This Basketball Transforms into a Drone

Well, it looks like Transformers are becoming a real thing if this basketball drone is any indication. But is it an Autobot or a Decepticon? It is definitely more than meets the eye. That’s all I know for sure.

So yeah, objects like basketballs are now transforming into robots. Welcome to the future. Our cars just sit there, but basketballs? They transform. They call this progress. Anyway, the Zcadoo Basketball Quadcopter Drone is a remote-controlled toy for kids or adults that like one thing turning into another. It is actually designed to look like a real basketball, but it has folding rotors that pop up to allow it to take flight. It has a 100-foot flying range and a built-in 720p video camera. It also has has voice control support. Sadly, it can only fly for about 6 minutes per charge.

I’m convinced that this is the future of the NBA. Just play like normal, but at random intervals, your ball flies away – maybe it even scores some points for itself. So it is you against the opposing team and you are both battling the ball. I mean drone. I mean ball. The NBA becomes the NBDA: National Basketball Drone Association. We all win… except for the teams that lose. They’re just losers.


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