Nike is pushing the ‘Air’ to make a difference in the athletes’ stride at the Paris Olympics and beyond

While athletes around the globe are preparing to compete at the Paris Olympics this year, there is one company that is pushing “Air” to make a difference in the competitor’s stride. We are talking about Nike which is going futuristic with the new Blueprint Pack, its upcoming set of sneakers that will thrive on the boundless properties of its Air cushioning for the athlete’s foot.

When it comes to long-distance runners’ preference for shoes, Nike is the name to reckon with. This is not only because of the brand name and robust marketing but also because the Swoosh brand has, over the years, perfected the comfort for enhancing the runner’s performance. With the new list of 13 products that will be released in time for the Summer Olympics in Paris, Nike is also targeting a new range of sports, including track, basketball, football, and even lifestyle footwear.

Designer: Nike

Besides, Nike is also showcasing A.I.R (Adaptive Intelligence Responsive) concept footwear in Paris, planned in collaboration with champions of their repute including Eliud Kipchoge, Kylian Mbappé, and Sha’carri Richardson and more. These never-seen and idealized designs are a glimpse of the future of sports shoes meant to revolutionize how athletes train and compete. The interesting aspect of these prototypes, beyond their futuristic design, is that they will include sensors to analyze data that would allow the athletes to optimize their performance while providing support and comfort.

In the ambitious move to rework the Air midsole, which is already versatile and comforting, Nike is working more precisely with athletes’ requirements to bring it to every category of footwear possible. The dynamic Nike Air unit is the focus of the company’s designs for the summer, which is a nod to the brand cofounder Bill Bowerman and his obsession to make the best shoes for athletic performance.

Based on the designs envisioned by Bowerman, Nike is using cutting-edge technologies to imagine those sketches to create the Blueprint Pack that closes the gap between sports science, design, and manufacturing. To that accord, the Nike Blueprint Pack will, when it is released on July 3, feature the best of Air innovations in multiple ranges of shoes including the Pegasus Premium, which was the first running footwear with a visible Air Zoom unit.

Besides, the inventive designs have been envisioned for the Nike Victory 2, Nike Maxfly 2 for the runners; the G.T. Hustle 3 for the basketball fans, and the 2024 Nike Mercurial football boot. These shoes, with the new Air cushioning approach, will make their presence felt at the Olympics, while Nike informs, alongside the Blueprint Pack, it could release an energy-driving colorway pack before the games. However, there is no word from Nike on when or if the A.I.R prototypes will be released to the public.


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These pair of sneakers can be fully customized to the needs of growing kids

For growing kids having a brand new pair of shoes can be a nightmare in just a year as their feet grow. Sure, they can get a new pair even though the last one is fairly good to use, but there are environmental impacts to this if that concerns you. A pair can generate up to 30 pounds of CO2 emissions which is something you’d want to avoid at all cost.

The 4Steps 3D-Printed sneakers concept by Michele Di Carlo wants to get over the issue of growing kids and piles of shoes that end up in landfills every year. In works ever since 2017, the project wants to help address the problem of eco-sustainability in the footwear industry. The use of a 3D printer to make a pair further lessens the environmental impact.

Designer: Michele Di Carlo

The target audience for this resizable pair of sneakers weighing 123 grams is kids aged between 6 and 14 who can use the same shoe for almost five years (that’s if they use them with care) before needing a new one. Each separate part of the shoe can be replaced for easy recycling and repair if needed. The use of molded parts having a honeycomb structure adds to the lightweight aesthetics of the pair. Michele has created a prototype of the sneakers using Filafex filament, a type of thermoplastic polyurethane known for its softness and durability.

The level of customization is not just restricted to size, the kids can choose to replace the style of uppers and sides, and also change the color or personalize them with logos or characters. Changing the size or replacing new customizable sections is as easy as taking them apart and assembling the pair again. The adjustable sneakers come with retractable heels to fit the new shoe size and all the pieces can be stringed back easily under the supervision of an adult.

4Steps sneakers are held together with the elastic strings and the adjustments can be made by unclipping and then clipping these strings back. For the summertime, the shoes have a breathable mesh while for the winter season, a layer of insulation can be put. For now, the cool sneakers are in the concept and prototyping phase, and we hope to see them as a real product soon.

