This modular pencil reduces waste & extends the life of your stationery!

When pencils are used and become short, they are usually thrown away and contribute to waste. The eraser too goes to waste just because the pencil is shorter and uncomfortable to hold even though it is not entirely useless. So how can we make the most of the entire pencil and all its parts? Meet the Loop pencil – this clever design not only makes it easier to use the pencil till the end of its life but also uses the eraser to double up as a stand to keep your desk clutter-free!

More than 14 billion pencils are created every year, which is enough to circle the earth 62 times, and 82,000 trees are cut down every year to make those 14 billion traditional wooden pencils. While they are natural and almost 100% biodegradable, doesn’t mean we can get away with wasting them just due to their design while they are still good to use and that is where Loop comes in with its nifty tweaks to the existing pencil. If pencils were a pokemon that could evolve, Loop would be its final evolution!

Loop has three parts and each has an important function to optimize the product – the pencil, the clip and the eraser. Once the pencil becomes shorter, you use the clip which acts as an extended grip and it also doubles up as an attachment so you can clip it on your documents just like a pen. The eraser doubles up as a vertical pen stand so that the desk doesn’t have a cluster of pencils and you can easily find one that belongs to you. Loop’s simple yet modular design makes it effective, reduces waste, and maximizes the use of the product.

The idea was to extend the life of pencils and erasers but also make them more functional (and fun!). Loop believes that with one more rotation of using the pencil, you can decrease waste and make the most of existing stationery. Since pencils are made of wood and the raw materials come from forests, we should be mindful about using them fully and do our part in saving trees through small actions. You can freely combine different forms through the “one turn, one change” method and show more love to the environment as a stationery lover!

Designer: Ye Feng, Yu Zhenfa, Lin Weifeng, Tian Zhen, and Zhu Hengchang

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Made from silver and metal alloy, this ergonomic pen surpasses the regular wooden pencil with its ink-less design!

Inspired by ancient writing instruments, ZAI is an inkless pen with a silver point composed of a metal alloy and silver designed by a team at BAH International that hopes to cut the cost burden and environmental impact of conventional wooden pencil production.

Few things are more exciting than unique stationery designs–even fewer are more exciting than an inkless pen. In use since ancient times, silverpoint pens, whose cores are constructed from silver and alloy, have been trusted by scribes, illustrators, and architects alike. Merging its traditional use with a modern, ergonomic build, ZAI is an inkless pen designed by a team at BAH International Co. that aims to reduce the conventional pencil’s cost burden and environmental impact.

The designers at BAH International created the ZAI Pencil to last a lifetime. Even following consistent wear and tear, the silverpoint of ZAI remains sharp with each use. Since a lot of wood is needed to construct conventional wooden pencils, the designers at BAH International hope to reduce the environmental impact of pencil production with ZAI.

Carrying a silverpoint composed of a silver and alloy mixture, users can choose between a colorful aluminum barrel or a rustic wooden one, the only difference being that ZAI’s aluminum barrel is slightly shorter. Compared to conventional wooden pencils and ink pens, ZAI writes and feels just the same for a familiar tactile experience.

Additionally, ZAI only draws and writes on paper surfaces, so it will not bleed through clothes or leak onto your palms while writing. Waterproof by design, ZAI is built for extreme conditions where writing and drawing with traditional instruments might not work.

Reaching a maximum height between 100 and 112mm, ZAI is portable for even the smallest of pockets and features a round barrel for an ergonomic grip. Users can also easily adjust the contrast of ZAI’s imprint by pressing down harder or softer on the piece of paper to reach a writing pressure similar to that of a 2B pencil.

Designer: BAH International Co.

Depending on the pressure applied, like any pen, the contrast of ZAI’s ‘ink’ flow will vary.

Made from silver and alloy metal, ZAI is waterproof by design. 

Users have the choice between a wooden barrel and an aluminum one, the only difference being that the aluminum barrel is slightly shorter.

ZAI pens only write on paper, so they will never bleed through your clothes.

Designed to last a lifetime, ZAI was created to replace wooden pencils.

Silverpoint pens have been trusted by illustrators, painters, architects, and scribes for centuries.

When put on paper, the ‘ink’ of ZAI is waterproof so, rest assured, spills can happen.

elago’s Apple Pencil protective case turns your stylus into a nostalgic rubber-tip graphite pencil

I don’t know about you, but those generic yellow pencils with pink erasers were a very strong part of my childhood. I practically grew up on them, developed a love for sketching, took on a career in Industrial Design, and I’m finally here, reliving those fond memories through elago’s Apple Pencil cover cases.

