ioTouch ESP32 based wireless development board

upLAB solutions Based in Maranello, Italy have created a new development board specifically created for wireless projects and based on the ESP32. Launched via Kickstarter this week the ioTouch board is now available to back with earlybird pledges from €130 or roughly £110 and worldwide shipping available to certain countries during June 2020. The development […]

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HIBIKI portable projector projects a 300 inch image

A new portable projector has been launched via Kickstarter capable of projecting a 300 inch image and sporting enhance autofocus functionality together with small integrated speaker. The Full HD 1080p projector is only available for 14 days via Kickstarter is coming up to a third of its way through Kickstarter. “One of the greatest attractions […]

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Apple Announces Beta Versions of iOS 13.3.1 and macOS Catalina 10.15.3

Beta Versions of iOS 13.3.1 and macOS Catalina 10.15.3

Apple has just announced its third beta of iOS 13.3.1, and a new beta of its desktop OS, macOS Catalina 10.15.3 beta 3. It is not clear at the moment what the new updates entail. However, one can safely assume that both the beta versions will include important bug fixes and performance improvements. The final version of these operating systems will be launched in February, probably at the same time. 

Installing beta versions can cause many issues

Apple users shouldn’t install beta versions of operating systems because they are specifically meant for developers. Developers usually test and launch applications once all performance issues are sorted. Apple advises regular users to wait until download notifications appear on their computers. Installing beta versions may cause instability and some users have reported data loss as well. Even testers should install these on secondary devices instead of on their primary devices. 

Apple’s regularity in releasing new OS might be a marketing strategy 

Apple has consistently been releasing newer versions of its operating system. But the reason why it has taken so much interest is its competitors do not release updates so frequently. This gives Apple a competitive edge. When rivals are also catching up with features and performance, ensuring that regular software updates are released is a smart marketing strategy. It is a tried and tested scheme that has always worked in Apple’s favor. 

Before installing beta versions here is what you need to keep in mind

  • If you are as a regular user, do not install any beta versions of the OS. Wait for the public version in February
  • If you are a tester, do not install the beta on your primary device. Install it one a secondary testing device
  • Beta versions of OS can result in data loss. Make sure to backup everything even on your testing device
  • Certain enhancements can cause issues in older versions of applications. Developers need to be cautious while testing. 

Final updates are coming next month

Apple plans to release the final versions of these applications next month. That release will likely include improvements from the beta versions, with a few additional features. One needs to wait and watch in order to find out what the new updates will feature. 

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Sky Q may get Disney+ in March

Disney+ is already available in the US and this new streaming service is headed to the UK in March, it looks like it may also be headed to Sky Q in the UK. According to a recent report Disney+ will be available with Sky Q in the UK from March, this would hardly come as […]

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Today is the 10th Anniversary of iPad’s Launch

Steve Jobs at the iPad’s Launch

It's been exactly 10 years since Steve Jobs announced the iPad on the 27th of January, 2010. This was the last product he unveiled before his death due to pancreatic cancer in 2011. While today marks the 10th anniversary of the iPad’s launch, there were a lot of skeptics at that time.

They argued that a tablet was an unnecessary product. However, Jobs remained confident. He explained that there was always room for a device that was in between a laptop and a smartphone as long as it was superior at certain tasks.  True to his word, not only was the iPad successful, but even Apple's competitors launched their own tablets. 

iPad served as a prototype for future tablet models

Today, tablets have become very popular and are an integral part of how we choose to compute and browse the Internet. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the iPad was the prototype for all future tablets. When Jobs announced the iPad, he referred to it as a magical and revolutionary device. He recommended everybody use the iPad to browse the web, send and receive an email, check photos, watch videos and listen to music, play games, read documents and ebooks, etc.

iPad had a very humble and modest beginning

The first iPad that he launched the game with the 9.7-inch display and 64 GB of storage. It had a single-core Apple A4 processor, 10 hours of battery life, 256 MB of RAM, Wi-Fi, and 3G connectivity, and a headphone jack. The initial iPads didn’t have cameras. People loved the iPads nonetheless because they were lightweight, and measured half an inch in thickness and weighed only 1.5 pounds. No notebook or laptop was as thin and lightweight as an iPad. Ever since Apple has continued to release a new iPad every year with several changes made to both software and hardware. 