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Nike Alphafly 3 Proto lets you run a marathon comfortably and fashionably

I know a lot of people whose holiday gift wish list would be a pair of sneakers, specifically a pair of Nike sneakers. Those who are too old for Santa would probably post their dream sneaks on their social media in the hopes that one of their loved ones would grant their wish. If you’re planning to do a bit of long-distance running, this new pair from Nike is something you can dream about.

Designer: Nike

The Alphafly 3 Proto is created specifically for those who are looking for sneakers that can withstand two-hour marathons and beyond. It has actually been tested by actual marathoners like world record holder Kelvin Kiptum famed middle and long distance runner Sifan Hassan. Nike says these shoes are “fine-tuned for marathon speed” so you can challenge yourself to beat your personal records and if you’re into competitive running, to leave others in the dust.

These sneakers are special because of three kinds of innovative technologies that can power your run (or walk). You get two forefoot Air Zoom units together with the ZoomX foam so you get energized no matter how long you’ve been running. There is also a full-length carbon fiber plate which helps propel your stride. Lastly, you get the heel-to-toe ZoomX foam midsole so you’re still comfortably walking or running whether it’s mile 1 or mile 26.2.

The Alphafly 3 Proto is also the lightest in this line and has an Atomknit upper that will give your feet room to breathe and at the same time have better multidirectional containment. It also has notched laces and an integrated knit tongue with lofted padding. You will have to wait for the new year to get your hands on this pair though as it will only be available by January.

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Hungarian builder’s LEGO iteration of the Air Jordan 11 is as real as it can get

Sneakerheads and LEGO enthusiasts, brace up! A LEGO builder is here to tickle your creative fancy. Hungarian builder, Tamás Borján, who functions under the branding “Tomasso Builds” has taken his love for sneakers to a whole new level. In his quest for uniqueness, he has created a NIKE Air Jordan 11 using nothing but our beloved plastic building blocks.

Now, you might be thinking, haven’t LEGO fans attempted this feat before? And you’d be right in guessing in the affirmative. But what makes Tamás’s endeavor stand out is his love for the Jordans and the determination to put his unique spin on these legendary kicks.

Designer: Tomasso Builds

According to Tamás, the Air Jordan 11 is a classic in its own right. It burst onto the scene in 1995 when Michael Jordan, the basketball legend himself, sported these bad boys during the 1995 Eastern Conference Finals and then carried them throughout the entire 95-96 season. He, in fact, loved them so much that he couldn’t wait for Nike’s approval – he started rocking them before the brand was ready to launch them officially. These shoes quickly became Jordan’s personal favorite from the entire product line, cementing their legendary status.

Fast forward to today, and these sneakers are still making waves. Tamás wanted to pay homage to the original design, striving to make it as faithful as possible using LEGO bricks. His attention to detail is astounding, from the wave patterns on the sole to the precise recreation of the shoe’s upper: If I were to say, they could attain the symbol of style and basketball prowess if one could wear them. That neat!

By recreating these iconic shoes using LEGO, he’s not only fulfilling his own dream but also captivating the hearts of LEGO and Michael Jordan fans around the world, who along with NIKE are waiting to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the AJ 11 in 2025.

If you’ve ever had a crazy idea or a dream project you thought was too far-fetched, just remember Tamás Borján, the man who dared to build Air Jordan 11s from LEGO bricks. In the realm of creativity, there are no limits, and your imagination just needs a little effort, so hit it!

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Porsche enlists Puma for 2 limited edition sneakers in time to celebrate their 75th anniversary

Luxury cars and sneakers don’t necessarily go hand in hand. But since there are a lot of pretty expensive pairs of kicks out there that owners of also expensive cars will probably want to own, a partnership between brands from both industries is not unheard of. The latest collaborators are German automobile manufacturer Porsche and fellow German footwear and apparel brand Puma. They have come up with a couple of limited edition sneakers to commemorate the largest gathering of Porsche enthusiasts and the anniversary of the iconic Porsche 911.

Designers: Porsche and Puma

Rennsport Reunion is a famous gathering of Porsche fans, collectors, and drivers and to commemorate the 7th year this is happening, they will be releasing a special pair of sneakers. The Rennsport Reunion 7 – Mirage Sport Tech is designed specifically for this event and the attendees. The trainers have the event’s branding on the tongue, insole, and even the shoe box. There is also a checkered flag and finish line design on the heels and the pair has red and blue accent colors. It will be available in classic black or pristine white colors.

