Oddbody Furbies Are Either Adorably Weird or Straight-up Nightmare Fuel

Furbies have always been a little creepy to me – perhaps it’s that I’ve seen what they look like on the inside that did it, or maybe it’s just their hypnotic eyeballs. Either way, they’re already pretty weird looking straight from the toy factory. But toy modder Plushie Couture thinks they can do better.

These guys make what they call “Oddbody” Furbies. In other words, these are toys with the faces of Furbies but grafted onto the bodies of other toys. If you liked Sid’s mutant toys from Toy Story, then these should be right up your alley. In fact, they made an Oddbody version of Woody, a Furby Woody if you will.

Other bizarro Oddbody mods include the Stay-Puft Marshmally Furby, the Lost in Space Furby Robot, Furby Barbie, and Furby Boombox among others. I recommend browsing the entire Plushie Couture Etsy shop to see what kind of Furby surgery they’ve been up to lately. Prices for the Oddbody Furbies start around $72.50, but that’s a small price to pay for something that’s sure to leave a long-lasting impression in your brain.

[via CreepBay]

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PinSwitch Turns Your Nintendo Switch into a Tiny Pinball Machine

One of the many things that’s cool about the Nintendo Switch is how people are coming up with creative ways to dock the handheld. Most of the docks I’ve seen keep the screen hidden. In this case, the dock turns the Switch into a tiny pinball machine instead.

Created by Sakura RetroModding, the PinSwitch is a miniature replica of a pinball machine, where the screen of your Switch becomes the playfield.  It works in concert with the Zen Pinball game Pinball FX3, and has real arcade style flipper buttons, a launcher button, and a mini joystick for nudging. The tiny cabinet is made using 3D printed PLA, and covered with colorful decals with fun Nintendo art on them. It connects via the Switch’s USB-C port for zero-latency control, and holds the bezel in front of the handheld with mini neodymium magnets.

Check it out in action, and see how to set up the PinSwitch in the videos below.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to provide a passthrough charging port, so you’ll be running entirely on battery power, but otherwise this looks like a really nifty accessory for pinball fans. If you’re interested, you can pre-order yours on Etsy for about $222. If you don’t want to spend that much, they’re also making a version without the backbox section and graphics for about $116. They’re expected to start shipping around the end of the month.

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