Instagram’s latest Stories sticker is a direct link to group chats

Instagram is introducing a new feature that will let users start private group messages around specific Stories. The company announced the change on Twitter today. Users will soon be able to add a "join chat" sticker to their Stories. If followers ta...

Instagram can turn question stickers into live Q&As

Instagram's question stickers have at least one main problem: you have to be patient while awaiting the answer. Now, however, you might just get some instant gratification. The social network is introducing an option to respond to a question in a Sto...

This simple sticker gives your laptop an instant numpad!

NUMS is an absolutely stunning product (and a winner of the coveted Red Dot Award), purely for its simplicity and effectiveness. It recognizes a problem, and solves it in the most ingenious way possible, without extra moving parts, and without a learning curve. A simple transparent piece of plastic with adhesive at one end and no circuitry whatsoever, the NUMS just sits on your laptop, giving you the magic of a numpad (and much more) on your portable computing device.

In order for laptops to stay portable, they sacrifice the expendable elements like the Numpad. Given that the numbers already exist above the qwerty layout, a numpad to the right is expendable, and laptops either use that real estate to add speaker grills, or shave off the numpad to create thin 13″ laptops. The NUMS brings that expendable element back for everyone who craves having those buttons at their fingertips (from gamers to coders to accountants).

In principle, the NUMS is simple. A sticker sits on the laptop trackpad, quite like a phone’s screen guard. It doesn’t interfere with the trackpad’s functioning (in fact, it gives the pad a smooth, finger-loving texture), however, it augments the trackpad’s abilities. Printed on the sticker is a complete numpad, along with a few other buttons. Install the NUMS driver and the NUMS sticker converts your trackpad into a functioning numpad. Swipe down diagonally from the top right corner to toggle between trackpad mode and numpad mode. When in the numpad mode, the printed numbers on the NUMS sticker denote keys, and you trigger keystrokes by touching them (you’ve even got audio feedback for a wonderfully complete UX). You could use the numpad to work in accounting softwares or even in games. Swiping down diagonally from the top left triggers the calculator, allowing you to crunch numbers in an instant without taking those five annoying steps to boot the calculator app. The NUMS even has its own hotkey setting mode, allowing you to create shortcuts of your own, so your trackpad instantly goes from the least used feature (real people use mice, alright?) to perhaps the most feature-rich part of your laptop. Who thought a small plastic sticker and a powerful idea could accomplish so much?!

The NUMS is a winner of the Red Dot Best Of Best Award.

Designer: Gong HuaChao (GHC Design)

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Click Here to Buy Now (Compatible with 15″ MacBook Pro 2016)

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This Star Trek Outlet Sticker Will Give You an Electric Spock

I like to think by the time we make it to the 23rd century, we won’t be using wall plugs, and all power will be completely wireless. But Trekkies living in today’s world must suffer through the act of connecting their electrical devices to a wall outlet. I suppose if you have to do it, let it be using this Spock outlet.

The guys over at Electric Sticker Co. specialize in vinyl decals that turn your empty power outlets into funny little people, like Commander Spock here. If you think Spock isn’t the logical choice for your wall, they also sell decals of Batman, Finn & Jake, Wonder Woman, Doctor Who and more. My other favorite has got to be the Heisenberg outlet sticker.

Drop by Electric Sticker Co.’s Etsy shop to grab some of these fun decals. They’re just under $4(USD) each.

This Sticker Could Protect Your Apple Airpods from Theft

Apple has made some questionable decisions recently, and AirPods may be the biggest. How are you supposed to not lose these things when they go flying out of your ears? What were they thinking? We don’t know, but at least we can help keep them from getting stolen. This little sticker might help.

The translucent sticker goes on the front of the Airpod charging case of the disguises the Bluetooth headphones as an ordinary pack of dental floss. Everyone knows that thieves don’t care about their teeth.

Crooks will be more likely to overlook this in most situations, so it could save you a lot of money.

[via Gizmodo]