To celebrate the 60th year of the Porsche 911 car, two limited edition sneakers will be available for those who want to own a rare pair of fashionable Porsche-inspired footwear. The Retro Sneaker, as its name implies, is inspired by the 1972 Porsche 911 S 2 5, with a light blue color and red contrast stitching. It has the starter number 56 on its heel. The individual numbering and the Porsche lettering is on the leather flap on the side. The second model is called the Heritage Sneaker and is based on the Porsche 911 S/T model. It has a gray color to match the anniversary car’s color while its lining is cognac-brown colored, inspired by the interior. It has the number 63 on its heel while the individual numbering is on the underside of the tongue together with the 60 years of Porsche 911 logo. Both sneakers come with red laces on the left shoe and black laces for the other.

The Rennsport Reunion 7 – Mirage Sport Tech is now available at the Porsche Design Online Store and Porsche Design Stores for $150. The Porsche Heritage and Retro Sneakers will be available online starting September 6 and are priced at $160. There will only be 1,972 Retro Sneakers available (for the 1972 Porsche birth year) while there will only be 1,963 pairs for the Heritage Sneakers as tribute to the first generation of the Porsche 911.

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Not ordinary footprints, these Converse mid-tops let you print ink on the go

Imagine being able to print wherever you go, without the need for a conventional printer. This pair of Converse enables you to do just that. Combining form and function, these modified sneakers can be worn to print on almost any surface. From fabric to wood and from canvas to paper these shoes will leave a print on everything, quite literally!

In a collaboration that could only exist in the imagination, Instagrammer Taylor Tabbs has merged HP’s printing prowess and Converse’s dynamic sneakers to give birth to what he calls the “Footprints,” an above-average pair of shoes built-in with a genuine print cartridge.

Designer: Taylor Tabbs

With this concept of a shoe printer, Tabbs has not only outdone himself – and mind you, he has made some very creative things in the past – he has erased soleprints in favor of Footprints for good!

The seamless integration of technology into footwear showcases Taylor’s ingenuity in transforming an imaginative concept into a tangible reality. To Tobb, his hack ignites a sense of wonder and curiosity: what happens when two seemingly contrasting worlds converge? What if two iconic brands, joined forces in an unexpected collaboration?

Turning imagination into reality, he kindled a few more minds. “Printing with a printer: old news, the dinosaurs did and we see how that turned out. Printing with a shoe: epic, way more convenient and cool,” an Instagrammer comments.

Most extraordinary ideas are often from the willingness to explore the unknown, and Tobbs creation is a good reflection of this. These printer-infused shoes inspire one to dream beyond convention and lead us into a world where shoe soles can leave ink imprints!

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Vintage Apple sneakers for $50,000 is a must-buy for hardcore fans only

For sneakerheads, collecting their footwear of choice has become a lifestyle (and sometimes an obsession?) that they are willing to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to buy the latest one or the more unique models. But would you be willing to spend $50,000 to own a pair of vintage sneakers that you may not even get to wear since it might fall apart? If you’re a die-hard Apple fan and a sneaker collector, then you might consider spending that much for this pair.

Designer: Apple

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Auction house Sotheby’s is selling a pair of Apple sneakers called the Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers that were specifically created for the tech company’s employees during the 90s. They weren’t sold to the public but were only given to those who worked for the company during that time. The pair being sold is still in “mint condition” in that they were never worn yet and are still in the box but since it’s been a couple of decades since they were created, expect it to not be totally okay.

Design-wise, it’s just a pair of white sneakers that have the old Apple rainbow logo on the sides and on the tongue and come with white laces. It is pretty retro-looking but since a lot of retro things are now “in” once again, it should fit right in with the Gen Z aesthetic. This particular pair is US men’s size 10.5 so if you’re planning on actually wearing it, you should have that particular shoe size. Otherwise, it will just be a pair of shoes on display in your cabinet or room (if you collect that many sneakers).

There have been some other pairs of this particular sneakers that went on sale before although they didn’t look exactly the same as this $50,000 one. Let’s see if there is someone out there who would be willing to spend that much for this vintage and mint condition sneakers. Hopefully they also don’t fall apart if said person tries to wear it.

