Amazon’s latest stunt is beaming a new Prime Video sci-fi show into outer space

Amazon tried a novel marketing strategy to get more eyeballs (or eyestalks) on a new Prime Video show: it beamed the first episode of sci-fi series Night Sky out of Earth's atmosphere. The company pulled off the stunt earlier today for what it's calling "the first-ever intergalactic premiere for a TV series."

Satellite services companies SES and Intelsat used their ground stations and geostationary satellites to send the episode beyond the reach of our planet. Prime Video noted in a press release that the transmission won't be caught by broadcast satellites and sent back to terra firma, as is usually the case. "Theoretically, this makes the broadcast available to anyone open to receiving satellite signals 384,000 kilometers away from Earth and beyond — the equivalent distance from Earth to the Moon," it said.

Prime Video claims it's not only the first streaming service to send its content to space, but it marks the "farthest distance that a TV series has been intentionally distributed." The episode was transmitted using Ku- and C-band frequencies, which are often employed for satellite TV, media distribution and communications. So if there's anyone or anything out there with the right gear, they'll be able to catch the first episode of what sounds like an intriguing series.

Night Sky premiered on Prime Video today. It centers around a couple (played by Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons) who've been hiding a secret for years: there's a chamber buried in their backyard that links to a deserted planet. However, everything changes when a young man (who they believe may be an alien) enters their lives.

A second Apple Store union election will take place next month

Employees at an Apple Store in Towson, Maryland have set a date for their union election. Workers at the Towson Town Center location will vote in person over four days, starting on June 15th.

The organizers call themselves Coalition of Organized Retail Employees (AppleCore). They're aiming to unionize with the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. 

In a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the group said "a solid majority" of staff supports the union drive. They said they are organizing "because of a deep love of our role as workers within the company and out of care for the company itself." They want "access to rights that we do not currently have" and for Apple to apply the same neutrality agreements it has with suppliers to workers, "so that as employees we can obtain our rights to information and collective bargaining that the law affords us through unionization."

They will be the second group of Apple Store workers to stage a union election. Those at the Cumberland Mall location in Atlanta will vote in early June on whether to join the Communications Workers of America (CWA).

Employees at Apple Stores other than the Towson and Atlanta locations are conducting union drives as well. Workers at the Grand Central Terminal store in New York City have been collecting signatures for a union vote.

While Apple has agreed to the elections in Maryland and Georgia, the company is reportedly fighting unionization efforts. It's said to have hired the same anti-union law firm as Starbucks. The company has also reportedly used anti-union talking points in pre-shift meetings at some locations. This week, workers at two stores accused Apple of union busting in Unfair Labor Practice filings.

Acer ConceptD 500 is a sleek, minimalist yet powerful PC tower

Acer ConceptD 500 Specs

Acer has recently introduced a slew of new products. We already looked into the Aspire Vero laptops, and now we’re ready to focus on the ConceptD 500.

This computing device comes in a tower form, ready to deliver powerful performance with its 12th Gen Intel Core i9 processor and GeForce RTX 3070 or NVIDIA RTX A4000 GPU for improved multitasking. The NVIDIA Studio RTX GPU is very much ideal for creative workflows. The PC also runs on a max of 128 GB DDR4 3200 Mhz of memory. It can accommodate up to 4TB HDD and up to 4TB of M.2 Gen 4 SSD, so you are guaranteed more—almost unlimited storage.

Designer: Acer

Acer ConceptD 500 Tower

The ConceptD 500 Desktop lets you create without limits. It’s a powerful desktop PC that can help you with intensive tasks like video editing, 3D animation, 3D modeling, and other complicated design projects that need speed and efficiency.

Design-wise, the desktop PC tower appears minimalist in white. It looks timeless and comes with amber lighting for that warm appeal. It’s considered mid-sized at 20L but delivers powerful Windows 11 performance. The elegant package makes it look fragile, but it’s not, especially with its powerful promises.

Acer ConceptD 500

The clean and minimal design makes it a more stylish and attractive choice, but its worth goes beyond the form. This tower computer comes in a sleek design but is packed with specs and features that can handle hard-core computing, especially tasks that need a lot of resources and storage. It’s also quiet and remains silent at all times, thanks to the front air intake design that allows optimized cooling. As a result, noise levels are mainly kept at only 40 dbA and below.

