Nimble automated nail painting machine colors and dries your nails salon style

If you would like professional salon painted nails from the comfort of your own home, you may be interested in a new automated nail painting machine aptly named the Nimble. Equipped with pioneering technology to perfectly paint and completely dry your nails in a fraction of the time it would normally take you to coat […]

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Sunday Deals: Sticky Password Premium Lifetime Subscription for $29.99

We have a great last minute deal on the Sticky Password Premium: Lifetime Subscription in the Geeky Gadgets Deals store today. The Sticky Password Premium: Lifetime Subscription is available in our deals store for $29.99 the price has been dropped even more. “Never Forget Another Password with This Award-Winning Password Manager” No need to struggle […]

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Sonic Soak ultrasonic cleaner washes anything to a microscopic level

The compact Sonic Soak is a unique ultrasonic cleaner is capable of cleaning a wide variety of different things including vegetables, laundry, toys, glasses, jewellery and more. Using efficient ultrasonic cleaning technology the cleaning system is more efficient than a washing machine. Sonic Soak enables precise cleaning while using less energy than traditional washing machines […]

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Roli’s LUMI keyboard turns playing music into a bright, colorful, audiovisual affair!

Humans really ARE visual learners. It’s why we figure out how to match shapes as toddlers, why teachers rely on apples and oranges to help kids learn addition, why dancers dance in front of massive mirrors, and it’s really the essence behind why we use phrases like “watch and learn”… it’s also how LUMI is revolutionizing how we learn, play, perform, and experiment with music instruments.

Meet LUMI, a MIDI keyboard that’s distinctly different from ROLI’s popular Seaboard. While the Seaboard was designed more around tonal fluidity, the LUMI takes on a structured approach with a slight Guitar Hero vibe. Designed to be portable, modular, and the kind of keyboard that makes you fall in love with experimenting with music, LUMI Keys is a 24-key MIDI keyboard that comes with lights built into each key. Backlit keyboards aren’t a new thing – almost every computer or laptop comes with them… but the LUMI is new, because it brings backlit keys to a musical instrument, integrating audio and visual elements in a unique way. The light-up keys provide a unique experience while you play music. The songs you play are instantly converted into a choreography of lights, making for a rather enjoyable Instagrammable experience, but the LUMI’s value truly lies in how the lights can teach you how to play music. Sort of like a Dance Dance Revolution machine for your fingers, the LUMI keyboard uses lights to help you learn songs. Pair the keyboard with the LUMI app on your iPad and you’re instantly given access to a whole litany of exercises, tutorials, and games that take you from amateur to seasoned pianist. The LUMI app uses a Guitar Hero-inspired interface, while the LUMI itself uses the lights to tell you which key to press when. It’s a fun, incredibly intuitive way to learn the keyboard, and with enough practice, you can pick up songs without an instructor or a teacher physically coaching you.

Things get even more exciting when you tip the LUMI over and notice the contact points on either side. Designed to fit within ROLI’s Blocks ecosystem of products, the LUMI Keys comes with a modular build that lets you snap multiple elements to expand your keyboard or even add other modules to it to turn your keyboard into something even more fun and experimental. This allows the LUMI to be much more versatile and cover a wide range of bases. With a simple snap, LUMI lets you add more fun modules to it, making learning, playing, and experimenting with music an addictively fun experience! The LUMI is available for $299, and the bundle also includes a year’s subscription to the LUMI Complete app that comes filled with 400+ songs, lessons, and games. Along with that, you even get a nifty LUMI case that lets you carry the keyboard around, letting you learn, practice, and perform practically anywhere you go!

Designer: LUMI

Click Here to Buy Now: $299 (Includes a $50 voucher & case). Hurry, for a limited time only!

LUMI – The All-in-one System that Makes Piano Learning Fun & Easy

Learning to play an instrument can be daunting. LUMI changes that and gives everyone everything you need to start learning the piano. It’s the first music learning system to combine a keyboard, app, and content library, integrated through sound, light and color.

