Google Maps gives you more ways to find Lime scooters

Google Maps is making it easier to find a Lime bike or scooter on your own terms. As of today, the Android version of Google's app (iOS is due in the "coming weeks") can help you find Lime rides in the cycling and walking tabs, not just transit -- h...

Domino’s will use e-bikes to deliver pizzas across the US

Domino's Pizza is once again adopting cutting edge delivery vehicles, although you're much more likely to see these ones in action. In the wake of successful tests, the restaurant chain is launching a US-wide e-bike delivery program that will give st...

Cannondale’s electric mountain bikes offer more power for the trail

Cannondale has electrified a significant chunk of its bicycle lineup, and now it's determined to conquer the mountain biking world in earnest. The company has unveiled a redesigned Moterra e-bike (above) for the harsher climbs and a brand new Habit...

The AEROCARRIER gives your cycle cargo-carrying-capabilities

City bicycles are diverse. Some of them are designed to carry heavy loads, others for speed. What if bicyclists want to use their bicycles for more than solely speed performance – but also for logistics. What if they don’t want to be forced, to always wear backpacks, even if they only want to carry a raincoat, EDC, or basic shopping supplies. The AEROCARRIER gives bicycles the additional storage they deserve. Just like most scooters which come with storage below the seat, the AEROCARRIER straps to the back of any cycle seat, giving you 3 liters of fully secure, waterproof storage. Designed to bring the perspective of basic logistics to an otherwise designed-for-performance machine, the AEROCARRIER lets you carry supplies and emergency items like reflective vest, med-kits, or even spares like bike-tubes or a repair kit. It brings the practicality needed on city cycles.

The AEROCARRIER was designed with a clear necessity in mind. Realizing that they couldn’t carry items in their pockets every time, or lug a backpack around any time they wanted to ride a bike, Berlin-based designers and cycling enthusiasts Inga and Romain designed the very product they needed. The AEROCARRIER secures itself to practically any bike by fastening to the seat and having support structures resting on the rear wheel’s pillars. Made from aluminum and light ABS, the AEROCARRIER weighs a mere 700g and is a storage and versatility powerhorse. The storage unit is completely waterproof, making it a better alternative than your backpack, and even supports extra accessories, like the attachment of pannier bags, along with a dedicated area to mount an electric taillight when you need. Additionally, because the AEROCARRIER is waterproof, it acts as a rear fender of sorts.

The AEROCARRIER can take roughly 35 times its own weight, with a maximum capacity of 25 kgs, that’s including any boxes or bags you may strap to it or secure on top of it with AEROCARRIER’s in-built elastic strap. The 3 lever lock on the basket gives it a great amount of security (much more than your backpack), and its ABS and aluminum construction prevent it from being slashed or opened with brute-force too easily. Plus, its streamlined design does a pretty good job of complementing most bicycle designs!

Designers: Romain Duez & Inga Rüdiger

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This bicycles carrier was designed to improve your ride forever! The AEROCARRIER straps to the back of any cycle seat, giving you 3 liters of fully secure, waterproof storage.

3L locking compartment, to carry the little things!

Retractable strap, for the bigger things!

But also compatible with your own pannier.

And a light mount, because you need one!

Finally, it’s also a fender.

One size, fits all!

Click Here to Buy Now: $109 $167 (35% off). Hurry, only 18/50 left!

Add eco-friendly traveler to your resume with these unique bicycle designs

Bicycles are the most eco-friendly mode of transport ever designed by humans as is possible, especially for smaller traveling distances in city life. It is a vehicle that creates zero emissions while keeping you healthy and with the addition of electric motors, they have added an element of ease or comfort to the cycling experience. The bicycle’s unique yet simple design works with its basic setup, but designers have spent a lot of time creating variations of the humble bicycle that will add features to it such as an additional retro boombox you can carry to the ever-popular urban favorite – a foldable bicycle. Our curation today walks you across unique bicycle designs that showcase different materials, features as well as designs, of which one is sure to appeal to you, and if not, these will surely inspire you to innovate and create your own design!

Noordung bike by Gregor Fras.

Zippable tire-tread system by reTyre

Pi Bike by Tadas Maksimovas & Martijn Koomen

Volk Wooden Bike by Volk Evolution

AK1 Folding Electric Bike by Ronsben Huen with Factory Five Germany Group

SPA Bicicletto by CAMAL Studios

Berlin Bicycle Rack by Adrian Bogdan

Opus Wood Bike by Ecce Cycles

The Brum Brum Bike by The Brum Brum Balance Bike Team

Side Car Bicycles by Horse Cycles

VRZ 2 3D Printed Titanium Lugged Carbon Bike by Ralf Holleis

Astan Bike with Pedal Brakes by Astanbike

The Madillo helmet’s design allows it to work as an indicator and distress beacon

Disruptive in both form and function, the Madillo helmet is quite unlike any helmet you may have seen. For starters, it ditches the regular hard-hat shell you’d expect from a helmet, for something Lukas calls an auxetic material, or a material capable of stretching in a given direction. This material and unusual pattern gives the Madillo the ability to comfortably take the shape of your head, embracing its shape. Connecting cords hold the helmet together and can be stretched through the earpiece (image above), to adjust the Madillo helmet’s shape.

Its hollow, grille-like design also allows light to pass through its crevasses, giving the Madillo the ability to work as an indicator. A thin lighting module sits under the outer material, shining to indicate when you’re turning left or right. Visible to the people beside and behind you, this feature helps fellow drivers know where you’re headed… but that’s not all. The Madillo comes with a life-saving beacon too that lights the helmet up to attract the attention of passers-by. Additionally, it even sends an SOS signal out to the nearest hospital and summons for an ambulance, while transmitting your location to make sure you’re escorted to safety.

The Madillo Helmet is a winner of the iF Design Talent Award for the year 2018.

Designer: Lukas Franz (University of Applied Sciences)

A traveling library that takes inspiration from the ladybug

Books can transport you to an imaginary wonderland, and in many ways, LUO Studio’s Shared Lady Beetle library can too! Mounted on a bicycle, and shaped out of sheet metal, this library resembles a large ladybug, something almost out of a fairytale. Open any of its wings and inside it are bookshelves filled with books. It’s truly an amazing experience that connects children to their wildest dreams and triggers their imagination, both through form, and through the books within.

The Shared Lady Beetle Library is made entirely from recycled scrap, putting it to a nobler use. The bicycles are recycled from the millions of scrap bicycles that are lying around the world, and the ladybug’s housing is repurposed from scrap sheet metal used in cars. The shared mobile library comes in a tricycle format, and sports a fourth wheel right at the end to stabilize the structure. Children are encouraged to interact with the library and read the books inside. Upon opening the wings, the base of the bookshelf even becomes a seat that children can sit on as they read and slip into the wonderful world of make-believe!

Designers: Luo Yujie & Lu Zhuojian (LUO Studio)

Image Credits: Jin Weiqi

Gocycle’s GX is a head-turning e-bike that folds in a flash

If you live in a bustling city like London, a folding bike is pretty darn useful. You can take it on a train, taxi or bus -- heck, even a Tube carriage if it's quiet -- then disembark and pedal to your final destination. A folding two-wheeler can als...