An ambient-music-playing ambient light

Now this is a purely personal opinion so don’t @ me, but when I think of a good smart-light or a good smart-speaker, I’m thinking of a product that’s ingenious and creative, not internet-connected. I personally think Alexa-enabled speakers are great, but they’re not something I’d own. I don’t need myself a speaker or a camera in my house that spies on every single thing I do or say in the interest of ‘internet connectivity’ and convenience. I’m saying, if I want to play a song, I’ll play a song. If I want to switch my lights on, I’ll use a switch, not run my voice commands through an off-shore server.

So what’s my definition of a smart-speaker then, you ask? Oh, just a speaker that’s more useful than most, but doesn’t keep detailed logs of all my conversations. Or a smart-light is a light that does much more than light up, but also doesn’t spy on me. The Dal light is that kind of smart. It’s smart to look at, it’s a great light, and it’s also a speaker. Designed in a way to give you the best of both worlds (I mean best because it’s a dapper ring-light and a pretty high-end audio playback device).

Shaped like a large 15.7-inch wide ring, the Dal casts a beautiful ambient halo in the room. Designed in a way that can be suspended or even used as a floor lamp, the Dal’s dimmable ring light adds flair to spaces. Its design is almost minimal-chandelier like, so it doesn’t need to be diffused or hidden behind a lampshade. The light physically looks great in most spaces. The ring-light also works great because it provides space for a high-end speaker to sit right in its center. This 2.3-inch wide cylindrical column packs a 10W speaker with a passive radiator and also a ‘sound shower’ that basks the space in light waves and sound waves alike. The Dal comes with a remote that controls the light as well as the speaker’s Bluetooth connection. The halo-light comes with a dimmable setting and can even be temperature controlled to go from warm to cool white lighting. The centrally-located speaker connects to your playback device via Bluetooth, working as a high-end wireless speaker that plays music from your phone, iPad, or any other Bluetooth-enabled playback device.

Designed to be placed anywhere in your house, the Dal can be placed either in a vertical floor-lamp setup, or be suspended from the ceiling. An ideal light for spaces that usually see a lot of activity or time spent, the Dal can be used in the kitchen, bedroom, or even in the living-room area, giving you not just a light, but also a speaker too. With a remote control and a Bluetooth audio playback connection, the Dal isn’t what the techies in Silicon Valley may term as ‘Smart’, but it looks great, is made to sound incredible, and transforms empty, silent rooms into well-lit, musical spaces.

Designer: Jay Lee

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Merging sound with lights, Dal is the first “Sound Shower” that envelopes you in music and light, as a fully integrated home system and ‘showers’ you with bliss.


If you want to blend music and light within every aspect of your home life, then Dal is exactly what you need. You can harmonize music, lighting, and atmosphere.

Featuring the perfect fusion between top class home lighting and acoustics. It allows you to incorporate Background Music (BGM; just like Original Sound Track in movies) into all elements of your life.






A seamless, anodized aluminum unibody construction (just like Apple MacBook Pro) gives the Dal a refined finish that’s perfect for any room. Elegant simplicity. Just plug & play.


Grab a remote to turn on/off the lights, play, pause or skip tracks. Adjust your sights and sounds to your preference. Sync and Pairing control your Dal right from your mobile device.


Magnetically attaches to its holder.





Designed to be placed anywhere in your house, the Dal can be placed either in a vertical floor-lamp setup, or be suspended from the ceiling. An ideal light for spaces that usually see a lot of activity or time spent, the Dal can be used in the kitchen, bedroom, or even in the living-room area, giving you not just a light, but also a speaker too.




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Your Lighting Design Moodboard: Winning Lighting Projects from A’ Design 2018


Trust us, the guys in the business of curating design content, to put together a pretty neat list of products to watch out for! This is the Lighting Design Showcase from the A’ Design Award and Competition 2018, the Italy-based, international design award program that spans virtually every design category, country, and doesn’t just award design, but creates an environment for the design to grow from a concept to a product, or from a product to a well-known, profitable project.