Everything is connected by light and color. Just follow the colors in the app and the lights on the keyboard, and you can’t go wrong.

Play, Jam & Learn

LUMI Keys and the LUMI app work together so you can play great songs, note by note, just by following the lights — in your own time, at your pace. When you’re ready, move onto colored notes or sheet music.

Jam along to songs, just like you’re in the band. The chords and notes in the song’s scale light up, so you can improvise in real time.

Learn music fundamentals not only by playing, but also through fast and fun interactive lessons.

LUMI Keys – The Most Advanced Portable Keyboard

Full-color Illumination – Play anywhere. LUMI Keys glows, even outdoors. ROLI Brightkey™ technology makes it the brightest keyboard ever made. State-of-the-art ray trace analysis and a Fresnel Lens-inspired design creates 10,800 millicandela of light in each key distributed from end to end.

Uniquely Playable Keys – LUMI’s keys don’t just look amazing. They feel amazing too. They have a custom size of DS 5.5® which is optimized for the average human hand, plus 92% of the plunge distance of a grand piano key.

Modular Expandability – Snap two or more LUMI Keys together to instantly expand your keyboard. ROLI’s patented magnetic connectors and an edge-to-edge design come together to make LUMI Keys the world’s first fully expandable keyboard.

Compact, Lightweight & Portable – At just 600g it weighs less than an iPad Pro. It’s smaller than almost all laptops, so it fits easily in bags and backpacks. When you’re taking LUMI on the go, you can protect the keyboard in style with a custom-made Snapcase.

LUMI App – Makes Playing Fun

LUMI Keys is powered by the LUMI app. It’s where you pick songs and decide how you want to play them. No matter what you choose, you’ll have fun.

Pick a Great Song – Browse a library of great songs that span genres from pop to classical.* Once you’ve found a song you love, you choose what part of the song to play, whether it’s the melody, chords or the bassline. Every month there are more songs to choose from.

Choose Your View – Progress from simple to advanced views for reading music. Start with colorful shapes that stream down the screen, telling you exactly when to strike a note on LUMI Keys. Move all the way to reading sheet music.

Move at Your Own Pace – No matter what view you choose, you can get started at a speed that’s comfortable for you. Watch how the song is played before you start. Start slowly, pause, and speed the song up to its normal tempo when you’re ready.

See how you learn through light, color, and the ingenious integration of app and keyboard.

LUMI Specs

Click Here to Buy Now: $299 (Includes a $50 voucher & case). Hurry, for a limited time only!

Tiny home-friendly foldable furniture designs that are the modern space-saving solution we need!

Tiny homes are all the trend now! And hopefully, they’re a trend that’s here to stay. They’re a minimal, simpler, economical, and environment-friendly way of living. Since most of us are making the transition to tiny homes, finding compact furniture designs that fit perfectly into them, and also meet all our needs can prove to be a conundrum.  Hence, we’ve curated a collection of modular furniture designs that are the space-saving solution your tiny home needs! Such furniture designs cater to a number of our needs while saving space, manage to be customized according to our requirements, and ultimately create an open and well-distributed home. They promise to help you utilize your living space as efficiently and effectively as possible!

Do you ever just…want to fold your furniture to make it fit in place? If you’ve ever lived in a dorm or a city apartment or a tiny home, you know that it is a treasure hunt to find that perfect desk that will fit in your corner and not hog space. This desk by Studio Michael Hilgers brings to life something we’ve all said too often – “I wish I could just fold it from here and here and then it would fit!” It optimizes corner space and while the desk doesn’t actually fold (it is not as flexible as it looks), the carefully crafted corner folds double up as small, elevated, built-in shelves!

