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Assemble Your Keys with This Avengers-inspired Key Rack

Are you constantly misplacing your keys? Stop putting them down all over the place, and get yourself a key rack so you always know where they are. And if you’re a fan of The Avengers, you should pick up this fun key rack featuring graphics inspired by Marvel’s superheroes.

ChocoboSquare makes lots of neat and geeky key racks, but this one is my favorite, with it’s cheeky “ASSEMBLE” logo, and four matching keyrings with logo graphics for Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, and Iron Man. The wooden rack will look great hanging on your wall, and is a sure-fire way for you to keep your keys from getting lost.

From what I can tell, the wooden part of the keyrings holds into place just using notches, so I’m not sure how many keys each one can hold before falling out. I think it would be better if they had magnets built in – maybe they’re saving that feature for the X-Men version. That would be Magneato. Okay, I’ll stop.

The Assemble keyrings and wall mount are available over at ChocoboSquare’s Etsy shop for about $29. While you’re over there, be sure to check out their other designs.

Keyport Pivot Multitool Keychain Review

If you find that your keys are constantly jingling around your pocket and poking you, then you should definitely consider one of Keyport’s products. The company makes a series of modular pocket tools which not only organize keys, but offer additional functionality. The latest addition to their lineup is the Keyport Pivot, which functions a bit like a Swiss Army knife for your keys.

When fully loaded, the Pivot not only can hold keys, but a pen, flash drive, pocket knife, multitool, flashlight, a Bluetooth tracker, and more. The Pivot itself is a fairly simple contraption – a couple of sheets of aluminum hinged together on one end, and held together with a screw and a threaded post on the other end.

Adding keys and accessories is easy. No tools are required. Simply unscrew the side screw with a coin, stack your items on the post, and retighten. Depending on how many keys and tool inserts you install, you may have to add or remove the included spacers. The Pivot can hold up to nine keys or tool inserts, but that depends on the thickness of your keys. There’s an optional expansion kit which lets it hold up to five more.

It works quite well to keep typical house and mailbox keys in check, but things get a little wonky if you have any strangely shaped keys. For instance, I have one key with an offset hole, another with a big oval head, and yet another that’s a round bicycle key. The first stuck out quite a bit from the sides, while the bike key was too lumpy to fit at all. That said, if you have fairly normal keys, this shouldn’t be a problem. Just look how tidy things can be if you’ve got the right kind of keys:

My review unit shipped fully loaded, so it came along with all of the aforementioned tools, the most useful being the 10-in-1 multitool insert, which includes wrenches, a flat blade screwdriver, wire stripper, ruler, and bottle opener.

The pen is nothing to write home about (pun intended), but it’ll do in a pinch. Mine seemed to have quite a buildup of ink on the tip, so I’d be worried about it springing a leak in my pocket. The flash drives are available in 8GB and 32GB capacities, and they’re also offering screwdriver, scissor, and tweezer inserts, but I didn’t get to test those.

A couple of tools slide onto the outside of the Pivot rather than taking up precious key space. The lockblade pocket knife is super sharp, but you’ll want to leave that accessory at home if you plan on going through airport security.

You’ll definitely want to pick up the Locator + LED flashlight module, as it not only provides a source of illumination, but lets you track your Pivot using the TrackR app in the event that you misplace it. The flashlight isn’t super bright, but it’s perfect for lighting up a keyhole.

The base price for the Keyport Pivot is just $19.99(USD), but things can add up quickly with accessories. My fully tricked out review unit would retail for just under $100. Here’s an overview of all the available options and prices:

  • Locator + LED Module (Works w/TrackR) $29.99
  • Pocketknife Module: Black $19.99
  • Mini-Flashlight Module $9.99
  • Pen Insert w/Black Ink $8.99
  • USB Flash Drive – 8Gb $9.99
  • USB 3.0 Flash Drive – 32Gb $34.99
  • MOCA 10-IN-1 Multi-Tool for Pivot $9.99
  • Griffin Stowaway Tool for Pivot $12.00
  • Screwdriver Stowaway Tool for Pivot $12.50
  • Scissors Stowaway Tool for Pivot $12.00
  • Tweezers Stowaway Tool for Pivot $9.00
  • Pivot Expansion kit for five keys $9.99

Overall, the Keyport Pivot is a great way to reduce clutter in your pocket, combining a keychain a multitool, and keeping your keys from jingling and jangling. The basic unit is quite well priced, but it can get pricey with all the add-ons, plus it doesn’t work very well with unusual key shapes. That said, if you’ve got regular keys, and want to carry less in your pocket, the Keyport Pivot is a welcome addition to your everyday carry.