The SNO Quite Literally Reinvents the Christmas Light

The SNO Tree quite literally reinvents the Christmas light by not being a light you put on a Christmas tree, and instead being a Christmas tree shaped light! Its warm, soft, familiar aesthetic appeal comes from the Doolight we’ve spoken a great deal about in the past.

The SNO Tree is an ambient tabletop lamp that comes with a soft glow, courtesy the soft silicone, tree-shaped lampshade around an LED light that emits its warm glow. Fun, playful, and a perfect lamp to show your love for the Yuletide festivities, the Sno Tree gives you a warm, fuzzy Christmassy feeling when switched on! If you’re looking for something less seasonal, the SNO Heart adds a dash of love and warmth to your ambience.

The lights come powered by lithium-ion batteries that get charged via MicroUSB. Switching the light on is as simple as tapping its capacitive-touch-enabled base. Tapping it multiple times lets you toggle through its brightness settings, and a long press puts it back to sleep. Both the Tree and Heart variants come in simple and smart varieties. The simple lamp variants work purely via the touch panel on the base, while the smart variants come with a partner app that lets you toggle the light’s features via your smartphone.

Coming from the creators of the Doolight, the SNO boasts of the same quality of construction and begins shipping before Christmas!

Designer: Doosan Baek

Click here to Buy Now: $49.00


SNO Tree is the world’s first smart and portable X-mas tree!


Turn on/off and change the brightness. Set the timer and you are free to fall asleep.


Take your Christmas anywhere!


SNO works with a simple touch. Light tapping wakes the light up and changes the brightness. A longer touch puts the light to sleep.


Single control. Doolight APP is beyond just a remote control. The intuitive graphic interface requires no time to learn. You can control multi-units at the same time.



Click here to Buy Now: $49.00

Companionship On Demand


Designed with the elderly in mind, Google Mate is the first in a series of smart connected devices that aim to enhance the lives of elderly individuals. Not only useful as a light source, the base of the unit also serves a variety of interactive functions that are useful and uplifting for them.

As a tabletop lamp, it can be activated by voice or a simple touch. The light source itself can also be removed entirely and used like a flashlight for navigating through rooms and hallways in the dark. Using the base, which is a central element in the 5-piece series, elderly individuals can make calls, listen to messages, share music with family members, check out the news, set alarms and reminders, and much more! With its smart features and intuitive controls, it simultaneously encourages independence and social connection with others.

Designer: Subinay Malhotra
















The Levimoon brings a levitating, light-up moon replica to your bedside table!

Some products are built purely for one’s eyes only. Designed to uplift spaces and enrich lives, the Levimoon is one such product. Designed as a replica of our very own satellite, the Levimoon is a levitating moon-like orb that can float, rotate, and even light up in mid-air!

The levitating base comes made from walnut wood while the moon itself is a 3D printed PLA replica (1:23160000th scale) complete with all surface details. The moon comes with its own internal lighting system thanks to an LED and a 1500mAh battery. The moon floats elegantly on its special levitating base (even rotating to display its elusive dark side that we humans don’t see). The base also acts as a wireless, contactless charger for the battery inside the moon, powering the LED within it that can be switched on or off via a button at the base of the moon. Holding your finger against the switch even allows you to adjust its brightness, giving you anywhere from 10 to 100 hours of illumination! The moon can be used independently too, being carried around the house, but it absolutely comes to life on its bespoke levitating base that allows it to be its true tranquil, anti-gravitational cosmic self!

Designer: Coocepts







A Maker of Morning People


The latest in a history of collaborations between the designers at LAYER and tech brand nolii, the aptly named Rise lamp aims to make each day one you look forward to!

First and foremost, it works wirelessly, eliminating the need for cumbersome cords while giving users the ability to take it from room to room, wherever dimmable LED light is needed. A battery located in the base provides up to 12 hours of light time and it can even supplement power to your smartphone and other devices with an integrated USBC ports. That’ll also come in handy because you’ll be able to use your smartphone to control the light which also works in tandem with your alarm. Speaking of which, the design sports a “sunrise alarm” feature that will gently ease you into the day with a natural light progression that mimics that of the morning sun–which has been shown to improve your mood and overall outlook on life!

