These tools give a fun and frustrating twist to everyday product designs!

Throughout our lives, classic product designs have been a standard in our routine to the extent that we never questioned the design of a screwdriver, a spoon, a scissor or even a broom! But the design studio PUTPUT is here to make us question our reality! A collaboration between designers Stephan Friedli and Ulrik Martin Larsen, PUTPUT (I truly love how their name is a sound when said out loud!) is the visual and conceptual meeting of two minds. In a simple yet minimal Scandinavian style, this series takes a punny approach, taking objects we use on an everyday basis and convert them into frustrating yet lovable products that are sure to make us smile!

Even rock couldn’t beat this scissor!

Hammers are all about force, but even Thor cannot make this hammer work right!

Well, PUTPUT got the green part right, it’s the photosynthesis that is missing!

Call me nuts but I do believe the roller – umbrella hybrid can actually be put to some good use! The roller- shell hybrid? Now that’s just my weapon of choice for when I become a superhero…

This broom sure is bristly to the touch!

The Celebration Chair saves the world from all those leftover candle stubs by merging with a chair.

This teapot is all ready to serve piping hot tea to itself!

You don’t want to be on a date night with this corkscrew-earbud hybrid from hell! Though I must admit, that does add a strong grip while cleaning my ear.

Took a minute to figure this out? This grinder-coffee maker duo is sure to leave everyone craving their morning caffeine hit with no rescue in sight!

The Tokyo Motor Show 2019 Concepts that has us swooning

Tokyo Motor Show is here and boy are we glad to see it! You have to love Japanese technology, bringing us the best of the automotive world and here is our favorite from the bunch as of now!

Lexus LF-30

This is Lexus’s first fully electric car to be available in 2030! And what a car this is…A single, fluid form of metal, the car brings to mind an inverted swoosh. Weighing about 5,300 pounds, this beast can reach 60mph from still in 3.8 seconds, traveling up to 310 miles in a single charge. And if you’re tired of actually driving, just let the onboard autonomous technology take the reins. Being Japanese, it channels a concept named Tazuna, inspired by the connection between a horse and its rider. 536 horsepower, 110-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack and a personal drone that carries your luggage from your door to your trunk, there is very little that Lexus is leaving unchallenged.

Toyota e-Racer

Childhood dreams come alive in this car! This car is a pure concept. Toyota has not revealed any specs about this beauty, except for asking you to be seated and take a drive. From real-life experience of a racing course to an underwater driving experience, this exhibit is all about showcasing the ‘fun to drive’ element of the future. The most interesting thing is they have trademarked the name ‘e-Racer’ (Speed Racer anyone?!) in the USA that will be applicable for vehicle/apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water! Go e-Racer, go!

Mitsubishi Mi-Tech turbine

Mitsubishi brought out the big guns for this project. They’ve let their imagination run wild, so much that there is no roll-cage, handlebars, doors or even a roof for you to hang on to while you settle in for what promises to be a wild, wild ride! Powered by 4 motors, it’s a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle so when the battery fizzles out, it will be powered by the gas turbine engine. And that is where our bubble bursts. Currently, Mitsubishi has no gas turbine engines in its arsenal to power this beast. A chunky concept with the distinguishing Mitsubishi tail lamps, I can (unrealistically) imagine off-roading with the speakers blaring born-to-be-wild!

Nissan Ariya

The essence of Ariya is to showcase what the future of EV’s could be and bring to light their need/origin in the first place. A very clean concept, so much that it looks ready to roll, without any extra gimmicks, this is a big departure from Nissan Leaf. You would hardly say they belong to the same family! The grill, now christened a Shield, houses radar and other sensors for the ProPilot 2.0 driver assist suite, which allows for hands-off driving. The interior lights keep changing to keep you aware of the auto mode, just in case the automatically driving part didn’t do the trick. Painted in a deep Suisei Blue that contains embedded glass flakes, resulting in ‘billions of light reflections like a comet crossing a night sky’, there are also copper accents in the wheel and the roof lines to pay homage to Japanese craftsmanship.

Toyota LQ

Toyota LQ will be the car that moves you both physically and emotionally. Given the way we love our car, Yui will probably take that relationship from an unspoken bond to a lively conversation with its interactive nature and by converting ozone to oxygen, making it stylishly eco-friendly! Who is Yui you ask? Yui is an AI assistant that resides inside Toyota’s latest launch, the LQ concept model, as a blue dot in the center of the instrument panel. A color often associated with depth and stability, Yui can recognize your emotional state using facial scans, conversations and analyze the environment to adapt to the driver’s capabilities and senses at that moment. He can track your alertness levels and make you sit upright (by literally nudging you upright by inflating) with the help of a ‘bladder’ embedded into the seat.

