Two fans are better than one

The wall of impending summer heat as you depart from the pleasant climate of an air conditioned building is enough to put even the most determined of shoppers from venturing outside. However, with the accompaniment of a portable fan, the summer air is a little more tolerable! As its name would suggest, the Twin Fan brings twice the cooling capabilities as the regular hand-held cooling device; the incorporation of two micro-fans allows the device to carry a compact and easily-transportable form without causing the function of the device to be compromised.

Its rounded structure and carefully considered placement of the single button makes this device a joy to hold within the hands, as well as providing it with a soft and visually friendly aesthetic that provides a welcoming, yet strong, presence.

Designer: Seungho Choi of 250 Design

Ergonomic Design

With a width of 58mm and a thickness of 21mm, it fits comfortably in one hand. The button is located just where the thumb can comfortably rest, and the rounded bottom offers a stable grip.

Smooth & Strong Design

The design of the Twin Fan presents a strong, yet soft impression via the combination of the roundness and the edge. The handle and the overall look emphasize the roundness, giving softness, while the grill pattern highlights the edge, providing a strong look.

The cradle emphasizes the Twin Fan’s unique round design through its transparent material, and the applied wave patterns at the top surface provide a fun, classy look.

Below: Development Process

Through numerous simulation tests employing world’s best ANSYS aerodynamic program, as well as wing mock-up tests, the Twin Fan’s optimized wings were created. The small wings have maximized wind efficiency and minimized energy consumption.

The circulator wing design and the strong winds of 10W pass through the oblique circulator grill, creating winds with strong directionality.

Lengthening the depth of the side grill increases the wind power and creates winds with strong directionality. The curvy design provides a robust and strong look.

Maximum wind speed of 20.3km/h. The oblique whirlwind grill pattern and circulator wind collecting method create strong and full winds. You can feel the strong winds at a close distance, and softer winds at far distance. Using the ANSYS Discovery Program, the Twin Fan’s optimal values are simulated by aerodynamic calculation.

We found the Twin Fan’s optimal values through numerous wing sample tests, handle grip tests, and wing pattern tests.

We came up with the design after confirming the interior specs found via test results. After numerous revisions in the design, today’s Twin Fan was born.

Three mock-up tests are done for assembly, and the mold was made after reliability verification. The mold was created at a primary molding factory with high professionalism and reliability.

Through a total of 6 interior/exterior mold revisions and test injections, we gained reliability and heightened quality. The circuit was increased in its efficiency in heating, battery stability, and energy efficiency through 4 sample tests.

Below: One-fan/Two-fan Mode Change

When pressing the button for 3 seconds, the bottom fan will operate. In a one-fan mode, the usage time doubles compared to that of two-fan mode.

When canceling one-fan mode, you can press the button for 3 seconds. Two-fan mode allows for fuller winds.

The perfect fan for those warm workdays?

You can’t be expected to work efficiently when you are sat uncomfortably at a desk within a warm workplace. Be-1 Fan has been designed with this problem firmly in mind, as it uses the pairing or water and air to cool the user down! Unlike your conventional fan that simply blows the warm air in your general direction, this compact device creates a fine vapor that is gently propelled towards you, enabling the air temperature to reduce by as much as six degrees!

As all of us appreciate a carefully considered design, its important for any product that intrudes on our workplace to be as beautiful as the next… and Be-1 certainly achieves this; the cylindrical body with contrasting inlays, confidently stands upon the circular base, to create a wonderfully balanced and harmonious design that would look great on our desks!

Designer: FEI Cheung

Stay Cool this Summer with this Portable Desk/Handheld Fan

Staying cool in the summer can often pose as a bit of a challenge, especially when it comes to maintaining a comfortable temperature whilst we are sat at our desks. Whilst there are solutions to this problem already, they often carry and undesirable, unconsidered and mundane aesthetic that can interrupt the flow of our workspaces. Does this need to be the case? The team at BOUD certainly don’t think so, as they’ve created what could possibly be the cutest fan!

