Keyboard Game: Hasbro and Massdrop Team for Official Scrabble Keyboard

I haven’t played a game of Scrabble in years, but even if I did, I can’t see myself shelling out money for an official Scrabble keyboard. But if you are a super-fan of the classic word game, you will likely feel different and find this keyboard stunning.

The custom keycaps on Massdrop’s keyboard have the same color palette as an official Scrabble tile set and board, and also includes additional triple/double word/letter score keycaps you can swap in. I guess you can play a solo game and keep track of your score while writing emails and doing work. Too bad it doesn’t keep score for you.

It’s an 87-key mechanical keyboard that uses Cherry MX Brown switches for a great tactile typing experience. This also means that it is not quiet, so you should probably just use this one at home and not at the office. You can pre-order it now for $160, and shipments kick off in the fall.

It’s the perfect gift for the Scrabble playing granny who writes the occasional email and likes to embarrass you on Facebook. Or for Scrabble champions of course. What’s next? A Monopoly keyboard with Chance and Community Chest keys?

[via Gizmodo]