Excel at Sipping Coffee with the Spreadsheet Shortcut Mug

I like to think I’m pretty adept at Microsoft Excel.  Whenever I show some neophyte how to use a Pivot Table, I feel like a spreadsheet god. Despite my skills at manipulating rows, columns, formulas, and macros, I don’t have all the Excel keyboard shortcuts memorized. I mean sure, I’m a master of Copy, Paste, and Undo, but after those, I don’t remember most of them. Now, every time I go to take a sip of hot coffee, I can brush up on my spreadsheet shortcut knowledge.

Firebox sells this Excel Shortcut Mug which lists a number of the available keyboard shortcut sequences for Excel, including classics like “Ctrl Shift +” and “Alt F1.” I had no idea that you could copy a value from the cell above with “Ctrl Shift Quote.” Heck, I’m already smarter and I haven’t even bought this thing yet. Next stop, creating complicated and abstruse financial models that make venture capitalists throw fat stacks of cash at me.

Like all ceramic computer reference materials, the Excel Shortcut Mug holds 12 oz. of your favorite hot or cold beverage and is dishwasher and microwave safe. You can grab one for your desk today over at Firebox for just $11.


Retro Arcade Squirrel Feeder: Insert Coin for Nuts

Most people treat squirrels like unwanted pests. But if you’re among the animal lovers who prefer to feed the squirrels in your yard, you might want to get a squirrel feeder. And if you love classic arcade games, you’ll want to get this squirrel feeder that looks like a miniature arcade cabinet.

Etsy seller The Tree Rat Symposium makes this tiny arcade machine with its CRT display ripped out and replaced with a place for storing nuts and other snacks for squirrels. Now, if I were a squirrel, I might be disappointed if I saw a “Squirrely’s Arcade” machine and got to it only to discover I couldn’t play Pac-Man or Robotron 2084. But then I’d be like, “but snacks!” and forget all about the crushing disappointment of not being able to spend those quarters burning a hole in my furry squirrel pocket.

My only concern about this thing is that the squirrels will start lining up to play, and then I’ll have to build an entire squirrel arcade with 10 of these things, some squirrel pinball machines, and a squirrel bill breaker. But if you’re not worried about such things, you can grab one over on Etsy for $34.

From Apple to Android, these framed disassembled smartphones make for a worthy designer gift!

When you buy a new phone, all that’s worth appreciating is the design engineering of this little gadget that rules our lives. Disassembling your phone and then preserving it in a picture frame is not an everyday affair, but some creatives have made a skillful enterprise from this. Not a long while ago, we saw Indie art studio GRID amaze us with the iPhone 5 Framed Edition. And now we have a featured artist with a massive collection of teardown smartphones and tablets well preserved in photo frames for generations to appreciate – because why should iPhone users have all the fun!

Computer engineer Kevin, inspired by Todd McLellan’s Things Come Apart series, went on to dissemble popular phone models right from the nostalgic Android Blackberry and Nokia models to the much modern ones like the Apple iPhone 8 and Honor 6 Plus. It all started with his first iPhone that was taken apart and then framed in his living room. Then he couldn’t stop himself from dismantling his old gadgets, including iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and Sony rx100m2. On posting the setup on social media, the pictures attracted fans who also wanted their gadgets to be framed for cherished memories on their living room wall or bedroom desk. This fueled his passion, and Kevin ultimately opened his own Etsy shop that goes by the name FEIPPO. The idea is to keep your keepsakes safe – maybe it was the first gadget you bought with your own salary, a gift from your spouse, or just because you love watching the individuals that make up these complicated gadgets. This is a great way to memorialize your device instead of having it collect dust in the corner of your desk.

The taken apart mobile devices are meticulously preserved in glass frames with the optional frame choice in chestnut, tan, black or white. These decorative art pieces for any desk setup are absolutely hypnotic, especially how all of the disassembled parts are explained in detail with accompanying text descriptions. Since Kevin’s collection is enormous, we have handpicked our favorite Android and Apple devices for you to enjoy. If you are also thinking of framing your old gadgets in this manner, you deserve a hi-five from me!

