Bicycle accessories designed to that make your cycling experience safe, secure, and exciting!

If in this era of pollution, pandemic, and panic, you aren’t already a bicycle person, it’s high time you convert into one! Bicycles are slowly becoming people’s preferred means of transportation. People are ditching the fossil fuel consuming and air pollution causing automobiles for the more eco-friendly option of bikes! Not only are bicycles a boon to the environment, but they also promote good health and ensure we get our daily dose of physical exercise done. In fact, you can even upgrade and amp up your bicycle with some fun and functional accessories! From a detachable bike bag that incorporates a rear signal light to a minimal wall mount that truly showcases your bike – these accessories are the perfect sidekicks to your bicycle!

This minimal bike wall mount truly showcases your ride! Bike wall mounts are usually eyesores because of their clunky form. You rarely find a wall mount that is aesthetically pleasing but this one by Alexander Yoo is what visual zen looks like. The wooden brackets and metal base works with any interior set up and the CMF gives it an evergreen style. This bike wall mount puts your ride in the spotlight. It keeps it visually clean and clutter-free!

The Lumis Bike Bag from Happy Buddha integrates a translucent compartment area and accompanying rear signal light for their storage bag to assure riders that they’ll be seen on the road even at night. To attach Happy Buddha to their bicycle, users simply slide the Lumis Bike Bag’s translucent plastic covering onto the rear light and both can then be connected to the bicycle. The rear light projects onto Lumis Bike Bag’s plastic top to increase its visibility and brightness for nighttime riding and packed city streets. Whenever the user’s bike is left unattended, the Lumis Bike Bag itself can easily be dislodged from its joined rear light, providing portability and an added sense of security.

Litelok Go Flexi-U is the world’s first insurance-rated, flexible U-lock for bikes. Unlike conventional U-locks that come with a rigid design, the Go Flexi-U sports a flexible design that can easily wrap around poles, fences, and other objects. It matches the strength and durability of traditional U-locks while being incredibly lightweight (641 grams). Moreover, it easily straps to your bike’s frame, making it rather easy to carry around with you as you ride!

Don’t let its unseemingly tiny design fool you, Canyon’s Fix 3-in-1 tool houses a veritable bicycle-fixing tool-shop in a compact yet extremely versatile form factor. Combining 3 tools into 1 small, light mini-tool, it features a ratchet with 4 double-sided bits, a Dynaplug® tool to fix punctures on tubeless tires, and a CO2 inflator to pump up flats. With a CNC-milled aluminum body, it weighs just 45g yet can deliver up to 30 Nm of torque, helping you pull apart your cycle and fix it together with no fuss. Plus, it’s about the size of your finger, so you can easily stash it anywhere while riding.

The Corky by THE BEAM gives you the literal power of hindsight. Designed to snugly dock right into your bike’s drop bars, Corky’s universal design retrofits into any bike’s handlebars, giving you an instant flip-out convex rear-view mirror that lets you occasionally get an idea of what’s behind you. The Corky’s design weighs a mere 16g, adding functionality to your bike without adding weight. The ABS body is lightweight and impact-resistant, while the PC mirror is robust and can resist scuffs and scratches. Within the ABS body lies a steel bolt that lets you tightly fit the Corky into your bicycle’s drop bar.

Vanity is one of the main reasons why cyclists ditch the helmet and ride without any head protection. I understand their point of view, but don’t agree with them. You could be a safe cyclist, but there is little that you can do about an inefficient driver. Solving the issue of using a helmet that mars your appearance, the Porsche Vuelta Smart Cycling Helmet looks sleek and sexy. It almost makes you feel like you’re riding a Harley Davidson or a Porsche Bike! The goodness doesn’t stop here, designer Jihwan Lee has also included smart functions like front and rear lights, hard brake and turn signals, onto the helmet. The Porsche Vuelta pairs up with your phone via Bluetooth and intuitive buttons are on the side to adjust volumes without having to take your phone out.

The UFO Lights are a pair of pretty standard-looking pedals, albeit with a key difference. They come with detachable lamp modules that sit flush at the end of each pedal, and you can switch them on to help other vehicles on the road see you better. The lamp units come with 300-lumen LEDs on the inside that automatically switch on when you begin riding, and turn red when you decelerate, just like a taillight would. The lights move as your pedals rotate, creating a motion pattern that makes them easily visible in the dark – allowing cars, bikes, larger vehicles, and even pedestrians to be alerted of your presence. Beams are even cast on the road below to create a 1-meter halo, giving other vehicles a buffer zone as they overtake you.



