The ‘turning point’ of bag design!

Cycling at night is a risk in itself, not to mention cycling in poor visibility. Having a high visibility jacket and various illuminating products are useful, but many of them fall below eye line from the driver of the car. This might be the reason why many cyclists have a habit of retrofitting their backpacks with lighting systems or high-vis strips for maximum visibility. Thankfully Uncommon Goods have developed a stylish and rugged backpack ideal for any cyclist in any condition.

The Turn Signal Commuter Backpack does exactly what you’d think it does – enables the driver behind you to see your actions. They’ll see a flashing, left-pointing LED arrow right in front of them. You control it with a wireless remote unit on your handlebar: Left, Right, Stop. And sometimes, it thinks on its own: a sudden, big change in your velocity will make it blink red, thanks to the integrated brake sensor. This backpack isn’t just brains; it’s tough too. Lightweight and water-repellent the 20L backpack’s straps and back material are
reinforced for good support; the back is also padded for comfort. It’s loaded with just the right features—everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Designer: Uncommon Goods






The Slim, safe, biking helmet!

When the weather permits, I love cycling everywhere. It feels great with the wind on your face, taking in every passing scene. What isn’t so great is having to carry around your helmet after you get to where you’re going. Even if you have a bag, you’re forced to tie it on the side, banging against everything you pass. The guys at Morpher felt my pain too and did something about it, developing the Flat Folding Helmet.

Folding to fit snuggly inside your bag, the Morpher Flat Folding Helmet is perfect for the on-the-go cyclist. This helmet couldn’t be more suited for the person who likes to use the publicly available bicycles in town. The ability to conceal the helmet in your bag will make life a lot easier and is sure to shock everyone when you pull it out discretely. You may have some questions about the Flat Folding Helmet, but even with its funky folding mechanism, it surpasses all safety standards, so you know you’re safe while riding on the road.

Designer: Morpher






Be Safe, Be Seen


Road safety is paramount; there are no negotiations with that. What’s been most impressive the past year is the increased awareness around being seen with spray on reflective materials and various lighting solutions for cyclists, but Marc Sapetti’s Blinkers are by far my favorite concept of them all. The next generation bicycle lights – whatever the angle and the situation, Blinkers can be seen and alert those around you.

The operation of Blinkers is simple, which makes them highly efficient – the rear blinker indicates the direction of the turn, by blinking to the right or the left. The front Blinker is synchronized with the back Blinker, while also incorporating a strong white head light.

Accessibility is also a massive factor with Blinkers, incorporating a magnetic snap-on, snap-off system making them easier to dismount. Quite an elegant design, Blinkers is a gorgeous addition to any bike and is sure to keep the rider safe given any conditions.

Designer: Marc Sapetti







Half a pedal, twice the distance

You know how when you first learned to cycle, you had your mother or father give you a gentle push from the back as you pedaled forward? The Copenhagen Wheel is pretty much the same thing. The wheel comes with a bright cherry red hub that houses a battery, a motor, and a bunch of sensors that capture your pedaling pattern, speed, torque, and cadence you’re putting in, then gives you an electrical assist. It captures your energy when you brake or go downhill, storing the power in the battery, and using it exactly when you need to, allowing you to travel faster and farther with half the effort.

Built by a bunch of engineers at MIT who then went on to forming Superpedestrian, the Copenhagen Wheel comes independently to be attached to any of your regular bikes, and even comes with its own bike design, if you’re looking for a brand new ride. Retrofitting the wheel to any regular bike is pretty easy, while the super-glossy red electronics hub at the back works marvelously by connecting to your smartphone, and while doing that, it looks marvelous too.

Designer: Superpedestrian









Velco’s smart handlebars use lights to guide you home

Smartphones are great for getting you where you want to go. But when you're on two wheels, it can be tough to keep track of your progress. You either have to pull over, or attach your device to the handlebars. Velco's "Wink" smart handlebar solves th...

A Winning Combination Bike Lock and Light


This bike lock goes the extra mile to make your life a little easier! Not only does it secure your ride when you’re not using it, it also serves as a stand to keep it upright and provides illumination while you’re riding. High-powered built-in LED lights to indicate your position to motors, pedestrians and other riders so you’re safer. Simply hang it under the saddle and you’re good to go!

Designers: Junbin Zou, Xiangjianan Zhao & Tian Wu



Biking just got a whole lot interesting


Looking like the Google Glass, but infinitely better and much more useful, the Ergonomic Smart Goggles allow bikers to have an easy to access HUD display to help them navigate through maps. The HUD unit comes with several placement-adjusters that allow the riders to position the HUD crystal wherever they want, be it in front of the right eye or the left. A camera sits right between the eyebrows, capturing your ride while allowing you to send pictures and videos to your social media or just be your head-mounted dashcam. Alongside its heads-up display, the Ergonomic Smart Goggles also come with two bone-conducting panels on the left and right temples that relay audio signals to their riders without the need for them to wear earphones and therefore cut out noise from the outer world. Designed to be infinitely customizable, and completely non-intrusive, the Ergonomic Smart Goggles may just be the only piece of tech you’ll need to rely on while commuting on two wheels!

The Ergonomic Smart Goggles are a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2017.

Designer: U2system