Shop For Timeless Christmas Essentials and Gifts In Red, White, And Green

Designer: IKEA

Traditionally, Christmas is characterized by the classic colors of red, white, and green, each carrying its own purpose and meaning. Many of these symbolic associations trace their origins to Europe and other Western regions and the significance of each color is as follows:


In Christian tradition, red signifies Jesus Christ’s blood shed on the cross for salvation. It also represents love, mirroring the warm feelings of the holiday season, as the most prevalent Christmas color, red features prominently in decorations, like holly berries.


Legend has it that evergreen branches like Mistletoes and Holly Leaves adorned buildings in cold, dark winters to remind people that winter is temporary, and brighter spring days will eventually come. Romans would exchange evergreen branches as a symbol of good luck and this color is found in Christmas decorations like the Tree, mistletoes, wreaths, etc.


In Western cultures, white represents purity and peace while in Christian traditions, it symbolizes the arrival of Christ’s light into the world, evident in decorations like snowflakes, Santa Claus’ uniform borders, and church altars.

Explore an exclusive selection of red, green, and white products for an engaging holiday season shopping experience.

1. Crockery

Embrace the festive spirit with the complete set of Christmas colors – red, white, and green. Crafted in partnership with Rachel Kozlowski and inspired by paintings of actual animals, these Dapper Animal Nutcracker Salad plates are adorned in seasonal attire perfect for the holidays.

2. Candle Stand

These captivating candlesticks, resembling branches, are crafted from plaster and meticulously hand-carved to mimic wood. Inspired by the Faux Bois tradition in Renaissance Chateaus’ gardens and mid-century sculptor Kenneth Armitage’s work, Tom Palmer’s Faux Bois candlesticks are cast in durable plaster. Each piece is adorned with a hand-carved texture, and a brass candle sleeve adds an elegant finishing touch to these artistic creations.

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3. Coffee Mugs

The brand’s latest Medusa Garland motif features a detailed fusion of intricate baroque plants, flowers, and Versace’s renowned Medusa head. This intricate design embellishes the surfaces of two porcelain mugs, with one cup displaying rich tones of red and gold, and the other showcasing green and gold that pays tribute to Versace’s most iconic emblem.

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4. CD Player Wall Art

Experience the delight of CD listening and admiring their cover art as this portable player not only allows you to effortlessly play a classic audio CD but also enables you to insert its jacket for an enhanced visual impact. Whether hanging on walls or on the go, relish physical CDs while elegantly showcasing their album art. It features a beautiful minimalist design with a built-in frame for jacket art, a built-in battery for portability, and Bluetooth 5.0 for seamless connections with wireless speakers and earphones.

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5. Festive Cushions

Featuring the perfect combination of red, green, and white, this cushion is ideal for the festive season. Sarita Handa’s signature embroidered florals shine best in their decorative cushions as they beautifully showcase small bunches of nature, injecting life into any living space.

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6. Japanese Lantern Candle

Illuminate your space with a serene glow reminiscent of traditional Japanese lanterns. This modern twist on the iconic “chouchin” lantern design, inspired by those that illuminated festivals and bars, provides a tranquil light to help you unwind before bedtime. The minimalist design brings a touch of Japan to any interior, and the handmade candles from craftsmen in Kurashiki, Japan, feature patented technology to prevent outer wax melting, ensuring a mesmerizing dance of light through their unique undulating surface.

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7. Wool Rug

The green rug showcases square and rectangular patterns in blue, forming a minimalist composition. It also incorporates pairs of horizontal and vertical stripes of varying thickness. Sthir is a tribute to timeless craftsmanship and artistry, handwoven with the finest wool yarn into knots. It ensures to impart a tranquil essence and minimal charm to any adorned space.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1564

8. Jewel Vase Mirror Stand

Capture nature’s beauty and showcase your accessories with this distinctive mirror that also serves as an accessory stand or vase. Beyond its reflective function, the mirror enhances anything before it, transforming even a single flower into a captivating display. The simple yet elegant design elevates any desk, table, or shelf, and the bioplastic material, rich in rice husks, ensures both durability and eco-friendliness. Elevate your home’s aesthetics with this multifunctional mirror vase, doubling the beauty in your living space.

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9. Green Dining Chair

This chair employs an innovative 3D-printing technique and is characterized by its expressive wave-like form. Utilizing a single piece of PLA bioplastic, the chair is lightweight and decorative. Its curved seat is inspired by the roofs of Santorini, and the ridged surface symbolizes the meeting of land and sea. With vibrant Mediterranean colors, this chair suits both indoor and outdoor settings, showcasing functional and visually striking furniture through advanced digital manufacturing.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1449

10. Ceramic Lamp and Lights

Achieve the ideal Christmas aesthetic with this unique ceramic light with a distinctive spiky texture. The brass stem supports an oval lampshade crafted from wool and worsted nylon. Each light is one-of-a-kind, showcasing slight variations in the handmade ceramic base’s shapes and shades.