The Kiox is an onboard computer for your e-bike that lets you visualize data such as your speed, cadence, distance, battery level, and even access more niche features like indicating when your bike needs servicing, as well as rider’s health stats like heart rate, etc. Kiox’s main device sits right between your handlebars, while its control (a separate unit) can be mounted near your left or right hand for ease-of-use. A 1.9-inch screen comes with vivid colors that can display data in all weather and daytime conditions, and it even comes with a GorillaGlass cover to protect it from scratches, bumps, or even grit that may get on it as you cycle through demanding conditions.



Wall-mounted bicycle storage appeals to two demographics, the first being fanatics who view their bicycle as a piece of art and would love for it to become a feature in the home. The second is for people who live in compact, inner-city apartments where space can be limited and having to store a bulky and awkwardly shaped bicycle can be a hassle. The Berlin Bicycle Rack caters to both these demographics, as not only is it a stunning, Nordic inspired bicycle rack, but also a storage system for other household possessions; the Birch wood assembly lends itself to the storage of magazines, bicycle accessories, books and office items. The hand finished, contemporary design allows for the Berlin Bicycle Rack to be introduced into a wide variety of interior décors and to be seamlessly integrated into the space.

Designed to look like an abstraction of a wall-mounted animal trophy, the Longhorn is hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon, using Evergreen Wood, a leather bicycle seat, and bull-style road handlebars. The wall art isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but it serves as a functional bike rack too! Equipped to hold any standard-sized bicycle (weighing up to 65lbs), the Longhorn suspends itself using 3.5″ screws to bring unquestionable stability no matter what wall material you hang it on. No bicycles were harmed in the making of this rack… I assume.

For more handy and innovative bicycle accessories, check out Part 1 and 2 of this post!

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This tiny smart-device that controls your curtains with voice commands is up for a MAJOR Prime Day discount

It’s rare to come across a good idea that no one’s thought of yet… that’s simple, sensible, and most importantly, feasible. The SwitchBot Curtain appeared somewhere on my Instagram feed a week ago, and I scrolled right past it, paused, and scrolled right back just to get a better look. Here’s a product that’s perfect for lazy people, for technologically inclined people, for elderly people, and for people who prioritize home security. What’s the SwitchBot Curtain? Well, it’s a Kickstarter success story, but more specifically, it’s a tiny smart robot that sits on your curtain rod, and can push or pull open your curtains for you using simple voice commands, or better still, your alarm clock.

Click Here to Buy Now: $106 $198 ($92 off). Hurry, only during Prime Day!

Debuting in 2019, the SwitchBot Curtain went on to win the Good Design Award in 2020, become a finalist at the IDEA 2020 awards, and raise nearly $1.5 million dollars for its simple, sophisticated, and universally appealing idea – If you’re starting your morning with a machine to wake you up (your alarm clock), a machine to make you coffee, and a machine to cook your toast, you might as well have a machine that opens your curtains for you! The Switchbot Curtain is a smart robot that universally fits onto any curtain rod, maneuvering the curtains open on command by sliding left or right.

SwitchBot Curtain runs on an app, but even supports voice commands via your phone or smart speaker, effectively allowing you to have your own “Let there be light” moment by commanding the curtains to open at will. Support for IFTTT integration and Shortcuts lets you sync SwitchBot Curtain with your alarm, or with the time of the day (thanks to the bot’s in-built light sensor) which effectively means you can set various control parameters for your curtains – for example, shutting the curtains in the afternoons when it gets too warm, or even connecting them to your home security system so they either draw shut or open to deter criminals when you’re not at home.

Lastly, if you’re more of the traditional kind, a SwitchBot Remote lets you use a wireless switch to control your curtains. The compact switch can either be glued to a wall or placed on your bedside table for ease of use, giving you multiple ways to control your curtains.

Perhaps the most remarkable part of the SwitchBot Curtain (aside from its idea) is its universal design. Made to retrofit on 99% of curtain rods (even U-rail and I-rail ones), the SwitchBot Curtain comes with a variety of modules/attachments to give it universal functionality.

Once you’ve set your SwitchBot Curtain on the rod (which takes under 30 seconds), a powerful internal motor can exert pressure that moves curtains that are as heavy as 8 kilos (17 pounds)! Just hide the robot behind the pleats of your curtain and its compact design makes it look like the curtains are moving autonomously. If you’ve got two curtains on a single rod, SwitchBot’s starter pack lets you control both curtains independently or together… and the SwitchBot app gives you all controls right at your fingertips.

