This millennial-friendly projector features a cool swiveling mechanism to project from the floor to the ceiling!

Togic One is a home projector built for Gen Z TikTokers that is designed to look good from all angles–especially for the camera.

TikTok has done more for interior design in recent years than you might think. Whether you’re Gen Z or only a wannabe, then you’ve probably seen the mood lights and ceiling projectors all over TikTok. Transforming your bedroom into viral light shows has become the new normal and designers across industries are taking note. Togic One, from industrial designer Fu Fu, is a home projector built to look good from every angle, even on camera.

Being holed up in our bedroom for months on end with nothing to do but create TikTok videos has made many of us reconsider our bedrooms and how we can best design them to reflect our personalities. LED mood lamps and video projectors are two designs that help bring social media and TikTok to our bedrooms. Togic One from Fu Fu is a small home projector that can be adjusted to different positions and project film from anywhere in the room. Tightly wrapped in Guilford of Maine, Togic One has a familiar texture and design that would fit right in on a shelf lined with your portable speaker and smart assistant. Boasting a simple design, Togic One features only two small projection lenses that transmit film from the camera to your bedroom walls.

Togic One’s projector stand also features a unique holder to securely lock the projector in place. Similar to a magazine rack, Togic One’s holder comes with detachable plugs that fasten the projector into place. Togic One’s placement rack locks the projector into place using a grid of plugs and sockets that can latch the projector into any vertical or horizontal position. Users can project films or any other visual media, including light shows, onto their ceiling simply by turning Togic One vertically, pointing its lenses toward the ceiling, and locking it into place using the grid plug-and-socket mechanism.

Designer: Fu Fu

Guilford of Maine fabric wraps the exterior of Togic One, giving it a familiar texture and look. 

The projector’s lenses are subtle by design but can project visual media from anywhere in the room.

The small, compact nature of Togic One allows it to be carried anywhere and operable from any angle.

The back panel of input ports features a power button and sockets for HDMI cables, USB 2.0 chargers, a headphone jack, and a DC-IN port.

Togic One can be turned into any position to project visual media everywhere from the floor to the ceiling. 

Ever wondered how those viral TikTok ‘Sunset’ lamps work? Here’s what is inside them…

YouTuber BigCliveDotCom calls it a low-power floodlight using “undesirable LEDs”.

Whether you’re on TikTok or even on Instagram, chances are you’ve stumbled across these ‘sunset’ LED lamps. They’ve pretty much shot to popularity over the last month or two, known for creating a perfect circular projection of ambient light, looking like a sunrise, sunset, or even a circular radial gradient of the rainbow spectrum. Influencers are sharing pictures about it, VICE even wrote an entire article on it, and it’s been plagiarized so many times over, I honestly don’t know who the original creator of this lamp is. What I DO know, however, is that it isn’t worth what it costs.

How the TikTok Viral Sunset Lamp works

The sunset lamp can be basically broken down into three components – the LED, the lens, and a dichroic film that helps get that unique color-gradient. Both the lens and film are made of plastic, and the LED is a basic off-the-shelf component that barely costs a couple of cents when purchased in bulk. To be brutally honest, perhaps the most expensive part of the Sunset Lamp is its shipping fees… but enough product-bashing. Let’s just look at how the lamps work, and how you could potentially build your own for under 5 bucks.

How the TikTok Viral Sunset Lamp works

The way the lamp works is similar to a floodlight, or a car’s headlamp – an LED emits light, which is focused using a lens. Similarly, the sunset lamp uses a small 3W LED along with a dome lens, that refracts the light beams in the shape of a perfect circle. Given that car headlights need to be bright, they even use reflector panels to ‘multiply’ the light, but that isn’t really the case with a sunset lamp that’s more focused on creating an ambient ring of soft light. The Sunset Lamp does, however, come with a special dichroic film that’s glued to the back of the lens (you can see it in the teardown image below) that creates that unique gradient. Different lamps use different films, creating everything from an orange halo to a light yellow one, to even those psychedelic rainbow gradients. The dichroic film changes color depending on the angle at which a beam of light hits it – causing that halo effect with colors changing from the center towards the edge.

How the TikTok Viral Sunset Lamp works

What you’ve got at the end of the day is quite a masterclass in branding too. Calling it a low-intensity floodlight wouldn’t move as many pieces as calling it a ‘sunset lamp’ does. It’s easier to grasp, sounds more poetic, and resonates well with its audience – the same way a ‘Retina Display’ sounds much better than a ‘display with high pixel density’. Couple that with the fact that the lamp absolutely took off on TikTok and it really helps explain the product’s sheer success.

If you still find the idea of a Sunset Lamp rather intriguing but you don’t want to spend an average of $25 to buy your own, you could easily build one using parts available online. Just look for a good ‘condenser lens’ on the web (they come for a bunch of cents on AliExpress) and pick up a cheap nightlight from your nearby hardware shop and you can practically put together your own sunset lamp for a couple of bucks. You can get your hands on dichroic film from a gift shop too (just test out those metallic gift-wrapping papers) or better still, just take a marker to the back of your dome lens and color it in.

Or if you’re just plain lazy, go ahead and buy one off Amazon.

How the TikTok Viral Sunset Lamp works

How the TikTok Viral Sunset Lamp works

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Best Gadgets for Making the Best Tik Tok Videos

Getting the most Tik tok followers and likes may guarantee you a pay check at the end of the day. Apart from best online casinos gaming, this one way that you can also get to make money online. Therefore, you will find that a lot of people are working so hard to make sure they produce the top Tik Tok videos. There are so many gadgets that you can get to use to make sure that you get to attract the crowds and people ca appreciate your videos even more. This article is going to give you the best options…

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The Wave Bookshelf’s shape-shifting design looks like TikTok’s Time Warp Scan filter brought to life!

You wouldn’t expect wood to have a fluid appearance, but with a few clever design tricks, Studio Lorier’s Wave Bookshelf manages to make something as stiff and rigid as wood look completely flexible! The secret lies in the bookshelf’s stepped construction and a joinery detail that allows each step to slide side by side. You can easily manipulate the bookshelf’s shape with your hands, creating a variety of shapes, before locking the bookshelf’s position using a single screw detail.

The Wave is made of individual pine wood elements that can be stacked together (or removed) to create a shelf that’s as high or as low as you want. With its ability to shapeshift, the Wave transcends furniture and becomes something more eye-catching and engaging. Its dynamism turns it into a piece of interactive art, allowing you as the user to also play a role in determining the shelf’s end-result! Perfect for adding a quirky touch to a boring space, or just placing in a space with odd/deviant dimensions.

Designer: Studio Lorier

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