Acer Aspire Vero laptops made from recycled plastic, ready for a more sustainable planet

Aspire Vero 14 Features

Acer continues to be a leader in the laptop market. It is the preferred brand not only for education but also for gaming. Of course, that can be argued, but when it comes to tech, we welcome any company as long a product delivers a great performance as needed.

Acer has just introduced a slew of new products from the Vero Series. The eco-conscious product portfolio includes two new Aspire Vero notebooks, the Veriton Vero all-in-one (AIO) desktop, new Vero monitors, a new Vero mouse and keyboard, and a Vero PD2325W projector. All of these products make use of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, as well as recyclable packaging.

Designer: Acer

Aspire Vero 15 Laptop

Aspire Vero 14 Laptop

We’ll focus on the two Aspire Vero laptops as these have been sustainably designed. They both run on the 12th Gen Intel Core processors and come with 14- and 15-inch Full HD displays. The Aspire Vero notebooks result from the brand’s commitment to making a more sustainable future. The “green” computers are made from recycled plastic, starting with the chassis. The latter uses 30% PCR plastic, saving some 21% in CO2 emissions. It’s also paint-free to lower the negative impact of VOCs.

The Aspire Vero notebooks are also easy to disassemble, which makes them ideal for upgrades, repairs, and even recycling. This series was actually given a few recognitions and awards. It was recognized at the Good Design Award 2021 and was a Reddot Winner for Packaging Design in 2021. It boasts an EPEAT Silver registration, so we know the products are really environment-friendly, and the claims are not just for marketing purposes.

Aspire Vero 15 Laptop Materials

On the base panel, you will see there is a Post Consumer Recycled logo to show the laptop is manufactured using post-consumer resins. Those PCR plastics are more sustainable, eco-frirendly, and can help reduce landfill waste. The bottom and top cover of the laptop, plus the operating surface and the screen bezel, are all made of 30% PCR materials. Even the keycaps (keyboards) use 50% PCR, so the laptop is really “green.”

Acer is all about reducing waste and adapting to the needs of the planets. The laptops can be easily upgraded as you can quickly take them apart, thanks to the use of standard screws. Acer has implemented the VeroSense smart battery management app for further energy efficiency.

Aspire Vero 14 Specs

Acer describes the new laptops as “Green but Mean” as the latest Intel processors power them. The Aspire Vero (AV14-51) uses 12th Gen Intel Core processors and Intel Iris Xe graphics. It comes equipped with WiFi 6, a couple of USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A ports, and a Thunderbolt 4/USB Type-C port. In addition, it comes with a 14-inch Full HD display ideal for work, school, or entertainment.

Acer Aspire Vero 15 Specs

The Aspire Vero (AV15-52) has a more prominent 15-inch Full HD display. It also runs on 12th Gen Intel Core processors and features the same USB 3.2 Type-A Gen1 ports and Thunderbolt 4/USB Type-C port. Like the 14-inch version, you can charge mobile devices even when the Vera notebook is turned off. The 15-inch laptop comes in Cobblestone Grey and Starry Black while the other laptop is also ready in Cobblestone Grey and Mariana Blue.

Acer Aspire Vero 15 Features

Both notebook computers even feature a Full HD camera to allow premium quality video-conferencing. This makes collaborating and connecting more enjoyable as you can see people more clearly than ever. Furthermore, to continue with the eco-friendly theme, both Aspire Vero laptops use OceanGlass trackpads. These are also “green” innovations from ocean-bound plastic.

Acer worked closely with Intel to ensure the computers met the requirements to be considered Intel Evo laptops. They meet Intel’s hardware specifications that allow improved battery life, responsiveness, fast charging, intelligent collaboration, and instant wake. We can expect a powerful performance from these two laptops, whether for work, school, business, or entertainment.

Acer Aspire Vero Laptop Series

Now let’s talk about pricing when the two laptops drop in September in the US. The Acer Aspire Vero (AV14-51) will be $749.99. However, it will come earlier in the EMEA and China this August for EUR 899 and RMB 4,999, respectively.