This innovative desk design uses wall bars at its core with modular attachments that let you use it as your 9-5 set up and then transform it into beast mode.“The designer wall bars are one of the most flexible wall bars in Germany. Can be installed anywhere in the room without dowels. Just stretch it between the floor and the rigid ceiling,” says the team on the no-screw assembly which is a huge USP especially if you are renting your home or move frequently. Shapely additions crafted from wood make the aesthetic wall bars a multifunctional fitness device for the whole family. You can customize it per your ceiling and your needs, in fact, the company also sells kid-friendly setups that have slides instead of workout benches! It lets you use a single corner for a home office, homeschooling, home gym, and a kid zone seamlessly without taking up an insane amount of space.

Designed by the German design studio Kaschkasch, the FJU desk is an instance of a compact piece of furniture making the most of its structure. It is an extremely linear and simple wall desk, an example of a foldable workspace. It can be closed or folded up, to make use of the two tiers of storage (maybe as a magazine rack!) or as a sleek writing surface. The writing surface is spacious enough to contain your computer, laptop, iPad, books and etc. Its ‘foldable’ quality is all thanks to an innovative hidden mechanism, owing to the genius of the designers. Crafted from oak, the FJU desk is coated with an organic finishing of muted charcoal.

Patchwork is comprised of different, interchangeable panels that fold and expand like a traditional room divider. Patchwork panels provide plenty of different uses for each individual and function as a typical divider, work station, headboard, or some combination from the above. Patchwork incorporates a built-in closet space where users can hang their clothes and, thanks to a concealed padlock accessory, can also stow away personal possessions for secure storage. Patchwork also comes with supplemental shelving units, individual mirrors, and handy hooks so that the additional panels can be outfitted according to each user’s unique needs.

The latest piece to catch our eye has been the Kyali cat climber by MADE for its almost human furniture-like design because usually, a cat climber would stick out but this one just blends in like a cozy stool! The climber has a warm inviting vibe because of the woody tones and the soft fabric cushioning that will instantly draw your cats in for a nap. It is a blend of a bed and a dynamic game for your pets. Featuring three shelves or levels, Kyali’s goal was to provide plenty of fun for your feline friends without taking up too much room. It has a modular structure that lets you adjust the shape to create more space for cats to explore or to make it more compact to store.

An umbrella-shaped chair. The idea itself sounds absolutely outrageous until you realize how incredibly clever it is. Think about it… would you rather be carrying an umbrella with you wherever you go, or have those godawful wearable chair-legs strapped to your torso like Gabe from Silicon Valley? The answer is obviously the umbrella, given how ubiquitous it is. It’s compact, and more importantly, is socially acceptable. So when designer Yanagisawa Sera was looking for a way to reinvent the folding chair, hiding it inside an umbrella sounded like a perfect idea! What’s brilliant about the Hide And Seek chair is its sheer absurdity… along with the fact that it actually works! Sera went straight from the drawing board to the metal workshop to test his idea out and from the looks of it, the umbrella-shaped chair works – at least on a prototype level!


You know what is the most annoying thing about moving? Packing up your furniture which actually doesn’t really “pack” so you basically have to play Jenga with your pieces in the U-Haul truck. How cool would it be if we could roll up our furniture just like we roll up our clothes to save space right? Well, designer Richard Price kind of make it happen by creating Plus+ – a flat-packed furniture system that maximizes living space and minimizes storage space! Plus+ fits your needs and comes with multiple configurations. The flexible furniture system increases its likelihood to adapt by using a snap-together frame with a joint system across the whole range.

Meet the Transformer Table, a table that goes from being 18 inches in length to 10 feet long, expanding nearly 7 times in the process to fit everyone from a bachelor to a couple, to an entire dinner party filled with guests. Now in its third iteration, the Transformer Table is longer, sturdier, easier to operate, and comes in a variety of styles. The designers behind the table’s slide-to-expand design went back to the drawing board to see how they could make their original expanding table a tad bit better and realized there was a lot they could do. That ‘lot’ culminated into the Transformer Table 3.0 Collection, a series of furniture that uses the same telescopic sliding mechanism to expand. Rather than just a simple table, the Transformer Table series also comes with a bench and even features a higher counter-style table option.

