Keep your Apples alive!

There are times when I will be laying in bed or on the sofa, then look around and realize how I am COVERED in Apple products all the time. Between my Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, Macbook, and iWatch, I’m not sure whether I should be ashamed or proud, but one thing’s for sure: I’m a fanboy. If you are too, then you also know the struggle of juggling all the peripherals needed to charge your many devices. Designed with us in mind, the iMate aims to make staying powered easy-as-pie.

The power bank allows you to charge and sync all of your Apple devices simultaneously. It supports all series of MacBook, MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch and includes USB-C outlets for other devices. Especially good for when you’re on the go, you can sync up to 6 devices at once and charge each 3x as fast! Better yet, it also gives you high-speed data transfer and includes an SD card reader, USB 3.0 ports, and 4K HDMI port. Upload and backup all your photos & videos from your phone, cameras, external hard drives, and laptop all at the same time.

Designer: Alex Chan

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Battery Meets Bag


Until we’re able to charge devices using our own future humanoid bodies, we’re going to have to keep coming up with gadgets that can keep our smartphones kicking! The latest in a trend of multifunctional chargers, the Powerbag does just as the name suggests.

Useful for everything from grocery shopping to picnicking, users can rest assured that their phones, tablets, and other devices will stay charged and ready to use thanks to a built-in battery 24000mAh powerbank at the bottom of the bag. Using the appropriate ports on the powerbank, users can run their wire directly into the bag or leave it outside. The bottom section of the tote is clad in an anti-slip material with ridges for traction. Better yet, it can be detached so the upper fabric section can be washed and reused.

Designer: Davide Anzalone






This MacBook Charger is from the year 3018!

With the way Apple’s developed an entire ecosystem around its products, making sure you buy all their offerings, instead of just one gadget out of their lineup, it’s honestly plain stupid that there’s little to no cross-compatibility. The MacBook uses a Type-C charger. The iPhone and iPad use lightning connectors, and they come with USB ports at the opposite end, so if you want to plug your iPhone into your MacBook (to charge them both together), you’ll either need a dongle or an entirely separate cable. Dumb, isn’t it? The iPhone charger doesn’t even charge the iPad properly because the tablet has a higher power requirement.

It’s a good thing that the PlugBug Duo is here to solve your problems. Built by the true geniuses at Twelve South, the Plug Bug Duo simply connects to your MacBook Charger, supplying power to it while also giving you two extra USB ports to plug other devices/cables into it. The red adapter is compliant with all MacBook chargers, and even works as a travel adapter, allowing you to use your MacBook charger with international sockets. It comes with 5 different snap-on plugins that let you plug your MacBook into any international socket you may be subjected to.

Besides giving your MacBook charger international compatibility, the PlugBug Duo’s two USBs are heaven sent, since they let you run your MacBook as well as power your iPhone and iPad simultaneously. The USB ports provide the full 2.1 amps and 10W of power needed to supercharge your iPad too, letting you effectively charge three devices together, internationally, using just one power outlet! I’d choose that bit of innovation over flipping ARKit 2 any day of the week.

Designer: Twelve South

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Tesla is ending its lifetime free Supercharging offer

Tesla's offer of free, unlimited Supercharger access was supposed to have ended in early 2017, but it's been on a form of life support since then. Unless you were buying a regular Model 3, you could get the no-cost charging by ordering your EV with...

This Lightning Charger Requires No Cable

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to worry about coiling up your phone charger or getting the wires tangled and damaged? Sure, wireless chargers are great, but they’re slow, and older iOS devices don’t support it anyhow. This keyfob-sized cordless charger is the perfect solution to charging on the go.

Chargerito is compatible with iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, and AirPod chargers and it clips easily on your keychain so you can bring it anywhere without really even thinking about it. It plugs right into the wall and your device sits right on top so you can charge without worrying about cords.

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Welcome to Organizational Heaven

Don’t you just love it when you discover a design that you never realized you needed?! That’s how many people feel about Tesmo. It sensibly combines a handful of everyday necessities into one handy unit.

At once, it’s a wireless charger, power bank, planner, and journal. To use the wireless Qi charging feature, simply plop your phone down on top of it OR hold it next to the cover while you’re on the go. You can simultaneously charge three devices using the included cable and connectors cleverly integrated into the inside cover. Speaking of the interior, it’s packed with a refillable sketchbook/planner with spaces for you to track monthly, weekly, and daily goals as well as spaces for cards, notes, and your favorite pen. Sure, we’re all busy… but for those of us who are too busy to even look into objects that will make our lives easier… there’s Tesmo!

Designer: Tesmo

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It’s hard to juggle your fast-paced life. That’s why Tesmo combined a wireless charger, power bank, and planner into a single journal!


The Tesmo notebook has a built-in wireless fast charger on the front cover that’s equipped with 7.5W for iPhones and 10W for Androids.


Tesmo is compatible with any Qi capable devices like iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8/S7. Simply place your phone on Tesmo’s cover and experience the convenience of wireless charging.


Tesmo allows you to simultaneously charge three devices at the same time whether it’s iOS or Android devices. It comes with an 8000mAh battery in its back cover, which can be fully charged in 4 hours and will be powerful enough to fully charge your phone 3 times.


Planners are crucial, for those of you who are just starting out your organizational journey, Tesmo is perfect to get you started on the right track!

Achieve the perfect work-life balance through their monthly, weekly and daily goals. Tesmo can be used as a planner, sketchbook, journal, or anything else you need it to be.

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This Joy-Con Charger Dock is the Nintendo Switch Accessory You’ve Been Missing

The Nintendo Switch leaves little to be desired for most Nintendo enthusiasts. The only real downside that’s often pointed to is the battery life on the Joy-Con controllers. The people want more playtime, and less charging. And the people get what they want with the 4-In-1 Charger Dock For Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers.

This power station lets you charge four Joy-Con controllers at a time, so you’ll always have backup controllers ready to game on. It’s super compact in size, so stores easily, and features a convenient non-slip base. You’ll also find the LED indicators helpful, as they display the charging status of each individual charger so you can quickly swap one out as needed

Right now, you can snag the 4-in-1 charger dock for just $15.99 in the Technabob Shop, that’s 46% off of the full $29.99 MSRP.