LEGO Lunar Poster is a 2360-piece DIY wall-art that’s perfect for space enthusiasts

A LEGO Ideas MOC that’s literally ‘out of this world’!

Since pretty much the beginning of time, we’ve been obsessed with the moon. It’s our closest neighbor, influences tides, illuminates our nights, and provides a stunning way to measure the passing of a year, with many cultures relying on a lunar calendar as opposed to a solar one. There’s no denying how important the moon is to humanity, and although there’s probably a very tiny overlap between astronomy geeks and LEGO nerds, the Lego Art space poster “The Moon: Earth’s Companion” sits rather firmly in that tiny overlap. Built with 2360 LEGO bricks, this fan-made creation celebrates the beauty and mystery of the Moon. At its center is a highly detailed, brick-built Moon, complete with unique craters and terrain features that showcase the Moon’s striking geology. The focal point of this creation… a meticulously crafted Moon constructed entirely out of LEGO Art bricks. The level of detail is impressive, with labeled craters and mountains accurately representing the unique geology of our celestial neighbor.

Designer: SharkyBricks

Looking pretty much like a printed poster, however, with the beauty of being three-dimensional, this fan-made MOC comes with a stunning amount of attention to detail. Beyond just the moon itself, the poster contains all sorts of nuggets of information, from a panoramic gallery of the moon phases to a tiny diorama of what the earth looks like from the surface of the moon. You’ve got a tiny information plate on the bottom left, and a scale bar on the bottom right, giving you a size reference in miles (although don’t expect it to be absolutely accurate).

The MOC doesn’t use standard LEGO or Technic bricks, but instead uses bricks from the LEGO Art kit, which are perfect for artistic representations. The tiny bricks aren’t designed to serve structural purposes, but instead are shaped (and are meant to be treated) as pixels, allowing you to build a 2D representation of artwork, with an optional 3D relief twist.

The entire build uses around 2360 pieces and roughly measures 15.5 inches in width, and 20.2 inches in height, making it a little smaller than your standard A2-size poster. It makes for the perfect DIY wall art for any space enthusiast, capturing the beauty of our closest cosmic neighbor in as much realistic detail as a LEGO brick can provide. Just don’t try taking photos of this moon with your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera!

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Gifts for Designers: Apple’s patents, turned into graphic posters that you can hang on your wall!

As someone who knows a bunch of designers, I’ll attest to the fact that it’s mighty hard finding a creative gift for someone who’s entire job revolves around creativity. Buy them something and there’s a sizeable chance that either they already own it or don’t like it. It’s rare to find something they’ve never seen before… something that takes them by surprise and delight, but you’re in a fair bit of luck if you’re reading this and looking for something to gift a designer friend, relative, colleague, or the person you got in the Secret Santa sweepstakes at work.

Retro Patents’ graphical posters literally put design history on your walls. Taking graphical representations and diagrams from actual patent files available at the US Patent and Trademark Office, Retro Patents turns them into posters you can hang on your wall. Their catalog spans a bunch of products and services, but we have our eye on three of the most recognizable products of our time… the original iPhone, iPod, and the Macintosh computer which put Apple on the map. All three posters feature the patent images taken directly from the open-source files, complete with the patent number, application name, and the holder of the patent. The posters are printed using Epson UltraChrome water based HDR ink-jet technology on Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper for the finest results, before being framed and shipped.

Designer: Retro Patents

Click Here to Buy Now

Click Here to Buy Now

10 Best Father’s Day 2017 Gifts Under $20

Father’s Day 2017 is coming up in just a few short weeks! Before you start freaking out, frantically looking for a gift to buy, have a look at this list of ten great Father’s Day gifts under $20! That’s right, under $20. No need to spend a fortune on something your dad will absolutely love.

Dad’s Ice Cream Killer Spoon

Ah, the dad bod. We have all seen it, we have all wanted to avoid having it, and yet, men everywhere achieve it. Probably through killing too much ice cream. Sigh. At least it tastes good. Give your dad his ice cream killing weapon, the ice cream killer spoon, and listen to all the ice cream scream.

Guitar Picks

Image via: Etsy
I know a lot of dads who play the guitar. Of course, they’re not always great at it, but give them these guitar picks to help them practice and become the next big thing in the music world. The guitar pick case can also be personalized and you can choose any letter you’d like! I hope your dad becomes a rock star.