Designer: Benjamin Hubert of LAYER for nolii






Lighting With No Limits


This unique tabletop luminaire challenges our preconceptions about how a lighting solution should look and behave. Called “Tessallate” for the mosaic-like plates from which it’s composed, users won’t find any bulbs or sockets. Instead, the modular design works by utilizing electricity-conducting magnets that also hold each plate and the end sections together. Any number of light units (plates) can be crisscrossed together to create more or less light, meaning users can assemble a large collection for substantial living spaces or trim it down to one or two plates for a desktop. Placed on its side or made to stand upright, its footprint is also adjustable to the user’s liking.

Designer: Piyushi Patni







The first Made-for-Google light bulbs don’t require a hub

To date, using Google Assistant to control your lighting away from your phone has typically meant shopping for both a smart speaker and bulbs with a hub serving as a go-between, such as Philips' Hue line. You won't have to spend quite so much cash go...

Shining a Light on Developing Countries


Created for those living in developing countries with limited access to power, the Bottle Pedestal Solar Lamp serves as a low-cost lighting solution with little environmental impact.

The design features a small solar panel on one side and a light source on the other. These components are housed within a biodegradable cork shell. In addition to harnessing the sun’s energy and being at least partially composed of environmentally-friendly materials, it also encourages the reuse of plastic bottles with its functional stand. The metal stand doubles as a bracket that grips onto the neck of a bottle to elevate the light source, instantly transforming it into a desk lamp.

The Bottle Pedestal Solar Lamp is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2018.

Designer: Thinkdo Design





Switching the Domino Lamp on is quite elaborate, but equally fun!

In a world where you can quite literally tell Alexa to switch your lights on, Glithero’s Domino Lamp sure seems impractical, but that’s by design. The idea is to explore an interaction that’s unconventional and fun both at the same time, while highlighting the simple technical process of switching on a light by completing an electric circuit.

“With so much technology in our lives it is easy to take for granted that even simple things such as turning on a light are made possible by the physical properties of materials,” said Glithero co-founder Tim Simpson. The Domino Lamp, designed for an exhibition at the Design Museum in London, titled ‘Reconsidering Canon’.

Switching on the lamp is physically elaborate, but theoretically simple. The Domino Lamp comes with multiple copper dominos stacked inside it. Take them out and arrange them from one end of the lamp to the other end, either in a circle or any shape of your choosing. Tip over the ‘rocker’ or the starting domino, and as the subsequent dominos topple over, they remain in contact, forming a circuit that goes all the way to the ‘receiver’ or the last domino. When this circuit is complete, the Edison bulb at the top of the Domino Lamp lights up instantaneously, to prove that the circuit is complete, and also to be a symbolic reward of having taken part in the activity of setting up (and toppling over) those dominos!

Designer: Glithero






The Dragonfly proves that tactile switches aren’t going anywhere


While companies are investing in voice-assisted homes where you can simply control lights by talking to them, New Deal Design’s Dragonfly switches show that tactile controls can and will always provide an experience that’s much more relatable and fulfilling to a user. Deviating from the traditional concept of switches, the Dragonfly relies on touch-sensitive switchboards and a connected system that lets you intuitively control your lights.

The switchboards feature a backlit display with different columns for different rooms in the house. These columns are ‘filled with light’ and can be dragged up or down, adjusting the room’s brightness by simply quantifying light itself. Sliding your finger upwards along the column lets it fill up with light, and makes the room in question brighter. Individual columns control individual rooms, and Dragonfly switchboards are placed in every room, allowing you to, from wherever you are, control all the lights in your home. So you don’t need to go to the kitchen to A. notice that the lights are on, and B. switch them off… you can do that from your bedroom itself, or any other room in the house. The animated display makes controlling your lights intuitive, and much more fun than telling Alexa to switch your lights on or off. It provides visual feedback that completes the experience for the user. What’s more is that the Dragonfly can be automated to follow broader tasks too, like switching off all the lights when you leave your home!

Designer: New Deal Design



Pop-up Privacy


Open floor plan offices have been all the rage for a while now but for anyone who’s even slightly introverted (or easily distracted), they can be a total energy suck. Designed to enhance the flexibility of the modern shared workspace, the Corner Office helps define personal space and create a sanctuary for concentration.

Each unit can be placed on existing table layouts in a variety of positions to accommodate both large and small teams. They can be paired up or placed singularly in seconds, and will instantly provide visual privacy, sound reduction with soft felt, dimmable task lighting, and desktop power. In a selection of handsome yet subtle color schemes, and with its flexible, reconfigurable construction, they’re a solid investment that can adapt with your ever-changing office space.

Designer: Pablo Design