Acer ConceptD 500 Features

Acer ConceptD 500 DetailsCompared to the previous model, this one is smaller and only has a wooden accent around the top edges. The old model arrived with a wooden panel, so this one looks different and is more distinguishable. The front IO ports are also easily accessible, while the warm amber indicator light adds to its modern appeal.

Acer ConceptD 500 Design

Since this computer is for major computing tasks, it comes with numerous ports that let you connect to other gadgets or storage devices. There is also an integrated SD card reader and a USB Type-C port that can handle 10 Gbps of data transfer. In addition, its LAN connection can reach up to 2.5Gbps high-speed. All these and more mean file and data sharing is easier and more seamless. The full-sized features and compact design combined make the Acer ConceptD 500 a real winner.

Acer ConceptD 500 Price

Acer ConceptD 500 Availability

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The best grilling gear

It’s not quite summer yet, but Memorial Day is often seen as the unofficial start of the grilling season. To help you prepare for the next few months, we’ve compiled a list of the best gear for your outdoor cooking adventures. Based on reviews and testing, we’ve selected three grills that will all help you stay on top of your BBQ game. There are other devices too, with items that should help you serve up delicious food all year long and expand your skills in the process.

Traeger Timberline and Timerline XL

Traeger Timberline grill on a patio surrounded by a wood fence.

For its first smart grills for 2022, Traeger went all out. The company completely redesigned its high-end Timberline series, turning its premium pellet grills into outdoor kitchens. While the cooking chamber may look like any other Traeger grill, the company decided to put these new models on a rolling cart instead of four legs. Of course, this gives you more storage, but it also makes it easier to empty the pellet hopper. There’s a rail system on the front and sides of the grill to hold a range of accessories from paper rolls to sauce and rub compartments.

In terms of tech, Traeger swapped out the basic controls from its previous WiFi-equipped D2 grills in favor of a color touchscreen. There are more sensors inside to keep tabs on the cooking process in an effort to prevent flare-ups and the addition of lighting will help you see the cooking surface better after dark. The new Timberlines will also work with a specially-designed version of the wireless Meater probes (Traeger bought Meater in 2021), so you’re not reliant on the corded version that comes standard. Perhaps most importantly, the company added what it says is the first outdoor-rated induction burner for sauces, sides and searing.

Shop Timberline series at Traeger

Weber Genesis II EPX-335

Weber Genesis EPX-55 grill

Last year, Weber introduced its first smart gas grills. After developing its Weber Connect platform for the SmokeFire pellet grills and the Smart Grilling Hub, the company brought its Wi-Fi-connected cooking to a more widely used fuel source. For 2022, the company has refined things a bit with PureBlu high-heat burners, sear zone, side table, expandable top cooking grate and "Nightvision" LED lighting. If the EPX-335 doesn’t suit your needs, these new grills come in three- and four-burner configurations with porcelain enamel or stainless steel finishes. Plus, there are both propane and natural gas options.

Of course, the main attraction here is the Weber Connect integration. Just like it does on the SmokeFire pellet grills and the Smart Grilling Hub, the technology can guide you through every step of the grilling process. A mix of instructions and videos inside the Weber Connect app offer assistance to grillers of all skill levels, right down to when to flip your steak. What’s more, the system offers real-time food temperatures and estimated readiness countdowns right on your phone so you can better time side dishes (and keep the hangry crowd at bay). On its gas smart grills, Weber Connect can also keep tabs on fuel level so you’ll know when it’s time to swap tanks. 

Buy Genesis EPX-335 at Weber - $1,700

Ooni Karu 16

Ooni Karu 16 pizza oven

Ooni has built a stellar reputation for its pizza ovens, and rightfully so. The company’s gear is easy to use and it helps you create restaurant-quality wood-fired pies at home. Ooni’s latest oven is the Karu 16, which can accommodate multiple fuel sources and has room for larger pizzas. Out of the box this model can burn wood or charcoal, but Ooni sells gas burners for $100 and $150 (propane and natural gas versions).

In addition to overall size, the Karu 16 also has some conveniences that differentiate it from Ooni’s other ovens. First, a hinged door allows you to see what you’re cooking through a glass window. Second, there’s a front-mounted digital thermometer that shows the ambient temperature inside of the oven. Like other Ooni pizza cookers, the Karu 16 heats quickly, reaching 950 degrees Fahrenheit in about 15 minutes. And of course, the larger cooking area will allow you to make things besides pizza.

Buy Karu 16 at Ooni - $799

Thermoworks Thermapen One

The ThermoWorks Thermapen One thermometer taking the temperature of a piece of meat on a grill.