A fully automatic yet personalized home garden that grows 76 different plants!

If you have the inclination to grow your own greens, then there are many solutions available today. Once you have done your market research, there are a couple of factors that will stand out and help you with the final choice – efficiency of the system, soil or soilless, how often do you have water the plants, the variety you can grow, modularity and of course the cost.

Now imagine an assistant who does all these calculations for your plant needs and all you have to do is follow those instructions every 1-3 weeks. The Verdeat personalized home garden does exactly that! A modular fully automatic gardening system created from environment-friendly materials, the Verdeat is an automatic gardening system that grows up to 76 plants. The seed tray fits in 19 seed pods and is ideal for basil, lettuce, oregano, etc. which have 3-4 weeks growth time. The Microgreen tray fits 4 microgreen pads and has a growth time of 7-10 days that lets you plant watercress, mustard, alfalfa, and the likes. Whereas the pot tray holds 5 standard pots and you can grow your lemons, peppers, cherry tomatoes in there! So all you have to do is choose your plant, pick a tray for it and follow instructions.

Verdeat uses a soilless, organic plant cultivation system and smartly irrigates and provides nutrition to vegetables and herbs. Using the accompanying app, the modular garden is self-sustainable for 1 to 3 weeks, depending on what is growing. It automatically adjusts the water, energy, and nutrients required, without unnecessary wastage.

Being notorious for killing plants easily, I’m keen to see how this system will fare in my home!

Designer: Robert Paluch

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Verdeat – a Modular Fully Automatic Gardening System

Verdeat is an indoor garden system that uses soilless, organic plant cultivation. It is an app-controlled system which is self-sustainable for 1-3 weeks by smartly irrigating and providing nutrition to vegetables and herbs.

A Size for Every Requirement

Verdeat S is the best option for kitchen countertops. Ideal for single users and couples living in small apartments.

Verdeat M fits every floor in the kitchen or living room. Ideal for couples and small families living in medium apartments and houses.

Verdeat L fits every floor in the kitchen or living room. Ideal for families, medium apartments and houses.

growing plant


Autonomous App-Controlled System

It is almost entirely maintenance-free: all you need to do is add water and the required nutrient once every 1-3 weeks. The mobile app will guide you to take care of your plants.

Modular Tray System

The system consists of modular trays with slots to plant the seeds along with a soil-free natural substrate (e.g. coconut fiber). Its unique universality and modularity also allow the growth of regular soil-based pot plants and microgreens.


Verdeat is manufactured in EU with 95% recycled materials.

With each purchase, they will plant a tree and give you 3 tree seeds to cultivate in Verdeat and then plant in your neighborhood as a way of giving back to nature. Each unit (size L) is made from plastic waste weighing 10kg / 22lbs.

Mood-boosting Sun-like Light and Better Air Quality

Verdeat creates a near-natural light source that allows you to cultivate anywhere at any time. The plants also act as air purifiers and have a therapeutic effect on your overall wellbeing.

Design Process and Technology

2017 marks the concept/ R&D phase of this idea followed by prototyping in 2018.

How to use

Grow your food in these easy steps:

1. Fill the main tank (placed in the base) with water
2. Add few drops of vegan plant nutrients (included in the kit)
3. Start the app

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Common product designs reimagined to create uncommon humor-filled results!

Do you remember how as kids (and me as an adult too!) you would lie down on the grass and looked at the sky to decipher shapes out of clouds? Designer Jose Navarro’s work brings the same childlike curiosity with some expert photo manipulation to make us see the other side of the objects we use in our everyday life! Mixing concepts, images, and colors, Jose is setting Instagram on fire with his handle @j.m.navarro with illustrations that bring us a touch of humor, inspiration and basically make you smile for seeing this fresh take on everything from your airpods, shoes to even a straw!

Shoes meet the tank in this conceptual render. Although, in hindsight, these would make quite cool roller-skating shoes!

This one made me actually laugh out loud! Titled, ‘Undercover Agent’ you can actually imagine the futuristic traffic camera or CCTV’s being disguised as pigeons!

The artwork titled Trashed People focuses on getting rid of the negativity in life by just trashing the people who are not healthy for us.

Addiction Sucks and this visual metaphor is an apt reminder of why you should keep away from it.

