10 Best Essential Lifestyle Products To Gift Modern Dads This Father’s Day

A true gentleman is always selective about the products he carries and uses since they are an extension of his own personal style. The first gentlemen we all encounter are our dads, and this Father’s Day why not gift your dad thoughtful and functional lifestyle products that will add to his natural aura, and charisma while adding value to his everyday life? Striking a unique balance between functionality and style is extremely important – especially when it comes to men’s lifestyle designs. And we do believe we may have found a collection of product designs that harmoniously capture this balance! From a portable shaver with ceramic blades to give you the perfect clean shave to an innovative key ring that will hold all keys – these products are essential must-haves for all the gentlemen out there.

1. Painless Key Ring

Called the Painless Key Ring, this innovative product is equipped with a revolutionary wave spring key ring. The design draws inspiration from the mechanism used in the aerospace and automotive industries, ensuring you handle your keys in a smooth and hassle-free manner. If your dad tends to lose his keys easily or hates dealing with typical key rings, then he can finally bid farewell to them, and thank the Painless Key Ring!

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Why is it noteworthy?

This key ring organizes your keys using a high-tech and durable design letting you store your keys in an easy-to-access manner. It has. a compact and lightweight form which makes it easy to carry around and store.

What we like

  • It utilizes a wave spring tech to remove and add keys

What we dislike

  • More expensive compared to conventional keyrings
  • There is no system to differentiate between the keys they hold

2. The Erazor

Called the Erazor, this unique portable shaver is designed to erase the stubble off your face, using ceramic blades. It is supposed to be the first shaver featuring ceramic blades. It is a compact and lightweight product that is quite easy to carry around, and also super comfortable to use. It makes for a thoughtful and functional Father’s Day present for your dad!

Why is it noteworthy?

The ceramic blades are designed to neatly and swiftly trim down your stubble, providing a totally clean shave, without causing any painful razor burns. The ceramic blades are a great alternative to meat blades which are coated with DLC for sharpness. But with time the coating can wear off, making the blades prone to nicking you.

What we like

  • The blades are made from Zirconium Oxide – an extremely durable material

What we dislike

  • The ceramic blades may take a while to adjust to if you’re used to metal blades

3. AirTag Carabiners

Called the AirTag Carabiners, these minimalist and good-looking designs are a refreshing new version of the typical old metal carabiners. They are precision-made and have a pretty compact form, making them easy to carry and even easier to use. The functional and portable design makes for a handy Father’s Day present.

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Why is it noteworthy?

They are handcrafted to make them durable and sturdy. These aren’t just simple melted metal casings, in fact, each piece is unlike any other, as manufacturing conditions alter the final design.

What we like

  • Handcrafted using premium-quality metal
  • Lightweight and easy-to-carry design

What we dislike

  • The process of attaching or detaching the AirTag isn’t very user-friendly and can be tedious

4. Pebble Time Watches

Called Pebble Time, this color e-paper smartwatch is designed to have seven days of battery, as well as a new timeline interface that highlights what’s most important in your day. There are two variants – Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel, and they’re both infused with an improved timeline interface. If your dad doesn’t own a smartwatch, but you want to hook him up to the smartwatch game, then this is a good option for Father’s Day.

Why is it noteworthy?

The watches feature a color e-paper display as well as a microphone for responding to notifications. They are amped with four days of battery life, water resistance, and customizability. They are compatible with 6500+ existing Pebble apps and watch faces.

What we like

  • The e-paper display is ideal for displaying incoming notifications and your favorite watch face

What we dislike

  • Has a pretty thick bezel
  • Compatibility issues with certain apps

5. Unfiltered Titanium Whisky Glass

Dubbed the Unfiltered Titanium Whisky Glass, this classy glass draws inspiration from metallic hues and forms a fascinating light and color play. It builds a beautiful visual experience for you owing to its 1/f fluctuating pattern, which looks like a murmuring stream. Made from pure titanium, it elevates the drinking experience with its purity. It makes for an elegant and functional gift for your dad on Father’s Day, letting him enjoy his drink with class.

Click Here to Buy Now: $65.00

Why is it noteworthy?

The whisky glass uses cutting-edge technology which creates a fascinating color play. It is biocompatible and safe, even more so than gold or platinum. The glass is pretty resistant to stains and odors and has long-term hygiene.

What we like

  • It uses advanced space development technology

What we dislike

  • Since it is a solid glass, you cannot see the quantity being poured or the amount in the glass from afar

6. MagSafe Origami Grip Stand

Called the MagSafe Origami Grip Stand – this sleek little stand is inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding. It can be folded flat and vice versa, cutting down the trouble of assembly and disassembly. This stand will offer excellent support to your dad’s iPhone, without causing any damage to it. We can watch his shows in peace, or scroll through his phone without having to hold it up.

Click Here to Buy Now: $45

Why is it noteworthy?

The MagSafe Origami Grip Stand is lightweight, with a card-sized thin design. It can be easily attached to your phone, or slipping into your pocket, and it won’t look awkward or odd! The stand will be firmly attached to your phone, and it won’t fall apart even if you move about a lot.

What we like

  • Draws inspiration from the Japanese art of Origami
  • It will stay securely attached to your phone

What we dislike

  • It only works with iPhone 12 and later models, excluding the iPhone SE, making it a limited product

7. Everyday Messenger

Say hello to the Everyday Messenger – a visually stunning, smartly-designed, and adaptable messenger bag which is designed to be many things – ranging from a camera bag to a day-to-day essential carry workhorse. If your dad works in the creative field and has a ton of work gear he needs to carry around, but no stylish and convenient way to carry it, then you need to gift him the Everyday Messenger this Father’s Day!

Why is it noteworthy?

The Everyday Messenger is designed for photographers, creatives, travelers, and daily commuters. It is available in Charcoal and Heritage Tan colors and adds an element of sleek style and quick efficiency to your everyday carry experience. The bag maintains its shapely figure even if your load is light or heavy.

