These hexagon tiles create a mesmerizing wall art that you can arrange in any way you want

Putting up decorations on a wall is always a big commitment, primarily because most fixtures are designed to be permanent. Circumstances, however, change far too often than one would imagine, and there will be times when you wish you could have designed a wall differently. Maybe you need to reclaim some wall space, or maybe you grew out of an old fad, or maybe you’re actually moving to a new place with a different wall setup. Whatever the case may be, most people will probably want to have the flexibility in designing their walls, even if it simply means being able to change the setup as needed or desired, even if it just means expanding or shrinking the design. That’s the kind of “open” design that this unique wall installation is trying to present using creative and sustainable design as well as a pinch of math.

Designer: Duffy London

When people think of shapes, a hexagon is probably not going to be at the top of their lists, yet it turns out to be a rather versatile polygon with some hidden benefits when it comes to composition. Like a triangle, it has a rather interesting shape made of tilted lines, but like a square, it can be easily grouped together in different combinations to create a tiled pattern. When used with a mathematical tiling system called “Truchet Tiling,” you can even rotate the hexagons in different directions and you’d still end up with a pleasing whole that looks as if it were designed that way from the start.

The Abyss Wall Tile was created using that principle to bring Duffy London’s famed Abyss design to a vertical plane. Just like the Abyss Table, each hexagon displays a layered design reminiscent of contour maps, particularly those of the ocean floors that lead your eyes toward abyssal depths. In this particular incarnation, however, there are three distinct patterns available and you can combine these hexagonal tiles to create a larger map-like composition on your wall. The clincher is that, no matter which direction you rotate the hexagons, you’ll still be able to combine them in a way that makes them look like a unified pattern.

What this means is that you have complete freedom in how you arrange the tiles and how many or how few you want to put up on your wall. You can even change the arrangement as you want, adding or removing pieces as needed. Of course, you still have to consider how these tiles will be mounted without being absolutely permanent, but with many options available today, that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

The Abyss Wall Tiles also has a sustainable angle to it, almost like a nod to the oceans that they portray. They use plexiglass, recycled plastic, and brushed stainless steel and are handcrafted to help reduce their impact on the environment. It’s a simple yet ingenious design that gives peace of mind as well as enjoyment as you immerse yourself within the abyss of your self-made ocean floor.

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This multi-level side table becomes a piece of wall art when folded flat

By their very name and nature, side tables often take a secondary role in a room. Some might even be hidden in corners or obstructed by other furniture. They do serve a purpose, of course, often as a temporary surface to put down phones, books, or cups. But when they aren’t in use, they can get in the way or be wasted space, especially if they’re not particularly noteworthy in terms of visual appeal. This foldable side table is already attractive when standing on its own, but you might still want to fold it away and hang it up on a wall anyway because it can add a dash of sophistication to the area as an aesthetic piece of modern wall art.

Designer: Vico Magistretti (Original), Francesco Meda and David Lopez Quincoces (Remaster)

The original Florian was already quite an oddity when it first appeared in 1989. A foldable side table was most likely rare and unconventional, but one that had two or even three tabletops was a peculiar embellishment that is uncommon even by today’s standards. What really made it special, though, is the fact that it looked so beautiful even when folded up that you could hang it on a wall, and none would be wiser that it was actually a functional side table rather than a modern artwork of circles and lines.

The 2021 remaster retains the original’s structure but adjusts the size for modern lifestyles while also expanding the color selection for a wider range of aesthetic tastes. The frame is still made with ash wood, now joined by visually contrasting brass mechanisms. The new colors now include mustard yellow, dark green, and brick red; all lacquered to give the side table wall art an eye-catching sheen.

There is a fourth color that feels like the union of past and present. The brushed veneer black ash is closer to the original Florian while still giving off a more contemporary vibe. The way it shows the wood’s natural veins even after treatment makes it an ideal “open-pore” display on your wall.

Whether standing as a two-layer side table holding your cups and books or hanging on a wall to enhance the room’s ambiance, the Florian demonstrates how a design can be timeless and enchanting even after decades. The table’s simple shapes combined with its ingenious folding mechanism bring a piece of furniture that is both functional and decorative in all its forms. You definitely won’t go wrong with this side table, and it might even amaze your guests when you take down what they presumed is just a wall decoration and turn it into a table for their use.

