Why cover your walls with posters when you could cover them with cyberpunk streetlights?

With a vibe that I can only describe as straight out of a Love Sex and Robots episode (check them out on Netflix if you haven’t), Neon adds a distinctly different flavor to the spaces it’s introduced in. It isn’t like your run of the mill Kurt Cobain poster, or Manchester United banner. It’s refreshingly dynamic, and adds a punky oriental touch to your room, straight from the heart Hong Kong’s street culture.

With an eclectic mix of modernity and authentic traditionalism, brought about by Hong Kong’s culturally diverse past association with the Chinese and the British, Neon captures the city’s busy, in-your-face lifestyle, with its neon street-signs that add more razzmatazz to your room than an action figure or an A2 poster would.

The Neon signs come made electroluminescent wire that mimics the effect of neon tubes, strapped to a base with a controller unit at the back that lets you either have the lights on constantly, or have them flicker, just like neon signs tend to do in their signature way! Capturing the unique authenticity of Hong Kong, Neon come in multiple variants, including signs for local Pawn Shops, Mahjong Halls, Cafes, Jewelry Stores, and even local McDonalds with their own, kitschy, local style. In fact, there’s even a Chinese Dragon Neon sign waiting to be unlocked as soon as its funding goal is reached!

Backers can choose from the existing local punkish signs, or can even have their own custom signs made if they choose! Adding a Neon light to the room livens it up, giving it a distinctly contemporary oriental flavor that’s known and loved, and has even found its way into pop culture with films like Rush Hour, Pacific Rim, and Big Hero Six!

Designer: Hui Wing Sze

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Mini Neon Signs from Hong Kong, turn homes and offices into a little cyberpunk city. Neon signboards have always been a part of city lifestyle for generations. They delivered a Hong Kong street cyberpunk culture that is now fading away due to modernization.

Rayland Industrial Company is trying to revive neon signs, not on streets, but in every home with the launch of a new Kickstarter campaign for their Mini Neon Signboard for home decoration.

There are six different traditional styles to choose from, including Pawnshop, McDonald, Mahjong Hall, Coffee Shop, Dragon, and Earl Jewelry. Backers can also choose from three modes, including no blink, slow flicker, and fast flicker.

Customization is also available for five light board positions. Each of the signs represents an aspect of the public lifestyle of the people. The signs can be used for decoration in the house, office, or even inside the car. Smaller than A4 size, the signs look great on walls, tables, and other positions depending on decoration style.



Mahjong Hall

Coffee Shop

Earl Jewelry

Click Here to Buy Now: $32. Hurry, only 6 days left!

IKEA is working on robotic furniture for small apartments

IKEA wants to "empower people to have big dreams for small homes." To do so, it's creating a line of robotic furniture. Today, the company announced that it's partnering with Ori, an American startup that develops robotic furniture meant to address t...

Wireless charging meets a DIY light that changes intensity with distance!

This is Line, and having seen this you may never be content with the comparatively mundane lamp that resides on your desk ever again. Line encourages a rather unique form of user interaction for the adjustment of the intensity of the light; by increasing the distance between the sensors that are housed within the base and the light bars, the emitted light will gradually dim. This not only has practical applications but the gradient that can be used to create striking visuals.

It isn’t just the sensors that reside in the sleek base, also housed within this part of the device is a wireless charging module that is capable of charging your mobile device. It’s this feature that wildly elevates the functionality and desirability of Line further, as it introduces another product to the valuable desk space.

Designer: Jeongjin Ko

The Module Sensor Boards are placed inside the tile. The lamp illuminates when the module sensor responds to the tile. The brightness of the lamp varies as it is according to the distance between you and the sensor.  The Module Sensor plates are rechargeable and can be charged via the wireless charging unit.

Lights only when on board.

Brightness changes according to the height.

The telescopic Magellano lamp will enlighten you!

The Magellano Light transforms how the user adjusts the distance that the light is from the ceiling. As opposed to altering the length of the cord, the light itself features a telescopic form that can be adjusted with just the slide of the casing. This method of adjustment creates an appealing form of user interaction with the product, and one which adds emotion to the light.

When placed in a line, the uniform length of the cord paired with the variable length of the lamps create a striking visual that makes a statement within any room. The appearance of the three hollow, iron-aluminum cylinders of varying diameters have been softened by the matte white finish that removes the industrial edge.

