This Desktop Fridge Is a Soda Can Vending Machine

Do you drink cans of soda to keep motivated during the day at work? You could get up from your desk and walk over to the vending machine, but that requires too much effort. What you need is your own desktop soda vending machine. This one from Japan should do the trick just fine.

Thanko’s compact desktop refrigerator holds up to 10 cans of your favorite drinks, and dispenses them with ease. Just load two cans onto each of its five shelves, and when you’re ready for an icy cold beverage, just push the appropriate button. The only problem with this design is that since it doesn’t require payment, you can’t charge your office mates if they want to pilfer one of your cans of Dr. Pepper.

The desktop soda vending machine is available from Thanko Japan, where it sells for ¥14800 (~$138 USD). I’m not sure if you can get one shipped to the US, but it’s worth a shot if you want one.

Kitchens and homes of the future: Everything in store at Electrolux’s 2019 product showcase

As we prepare to head down to Stockholm to see what Electrolux’s plans for our future homes and kitchens are, here’s what we know. Considered one of the biggest names in home appliances, Electrolux has, for long, had an approach that is best described as design-forward. As an organizer of the Electrolux Design Lab, a competition that encouraged innovative designers to help Electrolux envision the future of home technology, the company has always had an affinity for conceptual designs that push boundaries, resulting in products that have redefined categories. We got a look at how Electrolux redefined home and kitchen appliances with their showcase at IFA 2018 (under their German sub-brand AEG), with everything from ovens you could control with your voice, induction plates that could turn off when your food’s cooked, and some of the most incredible design details one could imagine in a refrigerator.

Electrolux’s 2019 showcase in Stockholm aims at solidifying its place in every house and kitchen, with products that combine remarkable tech with remarkable usability. Their Intuit range of kitchenware aims at bridging the gap between artificial intelligence and expert cooking. This bridge allows users to rely on AI to assist in meal preparation. The all-knowing AI helps with multitasking, knowing and optimizing cooking processes for taste, and even guiding the user through the process of meal preparation and cooking. Electrolux’s Intuit Range comprises a series of smart-kitchen appliances, featuring the SteamPro oven that’s capable of cooking with steam (an essential for baking soft, delicious bread) as well as performing sous-vide operations to sheer perfection. The oven is even designed to work with Google Assistant, allowing you to simply tell the oven to preheat itself before you use it. Voice commands allow the AI to perfectly execute tasks without having the user to interact with a complex, feature-filled interface. Electrolux’s CookView oven allows you to take your confectionery skills to the next level by remotely viewing what’s happening inside your oven using the oven’s inbuilt camera that lets you keep an eye on your food on a mobile device, even while not in the kitchen.

The SensePro induction hob also forms an integral part of Electrolux’s vision for the future, with a wireless food thermometer that actively tells the induction plate when to increase/decrease the temperature, or when to switch off the stove completely. Imagine never undercooking or overcooking your meat ever again, because the stove ‘keeps an eye on itself for you’. That’s exactly how smart the SensePro aims at being.

The SensePro induction plate even pairs with Electrolux’s Hob2Hood chimney that can intuitively switch on or off depending on what the induction hob tells it. The hob comes with a feature that allows it to distinguish between boiling, steaming, roasting, frying, grilling, and other tasks, giving it the ability to know when to power the hood and clear the kitchen of smoke or smell.

Forming an integral part of Electrolux’s intuitive kitchen is its refrigerator, resplendent with rotating shelves that make sure you don’t forget about stuff kept in the back of the fridge, along with modular containers to mount on the fridge’s door, detachable trays that you can carry to your kitchen counter, and the new UltraFresh+ fridge-freezer that keeps ingredients fresh for longer by offering smart temperature and humidity adjusting capabilities to preserve perishables for longer.

We’re especially excited to see the iF 2019 Award winning ComfortLift dishwasher, that sits on the ground level, but utilizes a clever mechanism to allow the door to open upwards, lifting the trays to an optimal height so you can load and unload the dishwasher without bending down. Using their technical prowess as well as their knack for problem-solving, Electrolux’s products are functional in many ways, offering ease-of-use as well as having a keen eye for small interaction problems that we’ve lived with for years, be it something as taxing as bending down to load or unload the dishwasher, or as critical as leaving the oven on for too long and burning your food to a crisp. We’re headed to Stockholm not to just see Electrolux’s latest products, but to actually use them too. I mean, who wouldn’t want to bake bread with their voice?!

Samsung’s customizable refrigerator comes in nine colors and eight sizes

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This Crazy-expensive Tiny Fridge Has a See-through Video Display Door

Compact refrigerators are great for small spaces like a dorm room. They are also great for bars and garages where you want to hold cold beverages. These fridges are mostly boring metal or glass-door affairs. But Hammacher Schlemmer isn’t known for normal fare, and its little fridge is something different.

The description is notably vague on how the display works, but what we know is that it has an integrated HDTV screen on the door capable of showing video, photos, movies, and screensavers. It appears that the door is see-through, even when video or pictures are on the screen. The fancy door screen supports full HD resolution (1080p) video playback, and can display content via a flash drive, streaming stick, or via its own internet connection.

The fridge has a 3.5 cubic foot capacity, and measures 35 1/4″ h x 19″ w x 18 1/2″ d. If you’ve got $2,500 to blow, you can grab one from Hammacher Schlemmer today.

This wall-mounted shelf is actually a micro-fridge!


Imagine this. You’re in front of your television and you’d really like a nice chilled beer, but you don’t want to walk all the way to the fridge. Or imagine buying groceries but having no space to store them because your fridge is jam-packed with stuff. Now imagine having a dedicated refrigeration unit disguised as furniture right where you need it. That’s the Shelves Fridge by Jinho Han. Designed to look like a shelf but work like a cooling unit, the Shelves is a temporary shelf-fridge that you can place stuff on, instantly chilling/preserving them.

The Shelves comes with a resting platform, a horizontal cooling duct, and a translucent box-cover. The cooling duct can push air either upwards, cooling the stuff kept on the shelf (you’ll have to place the box cover to enclose your bottles/food to cool them better and faster… or the cooling duct can push air downwards, allowing you to hang a shopping bag on it, as the air blows down on your groceries, giving them temporary refrigeration before you take that massive turkey out of the fridge to thaw and create more space for today’s groceries. When you don’t need the Shelves, simply collapse the shelf upwards into the wall and your temporary cooling unit recedes into the background! It would be cool if the ‘closed’ Shelves unit could work as an air-conditioner though…!

Designer: Jinho Han






An Armoire For Your Appetite


Forget spending a fortune on tailor-made construction just to hide your unsightly refrigerator. The ART FRESH BAR is the first in a handsome series that aims to mimic the look of traditional furniture pieces.

In fact, it’s not even intended to be placed in your kitchen. Rather, its ultra-thin profile and fine finishes are designed to blend in with your living room, giving you and the rest of the family easy access to all sorts of snacks, beverages, and one-off items like wine and fruit. With an anticipated selection of various finishes and colors as well as customizable compartments, there’s sure to be one to satisfy any taste or use.

Designers: Chen Jia, Feng Chaoyi, Wan Lei, Wang Hui, Wei Wei, Zhu Jianping



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