This eerie desk pen holder makes it look like aliens are coming after your pens

Most of us have a favorite writing instrument, be it a specific brand and grade of pencil or, more likely, a specific kind of pen. More avid writers also favor a particular pen design, often of the more luxurious bent, that they put on display on their desks when not in use. Such pen stands and holders are designed to put the focus on the pen itself, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be attention-grabbing themselves. This pen holder design, for example, is truly out of this world, literally and figuratively, as it suspends your favorite writing instrument in mid-air as if caught in a tug-of-war between the Earth’s gravity and an alien spaceship’s tractor beam.

Designer: Hesham El-sheikh

We might have different reasons for putting a pen on a pedestal, whether it’s for ease of reach or simply for display. Most of those simply involves a piece of metal or wood that holds the pen upright, sometimes at an angle. It’s a convenient and efficient way to show off a pen and only the pen, but it’s also a rather boring one, especially compared to this.

The UFO Desk Pen Holder leaves no room for guessing what it does but leaves the “how” a complete mystery. The pen still stands upright, which makes it easy to grab it when you need it. Given how it’s levitating in the air, you can definitely grab it easily, though your brain might have second thoughts lest you risk losing parts of your hand to some molecular transportation device. It’s all a trick of the mind, of course, being that there is no real alien technology at work, or so we presume.

The top of the pen holder is your stereotypical alien spaceship in the shape of a flying saucer. Why extraterrestrials would choose such a design is anyone’s guess, but it is a familiar form and a practical one for this purpose. You could put the USS Enterprise or a Star Destroyer, too, but its irregular shape would break the illusion and remove a bit of the eerie atmosphere surrounding this design.

The saucer also serves as a desk lamp of some sort, its light providing both illumination as well as the suggestion of some retro sci-fi tractor beam. The pen hangs directly below it, of course, though it’s not clear whether it’s coming from or going toward the UFO. How it’s floating without any evident support is even more mysterious. Ironically, the UFO itself is supported by a pillar rather than hovering in the air as well.

It’s definitely possible to pull this off using some transparent support since it would be impossible to keep a pen float using only magnets, at least not with design. We do have “hoverpens” that meet that requirement, though those don’t have the same “retro punk” appeal as a UFO that’s trying to steal your favorite pen away.

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These alien-looking floor lamps are both cute and creepy

There’s no better conversation starter than lamps that look like they’re out to get you and embrace you.

Most lamps are purely functional fixtures, especially at home, where they are used to provide adequate lighting to a space. Some lamps, like chandeliers and pendant lamps, are also decorative pieces that accentuate a room. There is, however, also a class of lamps that are more for show than function, serving a purpose beyond illumination. Sure, they can probably still light up a room to set a mood, but they can be forgiven if they don’t. “The Pink Robots Won” definitely falls under the category of decorative lighting that may or may not brighten up a room sufficiently, but these lamps will definitely get people talking and maybe even gushing because of their eclectic forms that inspire both awe and unease in equal measures.

Designer: Marcelo Suro

Nothing sparks the imagination more than an object that is both unnerving and adorable at the same time. Not everyone would describe E.T. as “cute,” but most find the creature interesting because of that well-balanced contrast. These self-standing ceramic floor lamps also evoke the same emotions, leaving viewers confused about whether they’re appalled or attracted to their alien forms.

On the one hand, the lamps look like they are single eyes with three tentacles dangling down, probably reminding some pen and paper gamers of the monster known as the Beholder. On the other hand, they also look like alien creatures standing precariously on three legs, with a curious eye on the lookout for people passing by. Either interpretation gives The Pink Robots Won a life of its own, so far removed from typical floor lamps that simply stand still.

The lamps are also an exercise in ceramic techniques, particularly in creating uneven shapes that are still balanced enough so that they don’t simply topple over or break. There’s almost an element of dynamism in the design of the creatures, creating further ambiguity in the viewer’s mind. Is the single-eyed alien simply leaning back, or is it about to topple backward? The confusion sparks the imagination, perhaps pushing people to create a mini-narrative in their heads about the eyeball with legs and its misadventures among humans.

The Pink Robots Won is full of contrasting elements, including the choice of materials and colors. Ceramic is naturally seen as a very fragile material, and the mere thought of these lamps falling over will probably send owners flying to their rescue. At the same time, however, the choice of pastel colors gives it a more playful character, reinforcing that image of a cute otherworldly creature coming out to play.

