I’m worried about this ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ game

When Square Enix finally unveiled its big Avengers project, the reception was mixed, to put it politely. While Marvel's Avengers looked appropriately triple-A, all the familiar Avenger heroes looked a little too unfamiliar. The developers have gone f...

The Marvel’s Avengers game arrives May 15th, 2020

Back in 2017, Square Enix signed a multi-year development deal with Marvel. The first item on their list was a secretive title dubbed, Project Avengers. Tonight, at Square Enix's keynote ahead of E3, the company unveiled the results of its two years...

Square Enix will finally show its ‘Avengers’ game on June 10th

It's been a long two and a half years since Square Enix and Marvel teased plans for an Avengers game, but they're nearly ready to show the fruits of their labor. They now plan to unveil Marvel's Avengers at Square Enix's E3 event, which starts June...

Beat Your Meat With The Infinity Gauntlet

Look, there’s no shame in admitting that we all beat our meat. How else are you gonna get it tender? I do it, you do it, the Avengers do it, even Thanos does it with his Infinity Gauntlet on. If you want to tenderize your meat like Marvel’s big baddie, we have just the thing for you, The Infinity Gauntlet meat tenderizer.

This superior meat beater was imagined by the folks at Firebox. But sadly, at the moment, it isn’t a real product. It is just a concept. However, they do say that if enough people say they want one by clicking on the ‘add to basket’ button, they’ll look into making it happen for real. I just hope the infinity stones don’t fall off this thing, because I don’t want to go on some epic search for them all around the house.

Or Thanos could just snap his fingers and make all meat everywhere tenderized – or at least half of it. Why didn’t he do that? Could have saved us all a lot of hassle by providing that service if you ask me, instead of killing half the universe. What a dummy.

[via The Awesomer via Geekologie]

Riot Games is expanding ‘League of Legends,’ even in the midst of scandal

League of Legends has been online for nearly 10 years. During that time, it's competed with newcomers like Dota 2, PUBG, Overwatch, Fortnite and a slew of online first-person shooters, yet it's managed to remain one of the most popular games on the m...

Star Wars and Marvel Meta Mugs: Arm Yourself with Caffeine

If you’re like me, you could always use another cup of coffee. If you’re going to constantly be reaching for a hot cuppa joe, you should drink it out of a cool mug, I say. Firebox has some fun mugs for fans of Marvel superheroes as well as Star Wars which are worth checking out.

First up are the Marvel Meta Mugs, each of which features the chest of a famous superhero. What makes them special are their handles, which each look like the spandex-clad arm of one of your favorite heroes. They come in Black Panther, Iron Man, Spider-Man, The Hulk, or Thor versions.

If you prefer your coffee like your men – Dark-sided, then maybe a Darth Vader, or Stormtrooper mug will do the trick from the Star Wars Meta Mug collection. My personal favorite is the C-3PO mug – which has a shimmery golden look, and all those wires in his belly.

All of the mugs are available from Firebox for $13.99 each.