The Magellano Light is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Aldo Deli

The three categories of lighting designs to light up your day

Did you know that there are 3 major categories of lighting designs – ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting! Ambient or general lighting is the most commonly used form of lighting that brightens up the general area and its main purpose is to guide you and show you all the elements present in the room. Task lighting, on the other hand, is a light dedicated to helping you fulfill a particular task, be it reading, writing, cooking or anything else within your home or workspace. That brings us to the third one, accent lighting! Accent lighting is what adds a touch of drama to your home. Usually, a bright and focused light, the job of an accent light is to draw the viewers attention to the part it is highlighting. So whatever type of light matches your needs, our collection of light designs will be sure to inspire you to innovate and create your own lighting solutions to light up your space!

Doolight by Doosan Baek

Helios Touch by James Vanderpant

Contour lighting by Pablo Designs

Memory Ceiling Lamp by Brokis

Nebula Ellipse Kinetic Light Sculpture by Ivan Black

Mobius floor lamp by Ovuud

The Luciole floor lamp by Pauline Plus Luis 

Cubo Lamp by Joeny with Linteloo

Lykke Lamp by Ronny Buaroy

Portable Accordian Lamp by Paer Design

Wall Light Formation by Sulkin Askenazi

Cerine Lamp by Trueing Studio

Get inspired to declutter with our collection of Minimal Designs

Whether we agree to this in public or not, but all of us have spent some time watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and promising we will declutter just after the next episode! My personal experience was that I have too many items that ‘spark joy’ for me. Keeping this aside, minimalism is a trend that took the world by storm some time back. Be it Scandinavian, Danish or Japanese, there is something very unique and calming to see a design with clean, simple lines placed in a clutter-free environment, and we are sure this collection of minimally designed products will inspire you to enter this zen space.

The Little Apricot Dresser by Tsing Hang

Bluetooth Speaker Table designed by Victrola

Amble Hanging Seat from Tom Raffield

Two-toned spoon and bowl by Luke Hope of Hope in the Woods

Pin Wall Light by Ichiro Iwasaki for Vibia 

Classy Sunday sofa tray by Studio Sanna Volker for Bolia

Twist Shelf from Lawa Design

The AU_34 plant Halo Lamp by Massimo Cappella Studio⁣ 

The Duo ceiling lamps from Ramos Bassols

Flota Trays designed by LaSelva Studi

A lamp with counterweight that could be an art installation

We love it when a domestic, functional product boarders on becoming a sculptural piece of art that’s on display within the home. This is precisely the case with the Node Lamp, which carries an intriguing and alluring aesthetic that grabs the attention of passers-by, without compromising on its core functionality.

Designed for use on a desk, Node features a rigorous design that floods the workspace with light; it can be manipulated in a series of directions so the light can be targeted exactly where you desire, whilst the intensity of the light is altered by rotating the head. This is a beautiful addition to the lamp.

Node’s body is constructed from an aluminum tube, which has been paired with cast iron rod that acts as a counterweight. This incredible, sculpture-like desk lamp is certainly a beautiful alternative to the humble desk lamp!

Designer: Max Voytenko

This lamp can be dimmed by rotating its half-tinted glass shade

The Tinge series of lamps by Jacob Starkley are simple, hands-on, and rely on a fun, tactile human interaction rather than getting Alexa to control your lights for you. The lamps (designed as table, wall-mounted, and pendant lighting products) feature a half-tinted glass disc in front of the light, mounted on a rotating brass axis. Rather than electrically (or vocally) dimming or brightening the lights, you can control them by rotating the gradiented discs. Tinted black on one side, and transparent on the other, with a beautiful gradient transition in the middle, the discs have the ability to cover or expose the bulb behind them, effectively controlling the amount of light that leaves the bulb based on how much you rotate them. Quite simply the most elegant lighting solution I’ve seen in a while!

Designer: Jacob Starley

Google Home can gently wake you up using Philips Hue lights

Smart lights still tend to offer a rude awakening if you tie them to your alarm, but Google wants to fix that. It's delivering a promised Gentle Sleep & Wake feature for Home speakers that gradually dims or brightens your Philips Hue lights to p...

One light with all-inclusive charging to organize and rule all desks

Whilst a multi-socket is often required near our desks in order to provide power to the array of electrical products that surround us, they unfortunately lead to an abundance of unsightly and intrusive cables that can be rather a nuisance to deal with! This is where the NIOXCSM Wireless Charging Light really shines, as it introduces an element of much-needed organization into the work-space.

This conceptual device ingeniously combines three essential desk-top items, the desk light, multi-socket and phone charger, into one sleek and space-saving product! NIOXSMN neatly clamps to the edge of the desk, providing both a stable and convenient location to plug-in your devices! The top section protrudes onto the surface of the desk, this is where a mobile phone can sit to charge, or be used as an area to place small items that can quickly clutter-up the desk! On the rear of the product are the power outputs which include a multifunctional charging port, USB-C port and two USB ports… perfect for those of us who appreciate a tidy desk!

Designer: Engyang Zhu