Designed to evoke a sense of nostalgia, elago’s Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) covers come with that familiar hexagonal pencil aesthetic, complete with the rubber-tip at the back. Slip them onto your Pencil and apart from giving you a blast from the past, the covers enhance your grip, thanks to the silicone construction, and protect your hardware from accidental drops and scratches. Moreover, the cover is compatible with the iPad Pro and even supports charging the Pencil by magnetically attaching it to the side of your tablet!

Designer: elago

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This tiny inkless pen is made from a special metal alloy that can literally write forever

This pen is quite literally timeless… in the sense that it will write forever, that too without a single drop of ink.

The ForeverPen is a bit of a technological marvel that solves one of the most common problems in the world – needing to write but never find a pen around. Made from a unique silver composite, the ForeverPen writes without actually writing. Unlike a pen that leaves behind ink, or a pencil that leaves behind graphite, the ForeverPen’s unique material can oxidize surfaces, leaving behind a mark without really wearing out or running out. In theory (and even practically), it lasts forever, letting you draw/write/doodle anytime or anywhere, infinitely.

Designed as the ultimate EDC, ForeverPen comes in a ridiculously small avatar that can fit on your keychain or around your zip, it can be worn around your neck like a minimalist pendant, or even on your bracelet, giving you a writing instrument that’s always on you. Designed to be the most convenient piece of stationery every, ForeverPen is the one pen that’s always around and always ready to write and draw. Its nib comes crafted from a proprietary silver composite that can write smoothly like a pencil would, while never running out. The technology improves on a centuries-old drawing technique called silverpoint, a craft well renowned during the late Rennaisance and even used by Leonardo da Vinci himself. In its modern iteration, the material developed for the ForeverPen is much more hard-wearing – which means it can write anywhere and on anything.

The ForeverPen’s tip creates the effect a pencil would. When it touches the paper, it leaves behind trace metal particles that oxidize to create that black mark that’s similar to graphite being left behind on paper. It can write on a wide variety of surfaces, in any orientation (even upside down), and works underwater too. Moreover, unlike pens, it doesn’t ever need refilling… and like pencils, it never needs to be sharpened.

Measuring less than an inch in size, the ForeverPen is functionally an EDC item that can be carried on you everywhere. It comes machined to perfection, with the silver-composite tip being affixed into a more durable metal body. Based on your preference or aesthetic, you’ve got a choice between titanium, copper, and brass bodies, each of which lends a unique appearance to the ForeverPen. The bodies sport a hole that’s perfect to run a keyring through, letting you keep it with your keys, or even around your belt loop, zipper, backpack, or on your person. Aside from being able to write on any surface, the toughened silver-tip doubles up as a box opener too… so you’re never scrounging around for a pen when you get a brilliant idea or when your boss expects you to take notes on a Zoom call, or a box cutter when you need to open a parcel. You can grab the ForeverPen for yourself or someone special at a discounted price of $34. The pen should reach you as soon as August 2021, and should last you a lifetime and some more!


Click here to Buy Now: $34 $40 ($6 off). Hurry! Only 3 days till the Kickstarter Campaign ends!

Click here to Buy Now: $34 $40 ($6 off). Hurry! Only 3 days till the Kickstarter Campaign ends!

This ergonomic joystick-shaped mouse was inspired by the way our hand holds a pencil

It’s just common sense… your hand’s much more dexterous when you’re holding a pencil versus holding a mouse. Try writing your name on a piece of paper with a pencil, versus on the MS Paint program with a cursor and you’ll see the difference! The fact dawned on Seoul-based designer Foxtail Gihawoo too, that the best way to make a mouse that’s ergonomic as well as precise, was to rely on the pencil-grip technique.

Gihawoo’s Ergonomic Mouse looks like a joystick at first, until you realize that it’s meant to be held at its base like a thick marker instead of at the tip (where one would normally hold a joystick). It sports neat curved surfaces for your hand to rest on, with left and right-click buttons both resting under your index finger in a manner that may require a bit of getting used to. To left-click, simply press the upper button, and to right-click, move your finger slightly lower to hit the lower button. The scroll wheel finds its place naturally under the middle finger, which means you can scroll and click together without shifting fingers around. Ultimately, the design comes with a grippy rubberized surface around its sides, boosting dexterity, and even though the mouse isn’t ambidextrous, one can easily manufacture left-handed variants for people who require it.

Designer: Foxtail Gihawoo

This Wooden Android is always ready to sharpen your pencils!

Designed to add an element of fun to your workspace, Robot (or its female counterpart Roboni) is a cute, wooden android that’s on a strict diet of pencil-shavings! Crafted by Taiwanese studio Carpenter, the Robot and Roboni stand at 10cm tall, and come with a rotating head and moving hands, allowing them to be positioned in many ways!

