute Just Got Easier


Designed to accommodate last-miles commutes, the Flow bike is aptly named for the easy and intuitive way the user is able to flow through the folding process. Just swipe the seat forward in one simple gesture to make the bike fold and unfold. Users will enjoy the feel of a robust, grooved frame and overall lightness that makes it comfortable to carry between public transportation alternatives like buses and trains. Other useful features include integrated headlights, taillights, and comfortable 20-inch wheels.

Designers: Andy Cheng & Elvis Hsu


“Flow allows riders to flow through the transfer. An up-right folding position produces a fluent folding process. When folded, Flow also allows riders to push the bike easily,” Cheng and Hsu told YD.


“A fixie may be stylish and easy-maintenance but hellish when it comes to transferring. While a small wheel folding bike is just uncomfortable to ride. Flow is the perfect combo, with a 20-inch wheel Flow is a great ride, while the folded size is still compact enough for an agile maneuver,” designers continued.




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Imagine being able to zip new treads onto your bicycle tires

“You’re used to changing your shoes and jacket to match the location or weather. Why shouldn’t you be able to do the same with your bike?”

reTyre’s zippable tire-tread system gives your city bicycle the versatility to work off the road too. A simple zipping mechanism allows you to add a secondary, tougher tread on your tires, letting you go from riding on smooth asphalt to traversing through tough terrain. No matter the speed, the distance, or the condition, reTyre’s selection of treads make it the only set of wheels your bicycle needs… and in turn making your bicycle the only bicycle you’ll need too.

reTyre’s special bicycle tire comes with a zipper lining and a selection of treads or skins that you can clad on your existing tire. The original tire works great on asphalt, and the wide variety of skins allow you to ride your bicycle on mud, gravel, rocks, or even snow. Working on straight roads, curved paths, and even on tough downhill trails, the tire treads give you exactly the grip you need, and the industrial-strength zipper system perseveres through rain, snow, or even rocky terrain… every single time. And when not in use, the treads easily fold up and go right into your backpack!

Designer: reTyre







Trike Meets Tote


Just like the name suggests, the TAKEME trike aims to tag along with its user everywhere they go. Designed with the elderly in mind, it features a thoughtfully designed folding system that allows it to transition between riding, carrying, and storing modes in mere seconds. Functioning as both an e-tricycle and cart, the different modes accommodate a variety of activities including last-mile commuting, shopping, and more. In addition to having a triple-wheel design that provides enhanced stability and safety, its automated folding system creates a seamless rider/transporter experience that elderly users will appreciate.

TAKEME is a winner of the 2018 Red Dot Design Concept Award.

Designers: Kinson Chan, Ronsben Huen & Rice Mak





The Bosch Kiox adds an instant dashboard to your bicycle


You may know Bosch from its power tools, but that isn’t all the company is famous for. A pioneer of engineering and electronics, Bosch makes its share of ground-breaking products… or in this case, road-blazing ones too. The Kiox is an onboard computer for your e-bike that lets you visualize data such as your speed, cadence, distance, battery level, and even access more niche features like indicating when your bike needs servicing, as well as rider’s health stats like heart rate, etc.

Kiox’s main device sits right between your handlebars, while its control (a separate unit) can be mounted near your left or right hand for ease-of-use. A 1.9-inch screen comes with vivid colors that can display data in all weather and daytime conditions, and it even comes with a GorillaGlass cover to protect it from scratches, bumps, or even grit that may get on it as you cycle through demanding conditions. The Kiox pairs with heart-rate monitors too, using Bluetooth to pull heart-rate data from the monitor and display it on the screen, allowing you to measure your stats as well as performance as you go. Clearly made for a bicycling power-user, I guess you could call the Kiox a different sort of ‘power tool’!

Designer: Bosch






VanMoof’s Electrified S2 is a seriously smart commuter bike

VanMoof is almost ready to ship its next generation of electric bicycles. The Electrified S2 and X2 are vast improvements over their predecessors, with bigger batteries, nippier motors and smarter locking mechanisms. If you live in a city and fancy c...