The SwitchBot Curtain runs on a small yet powerful battery that can operate for 8 full months with optimal use. You could periodically charge the battery via a regular charging cable, or better still, attach SwitchBot’s tiny solar panel to it to supply it with endless power!

The award-winning SwitchBot Curtain was successfully funded last year and shipped to over 9000 backers. It’s up on the SwitchBot website for a special Prime Day discount, so you can go grab yourself a pair. Not only does it save you effort and energy, it even saves electricity bills by being able to automatically close the blinds when your room gets too warm, reducing the amount of energy your air-conditioner needs!

Click Here to Buy Now: $106 $198 ($92 off). Hurry, only during Prime Day!

Tiny home setups that are sustainable alternatives for designing eco-friendly modern architecture!

Sustainability has been running on everybody’s mind. Ever since the pandemic shook up our world, we’re trying to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of our life, including our homes! With everyone aspiring toward’s eco-friendly and mindful ways of living, tiny homes have been taking over the architecture world and they continue to grow popular by the day. What started off as a cute little trend is now turning into a serious option for home spaces. They are a space-saving, economical, and sustainable living solution that reduce the load on Mother Earth! They’re simple and minimal alternatives to the imposing and materialistic homes that seem to have taken over. And, we’ve curated a wide range of micro-home setups that will cater to everybody’s unique needs and preferences! There’s a tiny home out there for everyone.

While Vancouver has quickly become one of the most expensive cities to live in, it is not densely populated and there are a lot of vacant spaces that can be put to better use – Shifting Nests sustainable tiny homes is that use! This project wants to transform empty parking lots into a community with gardens and low-cost homes. “The ‘nests’ are a prefabricated housing solution consisting of plywood, metal cladding, and corrugated polycarbonate on a series of simple frames. The jury was impressed by the sensible linear plan layout, segmented into zones for resting, bathing, cooking, living, dining, and farming,” explains the team, Shifting Nests won the first prize in the Bee Breeders 2019 Mircohome competition for its futuristic approach to affordable housing that took the environment into account. The structures almost look like a hybrid between an RV and a bunker.

One of my favorite things about tiny homes is the loft-style beds because they give you a little private cozy corner and that is exactly how the bedroom in Natura is set up. It has a multifunctional king-sized bed with plenty of storage under the frame. The bedroom also has a single large window that makes it more spacious and allows for a lot of natural light to flood your top floor. The space optimization goes beyond the bedroom, there are many built-in spaces for you to put the things you own like under the stairs as well as in the walls! The choice of materials for exterior and interior has been kept in line with the eco-friendly mission – there is wood paneling on the exterior, a thick corkboard layer on the front to add a defining feature that doubles as a breathable, fire-retardant area by the bedroom.

E-glamp is a product/service that has been designed to boost economic and tourist development in rural areas. Think of it as an Airbnb-style tiny house merged with a biking network like Bird or Lime. It is an integrated system of modern cabins that are all independently powered by solar panels. These tiny homes are also fitted with smart tech and are connected to the e-bike system which encourages carbon-neutral exploration of the landscape. Biking not only helps to maintain the pristine air quality of the rural area but also helps in getting an enjoyable workout in. All the E-glamp houses are modular, movable, and constructed with sustainable materials like timber.

Chris Collaris and i29 Interior Architects built the Tiny Holiday Home in a nature reserve near Amsterdam, in The Netherlands. This minimal and compact home is all black and stands out amongst the lush greenery all around it. Black-stained pinewood gives the holiday home a strong identity. Although it is only 55 square meters, the tiny home was designed to be spatially efficient, and open.

Kodasema designed this tiny prefabricated home that allows its residents to move to a new location within a day! The house moves along with its owners. The mobile house features a 25 square meter footprint and can be assembled on site. The tiny home’s factory-made components make it extremely easy to assemble, disassemble, and transport from one location to another, enabling residents to relocate with ease. It’s a tiny house on wheels without actual wheels!

Johannesburg-based architect Clara da Cruz Almeida designed her prefabricated tiny home, Pod-Idladla with the idea of creating a tiny living space for young graduates without the means for a downpayment. Before the manufacturing process, Pod-Idladla was conceived by Clara for young professionals to have a sustainable, affordable, and multifunctional living space. Inside, the living areas form one fluid space, rather than individual rooms. Walking through the unit’s front door, vertical storage solutions line the unit’s veneered walls and universal brackets allow the plywood storage bins to be moved around the pod.