This artichoke grenade is quite literally the green bomb your system needs.

Take a bite out of this heart to literally just ‘Hurt a Heart’.

There is something sinister in this mix of leather gloves and the crow titles ‘Dark Feelings’.

Beautifully harmonious wooden lines form the rings of the vinly disc in this turntable evoked from the Flintstones age!

For the times when you want a literal break from your phone, just dip into this pool.

Simple, delicious and light, this cloudy sushi is the best dinner.

Functional yet eccentric, the furniture designed by Michael Beitz will give you some food for thought!

We have all looked at functionality to understand the form of the design, but sometimes you have to look beyond it, this is exactly the emotion I feel after browsing through designer Michael Beitz’s sculptural furniture designs. Simple benches get elevated to become interesting form factors under this designer’s guidance. Adding twists and extensions, each of these sculptural pieces evokes joy. Be it a bench that curves in on itself to give you an alcove, extending the lines to make the design one with the building or even having a pair of eyes watch from our space on our favorite armchair, each of his designs will amaze you, make you smile and leave you with some food for thought in your mind.

A bench that adds a touch of functionality with humor to any building exterior.

These twisted benches give a playful twist to any ordinary space while creating an alcove to give you a space where you can catch up with your friends.

We all know those times we have tried to nod off on a bench. Well, Michael Beitz has designed this bench with an in-built pillow shaped nook to rest your head for those tough days.

Facing internal turmoil? Head down to this bench that curves in on itself to give you some peace and quiet while keeping the prying eyes away from you.

This knotted table is for those awkward dinner conversations you don’t want to have.

This collection will have you totally prepared for anything you wish to evade!

A little weird chair to end this collection, the Mates armchair will eye you while you eye the TV. A pair for you and your best mate in life!

Cork-based product designs that show why this sustainable material is trending!

Cork is a wonderful material that we usually associate with wine stoppers, but these designers have revised the way we see cork completely! Did you know why cork is a truly sustainable material? This is because cork is made from the bark of the Quercus suber, or the cork oak. These gentle giant trees usually live for 300 years from which the bark of the tree is extracted, leaving the tree unharmed! With the wave of sustainable designs taking steam, more and more designers are looking at cork to create flooring, walls, furniture, tableware, clothing, even NASA uses it for the isolation of their space shuttles. The industry is coming to realize that cork is a very resistant waterproof material and of course eco-friendly since its extraction doesn’t harm trees as the barks just grow back. Our curation today brings to forefront this humble material and its genius applications!

The main body of the stove is composed of steel with cork profiles placed and fixed to its structure. These profiles are separated from the steel structure to prevent the cork from darkening over time. The cork material also does double-duty as a security layer, allowing users to safely touch and feel the woodstove by INNGAGE.

At the base of the  Jasper Wool Eco Chukka shoe by Brian Linton is the sleek and supportive midsole that is ReCork Recycled Cork; the naturally cushioning and lightweight material lends itself to this application and is quite possibly the most sustainable material for the job! This has been accompanied by an array of environmentally conscious materials; from the Natural Rice Rubber that’s used for the tread, through to the Foam insole that is made using Algae!

OAK OAK is a children’s chair with storage space for toys and books etc. The chair consists of two parts, an oak frame, and a cork seat. When you remove the lid from the seat you get access to the storage compartment. The box consists of smaller parts that are assembled like a puzzle and held in place by the frame and is designed by Morten Husum Nielsen.

It’s the aesthetics of these power tools by Lukas Salley that really make them stand out from their competitors; the high contrasting colors that make up the body are then softened by the natural, untouched finish of the cork, which has been used on the handles to offer comfort.

Classy and space-conscious, Volto is a dual-container spicer designed by Mireia Rius that takes inspiration from an hourglass. The containers come with their own cork-stops with an angular cut along the base that allows you to ‘open or close’ the containers. Just rotate the cork to expose or cover the shaker’s holes and you’re good to go!

Bouchon Stools by Domitalia is a lovable piece that marries the dynamic duo of cork and steel in a timeless fashion. Charming and versatile, Bouchon’s natural cork seat sits atop an industrial steel base that is offered in Bar and Counter heights as well as a selection of finishes.

Students at Industrial Design of Konstfack Sofia Almqvist and Carl Cyrén have developed a bicycle saddle made of natural cork material. Such a beautiful ode to nature draws us to ride more often, and so we are connecting with the environment by integrating Eco-friendly elements in everyday details.