Click Here to Buy Now: $2266

11. Wine Glasses

Waterford’s Winter Wonders collection serves as a heartfelt ode to the festive season with this wine glass that is a celebration of all things merry and bright. Each meticulously handcrafted piece accentuates the natural features of a blooming rose, with finely cut grooves mirroring the unfolding petals with exquisite attention to detail.

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Visionary designer Vito Nesta blends history, memory, and emotion into his unique creations which have the potential to transport us to distant places from our homes. The Grand Tour collection’s distinctive pieces go beyond decoration, interpreting classical themes in a contemporary aesthetic, capturing distinct moments or emotions in time.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1200

12. Mixed Media Wall Art

The remarkable surrealist style of artist Chiara Sorgato seamlessly blends with her fascination for social and anthropological themes in a stunning painting that captures the challenging yet essential coexistence among diverse communities. Titled with the Italian words for “Him, Us, Them,” this masterpiece, was created using the oil painting technique.

Click Here to Buy Now: $9865

13. Velvet Photo Frames

Embracing a timeless romantic aesthetic, the Cinnabar Velvet Frame exudes elegance in a deep, love-red hue. This luxurious frame, suitable for showcasing your dearest memories, stands out in any home. Perfect for tabletop display, it adds a charming accent to both traditional and modern spaces. The gold trim enhances the deep red, providing an extra touch of sophistication, making it a delightful addition to desks or mantelpieces during the festive season.

Click Here to Buy Now: $778

14. Festive Throws

Infuse a cozy holiday ambiance into any space with a festive pattern featuring gingerbread, snowmen, candy canes, and snowflakes. The soft and silky fleece fabric offers a lightweight feel, providing the perfect amount of warmth for a night in or a comfortable cuddle session on the sofa.

15. Holiday Decorations

The Royal Blue Spruce Christmas tree draws inspiration from the North American Picea Pungens, these festive classic replicates its namesake with dense foliage and needles. Adorned with 435 twinkling lights, it captures the spirit of the season.

Celebrate the season with a red Christmas wreath for your front door, crafted from needles, pine cones, berries, and pine for a festive decoration. When acquiring a holiday wreath, expect unique individuality, stylish design, and harmoniously combined colors.

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As charming as Dasher the reindeer, this LED Globe Nutcracker is elegantly attired and poised to spread festive joy in your home. Rooted in the German tradition, the nutcracker figurine symbolizes good luck, making it a delightful addition to bringing more positivity into your life.

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Top 10 Home Decor Products to Give a Quick Stunning Makeover to your Space

When it comes to setting up our living space, we often focus on the furniture we place in it or the interior decor style we opt for. But what truly makes or breaks a space, and adds a charming spark to it, is the home decor accents we adorn it with. Home decor accents are the diverse range of decorative items that are utilized to elevate the aesthetic appeal of a space and personalize the interior of a home. The right set of home decor accents can help you set the correct tone and theme for your home. But besides being decorative, we believe these designs should be functional as well – the best of both worlds! Hence, we’ve curated a collection of functional and aesthetically pleasing home decor accents that we feel will make an excellent addition to your living space.

1. CD Jacket Player

You can now relive your favorite moments with CDs while appreciating their accompanying album art no matter where you are with the CD Jacket Player. It not only accommodates classic audio CDs but also elevates their aesthetic appeal by harmoniously integrating their jackets.

Click Here to Buy Now: $143 $159 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Thanksgiving sale ends in 48 hours!

Why is it noteworthy?

The CD Jacket Player not only boasts the CD jacket art but can also be wall-mounted allowing it to function as a decorative element in your home. It allows you to display your favorite album art, while also enhancing the visual appeal of your living space, and adding some personal style to it.

What we like

  • Adds some personality and style to your living space, especially a boon for music fanatics

What we dislike

  • Since it is a CD player, this limits its appeal and functionality in a world where digital music streaming reigns supreme

2.  Bookish Bookmark

You can now enjoy hands-free reading with the Bookish Bookmark which allows you to keep your book open without having to utilize awkward and embarrassing workarounds, like pushing down both sides of the book with something heavy and ugly.

Click Here to Buy Now: $58 $65 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Thanksgiving sale ends in 48 hours!

Why is it noteworthy?