Availability of the Acer Aspire Vero (AV15-52) in the said regions and countries will be the same. It will be $749.99 in the US and EUR 999 and RMB 4,999 in EMEA and China beginning in August. The two Acer Aspire Vero laptops will continue the Taiwanese tech giant’s sustainable efforts, and we believe they won’t be the last.

Acer Aspire Vero Notebook

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OO STOOL x PLASTICIET is one colorful and sustainably-designed flat pack furniture piece

OO STOOL x PLASTICIET Limited Edition Designer

The OO Stool entered our consciousness a couple of years ago before the pandemic hit. It made an impression that it was flat-packed better than any Ikea stool and didn’t need any screws.

The studio behind the OO Stool has teamed up with another group to develop a new version. Meet the OO Stool X Plasticiet. The limited-edition series is a fresh take on the flat-pack stool. It’s a more sustainable version as it is made of plastic waste.

Designer: 56 Hours

OO STOOL x PLASTICIET Limited Edition Series

The Reduce, Reuse, Recycle campaign is going places. 56 Hours Studio came up with the product using material from a chocolate factory. Specifically, polycarbonate molds used for the chocolates in the factory have been used. The molds were gathered, shredded, melted, and then compressed into solid sheets. The company Plasticiet produced the material post-industrial plastic waste.

The OO Stool X Plasticiet can be flat for packaging and transportation. It can also be considered by Ikea like the original OO stool. The latter was also considered environment-friendly as it was made using CNC from different kinds of materials like wood, bamboo, plastic, single board, and reclaimed doors.

OO STOOL x PLASTICIET Limited Edition Where to Buy

The OO Stool X Plasticiet is the same as the original version except for the material. The collab with Plasticiet resulted in this furniture item that helps reduce waste. This project aimed to make a new edition of the OO stool, which was made possible with Plasticiet.

Like the original version, this one doesn’t need any tool to assemble—only the hammer that is cut from the same sheet. You don’t even need to use nails or screws here. It’s also a flat-pack design for easy transport and storage.

OO STOOL x PLASTICIET Limited Edition Where to Buy OO STOOL x PLASTICIET Limited Edition Features

The material is almost new and shows us that plastic and other materials can be reused. But, of course, they need to pass a different process. The flatpack stool comes with a beautiful, colorful pattern. The 56 Hours Design Studio made this edition as they reimagined ways to use and reuse plastic material. There is potential in used plastic, and the flatpack stool isn’t the only one. Expect more furniture pieces and items will be made with plastic material.

OO STOOL x PLASTICIET Limited Edition Design

Stools serve different purposes and they can be used in different places at home and outdoors. We have seen other interesting designs like the Mini Stools by Napp Studio and that laser-cut steel stool that looks a lot like a parked spaceship from a sci-fi movie. The Front Stool’s intuitive design allowed it for more functions. This OO Stool is somewhat similar to That Stool for its flat-pack design.



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This Meditation Chair will let you make space and have peace at the same time

Space Available Meditation Chair 2

Furniture items can now be considered as art pieces. The furniture design world has changed over the years, with many creatives and artists trying their luck to come up with masterpieces for the new century.

Space Available, a furniture and art studio based in Bali, Indonesia, has introduced the Meditation Chair. It is made from 100% recycled plastic waste, so you can say it’s a more environment-friendly choice. It’s a sustainable effort we believe can be and must be copied by more furniture makers.

Designer: Space Available

Space Available Meditation Chair

Many brands and companies have started to do their part in caring for the environment by making “greener” choices when it comes to materials and methods. Space Available is just one of those brands aiming to deliver long-term change for a better planet, one furniture piece at a time. The goal of Space Available is to start a circular future and inspire more sustainable living. The goal of this ecological studio is to deliver awareness and change through its designs. As a multidisciplinary creative platform, Space Available believes that ‘making space’ for oneself can help a person do the same for the world.

Space Available Meditation Chair 3

The Meditation Chair perfectly represents Space Available’s belief that one should allow himself to clear the mind and make space for his wellbeing. So obviously, the Meditation Chair is the perfect place for when you want to meditate or have a quiet time.