Over the years, a Thermapen has become my most-used grilling tool. I rely on it like a sous chef to make sure I’m cooking things to the correct temperature, especially chicken. It’s a versatile tool at the grill and in the kitchen. ThermoWorks Thermapen One is the follow up to its massively popular Thermapen Mk4. This new model shows temps lightning quick, giving you a reading in one second. ThermoWorks also improved accuracy and used a brighter display than the previous model. An automatically rotating screen makes the numbers easy to see no matter how you hold it, plus an auto-wake and sleep feature preserves battery life and IP67 rating protects it from accidental spills.

Buy Thermapen One at ThermoWorks - $105


Meater+ thermometer

A wireless meat thermometer may seem like overkill when there are so many great (and affordable) wired options available. I too was skeptical at first, but I can assure you that not having to avoid those metal cables when you’re flipping or wrapping a large cut of meat is definitely worth the investment. For the Meater+, the Traeger-owned company extended the Bluetooth range from the original model. Each probe has two sensors, so you can keep tabs on both internal food temp and the ambient temperature of your grill. Stats are sent to the company’s app, and you can set target temps, view an estimated completion time or get some help with a cook if you need it.

Buy Meater+ at Amazon - $100

Anova Precision Cooker Nano

The Anova Precision Cooker Nano sitting in a pot of water cooking a piece of meat.

A sous vide device might seem out of place in a grilling guide, but hear me out. Since I started using an Anova as part of my steak process, I’ve massively upped my game. Steaks are tender and juicy, with edge-to-edge doneness that’s difficult to achieve on a hot-and-fast grill. Basically, I sous vide for a couple hours (or more) and then sear the steaks on a grill to finish them off. Perhaps the best part is you don’t have to invest a ton to get one of these app-connected machines as the Precision Cooker Nano covers all the essentials for $129.

In order to make the most of your sous vide setup, you’ll want to also invest in a vacuum sealer. I have the FoodSaver FM2000. It doesn’t have some of the flashy features of more expensive units, but it covers the basics just fine. If you prefer something more robust with options like automatic moisture detection and bag storage, I’d recommend the FoodSaver V4400. Plus, you can use this to seal leftovers for the freezer or store other goods you don’t want air to get to. I’ve also found vacuum-sealed packs handy for reheating things like pulled pork. With sous vide, the meat doesn’t dry out like it would in the microwave. Sure, you could just use Ziploc bags, but I’ve done that, and a FoodSaver is worth the investment. 

Buy Anova Precision Cooker Nano at Amazon - $129Buy FoodSave FM2000 at Amazon - $115Buy FoodSave V4400 at Amazon - $199

Stanley IceFlow Tumblers

Stanley IceFlow tumblers

I’d argue one of the most important grilling tools is a cold beverage. And as the days get hotter, you’ll need to plan your drinkware carefully so your monster cocktail or water supply remains at a frigid temperature. I’ve tried a number of insulated aluminum cups over the years, but Stanley has been the best. The company is known for its classic thermos, but its lineup of cups, bottles and more are affordable and do a great job of keeping drinks cold for hours at a time.

Stanley has a ton of options that serve as alternatives to popular brands like Yeti, but the IceFlow Tumblers have been my go-to this spring. The larger 30-ounce cup can keep drinks cold for up to 12 hours while the 20-ounce version can do so for up to seven hours. There’s a solid handle and the built-in flip-down straw means the drinking area isn’t exposed to the elements quite as much. At $25 and $30 each, these are a fraction of the cost of the most expensive options, and they have better ice retention than some of those too.

Buy IceFlow tumbler at Stanley - $30

Brumate Hopsulator Duo and Trio

Brumate Hopsultor

Brumate’s Hopsulator products are warm weather essentials for me. I originally got one for the beach, but it has become a staple in my grilling arsenal too. The company’s Hopsulator Trio is a 3-in-1 option that holds 16-ounce cans or 12-ounce cans with a cold insert you keep in your freezer. It also comes with a lid so you can use it as a travel mug. The Hopsulator Duo also doubles as an insulated cup, but it’s designed for 12-ounce cans and doesn’t come with any cooling accessories. What’s more, Brumate has a third model for slim cans. So if hard seltzers are more your thing, there’s an option for you too.

