Guy Flies Jet-powered Hoverboard at More than 100 mph

Somebody call Spider-Man, because I think we just spotted the Green Goblin! What you’re about to see is a jet-powered Flyboard Air being piloted at speeds up to 103.4 mph. This thing looks like a lot of fun. At least until something goes wrong and you nosedive toward the ground. I mean, there’s a reason this guy is wearing a parachute on his back. Luckily, he didn’t have to use it.

Imagine going this fast in a standing position, while in the air. It would be a scary ride, but super fun. You would feel like a God. You almost have to become the Green Goblin and start throwing pumpkins at Spider-Man and causing mayhem.

Seriously though, I would love to take a ride on this thing even if I would likely die upon landing. It would be quite an adrenaline rush on the way out, with jet engines strapped to your feet! Just the idea is nuts. We live in amazing times with some amazing gear, folks.

[via Geeks Are Sexy viaGeekologie]

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Segway Ninebot miniPro Self-Balancing Scooter: Not Mall Cop Approved

Segway has a new personal transport vehicle that Paul Blart wouldn’t be able to use. The vehicle is called the Ninebot by Segway miniPro and it has a maximum weight capacity of 185 pounds. If you meet that weight capacity, it will haul you about 14 miles per charge at a max speed of 10 mph. I’d count on significantly less range the heavier you are and if you are going up hills.

segway_minipro_1zoom in

The gadget looks like a more substantial version of all those so-called “hoverboards” on the market. However, the Segway is UL 2272 certified so it probably won’t burst into flames and burn your house down.  Is controlled using that bicycle seat looking padded knee controller, and Segway says you can learn to ride this contraption in minutes.

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The Ninebot offers remote control via a mobile app, and customizable LED lighting. It also has an integrated alarm that will alert you if someone tries to steal your Ninebot, giving you the chance to go outside and get beat up in addition to being robbed.

The Ninebot is currently on Amazon selling for $999(USD) in black or white, with free Prime shipping. The miniature urban transporter will ship starting on June 29.

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This Hoverboard Has a Cereal Bowl Attached for Breakfast on the Go

You know how it is. You sleep in too late, and then you don’t have time for breakfast before work. It happens to the best of us. The Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cruiser has you covered. Just add your milk and cereal to your hoverboard and get on your way.

hover_cereal_1zoom in

The Cruiser is basically a hoverboard with a cereal bowl mounted at eating level. The bowl swings freely to keep it level, so you won’t lose your cereal. It even has a slot to store your spoon in.

cinnamon_toast_crunch_cruiser_2zoom in

This breakfast contraption was created by General Mills, inspired by the success of its Selfie Spoon. Breakfast is now breakslow, but at least you are eating on the move.

[via Foodiggity via Neatorama]