These ceramic floor lamps will definitely liven up a room, even though their upward angled lights create ambiance more than illumination. They creatively try to create the semblance of a living creature, even if an unnatural one, through a static piece of appliance. Compared to most lamps, it definitely has character and charm, though don’t be surprised if you find yourself looking over your shoulder often as if someone or something is watching your every move.

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5-Foot Tall Glow-in-the-Dark Alien Garden Statue: They Are Among Us

Because no garden is complete without a life-size alien visitor creeping amongst the rose bushes, King’s Bay produces and sells this 5-foot tall Area 51 Glow In The Dark Alien Garden Statue (affiliate link). The out-of-this-world visitor is made from cast aluminum and painted with glow-in-the-dark paint to really stand out after the sun goes down. And, just like an alien once told me, “The nighttime is the right time.” That’s when I hit it in the back of the head with a shovel!

With its stand, the alien measures approximately 64″ tall, 22″ wide, and 15″ deep and is sure to have my neighbors calling the local news channel to report an alien sighting. They aren’t the brightest lights in the neighborhood, but they do love a good conspiracy theory.

Don’t have the $1500 to spend on this particular alien statue? No worries, just make your own papier-mâché version as I did and cover it with a can of glow-in-the-dark spray paint. Sure it pretty much melted after the first rain, but now I have an alien ZOMBIE garden statue, and can you really put a price on that? Because my homeowner’s association thought it was worthy of an $85 fine.

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Alien Butler Pedestal Table: Roswell, Another Drink Please

Because who hasn’t dreamed of employing an alien butler, manufacturer of over-the-top home and garden decor Design Toscano has created the Roswell the Alien Butler Pedestal Table. It’s a small $109 pedestal table in the shape of an alien, perfect for holding your out-of-this-world cocktail while reading a book on alien conspiracy theories. They are among us.

The table measures 10.5″ wide, 6″ deep, and 26″ tall, and weighs a modest 7-pounds, making it easy to pick up and carry around the house with you, so you always have a table at your disposal. Of course, you should probably have your actual butler do the carrying for you. I mean you do have a butler, don’t you? I know my wife does (SPOILER: it’s me!).

This table is perfect for the person who feels their home has been missing that certain… how do I put it… naked bony alien butt. You know they say if you make it, somebody will buy it, and I just bought one for every room in the house. It’s an alien butler invasion!

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Alien Cookbook Has Edible Xenomorph Eggs, Facehuggers, Chestbursters, and Queens

Thanks in large part to the genius designs of the late H.R. Giger, the Alien universe is filled with some of the creepiest creatures and environments in the history of science fiction. You wouldn’t want to encounter a xenomorph at any of its life stages, let alone have one staring you in the face on your dinner plate. But here we are, it’s 2021, and we have an Alien Cookbook.

Chris-Rachael Oseland (aka the Kitchen Overlord), who also wrote an unofficial Doctor Who cookbook and an unofficial Hobbit cookbook, has gone 100% legit with this officially licensed Alien Cookbook. The book is filled with 50 Alien-inspired recipes, each based on a phase of the creature’s lifecycle. Inside its pages, you’ll find ideas for tasty but gory egg dishes, like avocado and bacon stuffed deviled Alien tea eggs, disturbing party snacks like a Facehugger cheeseball with a pull-apart body, and a red pepper quiche with a sausage Chestburster. Finish your evening with Alien Queens made from eggplant, blackened chicken wings, or chocolate-coated bananas for dessert.

The Official Alien Cookbook is available from Amazon (affiliate link) for about $29. If you were looking for ideas for your Halloween dinner party, look no further.

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Astronomers detect signs of life in the atmosphere of Venus

A team of astronomers believe they have found signs of life in the atmosphere of Venus, The New York Times reports. In two papers published today, the astronomers explain that they’ve detected the chemical phosphine in Venus’s thick atmosphere. They...

This Alien Facehugger Face Mask Keeps Viruses and Xenomorph Eggs In

If you’re going to have to wear a face mask to keep from spreading germs, it might as well be something interesting, right? Well, I can’t think of anything better than this Alien facehugger mask to prevent the your nose and mouth droplets from escaping and infecting others. As an added bonus, it’s guaranteed to increase social distancing by others around you.

Of course, it does mean that you’re willing to subject yourself to xenomorph eggs being implanted in your belly, but that’s a small price to pay for public health, right? You might even get a little tap dance out of it. This awesomely creepy mask was made by UK leather artist Pirate’s Leatherworks, who did an amazing job that’s sure to have him swimming in custom orders for quite some time.

If you’re interested in buying one for yourself, keep an eye out on the artist’s Etsy shop, where no one can hear you scream.

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