This USB-C Adapter Has You Covered for Any Kind of Port You May Need

Struggling to keep track of all your adapters for your numerous devices? Now you only need one adapter that has you covered on any kind of port you need. The CASA USB-C 6-Port Hub is the perfect accessory for MacBooks and other systems with a USB-C port.

Maximize your multitasking with this aesthetically pleasing and comprehensive USB Type-C hub that will meet your every need. You can charge any device you need using two USB 3.1 Type-A ports, a USB 3.1 Type-C port, plus HDMI, ethernet, and an SD card reader. Since it’s compatible with so many devices, this is likely the only adapter you’ll ever need.

The CASA USB-C 6-Port Hub can be a great addition to your technology arsenal. It’s just $79.99(USD) in the Technabob Shop.

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Kunkun Body Tells You If You Smell

Do you ever worry that you stink of BO, but you just aren’t sure if it’s you? Well, now an app that can measure exactly how badly you smell. Although why you can’t smell it for yourself, I have no idea. Everyone else can.

Kunkun Body connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It is a pocket-sized device that lets you test your stinkiness in four different locations. It was developed by Japanese camera manufacturer Konica Minolta. The device can be used to scan your feet, behind the ear, near the head and of course your armpits. It tests for three different smells and checks for readings of sweat, middle-fat odors and a third category called kareishu, which apparently translates to “old age smell.” It then displays the results using a smartphone app.

The device will not be available outside of Japan, which is odd, since we’ve got plenty of smelly people over here in the US too. It will launch in later this year at 30,000 yen, or roughly $265(USD).

[via Engadget]

This Camera Will Help You Solve Problems Your Eyes and Fingers Can’t Reach

When it comes to fixing things around the house, like a clogged drain or dryer hose, it can help to have an endoscopic camera to find the source. These tiny, illuminated cameras can are placed at the end of a long wire, and can send back images inside of pipes, vents, walls, and any other place that you can snake one into.

The Wi-Fi HD Waterproof Endoscopic Camera is yours for only $32.99 (USD). With an 8-way adjustable LED, this waterproof, 2 MP resolution camera can slip into tight or dark spaces. It’ll send the footage straight back to the device of your choosing via a Wi-Fi connection.

Diagnose any problem around the house with this snake-like camera. It’s only $32.99 in the Technabob Shop

10 Great Kitchen Gadget Gifts to Get Your Mom for Mother’s Day 2017

Does your mom like to cook? Is she spending all her spare time in the kitchen? Does she want to become the next Julia Childs? Well, she’ll need some of these awesome kitchen gadgets. On this 2017 Mother’s Day, give her something for the kitchen that she’ll love!

There are all kinds of cool kitchen gadgets for every chef!

Anova Culinary Bluetooth Sous Vide Precision Cooker, 800 Watts

Sous vide is all the rage in cooking these days. This sous vide precision cooker brings restaurant quality cooking to your home. With sous vide, it is impossible to overcook or undercook food, it makes cooking a worry-free, hassle-free experience, which is something that every mom and chef could appreciate.

Smeg 1.7-Liter Kettle

Not only is this kettle adorable, but it’s high-quality and holds quite a bit of liquid. It’s a great product that any tea lover would like. It comes in all kinds of colors as well, so pick whichever one your mom would love.

Joseph Joseph 60064 Index Cutting Board Set with Storage Case

A lot of us have cutting boards built into our countertops, but they often get dirty, messy, and completely unappealing to use over time. Joseph Joseph’s cutting boards are easy to clean, and come with a storage case so they don’t have to sit out in the open, collecting dust. Any mom with a messy house will definitely love these cutting boards.

Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

The best of the best when it comes to blenders, Magic Bullet’s NutriBullet will blend and mix whatever you want, leaving no chunks behind. Make smoothies, shakes, juice, whatever you want! It will turn out perfect when this amazing blender. No wonder it’s called Magic, it really is magical.