The Meditation Chair is supposed to offer you peace, but to the eyes, it can be a bit crazy because of the colors. But still, it’s fun and wild and is definitely a conversation starter. It has become a sculptural piece that shows off weaving craftsmanship.

Space Available Meditation Chair

The shape of the Meditation Chair starts with a rattan frame. It’s more like a low sofa with a unique shape made with 100% post-industrial recycled plastic. This chair was designed and made by master weaver and Balinese craftsman Nano Uhero. It even comes with a hand-stitched indigo-dyed cushion.

Don’t expect to find an exact copy if you are getting a chair because no two chairs are alike. Each comes unique with different hues, colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes. You can refer to the repair and recycling plan at the end of the chair’s life cycle or if it is damaged.

Space Available Meditation Chair

The Meditation Chair can also be the perfect lounge chair. With the colors and texture, the chair can fit most rooms where you intend just to chill and relax. It’s now ready for purchase, but unfortunately, it’s sold out on the product page.

Space Available Meditation Chair

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CyanoFabbrica Sunglasses Frames are made out of bacteria

CyanoFabbrica Cyanobacteria Biomineralized Frames

CyanoFabbrica is showing the world bacteria is not totally useless. Of course, we know that already but some people think bacteria is bad. It’s not and you can actually use a bunch to make different objects.

Cinzia Ferrari has come up with a project that can help Mother Earth further with innovative sustainable design. CyanoFabbrica has resulted in a pair of futuristic sunglasses made of bacteria. The Italian biodesign researcher is invested in innovation practices against processes that are wasteful and transparency of design communications. The organic sunglasses frames designed by Cinzia Ferrari are ready to be used in time for summer.

Designer: Cinzia Ferrari

CyanoFabbrica United Kingdom Cyanobacteria Biomineralized Frame

CyanoFabbrica Cyanobacteria Biomineralized Frames

Sunglasses help protect the eyes against UV rays and a pair can be a fashion item for many people around the world. Sunglasses are considered both a fashion accessory and a piece of personal protective equipment. Most styles that come out in the market are made of plastic, but the Cinzia Ferrari-designed shades are different.

A process called cyanobacteria biomineralization has been used to create a unique material made from Photosynthetic. The latter are single-celled organisms that can be found in different habitats. They can be transformed into bricks that can then be made into other objects.

CyanoFabbrica Cyanobacteria Biomineralized Frames

CyanoFabbrica Cyanobacteria Biomineralized Frames

The sunglasses frames look like something from the ‘70s. One side, though, appears to be a wing, but the shape is actually inspired by patterns of the bacteria seen under the microscope. Every pair is unique as no two sunglasses will be the same. Check out the design of the base which is manufactured using biomineralized samples.

Cinzia Ferrari has noted the project offsets emissions because the bacteria continues to grow for photosynthesis to take place. The idea is that the object can be remanufactured to be totally sustainable. This means the sunglasses can easily be destroyed at the end of a life cycle. They can then be given a new lease on life once a substrate is ready.

CyanoFabbrica Cyanobacteria Biomineralized Frames

CyanoFabbrica delivers fabrication that can be promising for the future of different industries. We can see the potential in the fashion arena and possibly in everyday objects. The idea is that such a natural material is processed and used into beautiful items and then re-used to come up with new things after some time. The cycle will be sustainable and that will definitely be beneficial to the planet.

CyanoFabbrica Cyanobacteria Biomineralized Frames

The Cyanobacteria biomineralized frames could be just an early entry, but we believe more similar objects can be made. Again, science plays a crucial role in identifying problems and providing solutions. The CyanoFabbrica is one innovative system that works, and we hope to see it implemented more in the near future.

CyanoFabbrica Cyanobacteria Biomineralized Frames

CyanoFabbrica Cyanobacteria Biomineralized Frames

CyanoFabbrica Cyanobacteria Biomineralized Frames

CyanoFabbrica Cyanobacteria Biomineralized Frames

CyanoFabbrica Cyanobacteria Biomineralized Frames

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Base Plastic Project delivers public benches and planters made out of recycled plastic bottle caps

Base Plastic Public Furniture SeatGoing green is more than just a trend. We must embrace it as a lifestyle if we want to leave a better planet for our children. There are many ways to become environment-friendly, but our favorite is when the trash is transformed into something more useful.