Named the Kvivik Igloo, the tiny, prefabricated houses perch the hilltops of Kvivik, overlooking the bay and surrounding mountains. Designed to look like tiny hobbit cottages, each Kvivik Igloo is built with a hexagonal frame and design elements meant to echo the past. Lined with asphalt panels, the Kvivik Igloos can sprout grass and greenery from their roofs and sides to really transport residents into their favorite hobbit fairytale. The igloo’s living roof not only adds to its charm but also to the tiny home’s sustainability factor, creating a heightened nesting place for birds and woodland creatures alike.

Unemori Architects designed a tiny home in Tokyo formed from multiple stacked boxes covered in corrugated steel. Named House Tokyo, the 26 square meter home attempts to make the most out of the small space it occupies. It utilizes the space in the most efficient way possible. Made from cement clad in galvanized steel, the house also features a unique geometric structure.

Andreia Garcia Architectural Affairs and Diogo Aguiar Studio designed this tiny holiday home in Guimarães, Portugal. Named the Pavilion House, the timber-clad home is situated on a mountainside, surrounded by vineyards and a forest. It is essentially a single room accentuated by large windows. It is a minimal home that provides refuge in the midst of nature, without impacting it.

Walking inside Holger, the tiny living space is completely open to house a kitchen, sleeping and dining areas, as well as a play corner for Pierre’s and Lea’s daughter. While hidden storage areas are plenty inside Holger, the family of three live in a minimalist lifestyle by choice, so the home itself remains open and holds onto an air of spaciousness. The sleeping area keeps a big square bed that measures two meters in width and length, with the longest side jutting out an extra quarter of a meter, large enough for Pierre, Lea, and their daughter to sleep together. Just below the family’s bed, long and voluminous pull-out drawers keep each of their wardrobes hidden from view unless pulled out.

Royole’s flexible display technology could one day turn your car’s glove box into an interactive dashboard

Royole Flexible Display Car Dashboard

The company has very rapidly realized it isn’t in the foldable phones business… it’s in the foldable everything business.

Images have surfaced on the internet of a rather interesting concept employing Royole‘s flexible display technology. Created by Zhiyuan Xing, a designer based out of Shenzhen, the Flexible Car Dashboard poses an interesting hot-take – what if instead of doors on a glove compartment, you just had a display that bent open like a curtain? The Flexible Car Dashboard explores that very possibility, creating an interactive display in an area that would otherwise be a utilitarian panel of knobs and compartments.

Royole Flexible Display Car Dashboard

The panel is a long, vertical display that folds open from the top as well as the bottom, revealing storage areas and charging spots underneath. The display sits in place via magnetic closures that allow it to snap shut, and when you want to access the space underneath, unfold it as if you were turning a page or lifting the edge of a carpet. The GIF above should really help demonstrate how incredibly handy and innovative it is.

Royole Flexible Display Car Dashboard

Joined to the car’s dashboard at the center, the display opens both ways. The upper part has a tray-style design, letting you keep your phones in it (potentially even being able to wirelessly charge them or UV sanitize them), while the lower part is almost like a box to dump other items you need but are less likely to use (charging cables, AirTag, earphones, power bank, etc).

Royole Flexible Display Car Dashboard

Royole Flexible Display Car Dashboard

A crucial part of the display’s design is its lip, which lets you easily get a grip and open it outwards. The display comes mounted on a thick layer of some kind of elastomer, giving it some resistance (so you don’t damage it by tugging too hard), while a magnetic closure system allows the flap to satisfyingly snap shut. The display even knows when to switch off when you’re bending it, helping protect it against any accidental damage. It switches back on when shut, displaying the screen where it last left off.

Royole Flexible Display Car Dashboard

Royole Flexible Display Car Dashboard

Royole Flexible Display Car Dashboard

What this concept presents is something rather remarkable, and a fresh design direction from Royole, which hasn’t really seen much success in the doldrums that is the folding phone industry. A flexible dashboard display, however, would be a great way to expand its catalog while proposing something that isn’t really a novelty, but instead is a very interesting feature. The area where the Royole Flexible Car Dashboard would sit is essentially purely functional – currently occupied by a radio (which people hardly use), AC air vents (which could easily be relocated), and perhaps a slot for a car charger. The Flexible Car Dashboard proposes we use that space for something better, something more cutting-edge with upcoming cars. Designed as a dashboard that could easily see itself integrated into smart-cars or semi-autonomous cars, it gives you a large sprawling screen that’s ideal for accessing the car’s smart features like the Map, Music Player, or other in-car controls. Fold it over and you’ve got the benefit of storage too! Storage, might I add, that would escape the sight of most thieves!

Designer: Zhiyuan Xing

Royole Flexible Display Car Dashboard

Royole Flexible Display Car Dashboard