We look at the top Lighting Designs from last year, creating a compilation of what A’ Design’s stellar 211-member international jury panel is worthy of winning the A’ Design Award. While we’re at it, do check out what winning an Award does for your Design Career, and don’t forget to head down to the A’ Design Award and Competition page to register to submit your design entries for the Award. The last date of submission is the 28th of February 2019, and the awards will be announced here on YD on the 15th of April!

Register to participate in the A’ Design Awards now! Deadline: 28th February!

A’ Design Award 2018 Lighting Moodboard
01. Jal Lamp by Mos
Designed to look like a martini-esque hourglass with an ambient lightbulb in it, the JAL Lamp’s beauty arises from its simplicity and its ability to be whatever you want it to be. The glass comprises two conical containers in the hourglass shape, that can be used to store anything, making the lamp a rather versatile piece of decor (rather than ‘just another lamp’!). The bulb can be oriented either way, allowing you to use the lamp in any orientation that you’d like. A nice combination of simplicity, elegance, and a minimal beauty that one would associate with Scandinavian or Japanese design.



02. Buzao – Qie Pendant light by Pr Designers: Xu Gang, Peng Zeng
Buzao – Qie’s immediate appeal comes from its contrasts. Not only does it create a color contrast with a black and gold combination (a classic, really), but it also contrasts material types and textures. On top, you’ve got a matte copper fixture with its golden metallic finish, and to contrast it with its imperfect-yet-incredible surface is black volcanic rock, resplendent with its cracks and bubble-holes. Within this volcanic rock lies the lamp that shines light on the volcanic rock’s imperfect surface. The rock brings sturdiness and insulation to the lamp too, protecting it in more ways than one. What a wonderful use of diametrically opposite materials!



03. Reverse Pickup Table Lamp by ADD Architectural Studio
Reverse Pickup’s idea originally stems from vinyl discs and the concept of transmission of sound as the vinyl rotates on the all time classic Pickup. Originally made to dock a vinyl record, the designers replaced it with two translucent marble discs, creating an awe-inspiring light with a unique interaction. The circular marble pieces roll up and down the base of the lamp as an LED tape between them grows brighter or dimmer depending on the marble’s position. The result is a pretty nifty dimmer mechanism that powers a lamp that looks absolutely stunning with the way the light creeps through the translucent marble, creating a light that relies in part on nature, like the volcanic rock lamp above!



04. Guilin Environment Cleansing Lamp by Kevin Chu
Kevin Chu’s Guilin lamp uses Photocatalytic coated acrylic “mountains” to connect nature to purity. The lamp’s base contains slots in which you can place etched acrylic mountain pieces. As soon as you dock these pieces in their slots, the etched pattern on the acrylic sheets scatter light, emitting an aura of light around the room. The mountains can be arranged in any way you see fit, and use photocatalytic oxidation to purify the air around you. Poetic!



05. Mi-30 Table Lamp by Raza Zahid Atelier
Mi-30’s table lamp uses an old design trick called Gestalt’s law of visual continuity. You don’t just perceive the individual slats/sheets that comprise the lamp, but your mind ends up piecing together an entire picture. The Mi-30 uses that visual principle to create a series of amoebic forms that can captivate the eye with their abstractness, and light up the space too!



06. Martians Floor lamp by Igor Lobanov
For its incredibly slim circular light-panel, and the tripod base that gives it an unusual look, the Martians floor lamps bag an A’ Design Award. The legs are individually angle-adjustable, allowing the lamp to practically pose, rather than stand erect. The light panel can be adjusted too, to face at a wall, directly downwards, or at a seating area.