The compact device features soft-rounded edges and over-sized detailing to achieve a rather adorable aesthetic that gives it a friendly persona. But it isn’t ‘just a pretty face’, as it holds a rather clever and desirable feature… it can become handheld! Simply lifting the main section away from the base reveals a handle, this can now be used to provide a more directed stream of cool air. Perfect.

Designers: Sung Ho Park & Ki-tae Kim of BOUD for MINISO

Fan for Summers, Air Purifier for Rest of the Year!


Fans often carry a bulky, and rather awkwardly shaped, a form that makes them a real nuisance when it comes to the storage of them. This is emphasized by their sparse use. With them only being required as a relief in uncomfortably hot weather, they are left to sit dormant for the remainder of the year. So, it only makes sense for a fan to have added functionality, right?

That’s exactly what the Air Fan was designed to have! When it’s not providing a gentle breeze on a hot day, it’s functionality can be switched-up so it becomes an air purifier… and with little more than a few changes! Air filters locate into a dedicated slot behind the rotating blades of the fan, which push air through the filter. To increase the efficiency of the air purification process, the head of the fan can be rotated 90° to face the ceiling. This also acts as a visual indicator of its new function!

Designer: Yeongkyu Jung







A Fan That Focuses on The User’s Experience


This sleek concept is Clutch Fan, and it alters the way the user interacts with the fan through careful and considered design! A conventional fan features buttons that we operate with our hands, but this certainly isn’t the case with Clutch; a vast amount of the fan’s functionality is controlled by a single ‘pedal’ that is located at the base of the device, while other features such as a memory setting and timer are located in a more conventional place!

The designer, Hyeong Seop stated that ‘Using feet unconsciously drives us to feel comfortable, which makes us feel accustomed to its convenience with no necessity’. It’s this mindset and focus on user experience that drove the design of Clutch and it’s what makes it such an interesting concept!

The carefully considered design continues through to the minimal aesthetics and subtle detailing, which results in a product that would look at home, in any room!

Designer: Hyeong Seop Lee



“Time setting is divided into one hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours and keeping turning on. On the pad, the dot of a circle moves according to the installed time below the current time. As the dot of current time follows the moved dot, it provides a user with intuitive understanding,” said Lee.


“There are buttons for air volume, rotation, time setting as well as memory. After adjusting the mainly used setting and pressing the memory button, the setting is saved. When you step on the pad in case of using after save, the fan turn on with the saved setting.”



The Quilo 2.0 is a Voice-powered Air Cooler, Purifier, and Humidifier, All-in-One

With the energy consumption of a fan, and the cooling power of an air conditioner, Evaporative Coolers are our best bet for staying cool in the warm summers without racking up an enormous electricity bill. These coolers use water (the colder the better) or even ice to cool the air around us. The air is suspended with tiny particles of water, that help bring down the temperature by as much as 20°F, while consuming a mere 10% of the energy an air conditioner would.

The Quilo’s second iteration was designed to do much more than just cooling. Quilo’s evaporative cooling technology also works as a humidifier, allowing the appliance to be used in the summers as well as the winters. In the summers, the water particles bring the temperature down, while in the winter, the water particles humidify the air, eliminating winter dryness. The second edition of the Quilo also packs a HEPA filter into its tall frame, not only cooling/humidifying the air around it, but purifying it too. Designed to filter out pollutants, allergens, and even bacteria and other germs, Quilo 2.0 doesn’t just make air temperature comfortable, but air quality better too.

Made as a better, more efficient, quieter, and smarter version of its first iteration, the Quilo 2.0 comes in the same shape, size, and format, but packs a better brushless motor that works efficiently without the noise. The water reservoir at the bottom needs to be topped off every few days, as the Quilo draws water from it, suspending fine particles into the purified air it pushes out. The Quilo 2.0 even packs Amazon Alexa integration, allowing you to control the evaporative cooler via voice commands.

Designed much like the original Quilo, the Quilo 2.0 comes in a standing format, offering directional air that you can point at any subject. With wheels at its base, the Quilo 2.0 can also be wheeled to any room, and positioned practically anywhere, allowing you to efficiently use its energy-efficient cooling/purifying/humidifying technology anywhere and anytime!

