IKEA’s making flat-pack DIY chocolate Easter bunnies!

An unusual play for IKEA, the Vårkänsla is an edible Chocolate Bunny right in time for Easter celebrations… but just like most of IKEA’s products, this bunny needs assembly too! The Vårkänsla is a flat-packed tempered chocolate bunny that can be assembled by just plugging three chocolate pieces together. Its design plays on IKEA’s trademark self-assembly instructions and techniques. The bunny comes in a flat box, with instructions on how to put it together. Luckily unlike most IKEA furniture, the Vårkänsla doesn’t need technical expertise, power tools, or small metal screws and bolts. It just needs a little bit of willpower, and a fairly decent amount of love for chocolate!

Designer: IKEA

IKEA Wants You to Build Your Own Chocolate Easter Bunny

Even if you’ve never purchased any IKEA furniture, you know that all of it requires some assembly. Apparently, that also goes for their food items as well. This Easter, they’re even asking customers to assemble their own chocolate bunnies, with the VÅRKÄNSLA self-assembly milk chocolate bunny.

Unlike other more complicated IKEA projects, this one only requires three steps. Still, I bet some people will get stuck and need to do a Google search anyway to complete it. Why should it be any different from their furniture? IKEA says that it can be used as an Easter decoration, or eaten right away. No thanks, I don’t like my chocolate collecting dust.

The chocolate bunny weighs just 3 oz. and contains 30 percent cocoa, which is UTZ certified using sustainable farming standards and good conditions for workers. The VÅRKÄNSLA sells for $4.29, and is only available in stores. This bunny adds a new meaning to playing with your food.

[via Reddit via Mike Shouts]

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