When it comes to kitchen appliances such as microwaves and ovens, they do tend to be bulky and space-consuming. However, the Wall-Mountable Oven is a smart microwave, that as its name implies can be mounted upon a wall. You simply press a button that brings down its front cover, which doubles up as the platform to place your dish upon. You then pull down the main cover, enclosing your dish within the microwave!

Designed to be compact enough to fit into any space, yet comfortable enough to have you sink right in with your favorite book, the Conch comes with a molded-plywood inner body and a dual-density foam outer body, giving it structure as well as supple softness. The chair’s form conforms to the contours of the body, allowing you to sit comfortably, while also conveniently having a storage unit right under you for everything from books to a cushion to other bric-a-brac. It’s the perfect reading spot for one!

Maserati’s sleek yet luxurious automotive merges the brand’s past + future of autonomous supercars!

Maserati has always pushed the envelope of luxury and performance right from its inception in 1914, and till date. So what does the future hold for the Italian luxury supercar maker in an era where the automotive industry is making the rapid shift towards eco-friendly autonomous driving? Automotive design student Dohoon Jeong imagines the future which will have a semblance of classic infused in the design. A future where gorgeous design DNA and attractive sensibility will take precedence over the practicality of driving. The focus will be on the Trident structure, contrasting visual appeal, and the technical sharpness of the muscular body.

Dohoon calls it the Maserati Tridente, and the concept draws inspiration from the fluidic sculpture of Fountain of Neptune, chrome texture or the retro rides, and the exposed interior of the classics that the Italian super car maker has been known for in the yesteryears. In fact, the DNA is influenced more by the classic design of the Maserati cars which are etched in history as one of the greatest. The wide flowing design and the nostalgic roadster characteristics have been amalgamated together seamlessly for an artistic car of the future – having a very definitive interconnection between the interior and exterior as the body frame inspired by the Trident blade takes shape.

The sharp blade of the Trident encapsulated in a square logo and the shark grille highlights the Maserati DNA upfront. The copper texture further adds the luxury element to the two-seater autonomous supercar. The seating is embellished in all red hues for a royal feel sans any futuristic dashboard elements to keep things clean. Maserati Tridente is the deserving mascot of the brand’s future – the design speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

Designer: Dohoon Jeong


Whale-inspired underwater drone can carry out rescue operation where humans can’t reach!

Shipwrecks have become more frequent as the number of vessels in the oceans increases due to open trade policies between nations. Owning to their scope and location, shipwreck rescues can become logistically complicated and humanly dangerous to carry out. This is where underwater rescue robots such as the Saver Whale designed after the good sense of whales – that are known to helping people – come into the scene.

The Saver Whale is ideally a concept of an underwater drone designed to reach where human rescuers can’t – or shouldn’t – go. Lots of human live-saving deep water rescues happen in challenging, dangerous conditions which are difficult for diving squads to negotiate without risking injury or loss of life. Maritime rescue drones such as the Saver Whale can reach uncharted waters – reducing risk to human life – and work as scouts to deliver medical and equipment to liberate any trapped or sinking soul.

The Saver Whale, equipped with cameras, sonar, and radar for detection, and a radio system for communication, can be deployed from the helicopter, to venture into depths of the hostile waters of the ocean where sending human is riskier. The drone, on detecting a survivor or diseased and can instantly relay the message to the rescue team and request assistance. In addition to calling out for backup and relaying its live location, this versatile sub can equip the survivor with a life vest, rope, and other gear from the first aid kit onboard.

Interestingly, the Saver Whale is also conceptualized to shoot out a net on a dead body located, to fix its position, so it’s not lost in the water current. There are already a range of rescue robots that can crawl in the rubble, fly over fires, and swim in deep waters to help first responders in executing operations. Yet, Saver Whale with its payload carrying capacity and more organized approach can definitely go through improvisations to one day dive to the ocean beds in search of marine accident victims.

Designer: Lim do-hwi