The Snap Bracelet is Back!

女の子 勉強 手元

1980’s kids, prepare to freak out! I’ve never been so excited about the reemergence of a long lost fashion accessory. Designer Yuhei Imai calls it a Wemo for “wearable memo” but some of us know it simply as a snap bracelet!

While we used it as a playful school yard weapon and wacky wardrobe accessory, the Wemo has a more thoughtful purpose. It provides a quick and easy method of relaying information in a variety of situations. During emergency rescues or in hospitals, personal can write a patient’s condition, allergies and other vital info on the bracelet and snap it on to their wrist in seconds. Workers in farms or in warehouses can make notes or write tallies directly on their wrist to save time and help them remember important details. Others, like construction workers or carpenters can use the one with dimensions printed on it for quick measuring. The possibilities are endless!

Better yet, the multicolored bracelets looks great paired with a pair of LA Gear shoes, as an accessory to your neon spandex with a t-shirt, or while you play Oregon Trail!

Designer: Yuhei Imai

one chinese worker assembling production at line conveyor in china factory

Farmer woman hand holding rice

Drip on the background a hospital corridor concept

女の子 勉強 手元


Close up of rusty hammer and tools on old grunge wood background







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