What we like

  • Features dividers that allow the bag to expand or contract depending on your gear
  • You can wear the strap in a multitude of styles

What we dislike

  • Users said it slides around too much when worn

8. AirCard

Meet AirCard – the first card-sized tracker in the world with an integrated Digital ID, which works exclusively with the Apple Find My network. There are multitudes of Apple products being used around the world, and the AirCard emits a strong Bluetooth signal which can be detected by devices surrounding it in the network. This allows you to track your wallet no matter where it is, ensuring you never truly lose. If your dad is someone who frequently loses his wallet, then the AirCard is an ingenious present for him.

Why is it noteworthy?

Even if your wallet is hidden somewhere close by, you can make it emit a noise using the AirCard app, allowing you to easily trace and locate it. You could also ask Siri where your wallet is, and to make it sound. Also if you leave your wallet behind somewhere, you will get a notification immediately due to the Find My app.

What we like

  • It also has an advanced lost mode to provide your contact details in case someone finds your wallet

What we dislike

  • The battery is not replaceable

9. Full Leather Wallet Case

Called the Full Leather Wallet Case, this cover for the iPhone 15 Pro provides complete protection to your smartphone, while also making it look great. The cover features premium European leather tanned in the Netherlands, and there is a choice between black, brown, and blue finishes. The camera lenses are protected by a machined metal rim, while a polycarbonate inner structure with a microfiber interior lining provides protection against bumps.

Why is it noteworthy?

Each case features a slot on the back that can hold up to two cards with ease. You can also pull out the cards easily, and the wallet doesn’t detach or fall off from your phone when you pull it out of your pocket.

What we like

  • Utilizes the highest-quality leather and is tanned using a special DriTan process

What we dislike

  • You will need to remove the cards when you snap Apple’s MagSafe charger onto the back of the cover


Say hello to the world’s smallest LED flashlight – the BULLET light. Designed to be functional, minima, and refined, the BULLET EDC is more than just your regular flashlight. It is a tiny flashlight designed to be the next step in mini everyday carry. If your dad loves carrying compact little tools with him on the go, then the BULLET light is a thoughtful and exceptional Father’s Day present for him.

Why is it noteworthy?

Shaped and sized like a bullet, the BULLET flashlight features a sleek and minimal design that isn’t too bad on the eyes. It is a strong LED mini flashlight in a lightweight and minimal form, and it eliminates the use of bulky flashlights from your everyday carry.

What we like

  • Features a built-in keychain that lets you carry the flashlight with you wherever you go

What we dislike

  • The size is pretty small, so it can be easily misplaced if not handled carefully

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Top 10 Retro-Themed Gifts for Father’s Day That Will Take Your Dad Back to the 80s

There is truly something magical about retro-inspired designs, They manage to evoke a deep sense of nostalgia within us, taking us right back to the 80s. And you know who truly loves a good old retro-themed product? Our dads! Maybe because they were actually alive during the 80s, and they feel a sense of wholeness and comfort when they come across such thoughtful designs. With Father’s Day around the corner, you may want to take your dad on a trip down memory lane, by gifting him a cool retro-inspired product. And, we’ve curated a collection of such designs for you to pick from! Though these designs are wonderfully retro-esque, they have been imbibed with modern functionality. Their aesthetics may be from their past, but their utility is embedded in the future. Have a look!


Nixie designed this steampunk-inspired NIXIOD NEXT which incorporates Nixie tubes. The watch features rare Nixie VFD lamps which were discovered around 25 years ago. This unique design beautifully merges a healthy and fascinating mix of futurism and retro, by integrating retro tubes into the form of a modern wristwatch. It’s the perfect Father’s Day present for dads who love a nostalgic touch and want to show off their retro possessions on their wrists.

Why is it noteworthy?

The NIXIOD NEXT merges an accelerometer which lights up the VFD tubes when moved toward the user. The interesting tubes were found in a warehouse from the days of the USSR, making it a historic limited-edition collectible.

What we like

  • Equipped with charging points on the back, making it an easy charge
  • Features a scratch-resistant sapphire case

What we dislike

  • When the watch display changes from hours to minutes, there is a 1.5-second pause

2. Portable CD Cover Player

Called the Portable CD Cover Player, this minimalist CD player is designed to be a unique retro design that merges an exceptional listening experience with the beauty of visual art. You can slip the CD jacket or sleeve inside the specially designed-pocket, enabling you to display and showcase your favorite CD. It’s a great present for your dad, letting him boast his prized CDs from his youthful days, in his home!

Click Here to Buy Now: $199

Why is it noteworthy?

The Portable CD Cover Player is essentially the physical equivalent of showcasing digital album art, with the extra benefit of being able to showcase your physical original CD.

What we like

  • It is a portable product with a 40mm full-range speaker and woofer unit, allowing you to listen to your favorite music wherever you please
  • Features a 1,800mAh battery providing 7-8 hours of exceptional audio

What we dislike

  • It does not support syncing music with any digital medium, only an analog style of music-listening

3. ‘A for Ara’ Speakers

If your dad is a music lover, and someone who loves an occasional trip down memory lane, then you may want to consider gifting him these speakers this Father’s Day. Designed by ‘A for Ara’, and called the FS-1 and Fs-2 speakers, these retro-modern speakers feature an eclectic blend of design styles. They have an appeal to them which seems grand and larger-than-life, while also showcasing a nature-inspired theme.

Why is it noteworthy?

The retro-themed speakers have two visual parts – the basic unit, and the upper phonograph-inspired horn. The base unit holds the audio drivers and acoustic cabinet, while the horn has both visual and functional utility. The speakers literally look like massive morning glory flowers, which amplifies sound.

