Here’s What The Insides of Your LEGO Figure Would Look Like In Real Life

Call it morbid, call it fascinating, but the LEGO figure deserves an anatomical study. After all, the LEGO figure was important enough to get featured in Sony’s latest Spider-Man movie… Miguel O’Hara literally called the LEGO Spider-Man “the best they’ve got”. Anyway, I digress. If you’ve ever wondered what the insides of your anatomically somewhat-correct LEGO figure would be like, legotruman’s MOC (My Own Creation) quite literally lifts the veil.

Designed by LEGO master-builder by the name of legotruman and submitted to the LEGO Ideas forum, this ‘anatomical study of the LEGO man’ features all the innards, from a skeleton to a brain, organs, and even teeth! The entire figurine stands at nearly a foot tall (11.5 inches to be precise), with 650 parts that also include moving hands and legs, and from the looks of it, a moving head too!

Designer: legotruman

Dubbed LEGO Anatomy, this medical-college-style figurine teaches you everything you need to know about the LEGO man’s insides. Sure, you’ve got a skeleton, but notice how the hand has no fingers, but the foot has toe-stubs. The LEGO man’s mouth can open or close, and you can see teeth as well as a detail for a jaw. The eyes are large and black too, sitting behind yellow-shaded eyelids that make them look smaller in the LEGO man’s face.

Other details include the brain, heart (with a large left ventricle, and branching aorta), left lung (with two lobes), liver (and a tiny yellow gall bladder underneath it), and both a small and a large intestine. In true LEGO style, there are obviously a few key parts missing (I meant the ears, you dirty mind!) although in hindsight, we don’t have any hind in sight either… No literally, there’s no image of what this looks like from the back!

With 2,049 votes at the time of writing, the LEGO Anatomy is currently relying on the broader LEGO Ideas community to vote it into existence. The way the system works is simple – fans submit their designs to the forum, and any design or MOC that crosses the 10,000 vote mark before its deadline is reviewed by LEGO’s internal team, before it becomes a box-set. If you’re interested in being able to buy your own LEGO Anatomy, click here to vote for it!

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3D Printed Muscles for Google Home: Hey Google, Play ‘Pump It Up’

You know what your Google Home smart device has been missing? Muscles. Mine? Mine has been missing ever being taken out of the package after I received it as a gift because I don’t like being listened to all the time. Even my wife only pays attention to about half of what I say, and she could probably tune that back to about a quarter because the majority of what comes out of my mouth is nonsense and/or burping. Hey Google – add antacid tablets to my shopping list.

Google Home Muscles from Etsy seller 3DPrintThatThing is a $20 set of 3D printed muscles for your Google Home smart device (also for purchase as a 3D printing file on Cults3D for $4 if you own your 3D printer). Now, if you could only change the voice of your Google Home to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Available in black, white, blue, red, and green, Google Muscles is still sure to be a conversation starter. A conversation that presumably starts with, “Hey, are you okay? What’s wrong with you?”

[via DudeIWantThat]

The Visible Hutt Anatomical Jabba the Hutt Figure: Everybody Gangster Until the Scalpel Comes Out

I never thought that someone would be a hardcore fan of Jabba the Hutt, but once again I’ve been reminded that there are all kinds of people in this world. Toy designer and maker Mighty Jabba not only has various collectibles of the Star Wars mob boss, but he also painstakingly designed, printed, and sculpted an anatomical figure of the menacing slug.

Mighty Jabba calls his creation The Visible Hutt, a nod to the similarly named American educational figures that were released in 1959. He also does acknowledge the influence of the legendary Jason Freeny and his line of anatomical figures. But Mighty Jabba deserves a lot of credit himself since he designed the skeleton and “vague internal organs” himself.

Mighty Jabba said he’s going to make a small batch of the figure to sell. Keep an eye on his Instagram page for announcements and more photos of the figure, including this a sweet retro box.

Disney’s Humanoid Robot with ‘Lifelike Gaze’ Is the Stuff of Nightmares

Because sometimes you need to diversify your assets and Disney has decided it wants to add some nightmare fuel to its portfolio, they recently posted a video of a humanoid robot developed by its research division with a “realistic and interactive lifelike gaze.” Yikes. If that’s a lifelike gaze, I’m cool with a completely unrealistic robotic gaze from now on.