Father’s Day Personalized Hammer

I know I’ve always relied on my dad to fix things for me, from computers to mp3 players, to installing new light bulbs, my dad has fixed everything. If your father is a handyman like mine, get him one of these hammers with a personal message. It’s a useful and touching gift. If your dad is like mine, he’ll definitely appreciate a practical gift.

Father Poster

Okay, I’ll admit this gift is probably going to be cuter to all the mom’s out there rather than dads, but your dad will still find this personalized poster super cute, and he’ll, of course, love making his wife happy by hanging this up on the wall, right next to the mother poster of course. It can be personalized as well, so put your father’s name on it!

Personalized Mug

This mug is so adorable! I’m a huge fan of the font. It’s so modern, simple, sleek, and fun. If you’re looking for an easy, yet still a wonderful gift, this is the mug to buy. Another thing I like about it is that it doesn’t look like a plain old novelty gift. It looks like a mug that any dad would actually be proud to use!

Children’s Personalized Engraved Dog Tag

To me, this is one of the most meaningful gifts that I think dads will treasure for a long time. Young children can sketch a doodle of their father and have it engraved on this personalized dog tag. Older children can write messages as well. This will last a lifetime, and I think that’s the greatest thing ever.

Beard Oil Sampler

I myself am not the biggest fan of facial hair, but for all the dads who love to rock beards, why not get them something to keep their beards looking clean and handsome? This beard oil sampler will give your father a little taste of beard grooming, and if he likes it, get him an even bigger kit!

Papasaurus T-Shirt

Papasaurus Rex is in the house! Dads and I share something in common, we like dad humor. I think this t-shirt is hilarious, and I hope your dad will think it’s hilarious too! If not, what kind of dad is he? I thought dad jokes were a universal thing.

Personalized Wallet

Who doesn’t love something that’s nice and personal? Those are the most heartfelt kind of gifts. This personalized wallet can hold whatever small message you’d like. Tell your dad you love him, or whatever else you want to say. It will mean a lot to him, and he can keep money in this little wallet.


Homemade soap. It smells amazing and feels amazing too. After a long, tough day at work, treat your dad to a nice bar of soap for his long-awaited relaxing shower. There are plenty of scents to choose from, so there is something for every dad out there.

Did you find a Father’s Day gift that you loved? Something that your dad will cherish forever? There’s plenty of more gifts out there, so keep looking until you find that perfect gift he’ll never forget.

Star Wars + Stranger Things = Star Things

I’ve made it very clear that i am a huge fan of Stranger Things on Netflix. It’s hands-down the best show that Netflix has ever made, and makes their other shows look dowdy by comparison. It helps that as a child of the ’80s I can very much relate to all the things the kids were into.

Artist Michael Maher Jr has created a cool poster that envisions the kids from Stranger Things as cast members of the original Star Wars trilogy. It’s awesome.

You’ll notice that Dustin isn’t pictured – instead Chewie is wearing the kid’s trucker hat. Dustin’s curly hair does remind me a bit of a wookiee, so I guess that makes sense.

[via Nerd Approved]

Street Fighter II World Warrior Travel Posters: Capcom Street View

Fro Design Company turned the stages in Street Fighter II into a series of beautiful 18″x 24″ travel posters. The illustrations don’t copy the entire stage, but show just enough that you’ll recognize which one it is. Can you imagine traveling around the world just to get your ass kicked?

street_fighter_ii_world_warrior_travel_posters_by_fro_design_company_1zoom in

street_fighter_ii_world_warrior_travel_posters_by_fro_design_company_2zoom in

street_fighter_ii_world_warrior_travel_posters_by_fro_design_company_3zoom in

street_fighter_ii_world_warrior_travel_posters_by_fro_design_company_4zoom in

street_fighter_ii_world_warrior_travel_posters_by_fro_design_company_5zoom in

street_fighter_ii_world_warrior_travel_posters_by_fro_design_company_6zoom in

street_fighter_ii_world_warrior_travel_posters_by_fro_design_company_7zoom in

street_fighter_ii_world_warrior_travel_posters_by_fro_design_company_8zoom in

street_fighter_ii_world_warrior_travel_posters_by_fro_design_company_9zoom in

street_fighter_ii_world_warrior_travel_posters_by_fro_design_company_10zoom in

street_fighter_ii_world_warrior_travel_posters_by_fro_design_company_11zoom in

street_fighter_ii_world_warrior_travel_posters_by_fro_design_company_12zoom in

I bet Ryu and E. Honda wish they only had to fight each other. Fro Design sells the posters for $30 (USD) each, $180 for six or $220 for all 12.

[via Super Punch]