What we like

  • Merges audiophile-grade engineering and tuning with a mesmerizing avant-garde aesthetic

What we dislike

  • Bulky and space-consuming design, not suitable for homes with space constraints

4. Unfiltered Titanium Whisky Glass

Called the Unfiltered Titanium Whisky Glass, this glass is inspired by the range of metallic hues, and it recreates the fascinating light and color play. The result is a stunning visual experience for you with its 1 /f fluctuating pattern, reminiscent of phenomena like murmuring streams. The pure titanium body is not just a material, its a material that amplifies your drinking experience with its purity. The Whisky Glass is a classic piece, handcrafted by skilled Japanese artisans from Shizuoka, making for a wonderful retro-themed gift for your father, if he likes to enjoy a drink or two.

Click Here to Buy Now: $65.00

Why is it noteworthy?

It uses cutting-edge technology which forms a mesmerizing color play. The glass is highly biocompatible and safe, even more than platinum or gold. It is resistant to odors and stains and facilitates long-term hygiene.

What we like

  • It is the perfect blend of tradition and innovation
  • Utilizes advanced space development technology

What we dislike

  • Given that its a solid glass, we cannot look at the quantity being poured or the quantity in the glass from a distance.

5. The Ballast Pen

Pen gif 1

Promised to be unnecessarily heavy and gloriously over-engineered, this pen is one for the generations. As the name suggests, this pen draws inspiration from the ship’s ballast and is machined from solid brass. The result is a pen that is extremely smooth and heavy, weighing almost 50x more than the disposable alternatives. For father’s who love to collect and cherish heritage pieces, this one is for the ages.

Why is it noteworthy?

Writing with this pen is an exercise, requiring your entire hand. It’s inspiration, the ballad, is the essential yet unseen weight that steadies ships during their age of explorations. The ballast pen embodies this crucial weightiness and history in it’s design.

What we like

  • Machined from 100% solid brass
  • Every component of this pen is machined to within one-thousandth of an inch, delivering maximum smoothness

What we dislike

  • The pen is so outrageously heavy, it is not convenient for long periods of writing.

6. The AirFlow 8-Panel Fire Pit

Called the AirFlow 8-Panel Fire Pit, this modular 8-panel design is a portable sheet metal wonder designed for the outdoors. The unique firepit can be used to create a warm campfire in the winter, or as a high-temperature grilling pit to start up an amazing barbecue for a delicious outdoor meal. If your father enjoys camping or spending time outdoors, this one-of-a-kind firepit allows him to experience the joy of an outdoor fire with ease, so he can spend more time enjoying the campfire rather than fiddling with building it.

Click Here to Buy Now: $325

Why is it noteworthy?

The Fire Pit is the perfect lightweight fire-building gear for dads who love spending time outdoors, letting them swiftly build campfires without any trouble. It has a cinder within, which keeps the fire covered, ensuring no embers fall out.

What we like

  • You can disassemble it into various parts and carry it in a special carrying case
  • It can be easily assembled within a minute

What we dislike

  • The design weighs higher than about 6kgs, making it less portable than some of the designs available in the market.

7. Retroduck Q

Called the Retroduck Q, this little design provides fast wireless charging in the form of an aesthetically unique design, which looks like a retro-style television! It is designed to be a quick wireless charger that looks like an old TV but with a modern touch. The design is reminiscent and feels familiar, while also featuring proven technology. It is a handy little gadget to gift your dad on Father’s Day, ensuring his phone never runs out of juice.

Why is it noteworthy?

The original Retroduck was upgraded to form the RetroduckQ, and it features a retro-style smartphone dock, and an added smart wireless charging function. You cannot really compare it with any other wireless charger, it packs modern functionality with nostalgic design into one form.

What we like

  • A stylish and convenient way to fast charge your smartphone

What we dislike

  • Given it’s fixed size, it maybe difficult to accommodate the bigger phones comfortably.

8. LEGO Radio

For the father’s who enjoy tinkering with their own design and create something, this LEGO Radio gives them the best of both world’s. The set unfortunately cannot play your local radio station, but it can play the pre-recorded tunes it comes with. The dial can be turned, along with Spotify or Apple Music and comes with an extendable antenna and tuner window as well for those old world feels. After all, it’s never too late to play and rekindle your childhood again.

Why is it noteworthy?

The radio is actually functional, with a select tunes and Apple Music/Spotify support and comes with a colour palette that adds to overall nostalgic feel. Standing at 13 inches high, 9 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep, it is a model that you can tinker with as much as you want without any worry of spoiling the equipment.

What we like

  • Comes in vintage-inspired green and beige palette
  • You can plug your smartphone in a concealed compartment on the back panel and play your favourite music

What we dislike

  • We wish there was a transmitter inserted to actually play live radio stations when we want to!

9. The Retro 18 Mechanical Numpad

Called the Retro 18 Mechanical Numpad, this little product is inspired by the retro aesthetic of the tech from the 80s and 90s. It functions as an independent peripheral device that can be teamed up with its companion keyboard, or even used separately as an old-school calculator. It features a red and black seven-segment display which is pure retro-inspired beauty. If your dad works from home, then the Numpad will make for an exceptional addition to his WFH desk accessories!

Why is it noteworthy?

The Numpad is available in four different colors, each inspired by iconic gaming systems – the M edition, the Famicom edition, the C64 model, and the N edition. They are inspired by the design language of classic consoles, adding a pinch of retro charm to a desk setup.

What we like

  • Features a rechargeable 1000mAh Li-on battery that offers a solid 160 hours of use on a single charge

What we dislike

  • It may not match the overall aesthetic of their desk setup, unless we plan on upgrading your keyboard and mouse as well!


If your father is someone who enjoys retro-inspired designs and works from home, then you may want to consider gifting him PENNA. PENNA is a wireless Bluetooth keyboard inspired by a typewriter. It is far from a normal keyboard – it features diamond or chrome keycaps, as well as a cherry key switch. It has a macro bar to save frequently used keys/words. Best of all, you can dock your tablet or phone in the keyboard for ease of use while typing on the go.

