This Lightning Charging Cable Glows with the Flow

This unique charging cable is equal parts quirky and practical. The Glowing iOS Lightning Charging Cable lets you know how close your device is to being fully charged. Watch the glow as you charge up your iPhone or iPad, and you’ll immediately get a feel for your charging speed by simply observing the speed of the light flow.

The subtle glow is also perfect for reaching for your phone in the middle of the night while it charges. No more tripping over the cable in the dark, and no more wondering just how much longer you’ll have to wait until the charge is finished. Get the Glowing iOS Lightning Charging Cable for just $11.99 in the Technabob Shop.

This Charger Will Juice up Gadgets in Over 150 Countries

Traveling to another country? It can be frustrating to deal with AC outlets being different in around the globe. Solve this problem once and for all with the OMNIA TA502 Travel Adapter.

It’s the world’s smallest travel adapter. Whip it out of your bag, and it’s fully ready to charge your devices in over 150 countries. Simply slide and lock the proper plug into space, and your devices are ready to charge, thanks to the 5-in-1 interface that supports US/UK/EU/AU standards, and charges using USB-A. Use the built-in LED light to check on the charging status.

Charge any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet without any headaches. The OMNIA TA502 Travel Adapter is yours for just $39.99 in the Technabob Shop.

Charge Four Devices at The Same Time with One Outlet and No International Converter

Frequently traveling to other countries? Dealing with international converters can be a big pain on an already stressful business trip. Enjoy an easy fix with the Twist World Charging Station or the Twist Plus World Charging Station.

With the Twist World Charging Station, you can charge up to four devices at a time anywhere in the world, without needing pesky international converters to get the job done. All you need is one outlet and this charging station, and you will charge all your devices in one place. It’s also lightweight, compact, and portable, which is perfect for jet-setters.

The Twist Plus World Charging Station takes things a step further. Simply attach the Twist Plus to any Apple MacBook power adapter by replacing its attached plug or extended power cord, and you’re in business. The added convenience could be a game changer for frequent travelers.

So revamp your travel kit now, and grab the Twist World Charging Station or the Twist Plus World Charging Station for just $31.99 in the Technabob Shop.

Get 3 Extra-long Lightning Cables to Charge All Your Apple Devices

With all the Apple devices you may have lying around your house, you’ll likely need just as many chargers to accommodate them. Always have a spare cable on hand with this 3-pack of 10-Ft MFi-certified Lightning cables. It’s just $16.99 (USD).

These cables are 10 feet long, meaning you get more flexibility if you want to use your device while charging it simultaneously. Keep one in your office, one in your backpack, and one in the bedroom — or anywhere else you need a charger standing by.

Try out these ultra-long cables for yourself. Get three for only $16.99 in the Technabob Shop, and take an extra 15% off with code SAVE15!


Always Have a Place to Charge up with this 10-Port USB Charger

Do you have lots of phones, tablets, and other rechargeable gadgets in the house or at the office? Here’s the solution to all of your charging problems.

Unitek’s 10-port charging station can juice up two handfuls of USB-powered devices at once – even tablets and larger smartphones. Its 10 ports can provide 5 volts at up to 2.4-amps each. To accommodate all of your devices and keep them neatly organized, it comes with dividers, which can be adjusted based on the size and number of gadgets you have.

It’s currently on sale for just $39.99(USD) over at Amazon, and if you want to keep things super tidy, you’ll want to add on some short cables, since those aren’t included. You can find a 5-pack of stubby MicroUSB cords for $7.99, and a 6-pack of short Lightning cables for $12.99.

MyCharge AdventureUltra 13,400 mAh Portable Charger Review

If you like to be outdoors, be it spending lazy days on the lake, at the beach, or camping with family and friends, we all need a way to keep our gadgets charged up and working. MyCharge has a slick new charger that is extremely portable yet packs in a large 13400 mAh battery called the AdventureUltra. It’s sized to take with you and can power all manner of devices. In fact, it can charge multiple devices at one time.

The AdventureUltra is small enough that you can drop it in a backpack for camping or a beach bag for topping off your gadgets and hardly know it’s in there. The caveat is for backpackers who count every ounce, it may seem heavy at 1.05 pounds.

There is plenty of connectivity for your devices with a 3.0A USB-C port, and dual USB-A ports with 2.4A each. That means you could juice up three gadgets at the same time. Then you have a 110V AC port with 45W of power. This means you can run all sorts of devices like a small TV, or more likely use it to charge your laptop if it’s not a big power glutton. My laptop slurps more than 45W of power, so I didn’t get to try that.

What I did do was charge this thing up and take it with me on a trip to Florida during the summer. This was the perfect device for keeping everyone’s smartphone charged up while on the road no matter how much we used them. Our data plan ran dry before the AdventureUltra battery did. Once at the beach, I carried the AdventureUltra directly onto the sand and used it to keep smartphones topped off while we listened to music.

To charge the internal battery I plugged it in at night and left it charging overnight, it was ready to roll again each morning. It has a small LCD screen that shows you how much power is left in the big battery. The USB ports on the device also have a pass-through so you can charge your gadgets as you charge the battery. That means at night all you need is your smartphone USB cable, no need to carry multiple USB wall adapters. The AdventureUltra comes with the charger for its internal battery and a recharge adapter. It sells for $129.99(USD), and is one of the handiest things you can possibly take on road trips or camping.

Apple’s AirPower tech wirelessly charges multiple devices at once

Apple isn't just adding Qi wireless charging to its latest iPhones; it's trotting out a charging standard of its own. AirPower is built in partnership with Qi, but can top up multiple devices at once. At the September 12th presentation, Apple illustr...

Charge Your Devices While Making the Car Smell Nice

Car chargers and car air purifiers are pretty common car accessories. But instead of having to get both, why not get one that serves both purposes? This 2 USB Port Car Chargers with Air Purifier can juice up your gadgets, and keep your car smelling better.

This ionic air purifier plugs into your car outlet, removing pollutants from the air in your vehicle. And it serves double duty by also providing two USB outlets (3.1 amp total output) with which you can charge your devices. Make your car smell nice while also giving your phone a charge.

Grab one for your car for just $12.99(USD) in the Technabob Shop – a savings of 67% off the MSRP.

This Stand Gives You a Better View of Your Devices, and Charges Them, Too

Prop up your smartphone to an optimal viewing angle while giving it a charge at the same time. The Podium-Style Charging Stand kills two birds with one stone.

Whether you’re using your tablet or smartphone to FaceTime, watch a video, or read notes, this stand will help you place it at just the right viewing angle. When not in use, it folds neatly into a compact square that fits right in your bag or pocket for easy portability. Got more than one device that needs a charge? With two USB ports, and a powerful 10,500 mAh battery on board, this device can charge two devices simultaneously.

Get a better view of your device while boosting its juice at the same time. The Podium-Style Charging Stand is yours for only $35.99(USD) in the  Technabob Shop.