Buy Hopsulator Trio at Amazon - $30Buy Hopsulator Duo at Amazon - $30

Homer Simpson Disappearing Into Bush Kitchen Sponge Holder

As far as sponge holders go, this is a great one.  3D-printed and sold by Etsy shop Tecnopla, this green kitchen sponge holder makes Homer Simpson appear to be disappearing into a bush, just like in the now meme-ified scene from The Simpsons Season 5 Episode 16 ‘Homer Loves Flanders’. Now all you need is a holder for your glass washing brush that makes the blue bristles appear to be Marge’s hair, and your kitchen sink will finally have the Simpsons theme you never knew you needed, but now can’t possibly live without.

The Simpsons Sponge holder (say that ten times fast) costs $12.15 and measures approximately 3.75″ x 2.75″ x 2″. It was designed for holding a thick scouring sponge like the one seen in the photo above. It is NOT designed for holding a shower scrunchie in the shower, but that’s not going to stop me from doing it anyway or my wife from asking what the hell Homer is doing in the shower hiding in a bush.

[via BoingBoing]

Norman Reedus says a ‘Death Stranding’ sequel is in the works

If you suspected a Death Stranding sequel was in the works, you were probably spot-on. Lead actor Norman Reedus told Leo in an interview that work had "just started" on a second game. He didn't share any more details. However, it's safe to presume any follow-up is a long way off. Reedus noted that it took "two or three years" to complete motion capture for the first game, and we wouldn't expect it to be much speedier this time given Hideo Kojima's fondness for lengthy cutscenes.

We've asked Kojima Productions for comment. It's easy to see why the studio would greenlight a second Death Stranding game, though. The first sold five million copies between its November 2019 launch and July 2021, and that was before the Director's Cut releases. A sequel would help the company build on that success, not to mention bolster Kojima's post-Konami reputation.

Young Obi-Wan Kenobi comes to ‘Fortnite’ to promote his Disney+ series

Yet another major Star Wars character is about to drop onto the Fortnite island. Obi-Wan Kenobi will hit the Fortnite Item Shop on May 26th, just hours before his eponymous series debuts on Disney+.

Along with being able to play as the iconic Jedi Master, you'll be able to snap up some related cosmetics including back bling, a pickax, a Jedi Interceptor glider and an emote. Those will be available to buy separately or as part of a bundle that includes an Obi-Wan loading screen.

You'll have the chance to win the outfit and back bling early if you take part in the Obi-Wan Kenobi Cup. That's a duos event that will take place on Sunday with lightsabers and E-11 blaster rifles making a temporary return to the island.

The six-episode Obi-Wan Kenobi series will premiere on Disney+ on May 27th. Ewan McGregor reprises his role from the prequel movies. Hayden Christiansen also returns to play Darth Vader once again.

Epic Games and Lucasfilm have been working together for several years to bring Star Wars characters to Fortnite. Boba Fett and The Mandalorian, the main characters of other Disney+ Star Wars shows, have joined the fray, as have Rey, Finn, a Stormtrooper, Zorii Bliss and Kylo Ren.

Apple’s third-gen AirPods drop to $150, plus the rest of the week’s best tech deals

We're one week out from Memorial Day weekend and we're already starting to see the sales roll in. Apple's latest AirPods are back down to $150 while a four-pack of AirTags remains discounted to $89. You can pick up a few Fire TV devices for less, including the Fire TV Cube for only $70, while Solo Stove's fire pits have already been discounted one week before the holiday. Here are the best tech deals from this week that you can still get today.

Apple AirPods (3rd gen)

Apple totally overhauled AirPods for the third-generation version with the biggest changes coming in the design and audio quality.
Billy Steele/Engadget

The latest AirPods are $30 off and down to $150, which is only $10 more than their all-time-low price. We gave the buds a score of 88 for their improved audio quality, more comfortable design and longer battery life.

Buy AirPods at Amazon - $150

Apple AirTags

Apple AirTag with Belkin Secure Holder and Strap
Valentina Palladino / Engadget

A pack of four AirTags is down to $89 right now, or $10 off its regular price. If you have a few things you want to keep track of, this is a good opportunity to pick up a few AirTags that can help you do so. AirTags show you the location of your things in Apple's Find My app, and if you have an iPhone that supports Precision Finding, it can lead you directly to your stuff.

Buy Apple AirTags 4-pack at Amazon - $89


1Password for iOS

1Password is offering 50 percent off paid plans for a limited time, which means you can sign up for a personal plan for $1.50 per month (when billed annually) or a Families plan for $2.50 per month. 1Password is one of our favorite password managers because it stores all of the dozens of login credentials you have safely and securely, while also making it easy for you to fill in the correct ones without remembering them as you browse the web.