Why is it noteworthy?

It is amped with Bluetooth 4.2 with a low energy requirement which ensures long idle battery time. You can register up to 5 devices with the keyboard using Bluetooth. It supports all OS including Windows, Android, and iOS.

What we like

  • The perfect combination of nostalgic design and modern tech
  • Maintains up to 6 months of idle time with two AA-size batteries

What we dislike

  • The switch labeling on one side of the keyboard looks quite unappealing and isn’t very clear either

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LEGO Polaroid OneStep SX-70 camera revives 70s photography nostalgia

LEGO Ideas is the best thing that happened for the community of enthusiastic LEGO builders who can’t curtail their imagination when it comes to creating jaw-dropping builds. Now, yet another LEGO set brings back the nostalgia of photography just in time for the holiday season. Thanks to YouTuber Marc (Minibrick Productions YouTube channel) who shares his interesting ideas on Google’s invincible video-sharing platform.

Remember the Polaroid SX-70 fold-flat instant camera that rocked the early 1970s? Now this iconic shooter has got the LEGO treatment in the form of a 516-brick set. The creation is a result of Minibrick Productions’ submission of the idea that earlier debuted as a concept. It’s partially functional, so you can’t click real-time photographs with this camera. The LEGO Polaroid OneStep SX-70 is for yours to grab as it can be pre-ordered right away at a price tag of $80 with release slated for January 1, 2024. Certainly, that’s way cheaper than getting the original one that’s a prized collector’s item now.

Designer: LEGO Ideas

It’s a disappointment that this piece of retro-futurism cannot click actual photographs, still to keep the enthusiasts in the feels, there’s a Polaroid Time-Zero Land Film pack with three storable slides. Just slide one of these slides into the camera’s body and press the shutter button to eject the illustrated photograph. One of these photographic slides is that of Edwin H. Land, who invented the Polaroid camera.

To keep things authentic, the LEGO camera has the signature Color Spectrum of the Polaroid and the exposure compensation dial to a new 8×10 tile. As I said, it’s partially functional, so there working viewfinder and shutter button. To induce a bit of quirkiness, there’s the “photography-led” marketing that comes with the “NOT SHOT ON LEGO Polaroid Camera” sticker on the photos.

Piecing together this LEGO Polaroid camera is going to be a fun activity over the weekend and it’s going to induce the interest of onlookers who might mistake it for the real thing at first glance.

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Unique Book-mounted Reading Light lets you get a few chapters in without waking anyone

Sitting atop your book sort of like a halo, the Bowio 2.0 is a genius reading light that illuminates your pages and not your entire room. The light, styled like a leather fashion accessory, clips onto the left and right sides of your book cover, while LEDs built into its strap cast a soft glow that’s powerful enough to let you read in the pitch dark.

In an era dominated by OLED displays, it’s refreshing to see a book-light like the Bowio make the kind of impact it’s making. Now in its second edition, the Bowio 2.0 builds upon the success of its predecessor which raised over half a million dollars from 7000 backers back in 2021. The world’s most funded book light is back for round two, with a few improvements to its design, craftsmanship, and functionality.

Designers: Anıl Ercan and SozumDogan

Click Here to Buy now: $59 $74 (20% off). Hurry, only 8/1140 left! Raised over $200,000.

The format of the Bowio 2.0 remains unchanged for the sole reason that it works so brilliantly. Sitting on your book like a golden arch, the Bowio 2.0 shines warm LED lights at your pages, allowing you to read, turn pages, and move around without having the light cause you or anyone discomfort. The Bowio 2.0 clips onto each end of your book (and is long enough to fit larger books or even board games like DnD), with multiple LEDs that cast a warm diffused glow that doesn’t cause any shadows, helping you read clearly. It attaches directly to your book, unlike other body-worn reading lights, which means you can adjust yourself without worrying about the light’s orientation going askew, and like its predecessor, the Bowio 2.0 has touch-sensitive brightness settings built in that let you adjust the LED brightness to suit your needs.

Bowio GameLight is specifically designed for Game Masters, it fits seamlessly with both carton and wooden screens.

Craftsmanship is one of Bowio 2.0’s highlights, with varieties spanning both vegan and genuine leather options. No matter which material you pick, the Bowio’s stitching and edge-finishing are impeccable, and the leather has just the right amount of stiffness to hold its shape no matter how you use it. Metal buckles on both ends separate the LED strip from the Bowio 2.0’s magnetic clip, and N52 neodymium magnets in the clips on each side help the Bowio 2.0 firmly grasp onto both paperback and hardbound books. High CRI LEDs offer better color rendering than regular LEDs, and draw power from a battery pack that gives it up to 95 hours (depending on the brightness setting) of use on a full charge. You can run your Bowio on 1.5V rechargeable batteries, charging them through a built-in USB-C port, or use disposable AAA batteries that are more readily available.

The Bowio 2.0 campaign is seeing a pretty good response right off the bat, which gives me hope for a human race that still prefers offline entertainment like reading and gaming (it even got an Honorable Mention at the 2023 LIT Lighting Design Awards). The self-proclaimed book light attaches onto board games too, allowing you to play in dimly lit environments, and each Bowio 2.0 ships with a tabletop standing accessory if you opt for its ‘Gamer’ edition. For the avid bookworm, the Bowio 2.0 is available in pastel or colorful vegan leather editions, along with an Alcantara synthetic leather variant. However, if you’re looking for something more au naturel, you’ve got variants made from cowhide in regular, suede, and even textured variants to resemble snake or croc leather… and finally a 24K gold gilded leather book light for elite bookworms. Each Bowio 2.0 comes packaged in a classy plastic-free kraft carton box that can easily be composted/recycled, and ships globally.