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Giant Wall-Mounted Risk Game: World Domination on an Epic Scale

Board games: some people take them a lot more seriously than other people. And for those hardcore board gamers, the WS Game Company has created this Giant Wall Edition of Risk. And giant it is, with a framed board that measures 56″ x 42″ and weighs a very respectable 36-pounds. I can already close my eyes and imagine it falling off the wall due to improper hanging on my part.

Available from the Pottery barn for $999, the game includes enough magnetic troops for up to six players. Of course, buying this giant edition of Risk is also going to pose a real-life risk when my wife finds out how much I spent on it. She doesn’t even like playing Risk, she’s more of a Clue or Battleship gal and beats me every game.

My legs are already getting tired just thinking about having to stand and play an entire game of Risk. That game takes hours. No, if I’m going to stand and play a game that game is going to be Twister, and even then I’m not going to be standing for long before I fall and sprain or break something.

Disassembled Gadget Art: Where Old Smartphones Go to Die

Inspired by Todd McLellan’s Things Come Apart object breakdown photography series, Kevin of Etsy shop FEIPPO carefully disassembles smartphones of yesteryear and frames all the pieces for display as wall art. I say smartphones, but he also has some classic Nokia brick phones available as well, which I’m surprised he was able to tear down at all based on how well they were assembled in the first place.

Prices range from $140 to $240 depending on the phone, and each includes all the phone’s original components, although there’s no guarantee if you reassemble all the pieces that it will work again. Still, certainly something to keep in mind in the event of an emergency.

I wonder what my grandchildren will think when they see one of these hanging in the hallway when they come to visit. ‘Whoa grandpa, what the heck is that thing?’ I imagine them asking while taking digital photos with their cybernetic eyeballs and posting them to the latest social media platform telepathically.

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This multipurpose shelf holds any object in place using its clothes-peg inspired design detail

The idea for the Parachute Wall Shelf came to designer Yusuke Watanabe, funnily enough, as he was listening to Coldplay’s first album titled “Parachutes”. Derived from the Italian word “parare” (to protect) and the French “chute” (to fall), this award-winning universal shelf holds anything in place! Its clever design is influenced by how clothes-pegs secure objects on a clothesline by clipping onto them. The multiple pegs or planks on the Parachute Wall Shelf hold your objects in place by gently ‘clipping’ them to the wall.

Made from colored sheet-metal stripes that almost look like a parachute’s cloth with their wavy design, the Parachute Wall Shelf looks like abstract art when not in use. It sits flat against the wall (unlike most shelves with cantilever forwards), looking like framed art until you tip one of the ‘pegs’ forward and use it to store objects or to even hang items of clothing like your coat, scarf, or hat.

The Parachute Wall Shelf is a Gold Winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2021.

Designer: Yusuke Watanabe

Tips To Choose The Best Canvas Wall Art For Your Home

Artwork can accentuate the beauty and make any dull space look vibrant. When it comes to your home, you need to choose the best artwork to set the mood. Wall arts can inspire the rest of the design for the room. You can even add them after designing gets completed. In either case, it is essential to know what artwork goes well with the ambience. You can choose canvas prints for your room or similar art forms. We bring you some tips to help you choose the best wall art for your house. Artwork Art pieces come in various designs…

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IKEA x Sonos latest collaboration promises a budgeted, high-quality speaker disguised as a wall art!

I’m not a fan of traditional music systems. Yes, I’ve put it out there! Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy music. What I hate is the trail of wires my Bose surround sound system creates around my rental apartment. And sure, there are a TON of wireless speakers that deliver performance, but watching the conceptual designs on Yanko Design has my bar set a little higher than usual. That is why the latest Instagram announcement by SONOS and IKEA has me truly intrigued by what it can do to my living room!