Base Plastic is a project that aims to create public furniture using recycled plastic waste. We have seen similar projects already, and we believe more ideas will be introduced. Base Plastic is an effort by industrial designer Binsar Priandika that offers a product that may be developed and used to make public furniture using vast amounts of plastic waste.

Designer: Binsar Priandika

Base Plastic Public Furniture Photos

The public furniture design is 2-in-1 as it functions as both a planter and a bench. There are three modules available that you can arrange depending on the needs of a community. Each set is made out of 17,000 plastic bottled-water caps, weighing 17kg.

Those plastic bottled-water caps are put to good use in this project. Base Plastic has the potential to become a success because it reduces plastic waste as thousands of bottle caps are used. The results are hexagonal basic shape modules for multi-configuration. These public seats and planters can be very useful as they provide comfort for the people and beautify a place. The modular system allows more pieces to be added and configured in different shapes.

Base Plastic Public Furniture Idea

The Base Plastic System is sturdy and customizable. The colors used here are white, black, and blue, but we’re guessing the pieces can be painted in different colors. The main element is the planter which transforms into a bench with a cover.

The blue base weighs 7.7kgs, while the white middle part is 4.3kgs. The cover weighs about 5 kgs of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). A set of modular planters and benches will look nice, especially in public spaces like parks and playgrounds.

Base Plastic Public Furniture Concept

Base Plastic Public Furniture Design

Plastic pollution is a reality we are facing right now. It can’t be totally eradicated but can be reduced, thanks to several efforts of people and groups that care for the environment. Benches and planters are useful in every community and country and the use of plastic waste will be very beneficial to creating a better planet.

Base Plastic Public Furniture Project Sample

Base Plastic Public Furniture Sample

There is the question of how many bottle caps will be used. It was noted that 17,000 caps are needed to produce 17kgs which translates to one set. One set consists of the base, middle, and cover. We can just imagine hundreds of thousands of water-bottle caps are needed to decorate a whole park.

Base Plastic Public Furniture Image

Base Plastic Public Furniture

Base Plastic Public Furniture Project

Base Plastic Public Furniture Parts

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Path Task Chair by Humanscale is made out of plastic ocean waste

New designs for office chairs are being introduced rapidly, especially since the pandemic forced many people to stay at home. Community lockdowns mean working or studying from home. And when things are done remotely, you must have a proper home office or online school setup.

There are plenty of office chairs available, but we are not sure what percentage is environment-friendly. There are green options, but we don’t hear much about them. The Path Task Chair is a fine example of a sustainable product that is made of recycled materials.

Designer: Todd Bracher

Path Task Chair 1

Humanscale has come up with a Path task chair made in the United States. So if you live in the US, you can easily buy the chair and not worry about additional carbon emissions due to shipping. The new Path Task Chair is available with a higher price tag that reads $1,200, but it’s greener in several ways.

The “new path forward” reference is for Humanscale’s efforts in choosing a new path where sustainability is part of the equation. For example, a chair uses about 22 pounds of recycled plastic—about half is ocean plastic, while the rest is from reclaimed fisherman nets. Humanscale aims to deliver eco-friendly products with materials that are sustainable and through a production process that also increases the project’s efficiency. The plant where the chair is manufactured in New Jersey is solar-powered and uses recycled rainwater. Humanscale is also proud to say that the Path Chair “removes 6 kg of CO2e from the atmosphere, replenishes 15 gallons of water, and generates 23 kWh of energy.”


Path Task Chair Inspiration

Humanscale wants to introduce a new standard in sustainability. Upcycling materials such as plastic nets and plastic containers greatly impact the planet. The top plate, arm support, and mechanism housing are made with post-consumer and industrial aluminum and steel. The chair’s structural components are “green” so you’re doing Mother Earth a favor.

