These Earbuds Will Help Sleep Better

Do you like to listen to ambient music to help you fall asleep? Or maybe you take the train a lot and like to catch up on shut-eye during the commute. ATECH Sleeping Buds can help you get a better rest every night.

These earbuds are made from flexible silicon, which ensures they’ll fit into your ears comfortably whether you’re sitting on the bus or dozing on a plane. Like to sleep on your side? The buds are designed to fit into your ear snugly, so even if you roll around or toss and turn, the buds will stay put without putting uncomfortable pressure on your ears. The wires are also designed to resist tangling, ensuring that you won’t wake up wrapped in wire!

Whether you need music to sleep or just want to listen to music during your travels, check out¬†ATECH Sleeping Buds. They’re yours for just $11.99 in the Technabob Shop.

Tech wants to solve our tech-related sleep problems

Technology is bad for sleep. It keeps us constantly exposed to an endless cycle of bad news, and the blue light emitted by smartphone and tablet displays suppresses our ability to produce melatonin. Combine that with the feelings of inadequacy genera...

This Duvet Cover Makes Itself

There’s now a duvet cover that can make itself at the touch of a button. Yes, that’s the kind of world we live in. The SmartDuvet is a $269 system that automagically straightens your duvet flat by inflating a lattice-shaped bladder at a preset time. The system connects to your smartphone and allows you to schedule when it does its thing, so that you can sleep in on Saturdays for example, but we imagine it can also inflate on demand. If it manages to fully fund, it should ship in May 2017.

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The NodPod Lets You Sleep More Naturally, Brings You Stares


Do you value not looking stupid? Then please ignore anything about the NodPod. If you’ve got thicker skin than an elephant though, you stand a chance at being able to sleep comfortably just about anywhere. The NodPod is like a hammock for your face, attaching to a headrest and providing your chin with a soft resting place. It keeps your head upright, preventing it from dropping forward as you nod off. It’s a more natural angle for your neck, and might even work better than a lot of the popular travel pillows you can pick up at the airport’s overpriced shops. Plus, the cord is designed so it doesn’t cover the screen of the person behind you, should you care about such things. Other features include a velcro pocket within which to keep the cords, and a water repellant PU coated fabric to make it easy to clean for the droolers among you. There’s even a safety breakaway feature that detaches the cord if there’s a sudden pressure or impact, preventing you from getting strangled in case of an accident.

It’s a brilliant little travel companion, and at $32 is priced just right.




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