Reeform wants to bridge the gap between urban architecture and ocean sustainability

Designed as a series of modular islands that can transform any waterfront into a public space, Reeform aims at supporting life on land as well as underwater. A portmanteau of the words Reef and Form, the floating island comes with a two-part design. The upper half is designed as a hexagonal floating platform crafted entirely from recycled plastic, while a lower half bio-mimics the design of corals, using 3D printed concrete and calcite. As a result, both the upper and lower halves act as areas of interest for humans and marine life alike. Humans can use the modular platforms to create social spaces on water bodies like riverfronts, lakes, or pools, while the coral-inspired lower half helps reduce ocean acidification as well as promote the growth of live corals which in turn creates its own marine ecosystem, attracting fish and other underwater animals. It’s a win-win!

The Reeform builds on an ambitious attempt to save our marine ecosystems, which are dying due to rising sea temperatures and the plastic crisis. By resorting to biomimicry, much like Volvo’s attempts to save Sydney’s shoreline, Reeform tries to spur the growth of natural corrective systems that help keep our planet in balance.

Designers: Ching-Yi Lo, Chia-Yu Lee & Ting-Hsuan Yu.

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