Vegetable Slicer with Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Blades

It’s always painstakingly monotonous and boring to slice vegetables by hand. It can take forever, especially if you have to chop a million different things. This vegetable slicer will take away most of the work and make everything simple. Slice almost anything and get state-of-the-art cuts that look like Gordon Ramsey made them.

NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves – High Performance Level 5 Protection, Food Grade

Ever been cut by a knife? It’s extremely painful, and sometimes it requires a trip to the emergency room. No one wants that to happen, so be safe and wear these cut resistant gloves. They could literally save your fingers or hands. It’s always better to be safer than sorry, as every mom knows.

Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale Multifunction Food Scale with Removable Bowl

Anyone who’s ever read the nutrition facts on a package has seen things like “serving size 2 grams,” or something similar. Most of us have no idea how much a serving size actually looks like, which is why this digital kitchen scale is an awesome gadget. Weight your food and know exactly how big or small your portion is. For the health-conscious mama, this is a great tool to have.

LINKYO Knife Sharpener (Electric) featuring Automatic Blade Positioning Guides

How many people worry about dull knives? I know I don’t, but sometimes it’s frustrating to find that my knives have in fact become dull and cutting anything become a pain. This is the last thing a busy mom wants to worry about when she’s trying to cook dinner. Linkyo’s knife sharpener will sharpen your knives quickly and perfectly, saving you lots of effort.

FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit

Sometimes, your refrigerator and freezer is so packed full of Tupperware that you can’t fit anything else. But for all those leftover lovers, they’ll need something to store their food in that will preserve the food as best as possible. That’s where this vacuum sealer comes in! It seals food wonderfully so you don’t have to worry about diseases and bacteria. Phew, that’s a relief for any mom!

Mueller Spiral-Ultra 4-Blade Spiralizer, 8 into 1 Spiral Slicer, Heavy Duty Vegetable Pasta Maker and Mandoline Slicer

Calling all pasta lovers! This Mueller spiral cutter will cut your pasta to perfection. It’s easy to use and will make your food look like a professional chef’s work. Mama mia!

Did you find an amazing gift for your amazing mom? Happy shopping, and have a happy Mother’s Day!

Egloo Candle-powered Heater Review

The thing with living in Colorado is that it tends to be cold for a lot of the winter. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on utilities, so I like to run the heat as low as possible. It also seems that even when it’s freezing in the house, my wife is complaining about how hot it is as she sits under the heated blanket with sweatpants on. Get out from under the blanket you say? That won’t work because it’s too cold then.

What that all means is that I end up in the cold frequently, and while I could resort to my own heated blanket, I’m by god not using a blanket when I don’t want to. Such is the power struggle in my house. Then I saw the Egloo. This thing claims to be able to heat a room using just three tealight candles.

The guys behind the Egloo sent me a sample to check out, and at first glance it sort of looks like someone broke grandma’s old terracotta planter. The works consists of four pieces including a terracotta base where you place the three candles, a wire rack that sits atop that base, a small inner dome, and a larger outer dome. That inner dome has a large slot opening and the top base dome has a hole in top.

I was very skeptical that three candles could produce any meaningful amount of heat, but it certainly does. The way the Egloo works is the candles heat up that inner dome that sits on top of the wire rack. The outer dome eventually heats up, significantly mind you.


It doesn’t get hot enough to set things on fire, but it does get hot enough to be uncomfortable to place your bare hand on the outer dome. As the candles burn, the outer dome continues to radiate heat and it most definitely will heat a small room.

My living room is very large and ties directly into the kitchen and dining room with no walls. I placed the Egloo on the table beside me, fired up the three candles and waited. After about ten minutes of burning, the outer dome was very hot to the touch and the heat radiating warmed my area up perfectly to kill the chill. I can only imagine in a smaller space the heat produced would make even more of an impact.

