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Why Shower Filters are Good for Your Health

Shower Filter

The best shower filter performs multiple functions of water filtering, hardness removal, disinfection, energizing, and natural medication. They relax the mind and body into the perfect state of stillness which removes the accumulated stress within the skin layers, muscles, and the central nervous system. The influence of the negative ions can heal many of the pain symptoms associated with the neck, lower back, joints and the spinal cord. The ions can also detox the skin and keep it away from the common disorders, infections and the diseases. The deep massaging effects of the far-infrared layers in the shower filter can enhance the circulation and restore the blood pressure to the normal conditions within the shortest span of time.

Water Filtering

The steel filters and the calcium sulfite in the initial layer of the filter remove all the macroscopic and microscopic impurities from the water. The sulfite is a highly soluble ingredient which is highly essential for the skin health by enhancing the protein supplies to the cells and tissues. The healthy effects can be seen in the epidermis, dermis, and the hypodermis layers due to the highly penetrating property of the calcium sulfite. Moreover, it increases the strength of the collagen molecules within the epidermis and the dermis layers. Consistent exposure can increase the tensile strength, flexibility and the elasticity of the skin. The probability of wrinkles’ appearance reduces considerably. In addition it improves the skin immunity levels.

Shower Filter  Hardness Removal

The hardness removal process in shower filters happens at several stages. Some of the advanced filters have the 10/12 stage removal system. They contain the layers of activated carbon, KDF, cotton, steel mesh, tourmaline, ceramic, germanium, and the other membranes.

Shower Filter Chlorine Removal

Activated carbon can remove most forms of the dissolved and partly dissolved chlorine from the water. The macroscopic and microscopic chlorine particle elimination process softens the water considerably. It can also remove most of the pungent odor from the water due to the deposits of algae, and the other microbial infecting molecules. The process of adsorption can also remove many of the harmful metals from the water including the calcium compounds.

The efficient shower filers can remove the chlorine when it is in the gaseous form. It has high significance on the skin health due to the extensive attraction between the skin and the gaseous chlorine which can damage the cells and tissues.

Chlorine Conversion

The KDF layer is responsible for the conversion of the highly dissolved chlorine particles into the harmless chloride ions. They can attach to the basic forms of calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulfur and the other useful minerals present in the water. For example, the calcium chloride has many positive effects on the skin which include anti-aging effects through keratinocytes restoration. The epidermis skin layer can regenerate the cells due to the impact of calcium chloride. It can eliminate the dead skin layers and improve the toning and brightness of the new skin cells and tissues that emerge.

Magnesium chloride can eliminate the oil and fat deposits on the epidermis and the dermis layers. So, the oily content in the gets restored to the normal levels. At the same time, it can control the oxidation of the skin layers due to the UV radiations from the sun. It restores the healthy conditions of the sebaceous glands back to the normal level.   So, the probability of skin disorders like the acne, rosacea, rashes, and the formation of the dry skin layers.

Sodium chloride can act as the skin moisturizer enhancer. It can eliminate most of the dirt and dust deposits on the epidermis layer of the skin. The compound is known to increase the viscous property of the shampoo while the water rinses the scalp. Removal of dandruff and the other sticky wastes generated from the scalp get eliminated due to the sodium chloride.

Sulfur dichloride can heal the skin rashes, blemishes and the dandruff that is present in the scalp. The skin gets natural remedies for the other disorders like the psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. These changes may not happen in one day, but the consistent exposure of the skin to the shower filter water can make it happen.

Chemical Removal

The water supply from the external sources can contain many types of volatile chemicals that stay resident. The elimination of the volatile (dissolved) chemicals from the water can help improve the natural skin health to be balanced. Most these chemicals are also responsible for the hardening of the water molecules. Their removal softens the water to the next level.

Fluoride Removal

The removal of fluoride from the hard water is a complex process due to the high dissolving property of the molecules water. Only the processes of ion-exchange and reverse-osmosis can remove the fluoride from the shower water. Earlier, the membranes and the ion exchange systems were installed in separate filters which had to be connected to the shower head separately.

Modern technology has made it possible to shrink the size of the ion exchange and reverse osmosis membranes into the advanced compact shower filters. They remove the fluoride and the other harmful metals like mercury, lead, and the others without trace. Now the water becomes extra-soft.

Water Energizing

The disadvantage of fluoride removal membrane is that it eliminates many of the useful minerals that may be helpful for the skin health and tensile strength. Hence the far-infrared ceramic balls are introduced into the high-end shower filers. They can charge the water molecules with negative ions.

The other particles like the tourmaline, which enhances the circulation system efficiency all over the body. The ions can also relax the muscles, joints, and the spinal cord. The process results in the elimination of the accumulated stress factors.