Path Task Chair Details Upcycled Plastic

Sustainable Path Task Chair

The company has been making waves in the industry by working on getting certifications that matter. Humanscale boasts of using healthy materials, sustainable operations, and material transparency. All these and more allow the firm to receive Level Certification.

Humanscale Path Task Chair Details

Path Task Chair Concept

Path Designer Todd Bracher describes the chair as not just “an exercise in aesthetics or an assembly of pre-existing components, rather it is ground up mechanical invention, material innovation, coupled with next-level sustainability.” Parts of the chair include a mesh-like textile called FormSense Eco Knit. This provides self-adjusting lumbar support that is a custom fit for every user. The yarn used is also made with 100% post-consumer recycled polyester from upcycled plastic bottles.

Path Task Chair Design

The Humanscale Path Task Chair is available in different colors and comes with a silhouette that can fit any home or office interior. It delivers seating innovation with ergonomic consideration for most of the population. The chair features Gravity Mechanism that adjusts recline support automatically for each user. It doesn’t come with any knobs or bulky levers.

Path Task Chair Design

Path Task Chair Colors

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Kenko Sports Equipment combine minimalist and sustainable approach to design

Kenko Store Gym Equipment

Having a home gym can be of great convenience. You have no reason now not to work out because you have the proper tools at your reach. Your personal gym doesn’t have to be complete as you only need a few dumbbells, a bench, and a mat to start.

Over at the Maison & Objet fair, we saw a few brands and designers worthy of attention. One name that has stood out is Kenko —a company committed to developing sports equipment for use at home. The idea is to make minimalist versions of the standard fitness equipment using natural materials.

Designers: Andreas Bachmann and Fritz Grospietsch

Kenko Store Gym Equipment

With this goal, Kenko is able to come up with regeneration items that don’t only help you with your health and fitness goals but also fit any home interior. Gym equipment usually looks bland, boring, or industrial, but not with Kenko. The Kenko sports equipment and products mainly boast simple designs and innovative functions. Materials are premium quality, starting with cork and wood, used for geometric shapes that have become the distinguishable trait of Kenko.

Kenko Store Gym Equipment

The Kenko sports equipment can also become conversation starters. They look like sculptural pieces that may also function as home decors. Product designers Andreas Bachmann and Fritz Grospietsch have managed to create a unique line that would make a sustainable alternative to the typical gym equipment available in the market.

Kenko wants the sports equipment to be as beautiful as the home. Therefore, the mission has always been to deliver premium quality standards and use natural materials to take advantage of local production. A few notable products have captured our attention, including the Kettlebell Series, Trigger Cone, Massage Stick, Massage Ball, and the Dumbbell Series. The latter is available in either Walnut or Maple with polished stainless steel for manufactured weight plates.

Kenko Store Gym Equipment

The Kettlebell Series is also ready in Walnut or Maple. The eye-catcher that is this kettlebell is made from solid wood in a complicated process that results in a more stable and durable handle. Like the Dumbbell Series, the Kettlebell Series is available in different weight options.

The Massage Ball is perfect for those with tension or sore muscles. It is made of stainless steel and comes with a cork cover. The cork is for insulation as the ball can be filled with hot water (up to 80°C ). Use the massage ball and apply on the tense or painful part of your body. The Massage Stick can also be described as the same—same materials, features for insulation, and offers the same relief.

Kenko Store Gym Equipment

Kenko Store Gym Equipment

The Trigger Cone is composed of brass and cork, which makes it an ideal solution for any muscular tension. Use it to massage a tense region in a circular motion. This will help stimulate blood circulation and relieve stress whether you are lying down, sitting, or standing.

Kenko Store Gym Equipment

Kenko Store Gym Equipment

Kenko Store Gym Equipment

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Litepulse eco-lantern only needs salt and water to generate electricity

Litepulse Eco-lantern Lights Design

Eco lighting solutions are in high demand these days, especially with the skyrocketing gas and fuel prices in most parts of the world. We have reached the time when ordinary and everyday gadgets we use have greener alternatives. Becoming environment-friendly is no longer just a trend—it should be the direction society is going.

When it comes to camping and other outdoor adventures, plenty of eco-efficient alternatives is already available in the market. Many electric devices offer convenience, safety, and protection. And we believe more sustainable innovations like this eco-lamp will further enter the game.