The Bookish Bookmark is perfect for those to want to display their favorite books as an element. It features a transparent design and can keep your book open, adding a visually interest piece to a bookshelf or table. The bookmark can transform your favorite book into a decorative piece, as well as a functional item.

What we like

  • Allows you to display your favorite book in a visually pleasing manner

What we dislike

  • It might be too large for small books, and disliked by those who prefer discreet bookmarks

3. Harmony Flame Lamp Fireplace

This stunning brass lamp lets you enjoy a beautiful and safe fire indoors, as it uses eco-friendly bioethanol to spread illumination and warmth in your home. It is built using the same technique that is utilized to craft musical instruments.

Click Here to Buy Now: $203 $239 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Thanksgiving sale ends in 48 hours!

Why is it noteworthy?

The unique brass fireplace is designed to enhance the mood of indoor spaces. The flames and reflective surfaces play with light and shadows, creating an appealing decorative piece that is ideal for your patio or dining table. The fireplace uses odorless and smokeless fuel and has a compact size making it a perfect fit for your home.

What we like

  • Allows you to enjoy a safe and pretty fire inside the comfort of your home

What we dislike

  • The lamp utilizes bioethanol which is eco-friendly, but will need to be purchased and refilled, creating a fuel dependency
  • The fuel capacity and compact size of the lamp may not support extended use, which some people need for longer-lasting illumination

4. Statement Floral Bud Vase

You can now display the natural beauty of a flower and steam with this pretty and unique metal flower vase. This flower vase can disappear into the background, and it allows for a more thoughtful and careful approach to flower arrangement, which celebrates floral beauty in simplicity.

Click Here to Buy Now: $31 $35 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Thanksgiving sale ends in 48 hours!

Why is it noteworthy?

The minimalist design of the unique metal flower case allows it to artfully merge into the background. The vase is also quite carefully weighted to avoid any toppling, and is designed to showcase the flower, and put the complete focus on it.

What we like

  • Available in silver and pink gold, so you can pick your preferred color
  • Highlights the natural beauty of the flower

What we dislike

  • The vase is quite small, so this limits the type and number of flowers it can hold, not the best option for those who prefer large flower arrangements
  • Can get easily knocked over, owing to its small size

5. Invisible Shoehorn

The Invisible Shoehorn will save your back and your socks as it will seamlessly disappear into the background when it’s not being used. It features a long stainless steel body that prevents snags and tears in socks and stockings.

Click Here to Buy Now: $269 $299 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Thanksgiving sale ends in 48 hours!

Why is it noteworthy?

What makes this shoehorn so unique is that it disappears into the background when it is not being used. The shoehorn features a transparent stand, and the two team up to create an intriguing and attractive decoration for your home. It has both practical use and decorative appeal, allowing it to have dual functionality.

What we like

  • Functional product with decorative appeal
  • Merges into the background when not in use

What we dislike

  • Hefty price tag which may not be preferred by some users

6. Jewelvase Mirror Stand

This pretty little mirror doubles up as an accessory stand or vase, which not only allows you to peer at your face but also enhances anything that is placed in front of it. It features a simple and elegant design that allows it to stand out, which also provides functionality.

Click Here to Buy Now: $53 $59 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Thanksgiving sale ends in 48 hours!

Why is it noteworthy?

The Jewelvase Mirror Stand features dual functionality, which essentially means it serves as a mirror and a vase or accessory stand. The innovative piece is functional, which also elevates the aesthetic appeal of any space it is placed in. It is built using bioplastic material which contains rice husks, which adds to its decorative qualities. It is a multifunctional and elegantly designed piece that serves as an excellent home decor accent.

What we like

  • The perfect mix of dual functionality and good looks
  • Elevates any desk, table, or furniture piece it is placed on

What we dislike

  • Since it functions as a mirror and vase, this dual functionality could hinder and compromise its effectiveness in either role

7. Anywhere-Use Lamp

Dubbed the Anywhere-Use Lamp, this minimalist and portable table lamp looks just like a mushroom that you can pop up almost anywhere. It features a modular design and uses regular AA batteries, allowing you to carry it and use it wherever you like.

Click Here to Buy Now: $127 $149 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Thanksgiving sale ends in 48 hours!

Why is it noteworthy?

What makes this lamp so unique is that you can utilize it to create the right mood anywhere. It uses six high-color rendering LEDs to produce a soft and warm light, that can set up the perfect mood in any space. It is excellent for mood lighting and has an aesthetic appeal that aligns perfectly with the objectives of home decor accents.

What we like

  • Creates the ideal mood and ambience anywhere irrespective of the location
  • Elevates the visual and sensory appeal of living space

What we dislike

  • It is built using iron with powder coating, which does not provide the premium feel that most users prefer for their home decor items

8. Key Holder Wakka

You can now build the habit of putting your keys in the right place with the Key Holder Wakka. It features a stylish key ring and an elegant wooden base which come together to create a stunning home accent that makes storing away your key an enjoyable action.