Designer: Quilo Design

Click here to Buy Now: $149.00


The Quilo 2.0 is the world’s first advanced 4-in-1 smart fan that adapts with the air around you. Power-packed with triple air filtration, evaporative cooling and gentle humidifying, the Quilo 2.0 traps 99.97% of airborne allergens, adds moisture to irritating dryness and pumps out fresh coolness on those hotter days.


The Quilo 2.0 is one compact unit for year-round air comfort. Lightweight, with sleek curves and smooth-gliding casters, roll out air perfection right where you need it. Air isn’t static—neither is the Quilo 2.0.

Breathe Easy with Smart Home Connectivity

You’re downstairs and want your bedroom cool for bedtime? Quilo 2.0 is smart too! Send a command to Alexa and the unit will stir into action and activate.

True HEPA Air Filter with Auto-Sensor

The Quilo 2.0 is equipped with two interchangeable cartridges that instantly transform the fan from a cooler or humidifier into a three-stage, true HEPA air purifier. Snap in the HEPA insert and the patent-pending auto sensor activates the air purifier.


Whisper Quiet & Energy Efficient with a Brushless DC Motor

Unlike appliances which are powered through alternating current (AC) and are noisy and energy consuming, the Quilo 2.0 is powered by patent-pending, direct current (DC) motor, and is whisper quiet and energy efficient.


How Does It work?

The Quilo 2.0 is a low-energy, high-impact, tower fan with four unique functions. It cools, purifies, humidifies and, of course, fans too.

Evaporative Air Cooler Tackles Summer’s Heat

Keep cool and save energy! That’s the name of the game when it comes to swamp cooling. Consuming only 36 watts of power, evaporative air cooling is an energy-efficient alternative for summer cooling.

What is Evaporative Air Cooling?

Evaporative cooling reduces heat through the natural process of evaporation. The Quilo 2.0’s pump circulates water through a honeycomb cooling pad. As the fan draws air through the drenched pad, the warm air passing through the unit becomes refreshingly cool with a hint of moistness.

Add Ice for Added Cooling Punch

Pack ice into the ice compartment to make the circulating water frigidly cold. The air blowing into your room will be chillingly cool.


3-Filter Air Purifier Traps Microscopic Allergens

Dust mites, pet odors, pollen spores, bacteria and airborne allergens are blocked from your personal spaces with Quilo 2.0’s three-stage air filtration.

1st Stage: Active Carbon Pre-Filter

The active carbon filter absorbs odors, VOCs and pollutants. Bigger particles, such as pet hair, are trapped behind the carbon barrier.

2nd Stage: True HEPA Filter

Did you know that a micron is one-millionth of a meter?! A true HEPA filter captures particles that are at least 0.3 microns. That includes 99.97% of allergen-causing particles, including dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores and other harmful particulates inside its ultra-fine mesh.


3rd Stage: Ionizer

The ionizer adds a negative charge to floating dust or smoke particles, causing them to become static and stick to the walls instead of floating in mid-air. Ever rubbed a balloon at a kids party and made it stick to the wall? That’s our type of magic.


Humidifier for Extra Comfort

Dry skin? Irritated sinus? Do cold winters drain your home of vitality? Infuse moisture into your dry air through the Quilo 2.0’s humidifier setting. Add water into the water drawer, deep breathe and you’re set to relax.

Click here to Buy Now: $149.00

Keep Cool with This Cool Device


In the hot and uncomfortable weather than many of us are currently experiencing, the humble fan suddenly becomes our undisputed best friend. But it’s fair to say that the majority of fans aren’t too easy on the eyes. However, this certainly can’t be said for Mi Mini Fan, which brings a unique form and quirky design to the table!

The fan sits within a, relatively plain-looking, square surround. But this surround holds a secret; a split line runs horizontally along its center, when folded it reveals two concealed hinges and a stand is quickly formed. This neat design allows Mi Mini to become a shapeshifter and makes it fit for more than one environment; in its standard, flat position it can be suspended elegantly from a hook on the wall, and when split it becomes an ever-important, portable desk fan!

Mi Mini beautifully demonstrates how an inconspicuous design feature can transform a product!

Designer: Tim Chen