Designer: Gallop Innotek

Litepulse Eco-lantern Lights Demo 2

A new lantern is ready to offer up to 150H lighting and adjustable brightness. The Litepulse eco-lantern is one reliable environment-friendly solution. It starts power generation by simply adding saltwater. It is like instant food you can quickly cook and eat while camping. All you need to do is pour saltwater onto the lamp. Then, add water as you say “Let there be light” and the lantern will illuminate the surrounding.

This Litepulse eco-lantern is excellent for the outdoors and ideal for emergencies. It is portable and doesn’t need any batteries or charging. Electricity is generated with only saltwater, so we know it can last a long-time. There won’t be any battery wear or discharge so you can rely on it even in times of disaster, although that’s something we hope we won’t have to face.

Litepulse Eco-lantern Lights Demo

LitePulse is not just a lamp as you can also charge your smartphone using it. The power generation technology works and can produce safe electricity. It is made possible by an aluminum-air battery, as well as, a chemically-reacting aluminum with air and saltwater. The process makes the lantern sustainable so it is recommended for planet-conscious people.

Litepulse Eco-lantern Lights Where to Buy

The eco-efficient technology works, so we are guessing it can also be applied to other small devices. Aside from saltwater, electricity can also be generated by other liquids such as rainwater, seawater, soy sauce, and urine. The result is energy powerful enough to have two modes: eco mode with 68.31lm lumen) and strong brightness mode (144.5lm). We see one minor caveat: you need to change the saltwater every eight hours.

Litepulse Eco-lantern Lights Sample

The LitePulse body can be used anywhere, anytime. You can hang it anywhere, and it won’t fall with the carabiner. Controlling this eco lamp is also easy. You only need to click on the power switch to switch to eco mode from strong mode or turn off the light. We can imagine a few scenarios where you can use this like camping, fishing, barbecue, or changing tires at night.

Litepulse Eco-lantern Lights Launch Release

Litepulse Eco-lantern Lights Launch Release

Litepulse Eco-lantern Lights

Litepulse Eco-lantern Lights Images

Litepulse Eco-lantern Lights Specs

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C-Ecology Concept Ecosytem will bring life to the urban rivers

C-Ecology Taiwan Green Concept Award 2022

More green concepts and projects that will hopefully save Mother Earth will be introduced. There is no guarantee that every idea will work or come to fruition but we believe every concept that is revealed to the public arena can inspire more people. Smarter and bigger ideas will be generated and shared until a proper system becomes a reality.

One of the numerous entries for the GREEN CONCEPT AWARD (Green Concepts 2022) is the C-Ecology concept from Taiwan. It’s designed as an ecosystem building for urban rivers. Designed by a group from Tunghai University, the system makes use of environmentally friendly ceramics that are 3d-printed.

Designer: Tunghai University

C-Ecology Taiwan Green Concept Award 2022

The 3D printing technology continues to win in different fields. This time, it will be greatly used in caring for the environment. The idea is that a modular structure will be set in place as a wetland system. The size and depth of the rivers vary but with the modular system, they can adapt.

The wetland system is then placed on the water surface’s resuscitation basket that will provide nutrients. The idea is for a coral reef structure to be available so shellfish, shrimp, and other organisms will be able to live and start a habited in the water. Having these living things will increase water circulation.

C-Ecology Taiwan Green Concept Award 2022

The more the water circulation improves, the more the urban river will be balanced in terms of environmental beautification, hydrophilicity, and ecosystem. Ecology in Taiwan has always been important and we’re glad to know there are more researchers looking for ways to improve on it. Building an ecosystem in the urban rivers will definitely have a long-term effect and we can’t wait for this to happen not only in Taiwan but in other countries as well.

A sustainable environment is always a good idea but we recognize not every idea will be a success. As for the C-Ecology, this project has been recognized as a nominee by the people behind the Green Product Award 2022. It’s been recently named as the Top 8 among the ten awardees of the Green Concept Audience Award 2022. The main Concept Winner has not yet been named but it will be announced this coming February 25.