Click Here to Buy Now: $40 $45 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Thanksgiving sale ends in 48 hours!

Why is it noteworthy?

The keyholder utilizes a powerful neodymium magnet that keeps the keyring in place, and a brisk tapping sound is created at separation. You can pick between iron, brass, or stainless steel in material choices with Silver/Maple and Silver/Walnut options which contribute to its decorative qualities.

What we like

  • Makes putting your key in place a fun and enjoyable activity that you don’t avoid

What we dislike

  • The neodymium magnet cannot hold heavier sets of keys effectivity, which limits its utility

9. Modular Flower Tubes

The Modular Flower Tubes are an amazing alternative to the beautiful but boring vases we’ve grown so accustomed to. This unique metal and wood container offers liberating creativity to its users. You can create your own arrangement of flowers according to your personal taste and preference.

Click Here to Buy Now: $134 $149 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Thanksgiving sale ends in 48 hours!

Why is it noteworthy?

The vase features thin copper pipes that can be arranged in diverse positions, creating beautiful floral displays. It allows users to develop unique patinas over time, which builds the aesthetic sense of the vase. The wooden base is a sturdy element that provides stability to the design. It is an ideal home decor accent since it combines both functionality and visual appeal.

What we like

  • Gives users creative freedom, and allows them to create their own arrangements

What we dislike

  • The unique patinas that develop over the tubes do add character, but will also need to be maintained and may not be liked by everyone

10. Precision Sakura Metal Puzzle

You can now provide your brain with a satisfying challenge using this beautiful all-metal puzzle. The puzzle takes on the shape of Japan’s most iconic flowers with intriguing pieces that look so similar you’ll be wondering where they go and where to put them.

Click Here to Buy Now: $269 $299 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Thanksgiving sale ends in 48 hours!

Why is it noteworthy?

Once this metal puzzle has been assembled it takes on the shape of Japan’s iconic sakura flowers. The puzzle is built from mirror-finish stainless steel with pieces that fit completely and seamlessly together. This, in turn, creates a visually pleasing decorative piece. Once completed, the puzzle forms an artistic and stylish home decor accent that can elevate any ordinary desk or shelf.

What we like

  • Allows you to build a puzzle and interact with a fun game, while also functioning as a beautiful home accent

What we dislike

  • The puzzle could be difficult to put together, which may not be preferred by users who are seeking a relaxing experience

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How to define different zones and maximize space in an open-concept space

The contemporary open-plan living space is designed as a large multifunctional room that can serve different purposes. For example, during the global pandemic, these open areas were used for lounging and entertaining and transformed into multifunctional zones perfect for attending Zoom calls, learning, exercising, entertaining, and so on. The free-flowing plan and seamless flow of spaces in an open-plan layout make it more social and interactive. However, the biggest challenge of designing an open-plan space is efficiently dividing it into different zones that infuse warmth, privacy, and intimacy. Here’s the secret to maximizing space and creating a well-designed multipurpose living space.

Demarcate Spaces

In an open-plan design home, demarcate the floor plan into different zones such as the kitchen, seating area, dining space, and bar. If the house is in design-phase or construction-phase, create arches that allow a smooth transition from one space to another and introduce different stepped levels to add depth and dimension and to create a well-defined space. One of the most recent trends is to introduce curved surfaces and design elements that can soften the space, give it an organic touch, and combine it with mid-century furniture.

If the space is too large to handle, break the layout into smaller sections with room dividers or open shelving that can improve functionality and enhance the home’s storage. L-shaped is highly preferred instead of rectangular arrangements as these layouts result in a well-defined nook at one end of the home that can be used as the kitchen or dining area. Dedicate one section to the bar, as it can transform into a perfect entertainment zone.

Designer: Saffron Case Homes

Connect The Seating Areas

Create a cohesive space by planning multiple seating areas within the open-plan layout. This can be achieved by placing the sofas back-to-back. Group an L-shaped or curved sofa with chairs to create an intimate seating experience. If the couch’s bare back is visible, place a bookcase sideboard to camouflage it and accessorize the tabletop with table lamps, books, and decorative pieces. Make sure these furniture pieces have the same height and length as the sofa running along its back. The location of the dining table should be such that the connection between the living and dining space ensures an easy flow of conversations.

It is highly recommended to embrace a unifying theme to bind the space together. Then, accessorize the space and accentuate the space with statement furniture. Use the same furniture material and color palette to create a cohesive design. In addition, invest in furniture with wheels and demarcate a children’s play area if there are children around.