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Top 10 unique + futuristic footwear sneakerheads should grab today

With our hectic lives which pretty much involve us running around all day, the right footwear can make a world of difference. Shoes started off as functional designs meant to protect our feet, and yes we need to pick ones that do exactly that, BUT, they should also reflect our style statements and represent our personality and our personal fashion sense. After all, don’t they say that you can tell a lot about a man by the state of his shoes? Personally, I love a good pair of sturdy and stylish sneakers, ones that can get me through the day without giving me any shoe bites, and also match my outfits. However, I do know that this isn’t the case with everybody. People have high demands and expectations when it comes to their footwear, hence designers are unleashing all of their creative juices, leaving no stones unturned in making unique, innovative, and ergonomic shoes. From the world’s first net-zero carbon shoe to Marvel x Nike Football sneakers – these footwear designs are as futuristic, inventive, and fashionable as they can get!

1. The M0.0NSHOT

Allbirds launched the M0.0NSHOT – the world’s first net carbon shoe at the Global Fashion Summit in Copenhagen on June 27th. The shoes have a net carbon footprint of net 0.0 kg CO2e, and have a minimal all-grey woolly sock-style trainer form with an upper made from regenerative wool, and a bioplastic midsole. It is supposed to be one of the most sustainable mass-produced shoes we’ve seen till now!

2. Marvel x Nike Football Sneakers

Paul Parsons managed to concoct the ultimate Marvel X Nike football sneakers using MidJournye’s AI. These innovative sneakers successfully capture the grandeur of some of the MCU’s most memorable heroes and antiheroes. The series features 9 different footwear models, dedicated to distinct characters from the Avengers movie and Wolverine as well!

3. Rewild the Run Sneakers

Kiki Grammatopoulos, a graduate of the London University Central Saint Martins, designed a unique running shoe that spreads plants and seeds in cities. The massive outsoles are inspired by bison hoofs and are designed to encourage people to get involved with the cause of rewilding and to prompt a broader and deeper reevaluation of our relationship with nature.

4. The Ultimas

Outdoor equipment brand Cub Cadet designed limited edition shoes called The Ultimate Lawn Mowing Shoes or The Ultimas. The black and yellow pair of shoes perfectly complement the Ultima Series lawn mower that was previously released by the brand and is intended for people who want to wear a cool pair of kicks while mowing their lawns.

5. EXPLR 02

Matthew Blunt designed the EXPLR 02 – a pair of shoes that look like the wireframe you see in 3D modeling software, although it has an even higher resolution and a number of empty spaces. The design takes inspiration from the nature of those digital artifacts. Repeating patterns, organic forms, and an almost chaotic composition all come together to create footwear that is both beautiful and intriguing.

6. Lamborghini Performance Sneakers

Designer Hussain Almossawi designed these super cool Lamborghini Performance Sneakers as a tribute to the automotive icon’s 60-year legacy. The sneakers perfectly capture the company’s raging-bull design aesthetic, while creating an edgy and innovative piece of footwear with excellent surface treatment and drool-worthy glowing details around the midsole and the outsole.

7. The Heaven’s Door

The Heaven’s Door is a unique pair of sneakers with a close-toe design and an open-ish ankle aesthetic, much like a slip-on sandal. The shoe features a leather body, punctuated by an elastic strap along the side, which connects the rear flap to the main shoe. It has a rubber outsole that is pretty comfortable for outdoor use in an urban environment, while also subtly hiding the springs in a recessed channel running along the length of the shoe.

8. AC1 Boot

Designed by Brooklyn-based mischief makers MSCHF, the Ac1 Boot is designed to explore the lighter and fun side of hopping around in walking boots that are intended for rehabilitation from a foot injury. The designer got the idea for the sneakers when he saw a person walking in medical boots down Prince Street in New York.

9. Modern Synthesis’s Shoes

Modern Synthesis is using bacteria to create a pair of shoes! The biotechnology company is now looking at growing or cultivating “microbial textiles” in its laboratory and using this to create a more sustainable material for shoes and other kinds of footwear. They are using the sugar you can derive from plant waste and microbes and then turn it into nanocellulose.

10. UV-Zhu’s Nike Conceptual Series

UV-Zhu’s Nike conceptual series are basically inflatable structures paired up with daily objects resulting in kicks that you would probably never see at the Nike showroom. The ankle straps are made from white garters, silicone, and paper-based tapes. The outsoles have been power-packed with springs so that they can allow the wearer, to walk without actually putting any effort into walking!