C-Ecology Taiwan Green Concept Award 2022

This project from Taiwan has great potential when it’s implemented. Imagine urban rivers becoming a real habitat and environment for living sea creatures. Well, we don’t want to see big fishes and alligators roaming underwaters. We just want those little fishes and shrimp thriving and giving life to the water.

C-Ecology Taiwan Green Concept Award 2022

C-Ecology Taiwan Green Concept Award 2022

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St Andrews Beach House is one circular, sustainable, and memorable holiday home

It still is cold in many countries. Some cities still see snow while other regions are already feeling the warmth of the sunshine. It’s summer in Australia now but it will be over soon.

If you live in this part of the world, you’ll probably be spending the rest of this season going to the beach or checking out unique vacation rentals. Oftentimes, you can hit two birds with one stone as there are plenty of interesting beach houses in the country. With just an hour’s drive, you can go from Melbourne to the Mornington Peninsula and spend a few days near the water in a house that doesn’t have hallways and corners.

Designer: Andrew Maynard, Mark Austin, Ray Dinh

St Andrews Beach House Cover

St Andrews Beach House Design View

The absence of hallways isn’t just what makes this house unique. It’s a perfect circle. It’s also many things that are unusual. The location of this house alone, St. Andrews Beach, makes it already a winner. It’s an ideal coastal getaway destination which made the owners, a couple who loves the beach, decide on the property.

The Andrew Maynard Architects firm was tapped to design the St. Andrews Beach house. It now stands as one of the many spectacular houses in the area. It has quickly become a popular fixture in the landscape even with its size and location, as well as, integration with the environment.

St Andrews Beach Round House

The beach house is mainly a weekend home for the owners. Specifically, it is situated within sand dunes. Its modest form is what makes it more unique against the big houses in Australia. With only a radius of about five meters and a 1,500-square-foot floor plan, the vacation house has been designed with the bach as an inspiration. A bach is a small holiday home in New Zealand. The idea was to create a home that is simple, efficient, and sustainable in an almost remote place that can be perfect when you want to isolate or disconnect from the world.

St Andrews Beach House

St. Andrews Beach offers peace and quiet to the residents. You go there if you want to relax with family and friends. There isn’t much to see or explore in the area—just the quiet surroundings, beautiful coastline, and other beautifully-designed residences.

The circular building proves to be an efficient design. It allows for more light and air to come in for residents and guests to enjoy. Open the doors and you get a 360-degree view of the area. There are several bi-fold doors here that can be opened up to the outside.

St Andrews Beach House Design

The eco-friendliness of the circular home starts with the materials. There’s timber all over, silvertop ash hardwood, steel, and concrete. The hardwood flooring is fire-resistant because the house is within a bushfire protection zone. A steep spiral case is located in the middle.

St Andrews Beach House Design Austin Maynard

To be more sustainable, there is a cylindrical rainwater collection system which means water collected can be used for the bathroom. You can also water the garden using the water. Solar panels can be found on the rooftop. There are double-glazed windows to complete the look.

St Andrews Beach House Design View

The corridor-free home proves a circular design is possible even in terrains that seem to be a crazy idea. The St Andrews Beach House is mainly a tube. It is a two-storey house with a big room on the second floor but can be divided into three with heavy curtains. The idea becomes useful when family and friends come over for the weekend.

St Andrews Beach House Design View

So where is the front of the house? We can’t tell but the designers said it is all front. The bi-fold doors, when open, make it possible to combine indoors and outdoors as most fun beach houses are supposed to offer. The floor area isn’t much but the house offers more than just space but a relaxed and casual atmosphere. It’s the kind of solace you need after a busy week. The area was only recently made accessible and connected to the road so going to this beach house will be more of a breeze.

St Andrews Beach Circle House

This sustainable circular home in St. Andrew’s Beach maximizes the space. Every part is well-planned even if construction was a challenge. The shifting sands didn’t help but the builders had to make deep footings for stability.  St Andrews Beach House Floor Plan

St Andrews Beach House Floor Plan 3

St Andrews Beach House Floor Plan 2

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