Designer: Zack de Vito

Segregate The Kitchen

If you are uncomfortable with an open kitchen, section off the kitchen with a glass wall or glass door. This is one of the best ways to establish a visual connection between the kitchen and the living cum dining area. In addition, a strong exhaust and chimney in the kitchen must prevent the kitchen odors from penetrating the outdoors. Note that if the exhaust system isn’t sound, the cooking smells released due to frying, roasting, and tempering may cling to the fabric of the furniture and upholstery of the living room.

Another way to improve the kitchen’s functionality is by introducing partial walls to set up kitchen islands and breakfast bars. Highlight these areas with a combination of dropped and raised ceilings that can visually demarcate the space. Consider a different flooring material to define the kitchen.

Designer: IA Interior Design

Zone With An Area Rug

In an open-plan space, one can create a room-within-a-room with rugs. This is one of the best ways to infuse warmth, add texture, offer a warm underfoot, and create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. One can layer the space with two or more rugs or a carpet with a consistent pattern.

Desinger: Roth Architects

Choose The Color Palette

It is highly recommended to opt for a consistent color palette within the different seating and functional areas within an open-plan layout. For example, introduce an accent color in the walls or upholstery to highlight different clusters of the seating arrangement. If the space is large, go for dark wall tones to create a warm cocoon-like atmosphere.

Create Balance

Pay attention to the scale and size of the individual pieces of furniture and ensure that they are proportionate to the scale of the interiors. Note that oversized pieces of furniture make the space feel smaller and smaller pieces of furniture make the space appear larger. However, do not crowd the area with too many furniture pieces — rather, try to achieve a clean, clutter-free look.

Designer: M&J Design

Introduce Built-In Storage

As an open-plan layout caters to multiple functions, it is not always possible to keep it clutter-free. Less is more, so make space for everything so that the space is organized and everything should be close to hand but easy to stash away. Make optimum use of the alcoves of the property to make space for built-in storage. A back-to-back bookshelf can work as a divider, and clever usage of the under-stair area can make room for plenty of organized storage. Invest in boxes and wicker baskets to organize toys, books, TV remotes, and other necessities.

Designer: Humphrey Munson

Create An Indoor-Outdoor Connection

Capture the outdoor views and bring in plenty of natural light with large spans of glass glazing. When the glass panels open the living areas into the garden, the backyard becomes an extension of the living area and provides a seamless indoor-outdoor connection. It offers a bright and airy look and makes the space look visually bigger.

Designer: Blakes London


Large spans of space might lack character, so create a personalized space with accessories, patterns, and rich textures. Create a feature wall with bold wallpaper with botanical prints and beautify the space with vibrant foliage and houseplants to create a visual connection between different home areas. Finally, create a focal point in each zone to catch the eye and bring clarity to the overall décor of the open-plan space.

Designer: Terreo Studio

Focus On Lighting

Create a layered lighting scheme with provision for ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. The lighting layers can be achieved with wall sconces, chandeliers, and pendant lights. Introduce dimmers for the ambient lighting, as the open concept is multifunctional and should be able to cater to different moods for different occasions. Stylish pendant lights and under-counter lighting can illuminate the countertop with the task or focused lighting. Introduce a cluster of pendant lights above the dining table to mark its position and hang attractive light fixtures in different areas of the open plan to restrict different areas. Use accent lights to highlight the architectural design features or decorative elements, if any.

Designer: Tom Howley

Sound Reduction

In an open-plan living, there are no walls, so the voice can easily echo and move from one space to another. Introduce soft furnishing like carpets and curtains that can absorb sound and reduce the decibel level of the home, especially if there are high ceilings.

Designer: Honka

When working with an open-plan design home, it is always good to visualize how you intend to use the spaces. Then, make sure to give it a personal touch to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the area as per the individual requirements of each member of the family.

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How to give your home a budget-friendly makeover

Want to give your home a fresh lease of life but worried about costs? Well, it’s a common misconception that refreshing the look of a home is an expensive affair. From DIY ideas to a full-fledged renovation, it’s all about details and creative ideas that are easy on the pocket. Therefore, if you are on a shoestring budget, these creative strategies can help you to achieve a stunning look without breaking the bank. However, before starting any renovation project, make sure to create a realistic budget so that one can save money.

1. Organize the Furniture Layout

Reorganize the existing furniture layout so that the space looks well organized and there is adequate circulation space within the home. Moving the furniture away from the walls is highly recommended to create intimate seating in the living room. Add smart storage and introduce floating shelves to optimum use of the vertical space. For a clutter-free look, increase the built-in storage with modular storage units, storage beds, sofa-cum-beds to name a few. It is highly recommended to purchase practical and functional pieces of furniture from affordable brands.