07. Tutu Lighting Product by Hiroki Takada
The Tutu borrows from the chaotic abundance of the Dahlia flower, replacing its multitude of petals with miniature lampshades that create volume while scattering light. Using a single source of light and dozens of folded pieces of synthetic Japanese paper, the Tutu comes to life as both a wall-light as well as a chandelier. Is it just me, or does the lamp look better in white than it would in any other color?



08. Knitted Unique Lighting Collection by Ariel Zuckerman
A neat combination of textile and lighting, Ariel Zuckerman’s Knitted collection features orbs of light trapped within crocheted stockings. The combination of the two styles (knitting and lighting) create something that feels unique and inviting. The crocheted outer covers add color to the light, diffusing it too, to turn the orb’s brightness into a warm, scattered glow. I don’t know about you, but I’d be pushing them back and forth if I were anywhere near them!



09. Empress Wu Lamp by Davide Chiesa & Andrea Croci
The Empress Wu lamp takes design inspiration from the formal design language of Ming furniture. It also is a hat-tip to centuries of moon-worship in China. The lamp itself isn’t as formal as you’d expect. It has a quirky character, and appears to have weight (with the way the bent wood drapes around the orb), but still manages to feel visually light. All in all, at the end of the day, it’s an orb-lamp, but it feels like more. Also, it vaguely resembles a woman’s face too. Probably a reference to Empress Wu.



10. Mozaik system Modulable Lamp by Davide Oppizzi
Designed with a love for geometry as well as astronomy, Davide Oppizzi’s Mozaik is like a geometric interpretation of a meteor shower. Ultimately a modular light, the Mozaik can be used in a variety of ways. It can be applied independently as a singular lighting unit, or be used as a building block of sorts, in what can look like an absolutely stunning installation of geometric lighting.


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A Tribute to Minimalism Lighting


Whilst we’ve seen lighting come in various forms, from the outlandish to the subdued, we’ve never witnessed a product quite like this. Designed by Slovenian designer, Janez Mesaric, the Vitka collection is an elegant assortment of lights that encapsulate the art of minimalism, beautifully.

The geometric form creates a striking framework that houses a series of powerful light sources than boldly illuminate the surrounding area. These lights can be dimmed by the user, using sophisticated sensorial electronics, to allow for the desired amount of light to be emitted… great for creating a subtle impression within a room!

The monochromatic finish adds to the industrial feel of the geometric form and rectangular tubing; this leads to a product that somehow manages to be elegant and subtle, whilst simultaneously being strong and impactful… simply beautiful design.

Designer: Janez Mesaric








Lighting That Won’t Ever Forget You


Not only beautiful to look at, the Lumia lamp mimics the user’s preference with each activation. The elegant design, rendered in brass and black, features a unique “illumination memory” system that readjusts to the setting used the previous time. Users can not only move the angle of illumination at the neck, but also the narrowness or width of the beam by adjusting its integrated handle. Usable in a variety of spaces — and available in floor and desk sizes — its adaptable light effect makes it ideal for anywhere from the office to the home.

Designer: DEFRONT


“LUMIA is a luminaire based on experience design that reconstructs the relationship between people and objects, allowing users to experience the influence of light on space under different usage requirements, and exploring the relationship between space and objects,” DEFRONT explained.


The distinctive LUMIA has three usage patterns, which can be used as three common modes for desk lamps, wall lamps and floor lamps, respectively. This function breaks through the shortcomings of the relatively fixed use space of traditional lamps. LUMIA is easy to move. It can meet the need for functional differences in various use scenarios by replacing the brackets.


Users can accurately define their personalized indoor lighting, so that It creates more light and a richer sense of human experience, and it has unlimited possibilities in work and life.


LUMIA can record the final state before each turn off. When there is no next touch switch to turn on the light, the lever will slowly rotate to the memory position, and the light will change evenly and soothingly to achieve the best use of the user. Customary brightness.