In fact the Egloo produced enough heat that about 20 minutes into the candle burning that my wife started to complain it was too hot. My suggestions that she turn off her blanket fell on deaf ears. I burned the heater three times for about 30 minutes each time on a single set of candles, but your mileage may vary.

The instructions did say you can also use scented candles if you want, and it says to never use more than three candles. Four or five would fit, but you don’t want to break something, or cause your wife to complain any more than needed.

The idea of heating a room with tealights may seem far fetched, but the Egloo really will produce enough heat to warm rooms with only three candles. My Egloo came in raw terracotta, but you can get it in black, red, and several other colors. The natural color Egloo sells for about $65(USD) over on their website, and the colors are just a few dollars more. It’s a very inexpensive way to heat a room and makes quite the difference. This might be the perfect space heater for that person in your office who is always freezing.

Deal: This Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker Is Only $9.99

Upgrade your shower soundtrack (or background soundtrack if you’re the star of your own shower) with the Bluetooth Shower Speaker, available now for just $9.99 (USD).

This completely waterproof speaker streams audio straight from your smartphone and gives you access to all the track and volume controls right on the speaker, so you don’t have to worry about jumping out to change the song. Also cool: If you get a phone call in the shower and you’re the kind of person who likes to talk on the phone in the shower you can answer the call right from the speaker.

Sing along to your favorite tunes, catch up on the latest podcast, and even answer the phone, all from the convenience of your shower. Try the Bluetooth Shower Speaker for yourself while it’s only $9.99 in the Technabob Shop. 



Review: FPLife Lockbook Fingerprint Scanning Notebook

We all have stuff that we want to write down that we don’t want others to see. That stuff might be your to-do list, corporate details, or perhaps a list of the cutest girls in math class. The catch is that if you want biometric sort of security to protect your private thoughts or corporate data, you need to use a smartphone for your notes. Smart devices are great, but sometimes you really just want to write with a pen or pencil.

This is where the very cool FPLife Lockbook fingerprint-locking notebook comes in. This is a small notebook about the size of a day planner. It has multiple types of paper inside including plain lined paper, blank sheets, and a sheet with dots that I don’t quite understand. The paper inside isn’t the big draw to this notebook, it’s the locking system that scans your fingerprints.

The fingerprint scanner is on the spine of the notebook, where it opens and all you need to do to unlock it is place your finger on the scanner and slide the lock. You can scan two fingerprints from your own hand or from two people. I let my daughter have it because 12-year-old girls apparently have secrets. I can read those secrets if I need to though because my fingerprint is in the scanner’s memory as well.

The fingerprint scanner is easy to program or reset, but you have to get the notebook open to do so. Once open, you can use the included tool or a pen to press a little button near the scanner workings for three seconds and then scan your finger to store a new print.

The entire process takes all of 10 seconds to complete. I love the idea of this notebook for people in the medical field. I am a Respiratory Therapist and I see people in the home care setting. I need to take notes on occasion and with HIPAA, I need those notes to be somewhere people who aren’t authorized can’t see them. This notebook is perfect, I can take it with me into a home take notes and if I lock it to go to the car to get something else, no one can open it and read information they shouldn’t.

The maker says that the fingerprint sensor is good for more than 10 million uses. Power comes from an internal rechargeable battery that you charge with the same USB cable you use for most Android phones, a cable is included and it’s a nice one. I don’t know exactly how long that battery will stay charged. What I do know is that my daughter routinely goes a week or more between chargings using the notebook at school “because it’s awesome” for taking notes multiple times per day.

The only real downside I could see to this notebook is your battery going dead while you are out, leaving you unable to open it. You can charge the battery without opening the notebook though, so you could just plug it into your Android charger and wait a few minutes to gain access if the battery went dead.

The FPLife notebook comes in several colors of leather and can be had in a lace material as well. I can highly recommend this for medical pros who need to take secure notes, or for 12-year-olds that don’t want that kid sitting next to them to copy their notes. You can pre-order the Lockbook now on Indiegogo for $39 to $59(USD).