2. Add a Pop of Colour

Wall paint is a cost-effective way to refresh the look of any space. It’s always good to choose a color palette that can create a cohesive look within the home. Go for a bold color or a light color scheme for a compact space to uplift the look. Turn an empty wall into a focus wall by painting it in a bold hue or add a pop of color to one or two accent pieces of furniture and style a neutral space. Breathe new life into old furniture by sanding and repainting it. Patterned or textured wallpaper creates an accent feature behind the bed. Using metallic finishes in gold and silver hues can instantly upgrade the look of any space.

Designer: Regan Baker Design

3. Invest in Soft Furnishings

Enhance the look of the interiors with soft furnishings. Replace old throw pillow covers with bright new cushion covers to add a pop of color. Mix and match colors and create an interesting composition and combine squares and design. Change the cushions with seasons. For example, use delicate floral prints for the spring season and deep colors alongside heavy texture for winter. Reupholstering furniture can freshen the home’s look, and choose drapery that complements the room’s furniture and overall color palette.

Designer: Sweef

4. Add Moulding

Decorate the home with Victorian-style moulding on the walls and ceiling to elevate the look of the interiors. Also, consider wainscoting to upgrade the look of blank walls, as it can work wonders in any room.

5. Introduce Wall Art

Create a statement gallery wall and decorate a bare or empty corner with wall art, photographs, porcelain plates, personal artwork, or a visually arresting painting. Choose frames that work together and create an art gallery-style wall display.

Designer: Lenka Daviesova

6. Accessorize the Home

Create an interesting vignette on coffee tables, consoles, and empty corners. Having a centerpiece with the color and fragrance of fresh or artificial flowers alongside candles, trays, trinkets, and tchotchkes is always wonderful. Source budget-friendly home décor items from antique shops, online portals, and stores during their annual sales. Avoid too many accessories and invest in large-size art to create a grand and impactful space. Style bookshelves by arranging books according to size or color and add art alongside mementos to add character.

Click Here to Buy Now: Modular Flower Tubes ($149)

7. Replace Unsightly Items

Rusted faucets and unattractive hardware like door knobs, drawer pulls, or handles can be an eyesore, so one must polish them to retain shine and sparkle. Alternatively, one can replace these damaged pieces with new sanitary fixtures and stylish hardware and give a brand-new look to the home.

8. Introduce Mirrors

Mirrors are not only meant for the bathroom vanity and dressing table, but they also have the potential to create the illusion of extended space. Install a mirror in a narrow entryway or the end of the hallway to make it look doubly spacious. If the room is dimly lit, place a mirror opposite a window so that it reflects natural light and provides outdoor views throughout the day.

Designer: AC/AL Studio for Petite Friture

9. Add an Area Rug

Introduce an area rug, as it is one of the easiest ways to add interest, color, and texture. Additionally, it demarcates areas in an open-plan home, adds softness, creates a layered effect, and changes the aesthetics of the space.

Designer: Jaipur Rugs

10. Good Lighting

It is important to find the right balance between natural and artificial light. Introduce a layered lighting scheme with a combination of ambient or general lighting, task lighting or focus lighting, and accent lighting to add depth. Swap uninspiring light fixtures with new ones; add dimmers to change the overall mood of the space and give it a quick makeover. From chandeliers and pendant lights to artistic sconces, consider statement wall lighting to conjure a warm aura and transform them into focal points in your home.

Click Here to Buy Now: Starry Wreath ($99)

11. Get Organized

Decluttering does not cost money, and less is always more. The first step is to clean the home and get organized. A clutter-free space looks very nice, and keeping the house clean is one of the most inexpensive ways of upgrading the look of the home. Cut the clutter, as cluttered spaces can look heavy and feel claustrophobic. Add a few pieces that can help in creating an organized space and reduce the number of accessories, display items, flowers, and so on. Before buying new items for your home, always remove outdated or damaged items from the house.

Click Here to Buy Now: Quick-Access Organizer ($69)

12. Upgrade Old Flooring

The flooring design and flooring material sets the tone of the interiors. Replace a shabby floor with laminated wooden flooring, linoleum, or vinyl flooring, as they are budget-friendly, lightweight, and can be laid directly onto the existing flooring. Roll out bright carpets and rugs to enhance the look of drab flooring but remember carpets tend to trap dust and should be vacuum cleaned frequently.

Designer: IM Wooden Floor

13. Conceal Messy Wires

Wire management has become a challenge as more and more electronic devices enter our homes. You can invest in a cable management box, bundle cords behind the furniture, run the TV wires inside the wall, tuck them into tubing, or insert them through baseboard accessories. It makes the house look clean and organized.