The purpose behind the development of the robotic system was to create “an interaction which demonstrates the illusion of life.” The humanoid bust is capable of perceiving people in its environment and identifying a person of interest to interact with based on their own actions. It then “selects an appropriate gaze behavior, and executes high, fidelity motions to respond to the stimuli,” using motors and mechanisms that mimic those in actual humans. I don’t know about you, but I’m terrified.

Obviously, Disney should have put some skin and lips and cheeks and eyelids and eyebrows and ears and a neck on this robotic bust first, because as lifelike as its gaze may be, it’s really hard to look past the rest of the killer robot to even notice the eyes, which, just for the record, I’m fairly certain never expressed anything but murder.

[DisneyResearch via BoingBoing]

Unicorn Skulls Offer an Imaginary Anatomy Lesson

If your home decor is lacking, perhaps you just need some more skulls. These decorative unicorn skulls should do the trick just fine. Each resin skull is hand-painted and polished and looks like what a real unicorn skull would look like if they existed. Maybe you can hang this next to your Bigfoot fur rug, Chupacabra skeleton, or Ogre taxidermy trophy.

Each skull measures 10.75″ (h) x 8.5″(w) x 4.75″ (d). Something tells me that this isn’t to scale with an actual unicorn. Its horn is screwed onto the skull which I don’t think is how it works in real-life but what are you gonna do? Maybe you can swap that horn out for other stuff, like a decorative ice cream cone, a hand making devil horns, a lightsaber, or other fun accessories. I like the idea of a Jedi unicorn with a lightsaber instead of a horn. I might have to make a short Star Wars film with an all unicorn cast. The lightsaber duels will be the best. When they collide they create rainbows.

[via Boing Boing via Geekologie]

Anatomy of a Grand Weekend Getaway at Boulders Resort & Spa Arizona

Amid my considerably hectic work schedule and family life where there’s nary a moment to spare, let alone full weeks (or more) to take extended trips, I’ve become a master of the “micro-vacation”—...

Anatomical Lung Necklace Takes Your Breath Away

Back in the day, I went to college and picked a career because I heard it paid really well. Turns out that was a lie, but whatevs. Now, I have that degree in Respiratory Therapy, and while I spent a long time working in the field, mostly all I remember from college are things like the hottie in my class that had a penchant for blue spandex dresses, how disturbingly in love with dissecting fetal pigs my anatomy teacher was, and to never stand at the end of a tracheostomy patient’s bed.

I also have a bunch of odd little factoids about lungs stored away just in case I end up on Jeopardy and a category is Cardiopulmonary Anatomy. Did you know that if you peeled your lungs open and laid all the alveoli (little balloon-like air sacs) and other airways out they would cover a tennis court? Surface area bros, surface area. If you want to celebrate the fact that you have lungs, this is the necklace you need.

lung-necklace-1zoom in

It’s wooden, on a 17-inch chain, and has airways burnt into it. If you know a smoker, you could paint it black and give it as a gift.

lung-necklace-2zoom in

It’s kind of pricy for a weird necklace at $25.99(USD) at ThinkGeek. It would totally make a Respiratory Therapist happy though.

T-shirt that Reveals a 3D Model of the Human Torso: Virtuali-Tee

The first wave of virtual reality headsets are prohibitively expensive. But thanks to companies like Curiscope, we can experience the resurgent technology on the cheap. The company has created a t-shirt called Virtuali-Tee that projects a 3D model of the bones and organs inside the human torso.

virtuali-tee_3d_anatomy_t-shirt_1zoom in

The Virtuali-Tee is printed with a special graphic where the accompanying app projects the 3D model. The augmented reality app will also come with extra features such as letting you zoom in on individual organs and blood vessels, and displaying trivia.

Pledge at least about $30 (USD) on Kickstarter to receive the Virtuali-Tee as a reward.

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Anatomic Heart Specimen Coasters: Heart of Glass

Coasters are those little things that my wife has sitting around that I completely ignore. Mostly I ignore them because they are way down at the other end of the couch, and that’s just too much work. A while back we saw some cool coasters that when stacked made up an anatomical drawing of a brain.

heart-coast-1zoom in

Its makers are now back now with a similar set of coasters that details an anatomical heart drawing when they are stacked in the proper order. There are six glass coasters in the set, and each has a slice of the heart printed on it.

heart-coast-2zoom in

You don’t have to be a cardiologist to put them back together; each slice is labeled for easy stacking. Each of the coasters has plastic feet to further protect your wood tabletops. The set is available now for $19.99(USD) at ThinkGeek.

heart-coast-3zoom in