MagSafe makes a full comeback for your USB-C MacBooks

One feature that seasoned MacBook users may miss is the good ol' MagSafe connector, because no one wants to accidentally drag a pricey laptop off the table. Alas, ever since Apple made the jump to USB-C, it decided to retire its handy magnetic invent...

Earth’s fast-moving magnetic north pole is messing with navigation

The Earth's magnetic north pole is constantly on the move, but it's now enough of a problem that it's having a significant effect on navigation technology. Scientists at the National Centers for Environmental Information have delivered an update to...

This Handmade Jukebox Uses a Card Scanner to Select Tracks

Designer Chris Patty may have won Christmas. This year, his family decided all the gifts they gave each other had to be handmade. He decided to make his dad a fancy jukebox with some classic tunes inside.

This isn’t a jukebox like you’d see in a ’50s diner mind you, it’s more like a wooden cigar box with a computer inside. What makes it truly unique is the way that you select tunes to play on it. He connected a card reader to the Raspberry Pi, and programmed it to choose the song based on magnetic stripe information recorded on each card.

The system limits the listener to the specific songs that Chris has created cards for, but from the looks of it, there are lots of songs to enjoy. Patty has promised a tutorial for people wanting to build their own jukeboxes is coming, and is also working on a Kickstarter for a version you can buy for yourself. You can sign up for more information on the project here.

[via The Verge via Mashable]

Pet Feeding Reminder Device

One of the great things about pets is that they’re great listeners because they never talk back. Unfortunately because they can’t talk, they can’t tell you if you’ve forgotten to feed them, or if you’ve already fed them. Your fish aren’t going to say anything when they’re hungry (hopefully, if your fish do start talking please see a doctor immediately). Never miss a pet feeding again with this Pet Feeding Reminder. Take the guesswork out of feeding, no more overfeeding or missed feeding. Just click over the indicator once the animal is fed and you’re done.

The backside is magnetic so you can stick it right onto your pet’s cage or even your fridge. Also includes double-sided tape if that’s more suitable for your needs. The red and green colors make it simple to see if your pet has already been fed or not. No more pissed off pet snakes, no more hangry guinea pigs, no more evil cat stares (ok, maybe that won’t stop), and no more Golden Retrievers giving you the hungry puppy dog eyes when they’ve already been fed (ok that probably won’t stop either, but you can show them this as proof they’ve been fed). Helps keeps the kids responsible for their pet feeding chores too. Also great for seniors, and busy people.

Pet Feeding Reminder Device
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