The shower filter can remove many of the dissolved micron level infectious elements from the water. The efficiency remains high even when the water temperature drops to lukewarm levels. It prevents many of the skin allergens and germs from entering the skin layers from the shower water.


What Are Some Good Sources of Calcium for My Dog?

Why is Calcium Important for Dogs?

Calcium is an essential mineral for dogs and humans alike. It’s responsible for conducting electrical impulses, sending signals, contracting muscles (especially the heart), not to mention keeping those teeth and bones strong.

When dog’s don’t get enough calcium they can suffer the same consequences as us – they need ultimate pet nutrition. Notably the condition rickets (where bones become soft and fragile), muscle twitching, restlessness, stiffness, lethargy, convulsions, and osteoporosis.1

Now, regular canned dog food should contain adequate amounts of calcium. However, like all processed foods, ingredients can also lose their nutritional goodness through processing.

The good news is that this essential mineral is found in so many natural foods, including supplements like ProPower Plus and Nature’s Blend. If you’re feeding your pup a raw diet it’s particularly crucial to know what those foods are.

A Note About Phosphorus

Your dog requires more calcium than phosphorus to maintain optimal health and ultimate pet nutrition. But popular foods like boneless meats (especially organ meats) are much higher in phosphorus than calcium.

Traditionally, wild dogs would eat an entire animal which would provide plenty of calcium from the bones of the creature. But today, dog’s aren’t necessarily getting enough bone.

So if you’re feeding your dog a raw diet, adding some bone meal or crushed eggshells can be of help to level up that calcium. 2 But we shall delve into that a little more below.

Calcium-Rich Foods That Dogs Can Eat

1. Eggs

Eggs are rich in protein, fatty acids, and of course calcium and they’re rather handy as a snack or a treat. Just make sure they’re cooked as raw eggs can carry salmonella as well as lead to a biotin deficiency in dogs. 3

Eggs are slightly higher in phosphorus however, so don’t go overboard. Betters yet, egg shells have shown to contain even greater amounts of calcium.

What you’ll need to do is crush the eggshells and then sprinkle a little (about half a teaspoon) onto their food. Some people prefer to boil the shells first (for the same salmonella reasoning) and then crush them using a mortar and pestle or food processor. 4

2. Cheese

While some dogs may have issues with lactose-intolerance, cheese is a pretty good choice of human food for dogs. In moderation.

Cheese contains plenty of calcium, protein, vitamin A, B vitamins, and fatty acids. But it’s high in fat, and some cheeses can be very salty. Low-fat cheese like mozzarella or cottage cheese are your best choices. And, look for versions that are low in salt. 5

Cheese is also a great tool for hiding pills when your dog is required to take medication.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt is wonderful source of calcium for dogs because it can be easily mixed in with their meal. It’s especially helpful for softening very dry food.

Do be picky with your choice of yogurt and steer clear clear of those that are high in sugar (like flavored yogurts), especially if your dog is overweight.

Yogurt also contains plenty of beneficial bacteria that can help to balance your pup’s intestinal flora, much as it does your own.

4. Fish

The best fish for boosting calcium include salmon, tuna, sardines, and trout. Always cook your dog’s fish – raw fish isn’t great on their stomach and it may carry bacteria.6 You should remove all the fish bones, or to play it safe, grind the fish up.

Fish contains plenty of omega-3 fatty acids which are wonderful for promoting healthy skin and coat. They can also decrease cholesterol levels in the blood, and combat inflammatory conditions like allergies and arthritis.7

5. Bones

Which brings us to bones. An age-old dog food that’s become a contentious topic in today’s society – are they safe for your dog to eat or not? One thing’s for sure – they’re a huge source of calcium.

Yes, certain dog bones can be dangerous but rather than avoiding them altogether, it’s about being informed.

Chicken, turkey or pork bones – or any kind of cooked bone – are absolutely off-limits. They can easily splinter into shards that pose a dangerous choking hazard and can injure your pup’s mouth, throat or digestive system. Instead, seek out raw meat bones with plenty of muscle meat still attached to them. Never give your dog a bone when it’s hungry. It’s best to watch the clock and it back off them after 15-20 minutes. You can refrigerate it for a few days and reuse it. 8

But don’t assume that very large bones are a safer option. They can break a dog’s teeth.

Bottom line: Eating bones is not without risk, but there are definitely benefits – like calcium – that are great assets.

If you want to play it safe, crush up bones using a grinder or food processor and then add to your pet’s meal. You can also purchase prepackaged bone meal. Just don’t cook bones beforehand as this can cause a loss of nutrients.

A Most Essential Mineral

Calcium is essential to your canine’s health and wellbeing and these 5 foods show just a few simple ways to help support that intake. You may also like to look into some high-calcium vegetables and legumes such as broccoli, spinach, and beans.

Of course, any concerns that you may have surrounding whether your dog needs more calcium, or how to best feed it to them, should be discussed with your vet.