Google Play Store has a problem with violent games made for kids

Google's issues with disturbing child-oriented content extend beyond YouTube. Wired has found dozens of Android apps on the Play Store that were rated as safe for kids, but featured gruesome content. Mad Max Zombies was rated PEGI 3 but had you gun...

Dad Builds Working Mars Rover for His Son

I know that plenty of parents would like to send their kids to Mars, and if you’re gonna do that, do it right. Build them a rover to ride around in. Hell, just build them one to ride around on Earth. That’s what cool dads do. And Kris Temmerman is a cool dad.

I know this, because he built this awesome Mars rover for his son. The Rover steered via a wired controller by Kris as he walks close by, and has six articulated wheels, each with its own motor drive for tackling uneven terrain. To be honest it looks like a really fun off-road vehicle. I wouldn’t mind riding around in this thing if we could up the size, speed, and give it some Bigfoot ties and a killer paint job. You can check out videos of this thing in action, and the build process below:

I bet this is what it looks like as the real deal is tooling around on Mars, except there’s a small alien riding it instead of a child; probably doing donuts and stuff, kicking up red dust. But you’ll never see that because our government doesn’t want us to know. But I do, and I will not be silenced.

[via Laughing Squid via Geekologie]

Verizon has a phone plan for kids, complete with parental controls

Like it or not, many kids have smartphones -- and Verizon (Engadget's parent company) wants to capitalize on that with a plan meant to reassure parents anxious about what their young ones might see. The carrier's newly unveiled Just Kids plan melds 5...

This Game Is Crap: Flushin’ Frenzy Toilet Plunging Game

Man, what the hell is wrong is people today? The poop games for kids phenomenon just keeps right on trucking with Flushin’ Frenzy. Seriously, what toy exec says, “Just let them play with poop!”? I mean, I guess I would say that, but still.

The objective of the game is simple. Just push the flush lever to roll the die and that will determine how many times you have to plunge the toilet. After that, you try to catch the anthropomorphic turd as it launches out the back of the tank. Yes, for real. This is a thing that is in the world. The player to catch the poop wins a token, or two tokens if they catch it in mid-air. Yep, so we are rewarding kids for touching poop with their bare hands. This game should have been called Fecal Frenzy.


No kidding. Don’t let your kid choke on a piece of poop with a smile on it. Don’t be that guy. Don’t let your kid play with this degenerate nonsense. The Flushin’ Frenzy game will cost you $13 on Amazon if you want your child to be the weird kid on the block.

[via Boing Boing via Geekologie]

Netflix’s latest interactive series for kids is ‘Battle Kitty’

Netflix's growing catalog of interactive shows now includes another aimed at the younger crowd. The service has unveiled Battle Kitty, an animated series where kids help its namesake warrior fight monsters on an island and become a champion. Its or...

Senate bill proposes stricter privacy controls for children

Some politicians don't believe the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act does enough to protect kids in the modern era, and they're hoping to update it accordingly. Senators Ed Markey and Josh Hawley have introduced a bill that would amend COPPA w...

Disney, Nestle pull YouTube ads in uproar over child videos

YouTube is still grappling with predatory comments on child videos, and it's once again facing the consequences. Bloomberg has learned that Disney, Fortnite creator Epic Games, Nestle and Oetker have "paused" spending on YouTube ads after video blo...