Click Here to Buy now: $59 $74 (20% off). Hurry, only 8/1140 left! Raised over $200,000.

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IKEA’s 2023 Advent Calendar is a Christmas-themed Diorama of Tiny Treats

While traditional advent calendars from the 1850s were designed as cards with biblical verses in them, counting down the days to Christmas, modern-day advent calendars make the process a little more fun by including tiny gifts that build up the anticipation to the 25th of December. Major brands participate in the Advent Calendar trend, and IKEA isn’t one to be left out. The Vinterfint Advent Calendar comes flat-packed like every IKEA product, and needs to be assembled together. Put the pieces together and you end up creating an adorable Christmas-themed diorama with characters, houses, trees, and a few snowmen too! Under each of these objects lies a small trinket or chocolate that sparks joy every day for the 24 days before the grand celebration!

Designer: IKEA

The Vinterfint advent calendar opens up to reveal an adorable Christmas scene featuring Santa, snowmen, and a few goats from the nativity display. You’ve also got decked-up Christmas trees and classic countryside-roofed houses amidst a snowy landscape.

Each paper object can be lifted up to reveal goodies underneath, featuring a selection of chocolates including pralines, nougats, and truffles, ensuring a sweet treat for each day leading up to Christmas. IKEA designer Paulin Machado envisioned it as a way to engage in holiday arts and crafts, providing everything needed to create a winter landscape complete with Christmas trees and snowmen.

The broader VINTERFINT collection, which the Advent Calendar is a part of, is IKEA’s way of creating a cozy atmosphere that falls in line with its brand ethos as well as the warm holiday spirit. The collection, inspired by Scandinavian folklore and traditional handicrafts, includes items like table linen, tree ornaments, gift bags, and wrapping paper. The wrapping paper, for instance, features horses, fire trees, and red apples, a nod to IKEA’s Swedish roots, infusing traditional Swedish folk art with a modern twist.

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This Gorgeous Coffee Advent Calendar gives you 24 Unique Blends to count down days till Christmas

A calendar that looks AND tastes great!

For the uninitiated, Advent Calendars aren’t your standard calendars. Rather than chronicling the 365 days into 12 months, Advent Calendars have just one simple purpose – to count down the days till Christmas. The calendar became somewhat of a tradition in the 1850s, with 24 different flaps that had Bible verses that you’d read every day up until Christmas Day on the 25th of December. In modern times, the calendar has become more of a gifting ritual, with brands creating tiny calendars with products/gifts for each day. This year, the folks at Onyx Coffee Lab decided to make a calendar that quite literally gets you ‘charged up’ for Christmas. The 2023 Coffee Advent Calendar comes in a gorgeous box that opens up to reveal an entire spread of coffee. The box itself is decorated beautifully with gold foil, and creates a wonderful fanned presentation of coffee sachets when opened. I imagine once you’re done drinking all that coffee, it would make for an incredible book or magazine holder!

Designer: Onyx Coffee Lab

Click Here to Buy Now

Featuring 24 days of coffee, the calendar explores various origins, blends, and processing methods, allowing you to experience a veritable tapestry of coffee flavors leading up to Christmas. It’s a perfect way to explore the world through a single cup before deciding on what coffee you want to try more of in the next year!

While Onyx delights practically every year with its gorgeous advent calendars, this year’s packaging exudes elegance and is designed to leave a lasting impression. The box’s exterior is adorned with stunning seasonal illustrations, enhanced with gold foil treatments. Upon opening the box, you’ll discover an accordion-style collection box revealing 24 individually wrapped bags of coffee. Each bag is marked from Day 1 to Day 24, guiding you on a daily journey of coffee discovery. A beautifully designed information card is also included, providing details about each coffee, adding to the overall unique coffee experience.

Click Here to Buy Now

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Tesla’s limited edition CyberBeer looks like the Cybertruck condensed in a can

Excitement around the Tesla Cybertruck is amping up to giga proportions as rumors abound about the weirdly-shaped vehicle, which is seemingly going into full volume production in a matter of months. Further stoking the proverbial bonfire, news sources reported spotting a fleet of Tesla Cybertrucks at Gigafactory Texas.

The Cybertruck hype cycle is now in full gear. And yet it’s apparently the perfect moment for the Cybertruck maker to announce an entirely different flavor of cyber. Late last week, Tesla unveiled its CyberBeer + CyberStein Limited Edition Set, and – yes, it’s a total swing out of left field – but when you’re hungry for anything Cybertruck-related, relatively speaking, a new $150 collector’s item from Tesla is small fries. Especially when it potentially tastes great and quenches the thirst for good beer in addition to the thirst for a new electric vehicle shaped like Porygon.

Designer: Tesla

Admittedly, the new CyberBeer + CyberStein Limited Edition set – which contains two bottles of CyberBeer and two CyberSteins to pour it in – looks like it’s straight out of Cyberpunk 2077 though it’s deliberately meant to mimic the style of the Cybertruck. Given the CyberBeer bottle’s black-and-white gloss color scheme, graffiti-style “CyberBeer” lettering and angled shape, it looks like it’d fit right in at a bar in Night City served next to a bottle of Pingo Pálido. In what appears to be a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor, the back of the beer bottle features the words “haha cheers” in a far more standard-looking typeface.

Tesla describes the CyberBeer beverage itself as “a Helles Lager with European Noble Hops Saaz and Hallertau Mittlefruh. Accentuated by notes of herb and spice and more notable aromas of tea and citrus.” The included CyberStein looks a bit more like the actual Cybertruck model, thanks to its matte black appearance that actually features a miniature Tesla logo near the top.

If you want to buy one of these for yourself, you’re out of luck; the limited edition set sold out almost immediately when it went up. It could come back in another wave, but at this point, you may be holding out just as long as you would for a new Cybertruck.