Subscribe to 1Password starting at $1.50/month

Fire TV Cube

Amazon Fire TV Cube streaming device.
Nicole Lee / Engadget

Amazon's Fire TV Cube is down to a record low of $70 right now, or almost half off its regular rate. This is the most powerful streaming device that Amazon offers and it supports 4K HDR content, Dolby Vision and hands-free Alexa commands.

Buy Fire TV Cube at Amazon - $70

Fire TV Stick 4K

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

The Fire TV Stick 4K is 30 percent off and down to $35, which, while not a record low, it's a good sale price on this handy streaming stick. Like the Fire TV Cube, it supports 4K streaming and Dolby Vision, but it takes up much less space and can hide behind your TV. And if you want to spend even less, you can pick up the Fire TV Stick Lite for only $20.

Buy Fire TV Stick 4K at Amazon - $35Buy Fire TV Stick Lite at Amazon - $20

Solo Stove

Solo Stove's Memorial Day sale knocks up to 46 percent off fire pits, so you can pick one up for as low as $200. You'll find the deepest discount on the big Yukon, which is $350 off and down to $400. We like these fire pits because they create much less smoke than their cheaper competitors and, out of the three models available, two of them are pretty portable, too.

Buy Yukon at Solo Stove - $400Buy Bonfire at Solo Stove - $220Buy Ranger at Solo Stove - $200

GoPro Hero10 Black bundle


Amazon's latest deal on the GoPro Hero10 Black includes a dual battery charger plus two rechargeable batteries for $400. If you were go to directly to GoPro, you'd spend the same amount on the camera alone, so you're essentially getting the batteries for free if you go through Amazon.

Buy GoPro Hero10 Black bundle at Amazon - $400

Google Nest devices

Google Nest Hub Max
Nicole Lee / Engadget

A bunch of Google Nest devices have been discounted ahead of Memorial Day weekend. Wellbots has the Google Nest Hub Max for $179 when you use the code EGDT50 at checkout, so you'll save $50 off its regular price. You can also get various discounts on Nest WiFi packs as well — the Nest WiFi router is down to $119 with the code EGDT50, the router with one access point is on sale for $189 with the code EDGT80 and the three-pack is down to $249 with the code EDGT100.

Buy Nest Hub Max at Wellbots - $179Buy Nest WiFi router at Wellbots - $119Buy Nest Wifi (2 pack) at Wellbots - $189Buy Nest WiFi (3 pack) at Wellbots - $249

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

All three of Samsung's Galaxy S22 smartphones are at their lowest prices ever, with the Galaxy S22 Ultra down to $950, the S22+ on sale for $750 and the standard S22 for $675. We gave the premium S22 Ultra a score of 89 for its bright, colorful display, built-in S Pen and solid cameras.

Buy Galaxy S22 Ultra at Amazon - $950Buy Galaxy S22+ at Amazon - $750Buy Galaxy S22 at Amazon - $675

SanDisk Extreme Pro (1TB)

SanDisk's 1TB Extreme Pro portable SSD is 42 percent off and down to $180. That's close to the best price we've seen, and it's a good option for those that need a tough drive that they can take with them on the go. In addition to drop protection and an IP55 rating, the Extreme Pro supports read and write speeds up to 2,000 MB/s, password protection and 256-bit AES hardware encryption.

Buy SanDisk Extreme Pro (1TB) at Amazon - $180

Roku Streambar Pro

Roku's Streambar Pro is down to an all-time low of $150, which is 17 percent off its regular rate. This larger soundbar has all of the features of the standard Streambar, plus even better sound quality, a lost remote feature with Roku's companion mobile app and support for private listening.

Buy Streambar Pro at Amazon - $150

New tech deals

Razer Kishi for Android

Razer's Kishi game controller for Android devices is half off and down to $45. It lets you more comfortably play games on your smartphone while on the go, and it has a USB-C port for charging.

Buy Razer Kish at Amazon - $45

2022 Samsung Mini LED TVs

Amazon has discounted a number of Samsung's latest Mini LED smart TVs for the first time. The 65-inch Neo QLED 4K model is $200 off and down to $1,797, and you can also pick up 75-inch and 85-inch models at lower than usual prices, too.