Message in a bottle USB Drive by Saburo Sakata lets you capture a lot of memories in this tiny little bottle or just keep your pen drive’s safe when not in use!

KORK, created by Twodesigners proposes to start from the simple and usual cork and realize a family of objects based on the connection between different elements. Every combination has its own identity as well on a visual level as on a functional level. Every piece is composed of a metal hooping in which two elements enter and combine.

Inspired by basic shapes and the interaction among them, Tarro by Studio Diario tries to revalue the beauty of simplicity. It is a family of containers where the shape and material of each part are strictly defined by its function. Each product is unique, pottery and cork-wood pieces are hand-made using the technique of lathe. The cork lid provides sealing, and the handle is made out of wood for more pleasant contact.

Cabins designed to help you feel one with nature

Cabins have long since had the reputation of being a little wooden structure with basic amenities, meant for plaid-clad angry men who cut off from the world. Well, the plaid-based clothing aside, there is something amazing of being in the lap of nature. Our collection here today reinvents the traditional cabin designs for a modern, even futuristic look. These cabins are designed with meticulous attention to detail, filled with modern-day amenities so you can interact with nature while being comfortable! The architects here have also paid heed to the fact that the design blends in with their surroundings instead of disrupting them!

The beautifully rendered House by the Lake by Alexander Nerovnya.

Stilts keep this small winter cabin elevated above a snow-laden slope in Quebec to protect an outdoor lounge sheltering beneath its base with a warming stove by Delordinaire founders Adrian Hunfalvay, Erwan Lêveque, and Jean Philippe Parent. “This winter chalet uses the stilt typology to create a protected ground floor area with an outdoor stove, providing an unusual space where residents can be amongst nature and the snowy exterior, while still enjoying protection from the elements.”

This cross-formed building named the Dune House is designed to orient itself to the four cardinal directions, and in turn, considers light as the fifth element orienting and driving the design by Viktor Sørless.

Finnish designers Aleksi Hautamaki and Milla Selkimaki have built a self-sufficient summer house. In order to be completely self-sufficient, the cabins source their energy from roof-mounted solar panels and use filtered seawater for drainage, sinks, and toilets. Hot running water is produced as a by-product of the sauna’s stove, and the same system provides heating to the floors of this Project.

For this Holiday Home in Vitznau, “The clients’ desire was to live in a timber house. However, the challenging geology, the exceptional hillside location, and the existing environment prompted us to design a solid concrete construction in which rests the soft core of the timber house.” said alp Architektur Lischer Partner.

Danish retailer Vipp is now offering guests the opportunity to stay in a prefabricated micro dwelling in a Swedish forest. The cabin provides a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape from the open-plan living area, thanks to large sliding windows. A bedroom is tucked away in one of two chimney-like chambers protruding from the roof, with the other containing a skylight.

Stinessen Arkitektur has built three cabins and a sauna on an island in the remote Steigen Archipelago off the coast of Norway in the arctic circle. Called Manshausen 2.0, the project is an extension of the Manshausen Island Resort, an eco-retreat founded by Børge Ousland, the Norwegian polar explorer who was the first person to cross the Arctic solo.

OFIS Arhitekti worked with local structural engineers CBD to develop the Kanin Winter Cabin, which is designed to resist extreme weather conditions on its exposed site on Mount Kanin. This tiny 9.7-square-meter cabin has a narrow floor plan containing three shelf-like floors and has dimensions of just 2.4 by 4.9 meters. It is made from a combination of cross-laminated timber, glass and aluminum panels.

A wooden cabin with a prefabricated honeycomb-like structure, called Varden, has opened on Storfjellet mountain in Norway by Spinn Arkitekter. It has an “organic” prefabricated framework, developed in collaboration with Format Engineers to echo its rugged arctic setting while withstanding harsh polar winters.

Perched eight meters above the floor of its forest site 0n the Danish peninsula of Als Odde, the cabin is a part of a new hotel designed for Lovtag by Sigurd Larsen.

Forget listening, you can now feel the sound with the Woojer Edge Series

You need to experience it to believe, and when you see the reactions of those who have experienced the Woojer Edge Gear (see the video below), you know that you want to try it too! Imagine being able to FEEL sound … the thump, the beats, and the pulses; like when you are clubbing, in a concert or even the last time you stuck your ears to those huge speakers for the sheer joy of feeling the sound reverberate through your body! Not only while listening to music but the Woojer Edge Series can also be enjoyed by those who are gaming or watching a movie. The point is to get a fully immersive audio experience and feeling the energy of the sound you are listening to. Imagine a progressive sensation that amplifies the sound in a dimension that you have never experienced before. Using patented haptic technology, Woojer’s Strap™ Edge and Vest™ Edge help you elevate your sound experience to the next level.