Crafted from Beechwood, Robot and Roboni come with sharpeners fitted into their jaws. Just place a pencil in from the side and rotate to sharpen! When you’re bored, just grab the antenna on the top to make them look left or right… or better still, use their LEGO-ish hands to grab your phone charging cable!

Designer: Carpenter Taiwan

This invincible pencil and notepad will work for eternity! Even in space!

Roughly 10 seconds into the above video, I was a combination of curious and impressed. This is the nuka, a pencil and notepad combo that the designers claim will work forever. The pencil never finishes, and the notepad is eternally recyclable. They work in the sun, rain, snow, perhaps even underwater, and even in space! Ten seconds into the video, this sounds like borderline witchcraft… but in reality, it’s just top-notch product design and material engineering!

nuka comprises of an eternal pencil, made of a specialized alloy tip that can oxidize a paper’s surface without a residue, essentially making it run forever (and not need sharpening either). While that, in itself, is pretty marvelous, it comes with nuka’s invincible notebook. The notebook is waterproof, tear-proof, and works wonderfully in conjunction with the nuka pencil. Together, you can take notes practically anywhere, anyhow. Write in the rain, in the snow, upside down, or even in a hurry. nuka’s notebook is capable of being your canvas in practically any scenario without ripping, tearing, or affecting your line-quality. What do you do when the notebook gets over? nuka also comes with a specialized eraser fluid that lets you wipe the entire book clean, leaving not even a trace of your lines and notes. The eraser fluid comes in both spray and wet-wipe form, and wipes the oxidization/lines/notes off the paper, making it brand new, something even water or an eraser can’t do.

Designed to be as immortal as the ideas you note down in them, nuka can be used and reused for centuries… and the stationery set even comes with an app that helps you actively capture and document notes you’ve taken in the past. Designed to be carried everywhere you go, the nuka notebook comes with a magnetic spine that allows the eternal pencil to snap to it. Made to be your forever journal, the nuka captures all your notes, ideas, concepts, sketches, doodles, and secrets in its everlasting, indestructible self… giving you the most apt set of tools to capture your immortal thoughts!

Designer: Evgenija Medvedeva

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About nuka Eteneral Stationery

The rewritable notebook and metal pencil. The notebook is waterproof, tear-proof, and works wonderfully in conjunction with the nuka pencil.

Winner of the Red Dot Design Award for the year 2019.

Completely Rewritable

Write, erase, and write again and again on the same page with any type of pen, pencil or marker. Make the slightest of motions and all inscription will fully disappear thanks to nuka magic eraser.

Wipe Off All Unnecessary Information

Self-developed non-toxic liquid is available in 2 forms: wet wipe & spray can.

Writes With Metal

Eternal pencil’s tip is made of unique metal alloy. It writes like regular pencil, but you can forget about sharpening or broken leads. Just write and enjoy of smooth writing experience. Forever.

Different Pressure Sensitivity

Press harder for thicker lines, lighter for thinner. And yes, you can wipe off eternal pencil’s writings by nuka magic eraser.

Totally Waterproof

Notebook components are made of waterproof materials which haven’t been used in other stationery before. Don’t worry about safety, the notes can’t be destroyed even if you spill water or any other drink on it.

Tear Resistant Paper

Next generation paper which you won’t be able to tear. Because of the quality, the notebook is durable and stays as new for a long time.

Magnetic Fastner

Never again old fashion notebook rubber bands. One easy motion to open the notebook and full safe closure when you carry it, thanks to embedded magnets inside cover.

Connect With Notebook

No way to lose the pencil as it attaches magnetically to the eternal notebook by one easy touch.

+nuka App

Perfect extension of eternal notebook on your phone. Scan the page with nuka app and get digital handwritten notes of good quality.

Create virtual notebooks and keep separate scans by categories projects, sketches, ideas and more. All notes are organized, safe, and always with you.

Three Layouts

Self-developed smart-dots is multipurpose for all your needs. Use it to write down notes, make sketches, spreadsheet on the same page.

Truth is that your tasks never end, like nuka to-do list. Erase completed tasks and write new.

Plan your month, erase and plan again. Unlimited times.

Scan tasks and it will be added to to-do list inside the app. You will never forget about unfinished tasks thanks to reminders.

Scan the page and plans will be added to calendar inside the app. You will get notifications about your schedule as per the scanned pages.

Still, Soft and Tactile

They save all tactility pleasant touch feelings of regular paper, because they love it. nuka paper is matt and soft to touch.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $89 ($30 off). Hurry, only 35/800 left!