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Top 10 Desk accessories that are a must have for a productive desk setup

As someone who sits in front of a computer all day, there’s nothing better than working at a desk that I assembled and decorated myself. Likewise, if you’re working out of your very own home office – where you ideally have space to get creative with the elements that make up your work area – you may want some tips on how to fill that space with items that offer both function and form in equal measure. The possibilities are limitless, and everyone has different tastes. Some of us like putting succulents in our workspaces, others don’t. Regardless, aside from obvious purchases like pens and notepads, there are ten staple desk accessory “categories” that you probably shouldn’t ignore. If I were shopping for a new home office right this moment – from scratch – these are the ten items that would sit at the top of my shopping cart:

1. PowerPic mod Wireless Charger

The PowerPic mod Wireless Charger is a decently-priced yet gorgeous wireless charger that is widely compatible with all types of phones. It’s slated to work with MagSafe and non-MagSafe iPhones, Android phones, and it even lets you customize the frame with your own 4×6 image, allowing it to blend with nearby furniture and match the overall style you’re going for. It only requires a single USB-C cable hooked into the base to power it, making for a clean appearance with no messy stray cables laying about.

2. Lamicall Headset Stand H1

The Lamicall Headset Stand H1 is an inexpensive way to store over-ear headphones on your desk without skimping on quality. The upper lip is designed to protect your headphones’ padding against damage, and the base appears sturdy enough to sit firmly on a desk without slipping and sliding around whenever you remove or replace your headphones. This is a simple product, but it makes total sense to have around; storing your headphones on their side on the desk surface is a missed opportunity to let them shine, and thanks to multiple color options, you can make the Lamicall Headset Stand work with any desk.

3. Shure MOTIV MV5

Shure is one of the best microphone brands on the market, and you don’t even need to purchase one of its premium XLR mics like the popular SM7B. The Shure MV5 is an excellent, affordable, and compact condenser mic that is well-known for outputting high-quality audio while taking very little desk space. This little orb comes in two slick color palettes; white ribs with a black chassis, or an all-black exterior accented with a red inlay. Not only is the versatile MV5 a great microphone for a streamer, a podcaster, or an office worker wanting to sound clear in video calls; it could also be useful for the traveling musician who wants to bring their recording studio on the go.

4. HappyLight Luxe by Verilux

It’s fall, which means seasonal affective disorder is coming sooner than many of us are comfortable with – at least, up here in the Northern Hemisphere. That said, the rather tiny and comparatively affordable HappyLight Luxe Therapy Lamp could be a great assistant to get rid of the SAD by tricking your brain into believing the sun is fully visible, even when it’s dark outside. Its convenient tablet shape makes it way easier to fit on a packed desk than some of the other, bigger therapy lamps on the market. But it doesn’t compromise on power to achieve such a slim and slender form factor; the HappyLight Luxe is rated to output 10,000 lux, which is roughly how bright it is outside in the middle of a clear summer day.

5. LEATHER VILLAGE Vintage Leather Bound Journal

The Leather Village Vintage Leather Bound Journal is a rather unconventional alternative to smaller, cheaper journals. But hear me out: how much cooler would it be to write work notes and conduct journaling sessions with a giant, leather-bound journal that looks straight out of Middle-Earth? Leather Village balances rustic charm with eco-friendly principles, vowing to only use leather from water buffalo that died of natural causes and paper made from recycled cotton waste. In any case, this is one of the most stylish journals I’ve ever seen – perfect for stationary enthusiasts.

6. Bose 700 Headphones

Sure, the Bose 700 Noise Cancelling Headphones are on the expensive side relative to other noise cancelling headphones in this range, but the key difference is that this pair is also wireless. You can’t argue with Bose’s durability and sound quality, and the Bose 700 is built with high-quality materials to provide a balanced sound stage and decent noise cancelling features with a 20 hour battery life. Its extra mics allow it to pick up more of your voice as well, making it a strong daily driver for phone calls and video conferencing.

As far as $300 headphones go, this is an all-rounder that hits every box on the checklist of features you might want when isolating yourself from annoying sounds in your work environment, and it also sounds good, looks good, and lasts for a long time without needing a charge. When you do finally need to recharge it, it should only take about two and a half hours plugged into the wall via USB-C. It comes in black or luxe silver.


7. Goblintechkeys Pastel Pink Seaside Desk Mat

Goblintechkeys’ Pastel Pink Seaside Desk Mat is one of several custom desk mats from Goblintechkeys, and though it happens to be my personal favorite, all of them look gorgeous and immediately breathe life into any desk surface they’re placed on. It’s advertised to use 100% natural rubber to create a spill-resistant, non-slip surface that works great as a mouse pad, a desk surface protector, and a cushy place to rest your wrists. I recommend the extra large (90x40cm) desk mat, which can comfortably seat a keyboard and a mouse on a desk surface while livening up the entire workstation.

8. YETI Rambler 46 Oz Water Bottle

Everyone needs to drink more water. Fortunately, water bottles are always in fashion, and the YETI Rambler 46 Oz Water Bottle is just as useful in an office as it is in the middle of a desert. Yes, this is an expensive bottle, but YETI bottles are famously sturdy, clean, aesthetically appealing, and designed to maintain internal temperatures longer than other brands. This is probably the fanciest water bottle you’ll ever buy, but it’s also potentially the only water bottle you’ll ever need to buy. It comes in several color options, including navy, charcoal, seafoam, black, and white.

9. Serenilite Hand Therapy Stress Ball

Working long hours in one position is stressful business, which is why I always keep my Serenilite Hand Therapy Stress Ball nearby in my own home office. Squeezing these colorful little balls can build up your hand and wrist muscles while easing tension in your body. I even gave it a few good squeezes while writing this article, but the best part of using it so often is it’s never scratched or torn; in fact, it still looks exactly like it did the day I bought it in 2020, when I was first setting up my workspace. Fortunately, Serenilite offers these in packs of three (in case you lose one) including soft, medium, and hard options if you have a preference for one or the other.