Everyone’s favorite furniture design brand IKEA has teamed with SONOS once again and what is promised are two new products at least. The first new product, as showcased filing, is a revamped version of the Symfonisk table lamp. It’s expected to be sold for around the same price ($179) as the original product. The second product is a piece of wall art! To quote the Verge, “The Verge has seen an early image of this product, codenamed “Titan,” but details about how it functions couldn’t yet be learned. Specifically, it’s unclear whether the entire artwork print is the product or if the speaker unit can be transferred between different exterior art housings.” Imagine this, wall art or frame that lets you display your favorite image, in your preferred print quality that plays soothing music, wirelessly! Historically, any collaboration between these brands has resulted in products that deliver value on multiple levels – be it the Symfonisk bookshelf speaker or the table lamp speaker. It carries the golden triage – form, functionality, and extreme versatility and modularity that comes with the budget-friendliness of IKEA. My toes are literally tingling from the excitement.

Personally speaking, the entire enterprise for me hinges on 2 factors – the variety of the pictures available and the second one is the price range. Let’s face it – a digital frame with multi-image displaying capacity is nothing new for us. What is new is putting together two of our favorite brands and their powerhouse research into creating a product that meets the needs we did not even know existed till we see it hanging on our wall. Now that, for me, is pure magic!

Designer: IKEA x SONOS

Photo used at the beginning courtesy Matheus Viana from Pexels.

Image of the SYMFONISK table lamp with WiFi speaker, courtesy IKEA.

Photo by Lasse Bergquist on Unsplash

8-Bit Family Signs Reduce Your Siblings to Pixels

Is there a love for video games in your household? Then consider celebrating your family’s passion for gaming with one of these fun, custom-made family name signs from Mozug Woodworking.

Each sign is laser-cut from baltic birch plywood, and features your family name prominently in a chunky, pixelated 8-bit font. Above that, you’ll get pixel people representing each of the members of your family. They feature a decorative zig-zag border in contrasting stain, with built in hanging holes at the top.

They’re available in two sizes – about 100 square inches or 200 square inches – the outside dimensions vary depending on the number of letters in your family name and the number of family members. Prices range from $54 to $80, and you can order yours on Etsy. They also make matching coasters and fridge magnets, which can be engraved with the names of family members.


Let Your Love of Deadpool Shine with This Faux Neon Wall Art

Are you a huge superhero fan? Let that love decorate the walls of your home with this cool wall art featuring none other than Deadpool himself. This eccentric print highlights artist Octavian Mielu’s unique style, utilizing hard lines and sharply contrasting colors to create a neon-like effect (the artwork isn’t actually illuminated, although it looks that way!)

Since the art is printed on 200 GSM art paper, this 12″ x 16″ piece is guaranteed to be hardy and will stand the test of time, even if you move it around to different rooms or even move to a new home altogether. Mielu also has a whole array of other prints, featuring everything from famous historical figures to pop culture references, so there’s a print that suits any living space and personality.

Celebrate your love of comic book superhero Deadpool with this Octavian Mielu Neon Illusion Wall Art. It’s yours for $19.99 in the Technabob Shop, a 20% discount off the list price. Plus, search through the collection of prints, which includes Spider-man, Thor, Iron Man, and more.

It’s On Like Donkey Kong with This Awesome Arcade Game Shadowbox

A while back, I told you about the awesome video game inspired 3D shadowboxes that Glitch Artwork makes. Well, since then, they’ve continued to step up their game with new and even better pieces of wall art for fans of classic video games. Now I think I’ve spotted my favorite one yet, a sweet piece of art that looks just like the classic first level of Donkey Kong.

Everything is simply perfect with this meticulously crafted cutout pixel art creation, from the wonky steel girders and broken ladders, to the flaming barrel of oil and Jumpman as he races to the top to rescue his princess from that giant ape. I especially love how they created a border inspired by the one around the screen on classic arcade machine – that really brings it all together.

The only thing I would love is if this were bigger – this shadowbox measures just 5″ x 7″. That makes the craftsmanship even more impressive, but I’d love to hang one on my wall that’s closer to the size of the actual arcade screen. Though I suppose if you buy a bunch of their artwork, you can pack a ton of arcade goodness into a small space.

If you’re game for some sweet arcade artwork, be sure to stop by Glitch Artwork’s Etsy shop and check out their entire collection. It’s a paradise for game geeks.