Atech’s iPad Pro case sports a Pencil-holder for docking and charging


I’d say the new iPad Pro comes with some major UX improvements. Take the Apple Pencil redesign, for example. The previous pencil was nothing short of a design disaster. It had to be plugged into the iPad to charge, and had no place to put it when not in use, spawning a series of separate holsters/pouches/covers for the Apple Pencil. The new iPad Pro, however, fixes that nagging problem. The Pencil 2.0 magnetically snaps to the side of the iPad when not in use, and charges wirelessly as it rests in its newfound place.

This, however, means that if you’re a user of the Apple Pencil, your iPad Pro case needs to accommodate for it, leaving a strip for your pencil to magnetically snap to the iPad. I say case because it’s rare that one would use a $1K gadget without a case. At 5.9mm thick, the iPad is extremely prone to bending, and doesn’t come with its own angle-adjustable stand to facilitate propping up and sketching (unless you buy Apple’s keyboard folio case). That’s where Atech’s iPad Pro cover-case comes in. With an origami design, leatherette exterior, and microfiber interior, the case is everything the iPad Pro needs. The leatherette cover gives it a touch of elegance, while the microfiber interior protects the screen from scratches or smudges. The casing for the iPad is also made from TPU which absorbs shock, protecting the iPad from accidental bumps. The origami construction allows you to prop the iPad at two angles, and what I love the most is the fact that the case doesn’t just make adjustments for the Apple Pencil 2.0 to be docked, but rather, gives it its own holder/palette! A perfect place to stash the Pencil when not in use, the holder protects the Pencil too, so that it doesn’t accidentally separate or fall off in your bag, and also so that it’s always readily available to you, for sketching, note-taking, or even regular day-to-day use.

Designer: Rin Preda

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You’re Probably Wondering Why this Pencil is Entirely Made from Carbon Fiber

The wooden pencil is like the reliable, four-door sedan. It’s been around for long, hasn’t changed radically, and has served its purpose well for decades. The mechanical pencil is a bit like a coupe. It’s an upgrade, both in terms of the way it works, and while it isn’t as ubiquitous as the wood pencil (or the sedan), the people who do use it, love it. The CARBONARA pencil (not to be confused with the classic Italian pasta) is a step up from the coupe… a roadster of pencils if you will. It’s edgy, has a classy design, and is backed by a great deal of engineering. It also features the use of a material that hasn’t seen a debut in stationery yet… carbon fiber. Yes, the CARBONARA pencil is a unibody pencil crafted from a single piece of carbon fiber.

The use of the material is no gimmick. Just like a roadster is modeled on the lines of a coupe, but made to be faster, lighter, and better, the CARBONARA pencil is designed to be stronger, lighter, and better than a regular mechanical pencil. The carbon fiber gives it its light weight, but also plays a crucial role in the functioning of the pencil. The pencil comes with two hollow slots running across the side, separated by a pillar in the middle. Press down on one slot, and the other one expands ever so slightly. Now slide a lead into the CARBONARA pencil, and you’ve got yourself a fully functional mechanical pencil that ejects the lead when its sides are pressed inwards. The action isn’t complex in theory, but requires a good amount of engineering to work effectively with the optimal amount of pressure. When done right, you’ve got a unibody pen that is lightweight as well as unbelievably strong (you can even opt for the variant with the aluminum tip, for a nice bit of color and material contrast). The carbon fiber bends ever so slightly, but literally never breaks, giving you a functional mechanical pencil that’s a delight to look at, to own, and promises to last not one lifetime, but multiple ones!

Designers: Miquel Tejero, Gerard Arqué & Oriol Gener of BoO Barcelona

Click here to Buy Now: $74 $127 (42% off). Hurry, less than 4 days left!


The CARBONARA pencil is the world’s first unibody pencil crafted from a single piece of carbon fiber with an innovative gripping system for the lead.


The CARBONARA pencil doesn’t have any mechanisms and it works through bending of the carbon fiber 3K sarga with a bidirectional fiber orientation and aluminum 5000 serie.

When you press the carbon fiber it opens and the lead slides out and when you stop pressing, it closes.


The pressure exerted on the carbon cylindrical body allows the regulation of the lead with the separation of an aluminum tip.


The pencil weights 7.3 grams (0.26 oz) and is available in two finishes: Glossy Silver and Matte Black. It comes with a graphite and a red lead, along with a custom small-size sharpener.


Matte Black CARBONARA pencil with red lead.


Glossy Silver CARBONARA pencil with red lead.


Matte Black CARBONARA pencil with graphite lead.


Glossy Silver CARBONARA pencil with graphite lead.


The pencil is designed with a sturdy aluminum tip.


Click here to Buy Now: $74 $127 (42% off). Hurry, less than 4 days left!