10. Samsung T7 Shield

USB storage options are abundant nowadays, but I don’t regret purchasing a Samsung T7 Shield earlier in the summer when I needed a way to migrate all of my data from an older external HDD to something faster and more secure. This tiny portable SSD can carry up to 4TB of storage space and is now shipping for a relatively low price, though you can buy a 1TB model at sub-$100 these days. Thanks to USB 3.2 connectivity and the T7 Shield’s lightweight design, you can use it to easily store and transfer information between all of your devices – allowing you to let Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iPad Pro, or even gaming devices like the PlayStation 5 transfer files between one another.

I personally keep my T7 Shield hooked up to my PC, where I offload Steam games and play those games directly from the drive, which works way better in practice than I expected, given that it’s an inexpensive way to seamlessly add terabytes of storage to my device.

What makes it truly stand out, however, is just how durable and secure it is. As a Windows user, I can use Samsung’s proprietary software to set a password on my T7 Shield, which locks anyone out of accessing or even viewing the drive partition unless I personally unlock it from my Windows computer. This means nobody is going to be able to break into it and access my data if it gets stolen. It’s also rated to survive up to 9.8 ft drops and is even rated as water resistant and fully dust-proof.

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This levitating box-cutter and paperclip holder are by far the coolest tabletop stationery money can buy

Designed by the maker of the Levitating Pen from a little over a year ago, Novium returns with some more gravity-defying office instruments. The two new pieces of space-inspired stationery are the Edge, a hovering box-cutter, letter-opener, and scale, and the Shuttleport, a similar gravity-defying paperclip holder. With a design that’s a unique combination of practical and utterly fascinating, the Edge and Shuttleport bring a sense of futurism and whimsy to your tabletop. They compel you to look away from your screen once in a while and just stare in wonder at them as they float. Suspended using a set of precisely positioned magnets, the Edge and Shuttleport make for rather engaging fidget toys too, as they bob up and down when gently nudged.

Designer: Novium

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The Novium Edge is a multipurpose tool that effortlessly hovers above its magnetic base, making it an eye-catching addition to any desk. The levitating box cutter, letter-opener, and scale comes with an edgy, future-friendly design that’s simultaneously also ergonomic, intuitive, and safe to use. When docked, the Edge rests reliably on its anti-gravity base, hovering at a precise 12° angle that makes it easy to grab whenever you want.

The Edge’s design visually splits into its three broad functions. At the very tip is the box-cutter, made from stainless steel with a 1mm-wide safety tip that lets you pierce through boxes but not hurt or harm skin. The Edge’s anodized aluminum grip has a notched upper surface that serves as a precision scale, and a semi-sharp bottom surface that’s perfectly dull enough to cut through envelopes and packages to reveal the contents within.

The Edge sits at a 12° angle against its magnetic base, with the handle hovering in mid-air for you to easily grab onto. Docking the Edge is satisfying too as it instantly grabs its position with a click.

The Edge weighs a mere 25 grams, and despite its angular grip, is incredibly comfortable to hold and use. Its weighted mid-section gives it a sense of reliability as you grip it, and the blunt-tipped box cutter is safe enough to hold without hurting yourself. It’s notoriously effective against boxes, though, so points for that. The Edge’s base, on the other hand, is made from zinc (with powerful built-in rare-earth magnets) and weighs a sizeable 130 grams. This makes it an effective docking station for the Edge because it remains in its place as you engage or disengage the magnetic system while you’re lifting or docking the Edge. The heavy base also makes it a pretty wonderful paperweight, adding to the Edge’s list of impressive features.

The Edge’s rocking motion makes it a brilliant fidget-toy to constantly play with

While magnetic paper-clip holders have been around for decades, none are as impressive as the Shuttleport. With a design that actually glorifies the paper clip, the Shuttleport comes with a split-arc form factor that’s filled with visual drama, and its matte-black color simply serves to guide your eye to the hovering silver paperclip located at its center. The Shuttleport comes with two kinds of clips, the bent-wire kind and the sheet-metal kind. Both the clips sport an angular paper-plane-inspired design (giving legitimacy to the word Shuttle in Shuttleport), although one is well suited for binding papers together into documents, and the other acts as a metallic bookmark, marking pages for you to go back to.

The Shuttleport’s anti-gravity base comes with a platform for docking one levitating clip, and a dedicated storage area on the side for keeping the rest of the clips handy just when you need them. The anti-gravity base looks a lot like the one seen on the company’s levitating HoverPen series, although this one’s designed to work with paper-clips instead. The clips rest at a precarious angle, pointing towards the sky, while their plane/jet-inspired design just feels like a wonderful extra design detail that is bound to grab anyone’s attention even when the clips aren’t on their levitating docking station.

Simply pinch the clip and lift it off its anti-gravity base to un-dock it. Once you’ve used the clip, return it to the base and it automatically aligns with the magnets.

The paper clip and bookmark both come with a paper-plane-inspired design

Both the Novium Edge and Shuttleport are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The aluminum, steel, and zinc construction gives them a premium feel while being lightweight and easy to handle. The weighted magnetic bases provide a stable foundation for these levitating marvels, ensuring that they stay in place and function flawlessly.

The Edge comes in Space Black and Starlight Silver color options, whereas the Shuttleport has a single Space Black variant. Launched as Novium’s fourth campaign on Kickstarter, the Edge starts at a discounted $69 while the Shuttleport is priced at a discounted $39. If you want to grab both of them, you can for just $99, making them a wonderful addition to your office or WFH tabletop, or an absolutely stellar gift for a special someone. The Novium Edge and Shuttleport begin shipping in August 2023.