14. Go Green

Plants add color and texture and are an inexpensive way to accessorize interiors. They not only rejuvenate our homes by providing oxygen but also come with excellent air-purifying properties. Introduce hanging plants and succulents, or style them on a beautiful stand or in handcrafted planters. Large potted plants are a great way to fill dead corners and empty spaces and make a huge difference to the décor. One can also get inspired by nature and introduce materials like rattan, bamboo, jute, and wood into the home decor.

Designer: Studio Doss

15. Upgrade the Bathroom

If the bathroom looks dull and dreary, upgrade its look with a bright and colorful shower curtain that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Infuse sophistication and make a statement with a head-turning mirror. Additionally, you can add color and pattern with waterproof peel-and-stick decals on the tiles of the bathroom and even the kitchen tiles.

Designers: Fabio Bortolani, Ermano Righi, Gergely Agoston, RD Agape for Agape Design

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Dodecahedron Cat Litter Box: for Polyhedral Pooping

Litter boxes: they’re generally unattractive. Plus, they smell. That’s two strikes against them already. Looking to change that, the Pet Object Litter Box on Kickstarter is a cat litter box in the shape of a dodecahedron to compliment the rest of your tasteful geometric home decor. You do have other tasetful geometric home decor, right? I hope it isn’t just milk crates and pizza boxes like my place.

The Pet Object Litter Box features a front entry cats have to step up and out of to help prevent rogue litter from tracking into your house. It has a removable top with a charcoal filter, integrated storage on the back for its litter scoop, and an optional litter mat. The entire top half comes off for easy scooping, which is good because the last thing you want from a litter box is difficult scooping.

The Pet Object Litter Box comes in three colors: Sand, Wimbledon White, and Translucent Amber. Personally, I’m going to go with the translucent amber one. That way, I can pretend the cat poops inside are really mosquitos trapped there hundreds of million years ago, carrying the DNA necessary to clone dinosaurs. Scooping just got a whole lot more fun!

Washable Star Wars Area Rugs: May the Floors Be with You

Officially licensed and crafted by maker of machine-washable floor rugs Ruggable, this collection of Star Wars-themed area rugs are just the thing you need to let guests know you haven’t missed a single opportunity to include a Star Wars theme anywhere in your house. Just wait till they see your Sarlacc Pit toilet decals!

The rugs, which are by no means cheap, are available in a variety of sizes, and range from $99 for a 2′ x 3′ rug, all the way up to $709 for an 8′ x 12′. Obviously, covering my home’s floors with nothing but Star Wars area rugs is going to get expensive quickly. But do I really have any other option?

Admittedly, they’re a lot classier than I expected Star Wars-themed area rugs to be. I thought they would all scream college dorm, but they really don’t. They’re actually pretty sophisticated-looking, something I didn’t expect to find myself writing about floor rugs based on a science fantasy series. Fingers crossed for matching window treatments!

Manneken Pis Incense Burner Pees Smoke

Inspired by the classic 1619 bronze Manneken Pis (Dutch: “little pissing man”) fountain found in Brussels, Belgium (and since recreated for gardens all over the world), this backflow incense burner features a little man peeing a solid stream of smoke. Available on Amazon (affiliate link), the incense burner makes a perfect conversation piece. And what an interesting conversation that’s going to be!

I wonder what that little guy drank to be peeing all that smoke. Because my guess is fire. You know, one time, I ate a ghost chili pepper and almost melted the toilet in the downstairs bathroom. That’s a true story. At least in my mind, it is. In reality, it is not.

I actually have a backflow incense burner that looks like a waterfall, and the smoke is supposed to cascade down like water. Except I ran out of backflow incense cones and never bought more – which is unfortunate because the incense really helped mask the smell of the kitchen garbage I never take out.

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EverBlocks: Giant LEGO-Style Bricks for Building Real Walls

Ever dreamed of living in a LEGO house? We all have. It’s one of the universal dreams that ties humanity together. And to help make that dream a reality, EverBlocks are giant modular LEGO-style building blocks that you can stack to construct interior walls in your home. Obviously, I’m about to become a landlord after turning my studio apartment into a four-bedroom. Quick question – how many beds can you fit into a 4′ x 6′ room?

Available in sixteen different colors (including translucent), EverBlocks can be used to construct solid decorative walls or room dividers, staggered patterns with holes you can see through, and even entire rooms with doors. Prices are around $990 for a basic 6′ x 7′ wall and go up from there. Ouch! Don’t tell my tenants, but they can expect a pretty drastic rent increase the moment they move all their stuff in and get comfortable.

