Bosnian man builds a spinning home for his wife that can complete a full rotation in only 22 seconds!

In the town of Srbac, Bosnia, a 72-year-old man transformed his family home into a rotating duplex for his son, daughter-in-law, and beloved wife.

We do what we can for the ones we love. Some might surprise their partner with a romantic holiday, let a friend borrow their car, or cover the tab at a boozy brunch. In Bosnia, a 72-year-old man named Vojin Kusic built a rotating home for his wife, ljubica, following her wish for both their bedroom and living room to face the sun. Some of us do what we can, and then some.

From inside their rotating home, the couple is gently woken up by the sun over fertile grasslands in the morning. Then, come high afternoon while sitting in the living room, the Kusic’s are warmed by natural sunlight and positioned in the ideal spot to keep an eye on who’s coming to visit them. Borrowing electric motors and wheels from an old military transport vehicle, Vojin Kusic built the rotating home with his own two hands.

When Vojin built his family’s first home, he oriented it so that his and his wife’s bedroom faced the sun, but as the years went by, the Vusics realized their need to supervise the driveway from their living room. This realization gave way to their spinning house. Spinning on a 7-meter axis, at its slowest speed, Vojin’s home completes a rotation in 24 hours and at its fastest, the home can turn around in 22 seconds.

Remodeling their family home served more than the purpose of fulfilling ljubica’s wish, as Vojin transformed the home’s topmost level into a loft for his son and wife to live, while the downstairs remained reserved for the parents. While the renovation required a lot of manual labor and electrical rewiring, the rotating feature was inspired and designed all by Vojin’s natural wit.

Designer: Vojin Kusic

This turbine-shaped skyscraper in Dubai is designed to rotate with the wind!

Forget rotating restaurants, Turkish architect Hayri Atak’s entire skyscraper is designed to physically rotate with the wind! Designed to adorn the Dubai skyline, the Squall Tower is absolutely hypnotic to look at and may remind a few of Al Pacino’s casino building in Ocean’s Thirteen. It comes with three individual ribbon-shaped segments that helically twist around a central axis, with multiple branches connecting them all together.

The cross-section of each ribbon is designed to be streamlined, allowing it to effectively rotate with minimal drag. The entire building will complete a single rotation once every 48 hours (it isn’t going to spin like a top, obviously) and will do so at a fixed speed, with or without wind. This will give each of its occupants a complete 360° view of Dubai, alternating between ocean and city-facing views. Lastly, a helipad on the top of the building will allow patrons and visitors access from the top while rotating entrances on the base will provide ingress to each of the building’s 3 helical towers. There’s no word on when the construction for the Squall Tower will begin, although the building’s design has been unveiled on Hayri Atak’s website and social media.

Designer: Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio

The Samsung Sero TV rotates on its axis because people are shooting more vertical videos now

Just to be clear, Instagram or TikTok isn’t launching a streaming service (yet), but they’re definitely leading a phenomenon. Now that smartphone cameras are one of the largest instruments for shooting videos, Instagram and TikTok are a leading force behind people shooting videos in portrait mode. People spend as much, if not more, time watching videos on TikTok as they do on YouTube, Netflix, or Amazon Prime, and Samsung’s begun noticing that. The Sero, which Samsung just debuted at CES 2020, is a TV that flips from landscape to portrait, so you can cast videos or even scrolling webpages from your phone onto it.

Sero, which is Korean for ‘vertical’, succeeds Samsung’s Flip from 2018, which was a rotating collaborative whiteboard that went from landscape to portrait too. Unlike the Flip, however, the Sero is a real TV. It doesn’t come with a touch-sensitive screen and a stylus, but rather is a 4K QLED screen that’s best suited for lifestyle consumers who want to be able to stream movies, browse the web, and watch videos that they captured on their phone. The Sero comes with a neat easel-like stand that gives it its defining look (like the Serif TV has its bezel, the Sero TV has its stand), and it doesn’t even need manual rotation. Based on the video you play, the Sero rotates automatically, even alternating between landscape and portrait depending on how you’re holding your phone while casting content to it. Securing the “Best of Innovation” award at CES, the Sero TV should hit the global market this year.

Designer: Samsung

Aukey’s wall-charger will rotate to avoid blocking adjacent sockets

I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist, but I honestly believe people who make plugs, and people who make plugpoints/sockets don’t particularly like each other. Why else would phone and laptop chargers be so massive and blockish and plug sockets clearly be placed so close together that you can’t possibly use two of them simultaneously?

Aukey’s solution comes as a saving grace when you’ve got multiple gadgets to charge but only two inconveniently positioned plugpoints. Built with a 180° swiveling design, the Rotating USB Wall Charger conveniently avoids any scenario where you’ve got two plugs and their wires fighting for space. It even packs 3 USB ports to plug your spare devices into, including one Qualcomm Quick Charge Port for instant 18W high-speed charging. Don’t ever get caught in the crossfire between massive plugs and cramped plugpoint makers anymore.

Designer: Aukey

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Ultimate Game Room Table Flips from Air Hockey to Billiards

This rotating Air Hockey/Billiards table is perfect for any mancave since you get two games in one. It’s especially great if you are limited on space. This space saving solution is versatile and stylish, not to mention fun.

air hockey billiards table 1 620x409magnify

The air hockey side features a glossy white playing surface and a 110-volt blower with 3″ solid MDF rails and heavy-duty aprons. The 7′ billiards table is made from warp-resistant, high-density MDF and covered in a nylon blend cloth.

air hockey billiards table 3 620x467magnify

If you want to change the game, just rotate and lock into place. It comes with two 57″ cues, balls, rack, chalk, two air hockey strikers, and two pucks. It will cost you $799.95(USD) over at Hammacher Schlemmer, so you are talking about just $400 per side. Not bad when you consider the convenience and the cool factor.

air hockey billiards table 2 620x467magnify

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Levitating Light Up Death Star Globe

levitating death star Levitating Light Up Death Star Globe
That’s no moon! One enterprising and skilled craftster Backwards Props created this homemade Star Wars collectible. He took a regular magnetic levitating globe and transformed it into Darth Vader’s little pet project. First he unwrapped the Earth’s crust to reveal the mantle.
globe unwrapped Levitating Light Up Death Star Globe
Then he downloaded some blueprint plans for the Death Star from the Internet (sloppy work, Storm Troopers, that’s a major security breach leaving those plans out). He cut out the “eye” and sunk it in.
death star plans Levitating Light Up Death Star Globe
A light sanding and a coat of gray primer followed. He drilled a series of small holes and taped over them to paint the remaining part darker and not fill in his holes with paint.
death star holes Levitating Light Up Death Star Globe
Then for the sake of accuracy to a fictional ship, he did a series of calculations to get the super star destroyer ship (which he attached) to the exact scale it should be. Wow, the Death Star really is huge, right?
death star scale Levitating Light Up Death Star Globe
Then he put fiber optic strands in to light the whole thing up and placed it back in it’s rotating stand and presto- awesome. Here’s a video you can see it in action:

Well done sir, well done.

Levitating Light Up Death Star Globe