After Math: What could go wrong?

It's been a week of risk in the tech world, and I don't just mean Elon Musk's recent Twitter-on-acid experiment. Best Buy is wagering $800 million on a company that teaches your grandparents how gadgets work, Saint Louis University is peppering its d...

Origami Finds a New Home In Women’s Fashion

Taking the art of origami out of the limitations of paper and bringing it to fabric, Angela Wang’s Origamei project makes outfits and clothes foldable to the extent that they occupy a small fraction of the space they would if opened out. The Origamei project has two purposes. One, to make fashion much more accessible, using the art of folding as a method to reduce a clothing item’s spatial footprint… and two, Origamei sees itself as more of an empowerment tool, as most clothes do, helping women dress in clothes that feel comfortable and make them feel confident. The fact that you can carry these clothes around in the palm of your hand, or even stash them in your clutch or the glove compartment of your car, means that the very confidence and self-esteem that you get from wearing good clothes, is made portable too.

The Origamei comes in three different styles, all for three different scenarios. The Momo, or the t-shirt dress is for casual wearing, either at home, or to meet a friend at a coffee shop. The Yuri caters to a much more social atmosphere, even serving as a formal dress, perhaps for business or an interview. The Kiku, or the tent dress, is for letting your hair down. A perfect summer dress, the Kiku is ideal for a day at the beach, or a classy date in the evening. With Origamei’s patented folding technique, you can fold down all three dresses to a built in pouch (clutch) that’s slightly bigger than your smartphone. The outfits come with seam lines that indicate how they’re to be folded, and the fabric they’re made from is wrinkle-resistant (so your outfits always look crisp and wrinkle-free), lightweight, stretchable (10% Spandex), breathable, and moisture-wicking, making sure you look good as well as feel good.

Ideal for traveling, the Origamei can sit either in your bag, or glove compartment, or even strap to your backpack, using its discreet carabiner clip. Also built with an accessory pouch (for jewelry to dress up the style of the dress) and even hand pockets (a rarity and a necessity in women’s fashion), designer Angela Wang hopes that the Origamei will help empower women live a more minimal fulfilling lifestyle, by allowing them to chase their dreams and follow their heart with a compact outfit for any occasion anywhere on the go, anytime. The next step? A compact, foldable, effortless range of Origamei outfits for men too!

Designer: Angela Wang

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The Origamei dresses offer us women everything we want in a dress, with the versatility to carry it anywhere, anytime. It fits comfortably in the glove compartment of your car, hangs perfectly on the strap of your beach bag, tucks nicely inside your backpack, or even stows away discreetly in the side of your purse, Origamei gives women the option of carrying a beautiful dress without the hassle and worry of excessive clutter or overpacking for a business trip or a fun getaway.

Origamei’s patented fold technique makes packing light, compact, and efficient. With it’s wrinkle-resistant and breathable fabric, deep hand pockets, discreet keyring, and minimal style, it’s no wonder women who have worn our dress absolutely love it.


Three Styles for anything life throws at you. Origamei Foldwear is all you need if you’re an On The Go (OTG) woman.





Click here to Buy Now: $50.00 $80.00 (38% off). Hurry, less than 5 hours left!

Tommy Hilfiger tracks, rewards you for wearing its smart clothes

How do you convince everyday people to serve as unofficial ambassadors for a fashion brand? Make smart clothes, apparently. Tommy Hilfiger is launching a Tommy Jeans Xplore garment line that uses embedded Bluetooth smart tags (connected to the compan...

Redesigning the clothes hanger as a product rather than an accessory

The hanger was always viewed as an accessory to fashion, and not a product in itself. As a result, it fulfilled just one job (the job that the fashion industry demanded from it) and nothing else. Hangers today are one of the most disposed items, given their cheap construction, inflexible nature, and relative bulk… so Eduardo Kepekian redesigned them.

Unlike the cheap, easy-to-warp metal hangers, or the rigid, bulky plastic hangers (especially the ones for blazers), Eduardo’s HandyHNGR is collapsible, allowing it to occupy a minimal amount of space when you want to store/carry them, and opening into a fully functional hanger when you need them to hang your garments. When folded, the hanger occupies a fraction of its original space, and can be flat-packed, or even stored in your pocket. When opened out, the hanger can handle any sort of clothes, from tees, to jeans, from strap-dresses, to even blazers. Its unique design allows it to hang outfits, and the rounded ends give shape to your clothes and prevent them from deforming or wrinkling. The HandyHNGR comes in three timeless colors: Black, White, and Coral. Ideal for personal use, for travel, or for even using in a retail outlet (you can even have your logo printed on it), the HandyHNGR isn’t just a garment accessory, it’s a well-designed, functionally-sound product that solves true problems!

Designer: Eduardo Kepekian & La Fabrique à Innovations










AI-enabled Guess store helps you create an ensemble

You can try Amazon's Echo Look if you want AI to offer fashion advice at home. But what if you're at the store, and would rather not hem and haw while you decide if that top goes with those jeans? Guess and Alibaba think they can help. They've wor...

A smart hanger that recommends clothes based on the weather forecast!

What if, instead of your phone telling you hours before you head out that it may rain, your hanger, upon which your umbrella rests, gives you a reminder?? It makes a world of sense, because not everyone remembers the notification that pops up on their phone amidst the hundred others that do through the day… but if your clothes hanger told you to take a scarf with you, or to wear something summery instead of an overcoat, that’s much more effective.

Presenting the Take-Off, and idea that literally took off in an IOT ecosystem in Melbourne. Designed with a flipboard display, the Take-Off is a clock/temperature-reader/forecast-based-fashion-advisor. The flipboard, aside from displaying the time, also shows you the temperature outside, and when you’re about to step out, will recommend clothes that best compliment the weather outside. The flipboard has a pretty detailed catalog, covering topwear, bottomwear, footwear, and miscellaneous other accessories, from sunglasses to beanies to umbrellas. The level of detail given to forecast representation is pretty neat too, for example, the Take-Off can tell you if it’s raining, about to rain, or if there’s a storm outside, just by showing you an open umbrella, a closed umbrella, or an overturned umbrella!

The Take-Off is an IoT device, but its beauty lies in its physical-over-digital nature. The flipboard is undoubtedly a playful element, while it also consumes lesser power than a traditional display. It, however, doesn’t undermine the Take-Off’s efficacy. The product still displays the time and the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, aside from being your forecast fashion guru. What’s more is that the device works over Wi-Fi to stay on top of things, while also connecting with your phone to know when you usually step out, so that it can recommend apparel to you just as you’re getting ready to step out!

Designer: Take-Off