10th anniversary of iPad’s launch proves iPad is a model for all tablets

Currently, iPads are the most important tablets and are representative of this type of gadget. Their processing power has increased, and iPad rivals notebooks and desktops in many manners when it comes to processing, ease of use, and features. Steve Jobs certainly left a very important legacy just before his passing. The 10th anniversary of the iPad’s launch is an ode to all the efforts that this man put to make computers more innovative and accessible. 

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Get inspired to declutter with our collection of minimal designs: Part 3

There’s something just so clean, simple and refreshing about minimal designs, that you can’t help but feel a sense of thrill on being surrounded by them. They have the ability to make any living space seem spacious, decluttered and sophisticated. So, we’ve curated a collection of minimal designs that we know will fill you up with peace and joy!

Neil Aronowitz utilized and manipulated the material Concrete Canvas which is basically “concrete cloth on a roll” to create a furniture collection that seems more like artwork. The minimal collection consists of the Whorl Console and Table.

Geometric, organic and opaque, Erik Olovsson’s Indefinite Vases collection consists of sculptural vases that could definitely heighten up the style quotient of any place. These minimal containers are perfect for holding fresh flowers!

This built-in concrete bike rack by Fima Arredo is perfect for storing your bikes! Simply slide them in…and pray no one steals them! Though a wonderful outdoor concept, and pleasing to the eyes, we do wonder how practical it would be in reality.

Designer Pei-Ju Wu integrated a planter, side table, and a lamp, into this amazing piece of furniture that you can place in your living room. The Oasis features a planter at the base of the table, which keeps green thanks to the integrated LED lights, and stays hydrated via the clever funnel found at the center of the tabletop. Excess water simply drips down to the collection tray and evaporates back into the air.

The Arche Collection by Emre Yunus Uzun consists of a vase, a candle holder and a bowl. Each piece showcases a curved structure or an arch. Minimal, matte and subtle, these anodized aluminum pieces are what your living room needs!

The Vinyl Table by Stian Herdal is a mid-century inspired modern record player stand, cabinet, and storage unit, made from a combination of Oak and Valchromat. The minimal vintage piece allows you to display your turntable and all your vinyl records that may have been gathering dust in storage.

The Malibu Sideboard by Morelato Ebanisteria Italiana is a wooden minimal storage piece with intriguing handles. The handles merge the different drawers creating an interesting visual!

Ichiro Iwasaki designed this innovative lighting system, where a network of tubes was used to create a minimally intriguing lighting fixture. The various shades can be positioned as needed!

Living Modules by Photonic Studio is the perfect room for the minimalist in you! Wood and warm beige tones make up the majority of the room, with turquoise seating elements. A curved ladder mounted on the wall leads to a little bunk, placed right above the desk table, forming a cozy little corner for you!


The Bloomengine is a completely self-contained, self-sustaining planter. It can grow and monitor your plant while guiding you through the process, informing you of the plant’s progress and needs. The smart planter autonomously takes care of all the plant’s needs, without much involvement on your part.

The Lik Wall Lamp by Serge and Robert Cornelissen is a minimal aluminum lamp, with a built-in LED light. It can be dimmed according to your preference.

For more such soothing minimal designs, check out Part 1 and 2 of this series!

Sharkoon Light 2 200 customisable lightweight gaming mouse

Sharkoon has created a new lightweight gaming mouse to provide you with the ability for fastest mouse movements and the most “precise maneuvers”. Weighing just 62 g the Sharkoon Light 2 200 is the company’s lightest mouse to date and one of the lightest gaming mouse to be produced. Equipped with a 16,000 DPI unsporting […]

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Raspberry Pi and electronics PCB ruler

Electronic enthusiasts and Raspberry Pi users may be interested in a new PCB ruler created by Ian Dunn. The PCP ruler features plenty of useful annotations, equations and Raspberry Pi GPIO references. Dunn explains a little more about the inspiration behind his PCB ruler and its features. “The moment I learned about PCB rulers I […]

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New BALOR Watch range launches via Indiegogo

If you are in the market for a new contemporary watch you may be interested in a new range of timepieces created by BALOR Watches, launched by Indiegogo this month. Located in Geneva, Switzerland BALOR Watches has created a range of wrist watches offering “contemporary horology for aficionados and ballers alike”. To count the promotional […]

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