Shop Samsung Mini LED TVs

Hydrow machine

Hydrow has knocked $669 off its Memorial Day package, so you can get its smart rowing machine, a mat and a 1:1 coaching session for $1,995. With the monthly membership, you'll get access to a bunch of on-demand rowing classes, plus the built-in screen swivels so you can do floor routines as well.

Shop Hydrow Memorial Day package

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This edible tape is here to revise how we wrap our food, minus all the wasted packaging

As much as I enjoy eating, there are certain kinds of food that may taste great but are just too messy to consume. These include thick burgers, wraps, sandwiches, and especially burritos. I mean, I like eating them, but the fact that the ingredients fall off while I’m eating, most of the time on my dress, causes a lot of stress. There must be a way to keep all of it in and prevent them from bursting at the seams, especially if you’re trying to keep your outfit pristine while eating.

Designers: Tyler Guarino, Marie Eric, Rachel Nie, and Erin Walsh

A group of students from the John Hopkins University Engineering department faced this problem when consuming burritos. So they came up with a solution to this problem, bringing a prototype of something called Tastee Tape to help you keep all the ingredients in when consuming a burrito or a wrap. Basically, it’s an adhesive that you can wrap around your food to keep things like beans, rice, vegetables, etc., from dripping onto your clothes. I would have loved to help them test out these different prototypes on all kinds of food as they seemed to enjoy this part of the process.

To come up with this solution, they first studied how different kinds of adhesives work and the science behind it. After that, they looked for how they could make something edible since, of course, you don’t want to put something on food that can be harmful. They came up with something made from food-grade fibrous scaffold and then an edible organic adhesive that can melt in your mouth once you consume it. The result is something edible, safe, and strong enough that can be used on things like burritos, gyros, wraps, tacos, sandwiches, and other similar food.

The students are still in the process of applying for a patent for the Tastee Tape, so we won’t get details yet as to the actual components and “ingredients” that go into this edible tape. But we do get instructions on how to use it. After you tear off a strip from the sheet, you need to wet it completely before applying it to the food that you need to lock into the wrap. It seems to come in clear and blue colors, although the latter doesn’t look aesthetic when put on your food.

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Coinbase reportedly pauses hiring amid plummeting crypto market

In the wake of the cryptocurrency market crashing, Coinbase said this week it was joining a number of tech companies by slowing down its hiring plans for this year. More details have emerged about Coinbase's efforts to cut costs after The Information obtained emails that were sent to employees.

The company is said to have frozen hiring for two weeks (though it will honor offers that have already been sent) and put new projects on hold. It is also reportedly trying to reduce how much it spends on hosting services.

Along with not hiring as many people as it previously expected to this year, Coinbase is looking to minimize employee attrition. According to the report, the company is giving workers more shares. Coinbase's stock has dropped by over 75 percent in the last six months.

Coinbase is said to have paused some projects, such as a business banking initiative, while it focuses on increasing revenue from core products, including retail and institutional trading. It's reportedly planning to offer retail customers more cryptocurrencies and to expand operations outside of the US.

When asked for comment, a Coinbase spokesperson directed Engadget to a tweet thread from chief product officer Surojit Chatterjee. While the company is renewing focus on its "high-impact products" and trying to "improve efficiencies by seeking improvements in developer productivity," Chatterjee noted that Coinbase doesn't plan to stop investing in strategic and venture projects. "We believe the down market is a great time to build for the longer term," Chatterjee wrote.

The company revealed in its first-quarter earnings report last week that, at $1.16 billion, net revenue fell by 27 percent year-over-year and by over half from the previous quarter. Trading volume also dropped. Amid a hiring spree (it's said to have brought in more than 1,200 new employees this year), operating expenses increased by nine percent from the previous quarter to $1.7 billion. Coinbase had a net loss of $430 million in Q1. All of that was before the cryptocurrency market nosedived earlier this month.

Stablecoin TerraUSD (which is supposed to be pegged to the value of the US dollar) and sister token Luna effectively collapsed, causing a ripple effect to other cryptocurrency prices. Though it has since rebounded a bit, the price of bitcoin also dipped below $26,000 for the first time in 16 months last week amid a sell off that saw over $200 billion wiped from the crypto market in one day.

Coinbase's shift in hiring strategy reflects a broader trend among prominent tech companies. Meta and Uber are among the major businesses that are cutting costs and slowing down recruitment plans. Meanwhile, Netflix laid off around 150 staff in the US this week and canceled some animated projects. The company's stock plummeted after it reported its first-ever quarterly drop in subscriber numbers last month.