As explained by the team, “Sound is an air movement that typically spreads as an audible wave of pressure. Headphones gather that audible part, but you’re missing out on the movement. That’s where Woojer steps in.”

The Strap™ Edge is a portable and easy-to-use solution for your everyday needs that will help you feel the music wherever you are, making you dance with joy as the music courses within you. For an even more riveting experience, you have the Vest™ Edge that had audio pulsing through 6 outlets to give you a complete 360 degree immersive and detailed sensations. All you need to do is put on the strap or vest, connect the audio and start FEELING the sound.

Designers: Noam Tenenbaum & Alona Komsky

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Woojer Edge Series – Immersive Experience that Lets you FEEL Sound

Woojer is a progressive sensation that boasts an amplified level of immersion. Imagine standing right next to a huge bass cabinet. You know that oomph you feel in your body? That’s what Woojer feels like. It gives you everything that your headphones simply can’t.

Real reactions of users experiencing Woojer Edge for the first time. All were filmed at E3, along Venice Beach, and Hollywood Boulevard in June 2019.

The Strap™ Edge

Designed for gamers and on-the-go music lovers, the Strap™ Edge is a powerful, high-fidelity haptic experience in transportable form. Wear it around your hips, on your chest or cross-body, and then fold it up and place it in your backpack when you’re done.

Gaming on the go.

Listening to music.

The Strap Specifications are:

  • Weight: 240 gms
  • Adjustable Straps: One size fits all
  • 1x patented, powerful, polyphonic & silent Osci TRX52 haptic transducer
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (3350mAh, 4.2V)

The Vest™ Edge

Designed for VR, gaming, audio professionals and music producers, the Vest™ Edge lets you submerge yourself in a powerful, high-fidelity haptic experience. The Vest™ Edge gives you 360 degrees of immersion, delivering accurate and detailed sensations that’ll raise your pulse.

It’s got out-of-the-box stereo haptics and is the perfect companion for at-home gaming and VR.

If you’re a music pro this will pump the low-frequencies through your body as it engages you in a unique and mesmerizing audio experience.

Gaming will never be the same.

The Vest specifications are:

  • Weight: 2kg/4.5 lbs
  • Adjustable Straps: One size fits all
  • 6x patented, powerful, polyphonic & silent Osci TRX52 haptic transducer
  • Stereo haptic transducers array (2x sides, 2x back, 2x front)
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (3350mAh, 14.5V)

Meet their OSCI™ Technology

OSCI Technology

OSCI™ is their Patented Realistic Haptic Technology that accurately responds and plays frequencies upto 500Hz including subsonic frequencies that are below the threshold of the human ear (1-20Hz). OSCI’s frictionless motion guarantees precise harmonic reproduction and reduces distortion.

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An automated stir fryer that follows your recipe while you multitask

Eating is an essential element of our survival, yet at times it can become somewhat of an inconvenience. So, a device that would allow us to enjoy the freshness of home-cooked meals, whilst minimizing the amount of time that we must spend in the kitchen sounds like a very desirable proposal, right? Well, that’s exactly what SOLISITA has been designed to do; the automated stir fryer handles the cooking of the stir fry whilst allowing the user to get on with preparing the rest of the meal! As it has been designed to be controlled solely by the accompanying phone app, it is able to carry a beautifully clutter-free aesthetic that looks right at home within the domestic kitchen!

Designer: Sophia Lyp

This air purifier’s top pops up when you need that extra purification!

If we are on the look-out for a device that is destined for the domestic environment, it’s understandable to lust after a design which compliments the existing furnishings and décor of the home. This calls for the removal of any industrial or utilitarian design features and instead allowing for a simplistic, clean design language to be introduced. This is exactly what Air Woofer has succeeded in doing.

This beautiful example of product design has been created with the sole purpose of keeping the air inside our homes both healthy and fresh. The top section of Definite rises from the body when the air quality is identified as being inadequate, and once a healthy balance has been met, it resides back into its place where it continues to maintain the desired level of quality.

The entire user experience has been considered in great depth, making Definite as simple and intuitive as possible; clear touchpoints combined with straight-forward removal of the filter leads to a wonderful example of domestic design.

Designer: AB Rh+ Yang