Voltron Castle of Lions PC Case Mod: Activate Interlock!

There are good ideas, and then there are great ideas. And modder Robdp82 building a gaming PC (mostly emulation with some light e-gaming) into a 1984 Voltron Castle of Lions playset transcends even a great idea, and we can only hope when aliens finally visit earth this is the first thing they see so they don’t just immediately death-ray us all.

Photos by Robd82

The computer is powered on by opening the jaws of the Black Lion emerging from the front of the castle to access the power button. The entire PC is built into the middle of the castle, with a wing that opens on each side. The wing on the left opens to expose the Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red Lion M.2 SSD cards and Yeston RX550 GPU, and the right side opens to reveal the Gigabyte H370N motherboard (with onboard Black Lion M.2 SDD) and two Corsair Dominator 8GB RAM sticks. The Dominator RAM was chosen specifically “for the ability to individually address the lights for the colors of Voltron (RGBY) and went with pink for the 5th color to represent Princess Allura.” Now that’s dedication to a build!

What a glorious computer. And to think I still use the same Dell Dimension desktop I got in college back in 2006. Granted I only use it as a footrest, but still. The wired mouse also makes a great doorstop. Reduce, reuse, recycle – that’s my motto. Captain Planet even sent me an ‘Honorary Planeteer’ sticker last Earth Day.

[Robd82’s Voltron PC Project via Kotaku]

Man Builds a Gas Engine-powered NERF Blaster

Because a NERF gun can never have enough horsepower, builder Peter Sripol modded a NERF Elite 2.0 Turbine CS-18 to be powered by a little four-stroke combustion engine mounted on top. Is that a good idea, or the best idea? I’d argue it’s somewhere in-between, but definitely leaning towards the best idea.

The NERF blaster, which previously operated via an electric motor-powered flywheel, now operates via a gas engine powered flywheel for even faster spinning and an almost continuous rate of fire (a great example can be seen around 11:20 in the video). My goodness, what I wouldn’t give to be waiting on the couch with this thing when my roommate gets home from work.

You know, this project reminds me of the time I made a gas-powered laptop. The only difference is Peter’s mod actually works, and I just ruined a perfectly good computer and can’t get the smell of gasoline out of my office.

[via TheAwesomer]

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