Designer: Kevin

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Gifts for Designers: Apple’s patents, turned into graphic posters that you can hang on your wall!

As someone who knows a bunch of designers, I’ll attest to the fact that it’s mighty hard finding a creative gift for someone who’s entire job revolves around creativity. Buy them something and there’s a sizeable chance that either they already own it or don’t like it. It’s rare to find something they’ve never seen before… something that takes them by surprise and delight, but you’re in a fair bit of luck if you’re reading this and looking for something to gift a designer friend, relative, colleague, or the person you got in the Secret Santa sweepstakes at work.

Retro Patents’ graphical posters literally put design history on your walls. Taking graphical representations and diagrams from actual patent files available at the US Patent and Trademark Office, Retro Patents turns them into posters you can hang on your wall. Their catalog spans a bunch of products and services, but we have our eye on three of the most recognizable products of our time… the original iPhone, iPod, and the Macintosh computer which put Apple on the map. All three posters feature the patent images taken directly from the open-source files, complete with the patent number, application name, and the holder of the patent. The posters are printed using Epson UltraChrome water based HDR ink-jet technology on Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper for the finest results, before being framed and shipped.

Designer: Retro Patents

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These Ceramic Bookends Look Like More Books

If you like to read, you probably have at least a few books lying around and not neatly placed on bookshelves. There are lots and lots of choices for bookends to keep them tidy, but I really like the idea of these bookends that look like books.

These fun Bibliophile Bookends were created by illustrator and shop owner Jane Mount for Chronicle Books. They’re great because no matter what books you have in your collection, you’ll automatically end up with classics like Moby Dick, Jane Eyre, A Tale of Two Cities, and Pride & Prejudice. Since they’re made from ceramic, they’ve got plenty of weight, which is of critical importance when it comes to bookends. After all, you don’t want them sliding around when you put books in between them.

The Bibliophile Bookends are available for $60 a set from Chronicle Books, though you might be able to find them for less on Amazon. If you love Jane’s art style, check out her book Bibliophile, which is a fantastic compilation of art and information about classic books, and some of the greatest bookstores to find them in. It also makes a great companion gift if you’re thinking of giving the bookends to a booklover on your shopping list.

A Snow Globe, Except It Doesn’t Snow on Mars

In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Get your ass to Mars!” Now you can, each and every day with this awesome desk toy inspired by the dust storms on the red planet.

Created by toy designer Dan Abramson, the Mars Dust Globe offers a truly unique take on the classic snow globe. Instead of white fluffy stuff, when you shake this 4″ orb, you get a storm of red dust. And when the dust settles, you’ll see a pair of astronauts, one old and one young, holding hands against the rocky red landscape.

This looks like an awesome gift for anyone with an interest in space exploration, or a unique addition to a snow globe collection. It’s available over at UncommonGoods for $35.

Batman Is Here to Crack Nuts and Take Names

It’s generally accepted that Batman isn’t supposed to kill any of his foes, but instead just beat them up a bit and then apprehend them. Sure, some interpretations have been a bit fast and loose with the Dark Knight’s moral code, but I prefer to think of him as someone willing to dish out a good beatdown, but never a finishing move.

One obvious spot for Batman to use his strength to quickly take down a bad guy is on their nuts, and now you can too, thanks to this officially-licensed Batman nutcracker.

The 10″ tall cast resin Batman sculpture comes from nutcracker specialists Kurt S. Adler, Inc., and features a sharp and severe look like he did in early 2000s Justice League animated series. The description says it’s lighted, but I’m not exactly sure what part of him lights up – maybe his eyes? Or maybe that’s a mistake. Who knows? We don’t have time for questions. We’re here to bust some heads and crack open some delicious hazelnuts!

If you’re ready to crack some nuts like Bruce Wayne does, then head over to Amazon and order your Batman nutcracker today.