For the technology behind the design piece, LUMIA uses Fresnel lenses in particular so that it can evenly spread or transmit light in an even soft manner. The user can adjust the illumination range of the LED light to meet the sensory requirements for adjusting the comfort of light. In addition, the appearance of LUMIA will change accordingly when the fixture is adjusted. The simple and regular geometry changes along with the light and diversified and subtle forms.


lumia_adjustable_lighting_02 lumia_adjustable_lighting_03


Light Up Christmas Tree Wine Stopper

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, you stop my wine and light up. Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, flash and change your colors. The LED Light Up Christmas Tree Wine Stopper is a tannenbaum for your tempranillo, a true show-stopper. Not only does it keep your wine fresh in opened bottles, it also looks festively great and lights up.

This stopper puts your spirits in the Christmas spirit by changing colors just like the lights on a real Christmas tree. There’s even tiny ornaments painted onto it’s branches. The stopper is a tarnish-resistant zinc alloy with an air-tight gasket. So even when Christmas is over, you can still enjoy that half finished bottle of wine you left on the counter after switching over to eggnog and passing out under the neighbor’s tree (again). Good times this holiday season, good times.

Light Up Christmas Tree Wine Stopper
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Let There be Portable Light & Charging

I love it when gadgets disguise themselves as decor. If you look at any of Google’s home products, they make use of domestic-friendly colors, soft forms, and even fabric clads. The design team feels that a device (electronic or not) that sits in your home should blend into its homely atmosphere, not look like something from Blade Runner. Edgy, futuristic products don’t sit well in cozy homes. The Lucis 3.0 follows that thumb rule by making tech more domestic and versatile at the same time. The result is a product that doesn’t just look beautiful in an apartment, it serves its multiple purposes wonderfully too, making it a great product in both departments.

The Lucis 3.0 is essentially a battery with multiple components attached to it, most perceivably, a lamp. However, the Lucis 3.0’s battery also serves as a power bank, and comes with a wireless charging surface too, so the Lucis 3.0 can not only illuminate rooms, it can juice your phone too.

Styled to look primarily like a lighting device, the Lucis 3.0 comes with a capsule shape that either sits independently or on a quaint three-legged wooden stand. Designed with contemporary styling, the device fits well in most modern homes, serving as a neat table lamp that can be carried around with you and placed anywhere in the house. With a dimmable LED on the inside, the Lucis 3.0 can set the mood while also allowing you to choose between 16 million colors. The 8000mAH battery on the inside gives the LED 88 hours of power, or can even fully charge your phone twice.

With a light at one end, the other end of the Lucis serves as a wireless power bank. Invert the Lucis and place your phone on top of the flat surface and it instantly begins charging. The bank comes with a built-in outlet too, allowing you to use a cable to charge your phone. Its robust casing is made to be splash proof, so you can use the Lucis at the poolside, the dining table, or even in the bathtub. Choose between a Simple dual-color lamp variant, or the Twist Color with a dimmer dial and a 16 million color LED bulb to light up your life and power your phone. You’ve even got a wide choice of stands and accessories that allow the Lucis to blend into your decor as well as stand out as a well-designed, home-friendly piece of tech!

Designers: Simon Koop & Bob van Houten

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Lucis™ introduces 4 brand new wireless, touch-activated mood light with built-in power bank and wireless charging functions.



Lucis 3.0 Simple Models


Lucis 3.0 Twist Models


The all-new Lucis 3.0 is equipped with strong RBG full-Color LEDS that have a maximum output of 180 up to 250 Lumen (30watt).


Packed with an enormous battery capacity Lucis™ 3.0 will give you up to 88 Hours of continuous lighting!


Lucis is equipped with special touch sensors that control the brightness and dimming. Touch the sensors and play with light. All Lucis lamps are made from high quality matt plexiglass upper housing and solid aluminum ring. Lucis is the ideal splash proof portable lamp.


Indoor or outdoor; you determine the atmosphere. This Dutch-design LED lamp produces over 16 million colors that can be enjoyed in any setting.



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