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Top 10 minimalist ways to create the perfect romantic ambiance this Valentine’s season

It’s February 14, and that time of the year when couples worldwide choose to celebrate with dinner dates in posh restaurants, or head to romantic getaways, or even have an intimate date night at home. All you need is a little décor, a nice hearty meal, and a few exchanges of gifts to complete this celebration of love and affection. But before we start decorating our homes, let us understand the origin of Valentine’s Day.

The theory goes that Emperor Claudius II of Rome executed two men named Valentine on February 14 separately in two different years in the 14th century. It is said that St. Valentine was a priest arrested for defying a Roman decree forbidding soldiers from marrying. As a result, he was executed as wed lovers in secret and thus is known as the patron saint of love. Hence, the annual celebration of love and romance across the world’s various regions pays homage to St. Valentine, and the festival is named after him.

So, indulge your affection for your beloved and transform your celebration into an awesome and unforgettable one. Here are some amazing Valentine’s Day decoration ideas to hang out on cloud 9 with your Valentine.

1. Style the Table

Dress up your table in style, as nothing says romance more than a nice candlelight dinner. Red is the color of passion, so strategically create a layered setting with hues of red in the table linen, dinnerware, and placement mats. Make sure to strike the right balance, so the tablescape looks elegant and not gaudy.

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2. Eclectic Candle

Designed by James Kaoru Bury, the Chouchin Candle is pillar-shaped, styled to look like a traditional Japanese ‘chouchin’ lantern. It is made from two different grades of wax, one on the inside, which burns the way an ordinary candle would, and the non-melting wax on the outside, which serves as the candle’s exterior; it lends subtle translucency and mimics the effects of a lantern by diffusing the light that passes through it. The best part is that the wax collects within the candle when it melts and eliminates the need for having a plate or tray below. The candle can be held while it’s burning, and the traditional candle has a burning time of 60 hours.

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3. Say it with an Everlasting Rose

While roses are one of the most popular way of showcasing your love, the Everlasting Rose takes your sentimental display to a whole new level! In an era where we want our gifts to last and also be useful for a longer period of time, the ordinary rose that needs to be thrown away ends the romance a little too soon. The Everlasting Rose, on the other hand, lasts for upto three years without requiring any constant care. And before we go ahead and announce it artificial, the roses used are 100%natural and ethically sourced from farmers who grow them minus the pesticides or chemicals. Get your’s now and let it share your language of love for years!

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4. Set the ambience with an Aroma Diffuser

This minimalist aroma diffuser operates without a battery. It harnesses the power of a single candle and uses simple physics and science to spread calming aromas. It has a hypnotic effect that triggers the senses, soothes the mind, and is environmentally friendly.

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The sleek aroma diffuser looks like a home device with the luster of a metallic base. Its smooth and unadorned surface has a ceramic plate on top that acts as a filter that forms a subtle contrast with the base. Handcrafted by artisans from Hida, Japan, using traditional kilns, the porcelain forms the base for holding the scented oils. It has a battery-powered fan inside that offers an even aroma. Plus, it is easy to clean and maintain.

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5. Luxurious Barware showing elegance and style

Raise a toast to love because no V-Day celebration is complete without champagne or sparkling wine. Add hues of red to your bar counter with luxurious wine glasses that feature a red stem with sinuous curves, making the celebration more memorable. Such richness in barware takes the mood to a whole new level.

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6. Modular Flower Vase that holds flowers aesthetically

Valentine’s Day has been the biggest worldwide for sending flowers since the 17th century. Roses represent love because it is the favorite of Venus, the goddess of love, who believes roses stand for strong feelings and emotions.
Provide your aesthetics a unique flair by getting a stunning vase that brings the elements of the Earth together in beautiful harmony. This tubular vase is made of copper and a wood container with thin, removable, and adjustable copper pipes that provide the freedom to create your arrangement. The tubes come in different heights for an interesting visual effect and develop unique patinas over time, adding to the character of this one-of-a-kind vase. In addition, the wooden base offers enough weight to not topple over, even with large flowers.

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7. Spread Out Luxurious Bed Linen

Bedding is the pivotal point of your bedroom décor, so create a beautiful setting with satin or silk bedding. It infuses elegance and glamor and makes the space look enthusiastic. Velvet, silk and satin can be the perfect fabrics for your bed for relaxed comfort, snuggling, and a cozy setting. Red bed linen can envelop the bedroom in warmth and intimacy, but you can also go for hues of white, black, green, and blue as your choice. Ensure the window curtains or dressings are plush and alluring and can successfully cut outdoor light and external noise.

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8. Roll Out a Plush Carpet

A soft textured floor rug or carpet can offer warmth and a comfortable underfoot. It adds softness to the overall ambiance but ensure that it matches the bedding and upholstery. ‘The Many Faces of Red’ rug is a simple graphic design by UK-based artist and color theorist Josef Albers. It displays angular lines and a strong silhouette, while it’s red and rust-hued patterns pop against white and make a brilliant graphic statement in any bedroom or living space.

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9. Add a Personal Touch

Couples that laugh together last together! Let your space reflect your personality with decorative elements that personalize your relationships. This heart-shaped desk light brings in the perfect Valentine’s vibe, enlivens the space with color, injects visual interest, and crosses between a functional piece and a sculptural light. Complement the decor with some seasonal chocolates and fresh flowers.

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10. Romantic Melodies for a small dance

Don’t forget to play your favorite songs! Music can evoke emotions that relaxes the mind, sets the mood and lets conversations flow seamlessly. Reminiscent of old-school vinyl records, the sleek CD player breaks away from the mold with a minimalist art device. The plain, boxy shape of the player looks like a picture frame where the CD player can be displayed just like album art in music apps. In addition, this device transforms into a piece of decor, especially when you hang it on walls.

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While popular culture makes you believe that Valentine’s Day is only for love-struck couples, it’s a day of love and that love can be for anyone. Thus, all kinds of love should be celebrated, whether for your parents, siblings, or children.

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