Where were EverBlocks when I was a kid? Instead of building forts out of blankets and chairs, I could have been building actual forts, which would have undoubtedly proved much more capable of withstanding an attack from my angry older brother. That guy – he could give even the Big Bad Wolf a run for his money.

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IKEA launches 3D printed collection of quirky human-inspired home decor

IKEA Flamträd 3D Printed Home Decor

Talk about taking human-centric design a little too literally…

The Flamträd collection marks a pretty huge deviation from IKEA’s signature style. Not only does it move away from IKEA’s very model of DIY flat-packed furniture/accessories, but it also makes use of 3D printing, a manufacturing method that’s still quite new to IKEA. The collection comprises a set of human-inspired decor, printed life-size and with intricate detailing that can only be achieved through 3D printing. The Flamträd collection features multiple posed hands, faces, and heads that can either be placed on tabletop surfaces or mounted on walls. There’s really no function ascribed to the collection, and it’s all really up to how each user interprets them. They can either be used as quirky accent pieces and motifs or to hold items like hats and headphones (on the head-shaped unit) or fashion accessories like necklaces, rings, etc. (on the various hand-shaped units).

IKEA Flamträd 3D Printed Home Decor

The IKEA Flamträd collection boasts of a polygonal mesh design that allows each printed piece to achieve high-strength without material wastage. It imparts an almost see-through aesthetic that gives each piece instant eye-catching complexity, and keen designers will notice how similar this visual style is to the polygonal meshes seen on 3D models. Each Flamträd piece is printed in either black or white out of polyamide (more generically referred to as Nylon) using a process called SLS or Selective Laser Sintering, where a laser melts together particles of plastic (or metal) powder to create a design that’s precise and comes with a signature matte ‘sandy’ finish that looks good enough on its own and doesn’t need polishing, sanding, or painting.

IKEA Flamträd 3D Printed Home Decor

IKEA Flamträd 3D Printed Home Decor

IKEA Flamträd 3D Printed Home Decor

IKEA’s experimentation with 3D printing began in 2020 with its collaboration with UNYQ over the UPPKOPPLA series of 3D printed gaming accessories (from headphone stands to wrist supports). It’s difficult to say if the Flamträd is a result of their continuing partnership, although one could easily draw parallels between the design styles of the two collections. While the Uppkoppla collection was launched globally, the Flamträd is only limited to IKEA’s German market, possibly indicating that the company is gradually building up its 3D printing infrastructure to cater to eventual global demand, especially given how painstakingly slow the SLS printing process can be. In the long run, though, 3D printing can help IKEA design and produce items on the fly, printing them as per demand with little to no material wastage… if anything, that’s the kind of efficiency one could expect from the Swedish home decor giant.

Although limited to its German demographic, the IKEA Flamträd collection is available in black or white, and is priced at $35 (€30) for a single hand, $40 (€35) for a face, and $57 (€50) for an entire 3D-printed head that stands at roughly 10 inches tall.

Designer: IKEA

IKEA Flamträd 3D Printed Home Decor

IKEA Flamträd 3D Printed Home Decor

IKEA Flamträd 3D Printed Home Decor

IKEA Flamträd 3D Printed Home Decor

IKEA Flamträd 3D Printed Home Decor

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Amazon just gave their Echo Dot speakers a fashion makeover along with designer Diane von Furstenberg

It’s summertime, lockdowns are lifting, and people are dressing up and stepping out again. While the Echo Dot smart speaker really doesn’t have much of a social life, Amazon’s making sure the Echo Dot has its ‘hot girl summer’ too, with a fresh set of fabric designs in collaboration with fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg.

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Labeled as the ‘best-dressed Echo yet’, the speakers look less like a mysterious black orb and more colorful, fitting with your home’s decor. Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg introduced the three patterns that are very much evergreen styles, with palettes that add a fresh zing to your living space. Titled Midnight Kiss, Ikat, and Twigs, the Echo Dots turn the boring black sphere into an instant point-of-interest in the room.

There is, however, a catch. The speakers are a part of Amazon’s crowdfunding platform, Day 1 Editions. Amazon is inviting people to vote for their favorite designs by pre-ordering them, and if they hit their pre-order goal, the company will ship the product out to its customers. (Customers will only be charged if the product meets its pre-order goal)

The stylish Echo 4th Gen speakers are also available at a reduced price of $59.99 (as opposed to the original $99 price tag). Plus, as a part of the collaboration, Amazon also pledges to make a donation to Vital Voices – a non-profit chosen by Diane von Furstenberg which invests in women leaders tackling the world’s greatest challenges.

Designer: Diane von Furstenberg in collaboration with Amazon

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