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This Instagrammer’s collection of Hype Chairs sneakerizes classic furniture designs to awe us

Marco Rambaldi is a dreamer and for a ‘dreamer, reality is boring!’ No wonder he has employed AI and Photoshop skills to relieve his boredom and conjure up Hype Chairs that dress as Nike sneakers.

While the Instagrammer, who goes by the name of MarkVonRama, has sneakerheads drooling over his imagined versions of chairs; his handle comes with a disclaimer ‘nothing real and nothing for sale.’ This can be information for those who don’t lose sanity in awe; but the awed only realize the obvious after bombarding the comment section with needy blabber.

Designer: MarkVonRama

The artist and designer’s chair designs include Nike makeover of furniture pieces from Herman Miller and Miles van der Rohe. In addition to the sneaker-themed chairs, he previously shared sneaker-themed AI houses on the social media platform, which also garnered ample attraction.

MarkVonRama’s latest creation reimagines the Eames Lounge and Ottoman as Air Jordan 1 Retro High “Chicago” and the Eames Molded Shell Rocking chair as the Ambush Air Force 1. Since the Hype Chairs are not meant for lounging and are only for the eyes; the creative liberty has Jump man logo, fabric tags, and Swooshes all protruding from the sides of these furniture pieces.

There are eight chairs in the collection some of which – other than the AJ 1 and AF 1 – are based on designs from Mies van der Rohe and Vitra. These have armrests featuring Swooshes and lace eyelets from Air Jordan 4, adding to the sneaker-inspired aesthetic.

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Edgy Lamborghini Sneaker Concept celebrates the legacy of the Italian marque on their 60th anniversary

In the past 60 years of its existence, Lamborghini’s made everything from tractors to supercars, and even the odd luxury yacht… but “what if Lamborghini made high-end performance footwear?” asks designer Hussain Almossawi. Designed as a tribute to the automotive icon’s 60-year rich legacy as well as an interesting ‘what-if’ hypothetical, these Lamborghini Performance Sneakers rather wonderfully encapsulate the company’s raging-bull design aesthetic, with an edgy piece of footwear that boasts great surface treatment and some absolutely jaw-dropping glowing details around the midsole and outsole.

Designer: Hussain Almossawi

Envisioned in two rather aptly named colorways – Redline Phantom, and Glacier Ignition, the sneakers come with a split-toe design and enough Lamborghini iconography to make these recognizable from a mile off. You’ve even got neon lights on the side in white and red, like the car’s headlights and taillights, along with air vents that instantly help viewers create that visual bridge between automobiles and footwear. It also helps that Almossawi’s approach to shoe design looks so radically different, that you’d almost never confuse it with your ordinary pair of kicks. After all, a Lamborghini is far from ordinary, right?

The shoe’s chaotic design ties in beautifully with some of Lamborghini’s more exclusive cars (the Sián and Terzo Millennio come to mind). The shoe’s multi-panel design features the use of regular and suede leather for that premium touch, against a technical fabric with a hexagonal design for that wild, sporty touch, and even a little carbon-fiber thrown in for that signature automotive callback. Glossy plastic elements like the one on the toe tip add that rugged appeal to the shoes, while those glowing elements on the side and base make the shoe look undeniably futuristic and like they’re made for speed.

The shoes are layered with Lamborghini iconography, including the company’s logo on a metal plate on the shoe’s tongue, the brand name glowing on the back, a subtle Italy flag on the front, along with the horned logo commemorating the Italian marque’s 60th anniversary.

A metal plate with the Lamborghini logo stamped on it sits on the tongue of the shoe

The “60 Anniversary” logo sits against a carbon-fiber weave

“To bring this shoe design to life, a detailed 3D model was created using cutting-edge CGI technology,” Almossawi tells Yanko Design. “The process involved intricate digital sculpting and precise material simulation to ensure that the shoe design accurately reflected the textures and details of the envisioned materials, including the smooth leather and suede leather.​​​​​​​”

A designer and bestselling author, Hussain Almossawi is based out of Brooklyn, New York, and has consulted with companies such as Apple, Nike, Adidas, Ford Motors, and other world-known brands. Click here to view the process behind creating these sneaker concepts.

This project is an independently designed concept and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Lamborghini S.p.A. or any of its affiliates.

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