These AirTag collars let you use Apple’s ‘Find My’ feature to keep track of your pets

I’d honestly prefer a bunch of these over the ridiculously expensive Hermès tag-holders Apple decided to peddle. After all, if I had to choose between protecting my keys or my pet, I think the answer is pretty obvious.

Say hello to DogTag – a pet-collar designed by the fine folks at Studio Proper that has its own protective enclosure for an Apple AirTag. Designed to work with dogs as well as cats, the DogTag lets you easily keep track of your furry little friend when they’re scampering about outdoors or even playing hide-and-seek with you inside the house. Relying on Apple’s powerful ‘Find My’ network, the DogTag lets you be able to keep track of your pet no matter where they are. You can create no-go zones for them, knowing if and when they scale your fence and jump right into your neighbor’s prized flower-bed… and if they decide to play hooky right before bathing time, you can easily ‘ping’ the AirTag inside the collar to give up your furry little monster’s location, or use the Find Nearby feature to help guide you to them!

Click Here to Buy Now: $23.17 (For just the collar)

Like all standard collars, the DogTag is made from a woven nylon strap and an adjustable buckle lets you tighten or loosen the collar. You can put the DogTag around your dog or cat’s neck, or if you have one of those smaller pets, the tag can easily go around their waist too, like a fashionable little belt. The collar comes along with a secure two-part soft silicone housing that protects the tags from accidental bumps or even getting wet, plus the inner safety enclosure prevents your pets from actually gnawing at the tag too – or accidentally ingesting it or its battery. Priced at $29.95 Australian Dollars (that’s a little above $23 USD), the DogTag is available on Studio Proper’s website… and they’re Authorized Apple Resellers too, which means you can get yourself a collar ALONG with the AirTag for $74.95 AUD ($58 USD)

Designer: Studio Proper

Click Here to Buy Now: $23.17 (For just the collar)

Clever 3D-printed case lets you attach an AirTag tracking device to your Apple TV Remote

I’ve often felt like Apple‘s multiple product departments work separately, with a minimal informational exchange. How else would you explain the fact that in the same event, Apple announces the AirTags that expand on the company’s massive FindMy network, and also announces a new Apple TV with a redesigned remote… that can’t be tracked.

A major problem with the Apple TV remote up until now was (apart from its stunningly bad UX) that it was a ridiculously thin gadget that often got lost by slipping in between cushions or just sitting somewhere inside a magazine. The sleekness of the Apple TV remote wasn’t a feature, it was a flaw, and people were constantly complaining about losing their remote and never being able to find it… so when Apple redesigned their remote, many were expecting the 2 trillion-dollar company to address this problem too. However, all Apple managed to do was redesign the remote’s controls by bringing an iPod-style jog-dial on it.

For the thousands of people who don’t see themselves buying a new remote just so that they can face the same old problems, Etsy-maker PrintSpired Designs has a neat workaround – a 3D printed case that not only gives the old Apple TV remote some volume and thickness but also allows you to slip an AirTag in so you can track your remote when it inevitably gets misplaced.

Click Here to Buy Now – $12.99

It’s worth noting that even with the case on, the remote isn’t that thick. The case measures 14mm in height, which is about as thick as 2 iPhones stacked together. The printed case doesn’t weigh much either (given that it’s printed with support structures which basically makes it hollow on the inside), so it’s still comfortable to use. The case makes enough space for one AirTag to fit right into its design, and when the remote sits in place, it still lets you access its charging port.

The remote-case itself is available on PrintSpiredDesigns’ Etsy store for $12.99. However, if you’ve got access to a 3D Printer, you can download the STL file for $1.99 and print your own. I’d prefer buying the case though because they come in color options, including even one printed from glow-in-the-dark filament!!

Designer: PrintSpiredDesigns

Click Here to Buy Now – $12.99

$29 AirTags get confirmed in Apple’s Spring Loaded Livestream Event

The long-rumored tracking device finally dropped today and became the latest of Apple‘s roster of product offerings. It bolsters and expands on Apple’s ‘Find My’ feature, allowing you to now find daily objects in real-time, even while offline. The device is coin-sized, and can be tracked with real-time feedback and even a live indicator on your smartphone’s display, allowing you to know exactly where your objects are in relation to you.

The AirTags come at a price of $29, with $99 for a 4-tag bundle. They can be customized with initials or emojis, are IP67 water and dust resistant, and can last for an entire year on a full battery. In fact, they even come with user-replaceable batteries too, extending the product’s usage cycle (unlike Tile trackers that need to be ditched after their battery depletes). The tags come paired with a carrying case that lets you strap them to your belongings like your wallet, purse, or your keys. Hermès has even designed its own carrying cases for the AirTags that let you track your objects in style!

Designer: Apple

Apple accessory manufacturer confirms AirTags design by releasing cover-case photos

It seems like the AirTag announcement from Apple is beyond just grapevine gossip at this point. Companies like Samsung and Oppo have both released designs for their own tagging chips, hinting at healthy competition, and now an Apple accessory maker has inadvertently leaked the news out. A listing on mobile accessory maker Cyrill’s website shows what they’re calling the Apple AirTag Strap — a small keyring-style case designed to hold the rumored Apple “AirTags.”

The keyring case is ideal for the AirTags, which are roughly coin-sized. The tags slide right into their leather casing, while a flap and press-stud shuts to enclose the circular tag within. On the other end of Cyrill’s AirTag Strap is a ring to store your keys or USB sticks. The idea is to pair the AirTags with your phone, which then lets you keep track of your keys and other belongings using the “Find My” feature. Given its coin-like shape, the AirTags could easily be kept in your wallet too, ensuring you never lose a belonging again.

Designer: Cyrill
Visualized Renders: Sarang Sheth

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